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File 162094492099.png - (23.45KB , 1006x732 , RESETRECALL.png )
1000051 No. 1000051 ID: 9c1ef3

You've always liked it dark.

Everyone is born with an elemental affinity. In some it is weak, in others it is strong. One's affinity leads to their ease or difficulty with magic and some other pursuits - those with an affinity for, say, Steel, or maybe Fire, or Earth, might just as easily work a forge as they might a spellbook. There are some who theorize that everyone has multiple affinities that lead one to ever-more-specific paths in life, that perhaps someone might have an affinity for water, but also for dance, and perhaps even for swords, leading them to becoming a master fencer.

But you...

You have always, always preferred the dark. You like to keep your little room afforded to you in the Academy dorm dark. You have always like to wear the full robes of the apprentice that hide your face and shade it almost supernaturally.
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No. 1000052 ID: 9c1ef3
File 162094494816.png - (2.64KB , 1006x732 , Sleepy.png )

...which is why you hate mornings. Really, daytime at all is sort of a miasma to you, but it's the midmorning you hate the most. You daren't skip classes - You aren't so concieted to think you know better than your teachers simply due to an almost crippling affinity for Dark. Even so, even just getting out of bed is a struggle, and you often only manage two or three of the things you set out to do in the morning nine times out of ten...

>Get your robe and book-bags together and ready for the day.
>Find the right books for today's courseload.
>Find something to eat.
>Wash your face (And probably the rest of you, while you're in there).
>Get your equipment together for today's classes.
>Get your coinpurse.
No. 1000053 ID: f8fa51

Wash your face, get your equipment, and your robes and books together.
No. 1000057 ID: e7c7d3

Wash yourself up
Get some food
Find the right books
No. 1000059 ID: 2aa5f0

>Find something to eat.
>Wash your face (And probably the rest of you, while you're in there).
>Get your equipment together for today's classes.
No. 1000339 ID: 9c48ac

Food and hygiene are the most important. After that, I'm guessing it's your robes so you'll be able to focus - although if you can throw on a robe anyway and the action is about making it presentable, forget that and get your equipment. (Books can always be shared, equipment I'm guessing not.)

Better question, since this is a recurring problem, why haven't you started preparing what you can ahead of time? This would be much easier if you had your robes and the books and equipment you need already gathered.
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