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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 127506467839.jpg - (86.59KB , 750x608 , 1270849752136.jpg )
4694 No. 4694 ID: 67c611

1. Putting the page picker, [previous]|0|1|2|3|4|5|[next], on the top of the page as well as the bottom of the page. I have to scroll all the way down to change pages. This was bothersome when browsing /questarch/ in chronological order. I had to scroll back to the bottom to change the page.

2: A mechanism with which one can hide posts or threads based on entries in the message field, name, ID, trip, email. This would work best as a script for a program like greasemonkey. Something about the sever getting a query for every post to check whether it's hidden or not, if it was done server-side. That being impractical. If a certain person is annoying, like 67c611, and you don't want even want to see their posts anymore you now have the ability to hide them. It's handy. Also an individual hide button for each post in case there was a disturbing picture you don't like to see or a wall of text you didn't want to have to scroll through each time. If you use and appreciate the thread hide function you will use and appreciate this hiding function too.

When looking at a popup post by hovering over a backlink to a really long post (put your mouse over this >>/questarch/135373 ) It won't display the entire post or some of it gets chopped off by the bottom of the screen. This happens most often with backlinks in the newest, and thus closest to the bottom, post where even a moderately long post gets chopped and it's impossible to scroll down further to see the entire post. I don't know what encoding this would entail, but it is not easy as it hasn't been done yet.
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No. 4695 ID: 67c611

One little note: the "It's totally minecraft!" under the general discussion header is not centered. I'm using the latest version of firefox if it matters.
No. 4699 ID: 0f9dad

I'm using chrome and it's the same way. I'm going to assume that was what they were going for.

agree with everything else though.
No. 4716 ID: f95872

A good idea, and easily implemented. Let's go for it.

That would be a huge fucking hassle for everyone involved, and an interface would either be intrusive, or difficult to use. Unless we just copy Taimaba's ignore button.
On a different note, it encourages an attitude that I, at least, wouldn't really want to encourage.

Yeah, that bugs me too. Not nearly as much at your .:) thing, though.
No. 4727 ID: a594b9

Hey, when browsing /quest/ or /questarch/ I suggest using Catalog Mode. See that little blue underlined link under the post box? It should be "Currently 830 unique user posts. View catalog"

Click View catalog and be amazed at how awesome it is.
No. 4739 ID: 889351

1. Sure.
2. Probably not going to spend time on that that in lieu of the todo list, get your own as previously discussed.
3. As per your previous request it takes into account the bottom of the page now; I'll work at making it take into account the screen too.
No. 4740 ID: 889351

I forgot if this works.
No. 4741 ID: 889351

For reference, the current state of the todo list. It needs more!

tgchan todo list: fix arch post ids, thread rss, updates rss feed, control panel for (favicons, archiving, [un]graveyarding), inline swf expansion, integrate more kusaba updates, first post expansion and shifting second post to work, make delete return to the thread, better wiki backups, inline expansion of video embeds, ban reply system, post rate limit, improve pass system, remove delete all button, jpg thumb quality, check 404 everywhere, +50-100 cannot count, virtue not in questdis, update FAQ, better post box, pager at top, screen fit popups
No. 4749 ID: 0f9dad

How about tagging threads and then being able to sort and search through the threads and archives with the tag feature?
No. 4752 ID: 8ce2bf

It would be neat if the quest author had like a red name or something for their posts in their own quest thread, something to make their posts more easily noticed when it's just a text update. Not really sure how this would work easily if the author had a changing ID though.
No. 4753 ID: f95872

That sounds like something that would be a huge hassle. But maybe not for Dylan, he's made of magic or something.

They could put their name in the subject field.
No. 4754 ID: f95872
File 127510598216.png - (36.59KB , 223x193 , ponychan_needspadding.png )

Also, in ponychan, we ought to add 3px or 5px of padding right here.
No. 4757 ID: abf5c3

It does appear that I got the margins put in the wrong place at some point; fixed.

Text-only updates should take Rosque's example and throw a @ in the subject field.
No. 4758 ID: 2fa60a

No. Very no.

Microscopic thumbnails and no text but the subject? Very, very no.
No. 4766 ID: 67c611

I always suggest that they include an image even if it's a placeholder or random doodle.
No. 4772 ID: 476456

In post automated polls for when we do votes.

animated ads on youtube, we could probably throw something decent together.
No. 4818 ID: 059120

I think a differently tinted background would work well for this, I know there are some blog systems that do that. Presumably it should be possible to identify posters based on IP/ID if things like multi-post update boxes and favicon/archive control panels are planned.

Speaking of favicons, can we a get a different one for the wiki again? The Shadran eye was nice, but pretty much anything to differentiate it from the regular board would work.
No. 4983 ID: 1d1077

What happened to the date a post was made showing up in the header? Makes figuring out when a thread was last update most confusing.
No. 5480 ID: 8bdb6a

I wish there was a global rule against posting a bunch of times in a /quest/ thread for no good reason in between updates.

Also, one against yelling at people inside a /quest/ thread because you don't like their suggestion. It's hard enough to get a good cross-section of suggesters even without the browbeating. I think new posters are vulnerable to that sort of thing, too. I suspect there's a fair number of people in that situation. They read through a thread, and hesitantly try providing some input, and then get flamed by someone for disagreeing, and then they steer clear of the thread and possibly the site, because they feel like they messed up really badly.
No. 5588 ID: 49182e

Thankfully, I started on Golem Quest. No flaming there.
No. 5589 ID: 2eac65

Yes, that's important, but there's a huge difference between flaming someone for disagreeing and simply disagreeing with them.
No. 5591 ID: a6008c

Yes there is, but a general rule of "no outright denying someone else's suggestion" is probably a good idea. Throwing in additions or alterations is a good idea, or mentioning details it seems that poster missed is a good idea, but outright saying "No don't do this that's stupid" is just idiotic. And it happens ALL THE TIME.
No. 5592 ID: 2eac65

Criticism is a form of contribution. If, for some reason, a suggestion wouldn't end well, then it's helpful to state that reason so that people will be aware of it. Of course, people shouldn't be hostile and insulting, but simply being critical is fine.

That's my philosophy, at least.
No. 5593 ID: e3f578

youtube embing for all boards, not just /quest/
No. 7593 ID: 8bdb6a

I think when you post a reply in /quest/ it should either redirect you to the front page (normal 4chan style) or the 'last 50 posts' function for that thread.
No. 7594 ID: d560d6

I like the default-noko. Dylan did say at one point that he wanted to fix posting-on-last-50 to return you to last-50, rather than the full thread, which probably addresses your problem?
No. 7595 ID: f35afd

I like returning to the whole thread when I post as author because I constantly reference things earlier up in the thread.
No. 7597 ID: d677cc

This would be ideal if it were to happen. Usually I like being able to see the whole thread when I post, but when the thread gets really really long (you know who you are) it becomes very difficult to, y'know, load the page.
No. 7600 ID: 2eac65

I definitely agree with the "last 50 posts" thing. It's annoying to have to stop loading a 500+ post thread after making a new post.

If people want to see the whole thread afterwards, they can use the "see entire thread" link. It's a bit inconvenient for them, but the alternative is much more inconvenient for people who only want to see the last 50 posts.
No. 9123 ID: 27e02d

I've been wondering, would it be possible to give individual threads RSS feeds?
So we could follow stuff super-lazymode?
No. 9124 ID: 70d9eb

Post voting like on http://boards.fightingamphibians.org/v/
No. 9125 ID: 754124

If possible, this should only refer to posts with the same ID as OP, so as to alert only when there's actual updates.

man that shit is gay yo
No. 9126 ID: f4963f

Except replace 'ID' with 'Name/Trip and/or ID', in case the poster's one of those unlucky blokes who has to update from more than one location. I know I've updated NicQuest from the university at least a few times, and my ID is different when I do so.
No. 9381 ID: 2563d4

Name is a bad thing to use, as I found when writing http://users.ecs.soton.ac.uk/prb/junk/kusaba-hide-non-op.js . Some quest authors will switch name during the thread because they set it to the current viewpoint character.
No. 9383 ID: 679e7a

The 'Watched Threads' box doesn't properly expand for me. (By which I mean, the text that's supposed to be inside the shaded box instead spills out of it down below, and the box doesn't stretch appropriately.) Is it a Firefox issue, or does it affect everyone?
No. 13478 ID: 8e5432
File 129823568594.png - (213.72KB , 659x384 , problem.png )

There is a problem with Ponychan.

It doesn't seem to happen in other layouts, at least not in this case, because in the other layouts the text ends up below the image.
No. 13611 ID: fa0376

I saw a thing on a coding forum the other day.

[color= red]"It had been more than three months since the last post in this thread."[/color]

Large and red, right next to the submit button. I propose that this would do much to solve the occasional necro-bump.
No. 13839 ID: 365adf
File 129971148224.jpg - (88.64KB , 1280x720 , 1294554101312.jpg )

Files can be attached by url now.
TODO: Better GUI.
No. 13842 ID: 28e94e

You seem to have accidentally the [code] tag in the process.
No. 13855 ID: 7d794c
File 129979261155.jpg - (622.02KB , 1200x886 , a8a40314f38a69190b0e92a1977327c0.jpg )

I don't see how; didn't touch the file it's in.
No. 13856 ID: 28e94e

huh, I was getting errors when I used it earlier (something about embedding).

No. 17337 ID: f5fe2f

It occurs to me that there's a lot of video game related stuff on /meep/. A /v/ board would not be totally unwarranted. I don't know if it's necessary or advantageous, but I do think it deserves some consideration.

There's also a fair bit of /co/ material, but I don't think there's enough to deserve its own board.
No. 17353 ID: 383006

I don't think this board moves nearly fast enough to bother with partitioning it further.
No. 17505 ID: 3f8223

Deleting only the image of a post breaks the "Expand all images" function. A thread this can be seen in is >>/quest/333617 where "Expand all images" breaks after post 334110.
No. 17511 ID: 2eac65

For convenience:

No. 17632 ID: 2563d4

Actually enforce
>Fanart jokes, reaction images, disagreeing with other suggestions, long term plans, and commentary on the quest itself are best kept for the discussion thread.
with moves/deletions/bans as appropriate, or remove the rule if you're not going to.
No. 17634 ID: f7ae22

Actually enforce
>Report things you think the mods should deal with.
with reports as appropriate, or remove your whining if you're not going to.
No. 17642 ID: 2563d4

Your jackass smartassery is unfortunately misplaced, since I have been reporting such posts (e.g. the last bunch of pure-discussion bumps in Dive), and they've been going untouched after 24 hours (I just double-checked---still there, got to be >48 now, which I think covers most excuses of "the mods were asleep/busy having real-world lives"). There is little point doing a thing which gives no results; if the conclusion is that the mods don't want to enforce that rule, then it may as well be removed from the rules.
No. 17643 ID: aa66a4

Just because you see fit to report something doesn't mean the Mods will see it, after review, as worth doing something about.
No. 17644 ID: 2563d4

Congratuations! You agree!

Let me spell this out for you, children. If the mods do not want to act on non-suggestion posts in quests, they should not list them as a thing which are against the rules (and thus in need of reporting). This is mutually beneficial:
1) I don't waste my own time making reports that won't achieve anything.
2) They don't waste their time being interrupted by reports to mark as "no action".
3) Nobody gets mad that I'm "abusing the report system" reporting lots of unactionable things.

And inb4 "there's that post, over there, that you totally didn't report"---see #3. Since right now the moderators don't seem to want to enforce the rule, continuing to report posts violating it is just a waste of everybody's time. (Also see: I don't read every quest.)
No. 17645 ID: 049dfa


>Since right now the moderators don't seem to want to enforce the rule,

Moderators can't move posts.
No. 17646 ID: 2563d4

Ok, thank you. That clears it up a bit.

So where do we go from here? If mods don't want to delete them (reasonable enough), and only time-starved admins(?) can move them, then it seems to be effectively unenforcable and such reports are useless noise.
No. 17647 ID: 049dfa


The admins usually get around to doing a whole bunch of stuff at once, it just usually takes a while before they get the chance to do it. Discussion posts ARE usually just deleted instead of waiting to be moved in the event that the thread creator asks for it to happen, but that happens pretty rarely.

If I could move the posts, I would. I just can't do anything other than move the entire thread (obviously the wrong solution) or delete it (and I prefer to delete as little as possible).
No. 17906 ID: a83de5

Post editing. Supposedly Kusaba-Z has it but I don't know what things is. https://github.com/stormeus/Kusaba-Z
No. 17982 ID: 2563d4

Bug: the hover-over preview for the link in >>/draw/7076 contains a PHP error.
No. 18713 ID: 2563d4

Since not everyone is wise in the way of imageboard magic e-mail strings, hack in a "don't bump" checkbox that implies an e-mail of "sage". Far more discoverable and might help avoid newbies leaving a swathe of necro'd threads in their wake.

Extra credit: tick "don't bump" by default if the last post in a thread was over a month ago.

Extra extra credit: gut the e-mail field entirely and just replace it with some appropriate widgetry for sage/noko/anything else magic, since putting your actual e-mail in there isn't a great idea in the first place. (Extra^3 credit: don't offer noko on boards that already have implicit noko anyway.)
No. 18716 ID: c9f8a3

How does one use the image spoiler function? Is it a mod/admin-only thing?
No. 18742 ID: a43214
File 132131381451.png - (24.52KB , 646x267 , spoiler.png )

see attached image, tick box
this is going to look very stupid if it doesn't work
No. 18747 ID: 483764

That little tick-box seems to have mysteriously apparated very recently. Thank you.
No. 18750 ID: 953355

Ooh I thought of a lazy method. Make sage automatic on older posts and you have to have an email of age.
No. 18906 ID: aebc1f

maybe find a way to add audio and picture files in the same post?
No. 21216 ID: 1444d5

Bitching about the change to the date display:
Tgchan isn't exactly the fastest moving place; replacing the day/month/year format with just "Fri"/etc means it's impossible to tell if that was this Friday, last Friday, Friday 6 months ago, and so on. It also makes it impossible to tell how old a post is.
No. 21218 ID: 2563d4

I'm going to guess that "0379012.M3" is a Stardate or something and Dylan is up to hijinks again.

Needs more 1337388445.
No. 21220 ID: 1444d5

Thanks Dylan!
No. 23494 ID: 2f4b71

Is tgchan.org redirecting to tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/ (instead of the splash page, then tgchan.org/kusaba/) for eveyone, or just me?
No. 23495 ID: cb28f1

It's doing that to me too, actually.

Also, the wiki isn't working for me, it gives me a 404 error, anyone else getting that?
No. 23496 ID: b33427

Wiki ain't working for me either, and tgchan.org redirects me to tgchan.org/kusaba/quest as well. Dangit, what was broken this time?
No. 23498 ID: f2c20c

The main server crashed, I heard. There are still some aftereffects, looks like.
No. 25411 ID: 2f4b71

I guess the server crashed again: tgchan.org redirects to tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/ and the wiki is down.
No. 25412 ID: 4a20fa

Dang. I hope there's not been any data loss there; Dakdo's been busily cataloguing ITQ responses on quest pages.
No. 25414 ID: 07e3a8

Dylan had said the wiki was going to take about a day to get back up. He didn't mention anything at the time about expecting data loss, so I'm not really worried.

Nice to hear someone appreciates those! I've been working through the ITQ threads backwards, so some of the longer lived quests should be getting updates as I pass their creation dates.
No. 25417 ID: 30df25
File 138004567553.jpg - (26.99KB , 500x311 , newspaper-oh-god-how.jpg )

Shucks. And someone asked me today about the Strip Poker project... and I left my notes in the wiki. :-/

... um, to be on-topic: can we have the thread's subject line included in a board's catalog.html ?
No. 25418 ID: e1609c

A cool but ultimately-useless idea: custom thread backgrounds
just a quick thing where you can enter a tiling background in the create thread dealie mahoosit, like
a second insert file thing, but for the background
No. 25424 ID: 7f3f68

If there happens to be any data lost for old-ish stuff, I maybe kinda have a copy of the site from the beginning of July....
No. 25443 ID: 8e0bee


Pretty sure that is already a thing, bro. If it won't show up on the catalog, it means the thread probably doesn't have a title.
No. 25457 ID: 7bbaae

That could be used for amazing shenanigans.
No. 25524 ID: 30df25
File 138336830485.png - (315.76KB , 618x618 , tmp_SXJ9hM8v.png )

oh you're right. weird, I must've been looking at an entire board of threads without subjects.

Subject lines are truncated, but at least I can see the first two and a half words... um. You know, I'd like to resubmit my request, this time for having more space for each thread in the catalog, better chance of getting the entire subject line there. Maybe five or six columns of 125px instead of ten columns of 75px each?
No. 25526 ID: 7bbaae

That is a good point. Having more room for title text would be a big improvement, I think.
No. 25527 ID: 097017

Youtube embed cant do anything more complicated than volume, time slider, fullscreen and play button.

Interpreting start and stop times would be helpful.
No. 25532 ID: d315b1

While we're at it, being able to see the first few lines of the OP would be nice for all those threads with no title or easily identifiable image.
No. 25612 ID: 30df25

I've seen a couple mentions to a board named >>/moo/ but it's not in the left-hand frame list of boards, nor in the list of boards in the upper-left of the right-hand frame.

Is /moo/ supposed to be hidden from noobs? (and am I breaking an unwritten rule by mentioning it here?) Or does the left-hand frame need updating?

While I'm here, I think the 'wiki' link would work better if it had " target='_blank' " to open in a new tab.
No. 25613 ID: 4a20fa

"target" is kind of hateful these days, since it removes people's ability to decide if they want links opened in a new tab (middle click) or not (left click).
No. 25614 ID: d315b1

It's the super secret testing/temp board that everybody knows about.
No. 25939 ID: 4a20fa

Slinks' news post reminded me that this thread existed.

Can I have that CORS magic in /TEMP/, Dylan?

Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *
Access-Control-Allow-Headers: x-requested-with

Just make sure they're only spat out for the attachment URLs, which I assume you ignore anything but a GET and OPTIONS on anyway.
No. 25940 ID: 61da19

..........oh right this thread

I might go through and see how much of this I can do anything about, but I don't know php so I'm guessing not too much.
No. 25946 ID: 4a20fa

I think it's been this way for a while, but remembering to report it: I think the catalog's broken on /meep/.

If you click the last page here on /meep/, the oldest thread (assuming no idiot bumps it) is Stranded In Fantasy. If you view catalog, the oldest one it shows is Random Kitten, and Ctrl-F for Stranded In Fantasy doesn't find it.

It's fine on /questdis/ and /questarch/, both of which have huge catalogs.
No. 25955 ID: 0b54f4

This isn't entirely on topic, but it's a thing that appeared in my head and must be let out, and this seems like a likely place: what's tgchan's birthday? WE MUST CELEBRATE IT. WHEN IT COMES AROUND.
No. 27210 ID: 2f4b71

Looks like tgchan.org now redirects straight to /quest/ rather than the homepage.
No. 27211 ID: e114bc

That's weird, it should at least redirect to /kusaba/, otherwise you don't get the sidebar.
No. 27212 ID: 2f4b71

Nope, straight to http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/
No. 27213 ID: 0ee153

At least tgchan.org/kusaba still works. Even if that "ก็็็็็็็็็็็็็" thing is still on there.
No. 27232 ID: 5c9255

Now I think about it, maybe put a direct link to the FAQ? It's not terribly obvious that you can get to it through a tab on the Rules page.

Maybe also stick a link to the wiki's quest guide on the FAQ?
No. 27314 ID: 2f4b71

It's fixed, whoop!
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