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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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Audio Golem_Quest_Dramatic_Reading.mp3 - (4.91MB , Golem Quest Dramatic Reading.mp3 )
6859 No. 6859 ID: 54af1f

And Now a Dramatic Reading of Golem Quest
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No. 9385 ID: 70d9eb
Audio tezakiachapt4part2.mp3 - (5.43MB )

No. 9531 ID: 70d9eb
Audio bubblieschapt11p1.mp3 - (7.21MB )

My sex change operation got botched.
No. 9533 ID: 70d9eb
Audio earthdefenseforcechapt1part1.mp3 - (9.93MB )

Remember when other people did this I DON'T.
No. 9538 ID: 70d9eb
Audio tezakiachapt5part1.mp3 - (9.65MB )

i don't even what happened here
No. 9539 ID: 70d9eb

OH RIGHT LINK http://slinkoboy.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2gp064
No. 9647 ID: 19af36
Audio 091110_-_Halting_State.mp3 - (10.02MB , 091110 - Halting State.mp3 )

No. 9682 ID: a09a03

This is like the Alpha Centauri Quote that doesn't end.
No. 10580 ID: 70d9eb
Audio venjichapt1p1.mp3 - (10.99MB )

wise fwom your gwave
No. 10928 ID: 70d9eb
Audio tezakiachapt5part2.mp3 - (5.70MB )

No. 11023 ID: 70d9eb
Audio bubblieschapt11p2.mp3 - (8.16MB )

This thread is fucking long and has a million characters aaaaaaaaaa
No. 12594 ID: 70d9eb
Audio tezakiachapt6part1.mp3 - (7.97MB )

44 minutes goddamn.
No. 12595 ID: 70d9eb
Audio tezakiachapt6part2.mp3 - (9.44MB )

No. 12603 ID: 70d9eb
Audio bubblieschapt12p1.mp3 - (8.03MB )

mrq where is chapter 11 i am crying so much it is filling my water dish
No. 12906 ID: 70d9eb
Audio narusbigbooty.mp3 - (8.68MB )

Things went wrong. Moreso than usual.
whoop whoop
No. 13931 ID: 70d9eb
Audio ThatQuestPodcast001.mp3 - (6.17MB )

This is exactly how That Quest Podcast would go. Exactly.
No. 13932 ID: 1f2692

i am bummed to say this dawg, but your voice overs kinda suck

just saying as a constructive crit here, but...

yeah, you suck
No. 13933 ID: cf244d

That is not what constructive criticism is.
No. 13936 ID: 70d9eb

Let me tell you a story of golems and of tozzles. Once upon a time there was talk but no walk of quest readings. "But I would do a terrible job!" they would say. "Well maybe if other people do them," they would say. And lo the Lawyer Dog did say "I will do them to show that there is naught to be frightened of." Now you see this Lawyer Dog, he followed through, for behold, the original Tozzle reading and Sammy reading. And so the people of TGChan did see and did listen to his words. And then came the age of the Golem, for you see dear reader, the saint 54af1f took it upon himself to make a thread specifically for the teachings. But, dear reader, still the people would resist. "But I would do a terrible job!" they would say. "Well maybe if other people do them," they would say. And so the Lawyer Dog continued his work, "Truly someday they will see the light!" he would say. But, dear reader, they did not.
No. 15917 ID: 15b51b

A reading from Before Quest, by How Do I Shot Trip?

No. 15938 ID: 0d7a83
File 130720995486.jpg - (5.59KB , 194x212 , 1303728739577.jpg )

It was brilliant the way the people slowly just became the same voice.
No. 15940 ID: 9aea8f
File 130721058444.jpg - (5.83KB , 250x252 , 1305781558638.jpg )

>constructive criticism
>you suck
No. 18821 ID: 8df5b5

My god, these are great. Loled massively at >>13931
No. 18845 ID: 7e0d0b
Audio beyond_0-1.mp3 - (8.34MB , beyond 0-1.mp3 )

Beyond, Turn 0: Part 1
By Rottel

If you can kinda vaguely understand what I'm saying, I bomb out around half way through.

No. 18853 ID: f7ae22

It's uncanny how close this is to how I imagined the voices in Beyond.
No. 18858 ID: 299408

Oof. I imagine this hurt your voice a lot, unless you know how to growl without straining the voice.
No. 18859 ID: 67008d


No, it doesn't hurt my voice at all. After a while, it becomes tired, but that isn't an immediate issue. The real problem is that I expel a lot of force to do it, and so it exhausts me with time, as evinced by the reading. So I need to increase my lung capacity or something, I dunno.
No. 18861 ID: 299408

Your voice becomes tired? That doesn't sound good.
Eh, I'm probably just overreacting. You likely don't sing and don't need to be so careful with your voice.
Besides, permanent, noticable damage to your voice only happens if you hurt it often.
No. 18863 ID: 299408

>You likely don't sing
Statistically speaking.
Just wanted to clarify that.
No. 18864 ID: 67008d


No, I think you are misunderstanding me. I could do that for hours with no pain, but what I really meant was, later in the day, if I try it again, it's not that comfortable, so I don't. I understand the risks pertaining to these "death metal" vocals, and if something is painful to do, I stop doing it.
No. 18868 ID: aebc1f
Audio readingtest.mp3 - (834.74KB )

i'm thinking something that has cute animals
No. 18872 ID: 67008d


Crusade time.
No. 18873 ID: 67008d
Audio beyond_0-2.mp3 - (9.50MB , beyond 0-2.mp3 )

Okay - part 2 of Beyond Turn 0, by Rottel.

I don't fuck it up at the end this time like an asshole.

No. 18875 ID: 67008d
Audio LawyerDog.mp3 - (3.46MB )

Lawyer Dog is right for once, by Insomnia.

I chose my 'this is how I talk to cats' voice.

No. 18876 ID: 55c4cf


You have a very clear concise speaking voice, I support you doing readings if you want to do them. I think you would do an excellent job.
No. 18877 ID: aebc1f

nope, need something that isn't mine.
No. 18897 ID: ddfe44
Audio whoops.mp3 - (475.14KB )

I suspect I am not cut out for this.
No. 18898 ID: aebc1f
Audio fluffyquestaudio.mp3 - (4.34MB )

Locked in a room

by Elevator/Rachel/typo/teedash

audio by me... sorry for when it cuts off suddenly at the end, but audacity had issues.
No. 18899 ID: 67008d
Audio gogog.mp3 - (11.43MB )

GOGOGO Race Quest by CarbonF.

No. 18900 ID: aebc1f

that quest is silly and i loved it...

HEY, i have a crazy idea-why don't we put our sound bytes together and make the Best dramatic reading ever? You know, i take one voice you take another? Like in the movies!

whaddya think?
No. 18902 ID: ddfe44

You are easily the best person, of all time, ever.
No. 18999 ID: aebc1f
Audio moredumbbamumpaudio.mp3 - (484.54KB )

hey, you guys don't mind if i dump this here?

oh and also someone think they have a good fit for what i've got? i'm thinking dive... but nah.
No. 20648 ID: eb4453
Audio kaustinen.mp3 - (5.09MB )


By Rand.
No. 20649 ID: eb4453

Whoops! Thread is here.
No. 20811 ID: 2563d4
Audio capture-radio4_(1).mp3 - (2.19MB , capture-radio4 (1).mp3 )

Managed to catch another of these going to air.

No. 21843 ID: c84373
Audio Sketchyquest_1_-_a.mp3 - (9.15MB , Sketchyquest 1 - a.mp3 )


I started to feel really sleepy towards the end, I dunno if it's obvious.

Also bullshit filesize limit. Two more parts incoming.
No. 21844 ID: c84373
Audio Sketchyquest_1_-_b.mp3 - (8.78MB , Sketchyquest 1 - b.mp3 )

No. 21845 ID: c84373
Audio Sketchyquest_1_-_c.mp3 - (7.76MB , Sketchyquest 1 - c.mp3 )

No. 22421 ID: 5abcdc
Audio RDM023.mp3 - (3.70MB )


No. 22435 ID: 34cbef

okay, so i got a reading done, it's 21 minutes long- but it's 19.7 MB, how the hell do i get it to be under 10 MB?
PS. i'm using audacity, and i have no idea what the hell i'm supposed to do to compress it

can somebody help me out
No. 22436 ID: 34cbef
Audio crashquest1b.mp3 - (9.90MB )

Read by me, authored by lonelyworld
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