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Psychic powers are more believable than something ignoring the square cube law.
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File 136546375519.png - (3.42KB , 458x306 , tgchan.png )
24283 No. 24283 ID: b53faa

Hello, fellow Questers! I am coming here to tell you about a FANTASTIC new tool one 'julian' has concocted for our fine website!
Created by the genuius owner of the url dediggefedde@gmx.net, this plugin is guaranteed to help improve your TGchan experience a thousandfold!
You can find this amazing script HERE: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/162386

I will be using this thread to detail any and all features of this plugin as I go along!
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No. 26038 ID: e1609c

Another board to be added, yo: kusaba/moo
No. 26039 ID: 2c6ff1

No. 26040 ID: d315b1

There is no such board.
No. 26111 ID: 8af63e

new idea: quest2pdf

someone put a lot effort in making a pdf from old polo-quests, so I thought of making a LaTeX-file automatically with the script.
There will be some options to choose from, e.g.:
1. [y/n] only author-posts
2. [###] minimum suggestion length
3. [y/n] only images from author-ID

The script will then create a zip-archive which contains all the images from the board and a few .tex files.

These .tex can be compiled (e.g. with miktex for Windows) and made into .pdf (or .dvi or .ps, just what you like).

There will be multiple .tex files to make a choice of templates. As they are simple text-files, you can also freely open and edit them, if you want to change some colors.

For now, I fiddled around with the first template. The resulting .pdf in A5-format can be viewed here:

If you know LaTeX and have a great idea for a template, feel free to send me the file and I will implement it.
No. 26126 ID: e1609c

good shit, man. Could be useful for archiving things.
No. 26127 ID: 6cfde9

I finished the basics for converting.
currently it's an external script that takes all posts on the site for the pdf. Also, posts with images are deemed to be from the author and regarding aligned.

As you know, animated gif and swfs won't work in pdf.
However, I still think it's an interesting feature as pdfs can also be read on ebooks... and it's a little more comfortable...

So far, I tried it with the recent
Unnatural Selection - Belenosian Interlude 3 (Thread 9)
Generating the .tex-file takes 10 s.
grabbing all images around 20 s.
Conversion of gif to png takes 1 s.
Compiling the file takes another 30 s.

so, basically you have to click 4 times in 1 minute to generate this:

I also designed the template to be easily understood and adaptable, in case you know some better layout:

However, in the end you will need some freeware to compile the tex-file. For windows I recommend TeXnicCenter and MikTeX. you will also need to make a check in the package-manager of miktex for every package used within the template, if you want to compile boards yourself.

There also may be a few bugs regarding formatting as it's not quite easy to convert HTML into LaTeX automatically, but I guess it's fine at the moment.

Enjoy 420 pages Unnatural Selection^^
No. 26136 ID: 408618

Changed some formatting to fix some problems.
1. typewrited paragraphs are now justified mostly correctly.
2. nestes formatting is now translated correctly.

for javascript-knowers:
first I used Regexp with a /<span>(.*?)<\/span>/g tag, however, this fails whenever there is some nestes span:
<span red><span italic></span></span>
So now I use a for-loop to go through the text and a stack. span-formatting will push the needed anti-format onto the stack and </span> takes the last stack to insert into the document.

I updated the pdf linked above...
No. 26162 ID: b32bcb

I revised a few things again and made some gui.
actually it's a finished script and I just need to copy-past it into tgchan_BLICK and link it to some button...

To show off, I made 3 Versions of the first "unnatural selection" thread in different Versions.
As this is using templates to generate, appearance can be changed easily. It also still only takes 2 Minutes to download and compile one Version. Of course, you need to do some minor fixing, like adjusting the author's name and your own as the "compiler", if you like...

currently, 2 themes are available: "scientific" with 30% wide images on the left side for author's posts and "bigthumbs" with 80% wide Images centered at the beginning of each post. also some minor differences.

Scientific, all posts, only author-images, identified by ID:

Scientific, only author-posts, identified by ID:

BigThumbs, only author-posts, identified by ID:

I still hope someone makes nicer templates than I do^^
They are also still in A5-format, if someone cares...
No. 26163 ID: f7246f
File 139809784017.png - (34.62KB , 552x409 , tgchanzip.png )


also a bug fixed with the watchbar and posts moved into the archive.
No. 26166 ID: e1609c

(posting on dediggefedde's behalf here, since he's havin' issues. Proofread also, because boredom)
[7:30:29 PM] Julian:
Sorry to hear you don't like being part of our madness...
I didn't think it to be that bad... but I'm also not often in the chat^^

Anyway, here is a little .pdf file of the Advocate prologue.
(PDFs aren't able to be uploaded here, plus the max-filesize is 10mb)

If there is any positive reactions from anyone, I would gladly prove my interest in this quest by uploading the other 2 chapters.

Also hope to make it 3^^
Who else wants to see "Exodus" ?^^
No. 26350 ID: ca0da5

Nevermind the bump somehow GreaseMonkey got disabled.
No. 26376 ID: d315b1

userscripts.org is kill, can you put up a mirror of the latest version?
No. 26381 ID: eff132

No. 26382 ID: eff132

by the way, there is also a little webpage, mainly for the new sync-feature.
No. 26391 ID: 0d6864

Might want to try uploading it to https://greasyfork.org/ It's a replacement for the Userscripts site created by the guy behind Userstyles (yes, they're different people).
No. 26408 ID: e1609c

/questarch support appears to be a bit borked, images arent getting bigger as I mouse over them there.
No. 26523 ID: 189a54

Uh, my watchlist seems to have glitched and that toolbar over the message box has disappeared. I've tried reinstalling several times without anything changing...does anybody know how to fix this? D:
No. 26557 ID: d8a627

Uh, is there an option to go to the first new post, rather than the first new image-containing post? I kind of like reading suggestions and stuff too, not just looking at the pretty pictures.
No. 26568 ID: f8780d

When you watch a thread you can click the little disk-icon on the line.
If you switch on Highlight on: "All new posts" you get notified whenever a post is added there.
The number displayed is the post-number since your last visit. When clicked, it will link you to the last post you read.
No. 26597 ID: d8a627

I only want it to highlight when there's an image update, but doing so results in clicking the number causing it to go to that first image post, rather than the next unread post. I'd have to make it highlight all the time to fix that, but I don't wanna.
No. 26640 ID: 12d18d

I made a little benchmark and were able to make it a little faster...
1st: the watchbar is now 50 ms faster for each thread you watch. 20 threads -> 1 s faster.
2nd: format is no longer waiting for the icon-list to fully load. Now it is loading almost instantly while the icon-list is loaded in background.

sorry, I haven't worked at that so far...
I guess it would be best to have an option what exactly to hightlight...
No. 27034 ID: 86f9ed

v 1.86
Added support for the secret tgchan-cow-phrase board...
No. 27616 ID: edea14

Hi again!

I fixed some bugs regarding online-syncing.
the registration process was bugged, so you would have had an account but wouldn't be able to use it for syncing. When I was testing this back then, I must have generated the database entries manually or mixed something up later on.
Anyway, for those that want to give it a try: it seem to work now with 2 dummy accounts I created.

Regarding those that already made an account: I went through your database entries and corrected them by hand, so it should also work for you now.

Another coming Update with a bigger feature is the PDF export feature. Some of you may know you can popup a small dialog exporting all images to a .zip file and creating a .tex file, which can be converted to .pdf with some free compiler. This required you to download and install a ~300MB programm most of you would never have used otherwise... so... I discarded this in the next version.

Instead I made a js-request to the jspdf library, which can create pdf's directly. Downside is I had to write wordwrap, pagebreak, formatting and image-embedding myself, but actually it was fun^^
So, the next update will have a new dialog where you can convert any thread you like within 1-3 minutes to a pdf file, e.g. to read offline, archivate, print or put onto some mobile reader.
There will be some nice settings to choose from and reflinks (>>ones) will let you jump to the post, if it is shown.

I'm a bit too sick at the moment to put out the update and do some proof-checking, but in the meantime have an example pdf:
No. 27629 ID: 6ba3fb
File 145056821221.png - (20.37KB , 437x418 , 2015-12-20 00_21_22-General Discussion.png )

An Install Link again in case you can't find one:

Now you can export a quest into a PDF with a few clicks.

At the bottom of the blue tab there will now be an "open dialog" button which will open the dialog I posted a screenshot of in this post.
There you can do some settings. To Include all Posts, leave the include-field empty. Otherwise use a comma separated list of names, ids or post No. to be included. Image-Quality will effectivly reduce the image size to the percentage number you give (e.g. 50 will use images with 50% width and height of the original). This will increase pdf generation and reduce pdf file size.

As far as I can tell, all tgchan formats are supported including those small icons. Reference Links (>>Number) can be clicked and focus on their post when it is included. Fractured texts with those crazy symbols above/below will turn to garbage, though.
Flash-files not be printed, animated gif and apng will only have their first frame in the pdf.

This will request now the jsPDF library and some kind of API I've written to make pagebreak, wordwrap, capsuled formatting, clickable links and references and img prefetching work.

If anyone wants to use the API I've written, feel free to do so. ^^

Examples of Outputs are Fidchels Advocate Chapters:
prelude: http://dediggefedde.deviantart.com/art/Advocate-Prologue-449982317
ch1: http://dediggefedde.deviantart.com/art/Advocate-chapter-1-451946325
ch2: http://dediggefedde.deviantart.com/art/Advocate-chapter-2-510019207
ch3: http://dediggefedde.deviantart.com/art/ADVOCATE-Chapter-3-578583463
No. 27662 ID: f56624

bumping this a bit
No. 27727 ID: 395c02

Should this thread be stickied, you think?

No. 27731 ID: 595d54

I'll always miss the newfriend who was worried about the powerful memeing.
No. 27733 ID: fe41a4

Personally I don't mind, because I use this script to keep track of this thread ;) .
But as some are using it and think it's good, others might find it easier and test it out if it were presented in a sticky thread.

Missing a new friend is always sad!
I hope I understood you correctly, though... I was thinking about your comment for 10 minutes, but I couldn't really see a connection to this thread...
No. 27734 ID: 91cfcf

You never saw the previous sticky thread?
No. 27735 ID: 3b79fb

... Maybe?
Usually I read all threads/quests on tgchan...
Wasn't it >>364 ?
No. 27736 ID: 91cfcf

No. It was >>27018 for a long while.
No. 27788 ID: 6c2925

Current download-Link:

Thought I would post something informatical again...

Originally this script was made for rheuma-online.de/forum which is a forum dedicated to german people suffering from rheumatism. In some cases this can affect the eyes, which apparently can lead to some destructive processes if unnoticed, including an overpressure leading to glaucoma. This was the case for a relative of mine and after the initially therapies (medicaments, laser-operation etc.) was over, she had like 20% left and 7% right remaining eyesight. With some tools she was still able to read and wanted to participate in the forum, but the layout is very taxing on the eye and using browser magification tools (e.g. ctrl & +) will make the comment section far too small.

So, back then I wrote a little userscript to make it easier for her to read the forum: hiding sidebars, increasing only font size, choosing font face, inverting colours etc. What really helped her were of course some later treatments, including a pretty risky operation (~ 70% of success, 30% that your blind afterwards), and weekly needed syringes, so nowadays she can see pretty good again.

Then at some point where I was still reading the tgchan archives and graveyard (finished some years ago), I got pretty tired eyes, remembered the script and rewrote it a bit for tgchan... and didn't really stop developing...

Once in a while I still have some ideas I deem nice and try to implement in tgchan_BLICK. ^^
However, what's also pretty interesting in my opinion is, that in that rheumatic site I was almost immediately accused of writing and spreading a virus because I didn't take money for the script...

In case you didn't know, you can also always post hopes and dreams, I mean suggestions here, if you have any.^^ Might just take a while for me to get to them...

... I browsed the icon list, so have a smiling baj from Battle Quest^^
Although this icon was apparently never used outside of the discussion >>/questdis/75048
No. 27812 ID: 93244f

Maybe a functionality to personalize the colors of the site?
I'm not a huge fan of the inverted colors setting, and neither am I a fan of the default site colors.
No. 27813 ID: 6c2925

What kind of settings would you like to personalize?
There are already tgchan-integrated schemes (Burichan, Futaba, Nice und Pony) by the way... Usually I prefer Futaba. ^^
No. 27831 ID: 15a025

Nice is also a nice one as well.
No. 27838 ID: 2f5847

I favor Nice. Seems to make the images stand out, especially the colors.
No. 27847 ID: f562b1

Hey, something goofed and this stopped working. I even restarted my browser to try and fix it. Any idea what's going on? I had so many saved threads and now I have to go and manually find them all again :(
No. 27848 ID: f562b1

NEVERMIND. TGChan goofed and added a security channel. I realized my settings had HTTP while TGChan now had HTTPS.
No. 27852 ID: 5542ea

Hi! Thanks for the notice!
I wouldn't call it a bug on tgchan but a feature when https was added...
The script should also work on https now:
No. 27853 ID: f562b1

I pretty much updated it myself to include both Secure and the old list of URLs. Is there anything else to the update, or am I good to go?
No. 27854 ID: 5542ea

Not really. Hadn't much time, so the last bigger update was on the pdf-export and login system.

Make sure to disable automatic updates or set the version number to something unreasonable high, if you want to preserve any changes you make on your own!
No. 28065 ID: b9aa79

Hey question- I see a lot of people throw "fag" around- writefaggotry drawfaggotry tripfag namefag etc etc. Does that mean something other than faggot? Like the slur? Or does it mean that and just no one cares
No. 28066 ID: a788b7


noone cares
No. 28069 ID: 9876c4

It's chanspeak for fan or otaku. Writefag=writer, or aficionado of writers.

Generally someone getting offended is a good sign they need to leave.
No. 28073 ID: 383927

I could kinda guess what it meant I just couldn't tell if it was supposed to be derogatory, like frat boys calling each other pussies and then goading each other into doing stupid shit
No. 28075 ID: 9f3729

it is pretty much exactly that, people who put too much stock in chan dwellers hold it up as some kind of anti-pc police litmus test to scare off people with thin skin but it's really always just kinda been edge for the sake of edge

not that it doesn't in part achieve that pedestaled end sometimes, lest we forget the ill-thought-out time tumblr tried to raid fourchan and got like three months of dedicated gore and beastiality spam in fandom tags for their efforts thanks to their complete unfamiliarity with the 4chan ways
No. 28088 ID: a788b7


It's not really even derogatory at all, it's used more in a self-deprecative manner than anything else. It basically means 'just some ordinary schmuck' at this point.
No. 28090 ID: 383927

>not really even derogatory
>it's used more in a self-deprecative manner than anything else

Self deprecating is still derogatory, it just includes you along with whatever group of people you're throwing under the bus as undesirable
No. 28092 ID: 52d0bb

This should clear up any confusion. In the future, consider starting a new thread for a new topic.
No. 28104 ID: b9aa79

Sorry it was originally a question that turned into a topic of it's own. I just have a very uncomfortable personal past with the word so it always rubs me the wrong way. I appreciate the article, but just fyi when they talk about the origin of the word, they're referencing a scene in a movie which isn't really factually informed; I appreciate the source but they don't seem to have done the bare minimum of a google search so I'm not sure how reliable anything on that page is beyond personal opinion. Next time I'll make a new thread though, again apologies for clogging up this one.
No. 28106 ID: 3abd97

The article is primarily about usage and meaning of a word within the confines of a specific culture- the actual factual correctness of the historical usage is largely irrelevant. I'd say that's better viewed as a kind of lore or mythos- factually questionable, but potentially offering insight to the people or peoples who hold onto that myth. The stories peoples and cultures tell themselves are worth considering when you try to study or understand them.

And yes, that article is subjective and not evidence based- it's the work of (an) insider(s) describing the perceived colloquial use within their own subgroup, not the work of someone trying to objectively study it.
No. 28179 ID: b9aa79

Does anyone know what's up with the weird teen-porn-esque and actual porn threads that keep popping up? I've been reporting them as spam but I don't know if that's the right way to handle it
No. 28181 ID: d95874


Some bot, I guess. I've been reporting them when I see them as well.

If anyone knows, would it be possible to create some sort of filter that automatically refuses posts that include that link of theirs in any field?
No. 28185 ID: 395c02

There is a spam filter and I've been adding stuff to it constantly. A lot of stuff is getting through, but a far greater amount is being stopped at the door (judging from the ban list).

As you may know, reporting any threads with 0 replies automatically deletes it (I don't know if it bans anyone, though)

We may have to make the new-thread captcha a site-wide thing, since it looks like /quest/ has comparitively little spam.
No. 28188 ID: cf85b0

Weirdly, it seems like they're still getting in, which raises the question of why they don't appear on /general/ and /quest/.
No. 28191 ID: 2c2c4f

Looks like another crowd getting through now, too, and on all the active boards as far as I can see.
No. 28193 ID: 4863e5

Is there some function to automatically block any new thread that contains a link in any of its fields? That would probably stop them.

It'd mean people can't link previous or questdis threads in quest OPs anymore, but they could just put them in a follow-up post.
No. 28195 ID: 3abd97

Not being able to put links in the OP would be really annoying tho, since the OP is displayed when a thread is shown in a board, an in the abbreviated last 50 / last 100 forms. Makes the links to the wiki / last threads / dis / whatever always accessible.

You lose that convenience and would have to open the full thread every time you wanted the links. Assuming the reader knows they're there.
No. 28196 ID: af6e04

>We may have to make the new-thread captcha a site-wide thing

Honestly that's A-OK with me, as long as it staunches the flow of CP spam.
No. 28200 ID: 49fe0f


I've been seeing new-thread captchas on all boards for some time, and it doesn't seem to have done anything.
No. 28202 ID: af6e04

Sorry, you're right. I didn't realize this when I posted my reply.
No. 28206 ID: 395c02

Converting the captcha to Recaptcha is being considered, clearly the kusaba one is woefully insufficient.

Unless it's not bots doing this... if that's the case, there might not be anything we can do short of requiring everyone to register (yeah THAT'D go well :X)
No. 28215 ID: b9aa79

I've been seeing a lot of them so I'm assuming that A) they were bots and B) it's working out okay. Unless others are just much faster on the ball than I am at catching and removing these unwanted hooligans
No. 28219 ID: 395c02

Turns out the answer was to improve the spam filter's coverage. It went from mall cop to robocop.
No. 28224 ID: 398fe1

No. 28336 ID: 398fe1

Since this seems to be the general thread for site related discussions, I just had an idea for eliminating votestuffing that I wanted to share and ask if it's feasible.

When you visit the site it could ask what your zip code is, or similar general-location-identifying information. It compares this to the location attached to your IP address. If they match, you're let in (and sets a cookie so it doesn't have to ask you repeatedly). If they don't match, then obviously you're using an anonymizer, right? Those all hand out random IPs from the giant network of proxies, so you don't even know what your own IP is.

I suppose there could be problems with this, though. People can always just vote with their phones for a duplicate vote, for instance.
No. 28338 ID: 1be618

As far as I know, this is NOT the general site discussion thread. It is used to describe and provide a userscript I once wrote and maintain. For further information, see the opening post.
What I did was asking for ideas to further improve the script. I guess that's why people think now, this is the general discussion thread.
But then again, that's entirely up to the community and moderators. ^^

General site discussions are... not collected somewhere else yet? I thought I remembered seeing some thread, but it's probably dead...

About the idea:
The main idea of this board design is to keep being anonymous if wanted. So at least I don't want to give the site my location.
Restriction for yourself would be... if you access the site on a mobile device, can you always tell the local zip code? In a train ride through the country? On vacation? What if you need to use a vpn, for example because the wlan provider uses one.
And regarding bots and such... since you compare the manual typed in code with an automatically generated location, bots can do that in advance, too.
And if you are a person, you typically can also find out the location of your ip adress in advance.
Aside from that at the realization point, you need to find a zip code system, that is working worldwide. in the US you have something like 22162–1010 according to wikipedia. in Germany for example we have 20251 for Alsterdorf near Hamburg. How about Russia, India etc. ?
All those different systems would need to get implemented to compare them with the ip. provided that all nations actually have a code similar to zip...
No. 28363 ID: 06c323

Hi again!

Important notice: the update system of the previous versions might got broken at some point. To make sure you receive updates to this script again, please install it again:


:baj: Now about updates:

:dq_char_3: I sped the script up a bit (20-fold or so). Loading tgchan.org with BLICK should not slow it down anymore.
:dq_char_2: The icon picker input form (second last button) was reworked with a preview, a lazy-loader and a text search.
:dq_char_3: PDF-Export is reworked and works a bit faster now.
:dq_char_2: Deactivating the new AutoUpdate watchlist-option, the script will not request news for all your watched threads on every pageload for extended watchbar.
:dq_char_3: Instead you get a refresh-button at the top of the extended watchbar.
:dq_char_2: extended watchbar changing size was fixed to go a bit more smoothly
:dq_char_3: extended watchbar will automatically link +50.html, +100.html or .html sites depending on your last seen post.
:dq_char_2: most browsers freeze when more than 3 parallel update requests are send, so extended watchbar will now limit itself to 2 parallel requests.

Some Programmer information:
I ditch JQuery to make it a little more lightweight and reworked most functions with JSHint.
If anyones interested in statistics:
>There are 112 functions in this file.
>Function with the largest signature take 4 arguments, while the median is 0.
>Largest function has 103 statements in it, while the median is 4.
>The most complex function has a cyclomatic complexity value of 43 while the median is 2.

No. 28369 ID: 383927

I recently tried to go on the tgchan CoffeeMUD site, but couldn't quite figure it out. Forums hadn't had any conversation on them in over a year, so I figured asking for help/advice here might be the best place. Is there a tutorial somewhere I can read up on to figure out how it works?
No. 28371 ID: 398fe1

You want this thread >>27229
I used MUSHclient, it worked pretty well.
No. 28383 ID: 67d5dc
File tgchans_BLICK_wbar.dat - (31.21KB )

My watchlist fucked up weirdly.

The order is reversed now, showing quest dis at the top and scrolling down from newest to oldest. It used to do the reverse.

All titles are off by one entry. The links/num replies will be to say, Coxette but the title will be fen quest, and so on down the line with the title moved up to the next newest slot. Progenitor is my most recent watch and is not listed at all, though it is linked.

A large number of older entries have been changed, now reading No Author - Anonymous for title and author, despite having valid (and correct?) links attached.

Not sure why this happened, I haven't updated to your new version yet. Attached is my archive log.
I looks kinda, irrecoverable.

Oh well.
No. 28406 ID: 67d5dc

Is there a way to watch a thread from inside the thread? Would make it much easier to rebuild my list.
No. 28407 ID: 7ec256

Thanks for the report and the idea!
Sorry for the late response, I was offline for a week.
Also sorry for the inconvenience.

~230 entries, that's a pretty long list. ^^
I'm working on something that can restore faulty databases. Currently it can restore the original list from the file you sent me, but fails to save the restored list internally. I might need a few days for that.
I will probably not be able to fix the order, though...

However, ordering by the time you added the thread is also a bit unintuitive. WOuld perhaps a different order be better (topics, times, ids)?

I will add a button for adding the current thread to the watchlist then, too.
No. 28408 ID: 67d5dc

Hey, thanks for the reply at all, I was fairly sure I'd just have to restart as though I were a new bob.
And thanks for really and for true for setting up the script. It is so much better than any vanilla way of tracking threads.

I actually like the order change. Having the more recent ones load first is useful since they tend to update more often. Having it sorted by most recent post time would probably be my ideal, but I'd make do with anything sane, like the current reversed order.

Since I have your ear, have you considered a sort of folder/collapsible that graveyarded threads get moved into? If you only updated them when the user opened the collapsible you could save some cpu cycles that would likely go wasted checking 230 long dead threads.

Take all the time you need tho. It may be messed up and weird, but its still functional on my end.
No. 28414 ID: a86b83

I was able to fix a few bugs and partly broken import files are now repaired when quest updates are requested. Didn't work on the graveyard/questarch section yet, though.
In the past, I usually removed dead/finished threads from my list by hand, so I didn't really though of this sooner. ^^

Download : http://phi.pf-control.de/userscripts/tgchan-BLICK/tgchan-BLICK.user.js

Release notes for Version 2.16:

* watchbar quest names and authors are now fetched from the quests on update requests.
* fixed some issues for width-changing the watchbar
* watchbar is using flex-layout now. Looks a bit nicer/tidier on very small an large widths
* sometimes +50 sites were linked when there were <50 posts, leading to 404 pages.
No. 28415 ID: 67d5dc

Its fixed! you rock!
No. 28435 ID: 1976b9

No. 28436 ID: 2e9054

Probably because almost no one reads the /meep/ section? ^^
If you want to use the script, you need a browser-extension for userscripts first.
Tampermonkey now supports Chrome, Opera and Firefox (and almost every other browser). The original extension was Greasemonkey for Firefox. In Opera, the original would be ViolentMonkey.
Scriptish often doesn't work as expected with my scripts, so I don't recommend it here.

Once that is installed, click the download-link to the .user.js file again and it will be installed in your browser.

GreaseMonkey (Firefox): https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/greasemonkey/
ViolentMonkey (Opera): https://addons.opera.com/de/extensions/details/violent-monkey/?display=en
Tampermonkey (Chrome, Firefox, Oper, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Dolphin): https://tampermonkey.net/?ext=dhdg&browser=chrome

Download link to the script:
No. 28438 ID: 5844bb

No. 28485 ID: 67d5dc

Bug report:

The most recent unread post link will sometimes go to a +50 link when the thread does not yet have 50 posts.

Impquest did this for me, currently at 49 posts.

Maybe it doesn't track deleted posts well?
No. 28624 ID: e36c7f

This still seems to be the closest thing to a site issues thread, aside from the quest advice thread in /questdis/ which I don't want to clutter with tech support, so...

I can't access the wiki any more. I was already unable to use tgchan.org or b.tgchan.org, but I used to be able to use c.tgchan.org and thatquestsite.org. Now, since the last time the site went down, c.tgchan.org doesn't work any more, and while I can still use thatquestsite.org to see the quest board itself, it doesn't work for the wiki.

When I click on any of the tgchan.org/wiki/ links of the type people link at the top of their quests, I get redirected to an error 404 page for some italian online movie website called "Altadefinizione HD".
No. 28628 ID: 673643

That sounds like a DNS problem. Have you tried flushing your cache and maybe changing your DNS server?
No. 28633 ID: e36c7f


I've tried both those things. No change for tgchan.org and variants, though at some point I became capable of using the wiki through thatquestsite.org again.
No. 28647 ID: 2870fe

Sounds like you have some malware installed on your comp and it's redirecting you or poisoning your DNS cache. Go clean up your comp.
No. 28802 ID: 0a47d8

I am experiencing severe lag while loading tgchan using this plugin, although it runs fine once it has finished loading. I just installed it the other day, and it is running in tampermonkey on chrome on win10. Are other people having this issue, or am I missing somtehing? Thanks for the help.
No. 28815 ID: 67d5dc

To anyone using Greasemonkey with Firefox who has lost the use of this script in the recent update, try switching to http://tampermonkey.net/ , as it still works.

I haven't worked out how to import an old watch list tho.
No. 28816 ID: 430719

The last greasemonkey update broke all my userscripts...
Since the new greasemonkey is incompatible with old scripts and old Greasemonkey versions are incompatible with new scripts.

I assume Tampermonkey will sooner or later also switch to the new Greasymonkey API calls.
This means for you, that switching browsers or browser versions will only be a temporary solution.

---Important part---
I just finished a slight rework of the script that is now compatible with the new Greasemonkey, the old Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey.
It also seems to work with watchbar-network-synchronization, watchbar-file-import or just using the old watchbar data.

Please update to the new version v2.20!
Install: http://phi.pf-control.de/userscripts/tgchan-BLICK/tgchan-BLICK.user.js

In case something went wrong, I still have v2.16, which is likely to stop working soon on tampermonkey...

--- ---

Especially in Tampermonkey there was a problem were Regexp was interpreted differently as in Greasemonkey.
This made it impossible to load old watchbar files and eventually slowed the browser down.
This got fixed in the update as far as my tests went.

I might have introduced some additional errors, since there were some major reworks done.
Everyone is using asynchronous calls nowadays, which is the main reason the old script broke.

what once was
var value=GM_getValue("storedValue");
is now
var value=null;
var prom=(async function(){value=await GM.getValue("storedValue");})();
(not a fan of the new arrow functions yet...)

In this example a synchronous call would be better, but there are many spots in the code, where the second way is actually increasing the script's speed.
You might notice a speed increase in the new version.

I also dropped the fallback to localStorage since the storage-limit was too low for a moderate watch-list anyway.
No. 28817 ID: cf5a32

Thanks! I noticed that my two little nubs were suddenly missing and immediately hopped over here to mention it. Glad to see you hopped on it first!
No. 28818 ID: bfb318

Thanks my dude, it is a good good script.
No. 28830 ID: 9d4af9

The script seems to be broken on Tampermonkey 4.4, using script version 2.20.
No. 28863 ID: 47d09d

Hi everyone!
It seems that some part of jsPDF broke, which the script used to convert quests into pdfs.
I didn't have much time to revise the interface for that script, so I decided to disable to feature for now.
I'm not sure if anyone was actually using it...

So, with v2.21 the quest-to-pdf convertion is disabled and thus it seems to work in chrome again.
Firefox didn't have any issues with it as it seems.

I might be fixing the feature in a future update if anyone is actually missing it. ^^
No. 28903 ID: 094652

Personally, I'm worried that one day the server
and backups will get corrupted and some of our favorite archived quests might be lost forever. It's not likely, but life happens.

We don't need a pdf so much as an executable file that can be used with a web browser to check stuff. It can be buggy as long as it has all the relevant data. You'd have to scrub it of personal data, and save a screenshot from image links so they won't depend on the internet.

We could vote on which quests get this treatment so this only needs to be done with popular stories. The plus side of this is that you can put any long-but-popular quests into a zip file and send that to be downloaded, so the server doesn't get constant requests for web pages from the archives.
No. 28965 ID: b71ef1

Apparently, Greasemonkey made an update for firefox for android. And now I just checked the script on my own smartphone. Everything seems to work. With the sync-feature, I can even synchronize between desktop and smartphone.

So, if you use firefox for android and the recent version of Greasemonkey there, the script will also work on your smartphone.

I will check during the following days for any bugs. Please feel free to comment, if you find bugs yourself.
No. 28966 ID: b71ef1

DSGVO (EU-Datenschutz-Grundverordnung) and Datenschutzerklärung

I added some privacy policy information on the website regarding the script-accounts.

As you may know, the script offers you to create an account, so you can synchronize watched threads, read posts and bar settings.
Since I and the server is located in Germany, the new European DSGVO rule applies.
In summary, you need to be informed and asked about any of your data saved by any European website. You also gained the right to be forgotten on demand (aka data deletion).

In this case, you need your email-address, a username and a password to register. This is of course stored. In case of the password, a one-way-encrypted hash is stored. For the activation link, the date of your registration is stored. The website-hoster also has an access-log where your IP-address is stored, but not connected to your account.
When you press the "Upload"-button in the script, a list of the ids of your watched threads, last seen posts and script settings are sent and stored on the website. Aside from that I don't gather or save any data of you.
If you don't use an account, no data is gathered from you.
For a more detailed privacy policy, please visit the website http://phi.pf-control.de/tgchan/interface.php.

I did some further tests on Android with the recent Firefox and I like it so far. ^^
Especially increasing the font size while keeping margins and images is great on small screens. The synchronization also appears to work.
Image-hover does not really feel right, though. When you tap on an image, it is opened in a new tab AND the hover appears. This you will notice when going backward after clicking an image. Maybe I disable the normal click-behavior on very small screens and change it to double-tap to open an image in a new tab.
No. 29418 ID: 864e49

We questden now. it broke. :(
No. 29420 ID: 2a08e4

Script updated for questden.org

I also felt like changing the scriptname to questden-BlICK. ^^

Update: http://phi.pf-control.de/userscripts/tgchan-BLICK/tgchan-BLICK.user.js
Mirror: https://greasyfork.org/de/scripts/392187-questden-blick

Also, if you synchronize your watch-list the data is saved on European (german) servers, so the register interface has a private policy now for legal reasons:
No. 29427 ID: b330e4

Yeah so I stay mainly on /quest/. Why was the name changing like every other day for a while there?
No. 29428 ID: 7ebbf9

The name change to questden has been in the works for a while but then also tezakia.net was done for a few days because of Tezakia Quest hitting its tenth anniversary.
No. 29434 ID: a0dfd2


But what if ... Souvlakia?
No. 29448 ID: 094652

I just noticed the wiki still uses the tgchan logo
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