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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 129788075611.gif - (7.22KB , 453x730 , kick.gif )
13306 No. 13306 ID: 1f2692

Welp... i went for a jive on the town and a thought occured to me... i haven't been performing daily acts of evil like i used to...

so i decided i should kick something today

i haven't kicked a puppy in a long while, which is evil and gratifying in itself

but i also have seen a couple pony quests lately, so i need to express my opinion in these terms also

but which to kick... i couldn't decide, so i kicked both

has anyone ever found themselves being undecided lately? it doesn't have to be evil, i'm just an ass
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No. 13627 ID: 1f2692

just because i love talking to myself,
i have to say... browsing the graveyard was... informative

tis funny that i saw a tg quest, about tg, inspiring and blood curdling

i have been to the very depths of the grave and back, and the true face of evil is a mouse pointer in mouse quest
No. 13693 ID: c09866

I have no idea what you're on about.
No. 13694 ID: 1f2692


just talking to myself, i tend to do that... and i decided i needed a thread for that
No. 13884 ID: d1249b

alrighty self, so i'm thinking... maybe i should build a story and have characters play through it? but then that means i have everything planned and limit the choices that the audience have...

do more planning, self, i hoping to see a living world from you!!!
No. 19746 ID: b88147

ah yes, i remember this thread... good times.

hmmmm, lesse self- been a while since i spakins to the great me. So... i'm going pretty deep in this quest that i'm making, and i just need some self assurance to keep going. So my dilemma is if i really want to do this morality destroying thing in upcoming updates. What does my personal self think of this? don't worry, you can take your time in responding.
No. 19747 ID: 9c7c3b

I'm beginning to think that you aren't of sound mind.
No. 19748 ID: f26b4b

I'm quite sure is not the only one...
No. 19749 ID: b88147


it's relaxing to have conversations with yourself, try it sometime
No. 19750 ID: b88147

alright, me. I've come up with good points to not do this. It's hard to guide the suggestors to want to take the actions that conflict with decency and goodness when that's what they want. If it helps with the plot and makes a good story, then go ahead. But if your making the quest go all douche baggery, that'd be a dick move and make people angry. Tread carefully if you do take on the whole destroying the morality issue- I don't wholeheartedly agree with screwing over the quests main icon character but hey... you are talking to yourself, so whatever you choose you choose.
No. 19777 ID: b88147
File 132522741831.png - (39.10KB , 904x554 , whattheshit.png )

... i like it- makes me feel special.
No. 19778 ID: b88147
File 132523035221.png - (9.95KB , 451x366 , hmmm.png )

... maybe i have been attention whoring a bit.
Lets see... i have been using this thread to talk to myself, but i could also do that in a journal that's not on the net...

Yeah, maybe i'll just report this thread, see if i can get it deleted... maybe...

Might as well, and probably refrain from starting new threads on this board for a while... That sounds good.

I think i'll just go and do that then.
No. 19789 ID: 8c9005

Your antics are pretty entertaining and I think you should continue shooting for whatever it is that you're trying to achieve. While you're at it can you describe your sex life? Also what are your views on those that use or create characters in tgchan to get their rocks off and are you attracted to or get off to any quest characters?
No. 19790 ID: 746e5c

Your antics are pretty entertaining and I think you should continue shooting for whatever it is that you're trying to achieve. While you're at it can you describe your sex life? Also what are your views on those that use or create characters in tgchan to get their rocks off and are you attracted to or get off to any quest characters?
No. 19791 ID: f1622a

Your antics are pretty entertaining and I think you should continue shooting for whatever it is that you're trying to achieve. While you're at it can you describe your sex life? Also what are your views on those that use or create characters in tgchan to get their rocks off and are you attracted to or get off to any quest characters?
No. 19792 ID: e59bb4

Oh damn, why do things break when I touch them?
No. 19798 ID: ff8425


It's just your magic touch.

Bamump what kind of porns were you downloading when you got that virus?
No. 19836 ID: 2be5ee


Let's see- oh, questions!
welp, my sex life is alright. mostly wanting a harem and only finding one-at-a-time relationships. won't lie, asking a girl or guy "Hey- wanna be a part of my amazing group of friends who I occasionally have sex with!?"
But im glad that a few people think thats a funny pick-up line, or i'd not get any happy fun time.
No. 19837 ID: 2be5ee

and for the second part- since mypsp has a posting limit- i'm totally kosher with sexy quest fantasies. Hell, i cannot honestly think of anyone who wouldn't
And my imagination runs wild with anything- give tons of free time.

And finally... i don't recall what i was downloadin... not porn- that folder already is wayyyyy too big
No. 19838 ID: 0448b9

You know, I think talking to myself wouldn't be such a bad idea. Some sort of self-therapy of some sort.
I'd probably do it a bit more privately, although..
No. 19839 ID: e59bb4

You forgot the most important part of the question, the part where you tell us who your waifu is. The waifu structure lattice is what holds TGChan together, knowing everyones waifu is vital its stability.
No. 19840 ID: 2be5ee

thought it'd be obvious- all the tap-able characters, whether spess dog or homocidel gnoll. they are all my waifus
No. 19860 ID: 15f217


No. 19861 ID: 2be5ee

chains, lots of chains...

oh wait, that'd be cruel wouldn't it?

... padded chains then. and a regular feeding regiment.
No. 19869 ID: becb83

dang, i've got some sort of irc channel now.

it's on rizon and its #bamump


OH DAMN, NO OP- derped and now it's not moderated... so hell, just throw yourself around in there people
No. 19887 ID: becb83

alright so crazy story today

>attempts to date girl that i've only known for a week.
>we flirt back and forth via text and ask to hang out
>cops come see me the next day telling me she's dead

ain't that something, must need to polish my dating skills.
No. 19889 ID: ed4797

A)Why would the cops tell you anything if you only knew her for a week. Cops tell family then the family lets those they want to know know about it. I've never heard about cops telling the deceased's friends, unless you are somehow connected to the situation or friends with the cop.
B)It would be completely heartless to post a joke about it the day you hear about it. I would have a much worse opinion of you if I thought you were telling the truth.
C)You've already given false info about yourself as a joke.

I'm calling you out for being a liar, but just as much for being a dick. Sure people react differently and maybe even some post jokes about it in a Chan to deal with their feelings, but I'm pretty sure this isn't such a case. Having someone you know die, even one you are not too attached to, hits hard and feels weird and/or miserable for a while and I have trouble overlooking someone lying about it.

Making jokes and being an idiot is how people on Chans interact, but lying about yourself the way you seem prone to really turns people off. I'm saying that as a person who actually enjoys and participates in your quests and don't mind joking around with you and all that because I don't take seriously or personaly the drama you seem to try to cause, but it's like you're trying as hard as you can to make yourself unlikable.
No. 19891 ID: d50cf4

simple: if you ache for fame and attention but repeatedly fail to obtain either, you strive for infamy instead
No. 19892 ID: becb83

alright, i see your call but i do have to say this is not bullshit. the only reason he told me is because i bugged him about why he was asking me all these questions about her, and he finally said that because he already told her parents... that's what he said. And thirdly, i dunno how people normally react to someone up and dieing but i was all meh and not caring- so maybe i have no heart? Meh.

Bro, you are honest, i do like that. And you probably are a better person than me, so i don't really have anything else to say other then You're better then me. That's it.
No. 19896 ID: becb83

damnit, i'm not getting anywhere with this flash hunting. The site keeps plugging this cs 5 pro shit and it's not even letting anyone look at the older versions. Honestly i don't have 7hundred to just throw away on something that i'm only going to use for a little bit.

Does anyone have any idea how i can get this flash thing for much cheaper- say free if possible?
No. 19899 ID: 456276

Welp, that seems reasonable. I retract my statement about it being heartless and my opinion being much worse if you were telling the truth, I was getting on my high horse and didn't really consider that you might actually be telling the truth.

My belief that I knew or could summarize how everyone feels who have had someone they know die was silly of me. I also don't believe people should feel bad that they don't feel miserable over someone's death. If you're treating her situation appropriately with her parents and friends, making little quips about it on the internet doesn't make you some horrible person like my post made it out to be (though most families wouldn't be happy about it if it was found out).

I'm not just saying that to make up for accusing you or anything, I actually like black humor myself and don't agree with the whole 'making jokes about death devalues human life' that I seemed to suddenly support when it went along with my argument.

So forget about all that and answer me this question: DID YOU HEAR THE ONE ABOUT THE BABY THAT HAD TO BE ABORTED TWICE?
No. 19900 ID: 7a3a6b
File 132626872740.png - (33.63KB , 404x404 , jolly_roger_design_black.png )


You're utterly senseless to even consider spending the exorbitant, and could I even say 'pretentious' price that is charged for such software. Especially for a small-time hobbyist or dabbler such as you or me. If you are part of a legitimate business on the other hand, that is another matter.
No. 19901 ID: becb83

no, i didn't hear that one... i try not to go too deep into the dark, ya know... but sometimes life and death seems funny so ya gotta laugh it off sometimes.

ah, this thing, this thing that you are doing there. It i do see, it had to pound it's way into my thick skull, but yes... I do believe I see it. that's right, i see what you did there...

okay, truthfully i dont... piratebay? still squeemish on it.
No. 19903 ID: 7a3a6b
File 132627550978.jpg - (73.59KB , 400x300 , 1272253169769.jpg )


Tell me why.
No. 19904 ID: e59bb4

No. 19905 ID: e59bb4
File 132627660475.jpg - (16.34KB , 200x200 , Animal-Drums.jpg )

No. 19906 ID: becb83
File 132627845212.jpg - (125.24KB , 800x581 , 126732524898.jpg )

i have nothing against piratebay, but i'm just not smart enough to know what to do about things if i download it wrong or it messes up.
I've read some of the comments on the site and it seems that the downloads aren't completely flawless.

You classy sunuvagun
<pic totally related
No. 19907 ID: 7a3a6b
File 132627968585.jpg - (105.37KB , 655x269 , Fffffffff_by_ThatOldRobot.jpg )


Such is the price of freedom.
No. 19908 ID: becb83
File 132628105693.png - (12.28KB , 516x255 , thatisheresy.png )

so, you want i have to bring my comp back to the shop to get it repaired again?
man, no way.... i'll probably try it one of these days, but at the moment, no.
No. 19909 ID: 7a3a6b
File 132628597336.jpg - (18.87KB , 385x383 , 131281025079.jpg )


Fine, fine. I guess that's a good enough reason.

For a weakling.
No. 19913 ID: becb83
File 132635509555.jpg - (5.10KB , 255x198 , borg1.jpg )

it takes more strength not doing it then it does getting all these viruses
No. 19914 ID: 58e198
File 132635824167.jpg - (115.66KB , 500x333 , funny-picture-cat-picture-ehpien-cat.jpg )


Welp, that's fine. That's just fine. I mean, who am I to condescend somebody's right to live in terror of potential computer troubles?
No. 19915 ID: becb83
File 132635957568.jpg - (6.76KB , 300x213 , full-metal-jacket-sergeant.jpg )

Now hold on, i see this thing that you are doing. It's a ploy, one that is clever and still cheap.
Don't think you can trick me with your psycho-babble!
No. 19916 ID: 58e198
File 132636119892.jpg - (52.85KB , 401x496 , Sean-Connery.jpg )


Me? I'm not doing anything. No ploys here. Nope. Just sitting here comfortably and confidently with all my favourite software.

How about you?
No. 19917 ID: da6823

overlord: suggest a "not so full of virus" site to take pirate software to bamump
No. 19918 ID: 58e198


Pirate software?! Where?! I never even suggested anything of the sort.
No. 19919 ID: 0d7a83
File 132638195731.gif - (407.48KB , 250x250 , alrighty.gif )

Dude, I'd suggest getting Vuze. I've been using it for years and have had no problems. It's easy to check the ratings downloads have got so you can see if its legit. Plus it searches multiple sites at once.
No. 19937 ID: 496845
File 132658713710.jpg - (61.45KB , 950x698 , laughingpoliticians.jpg )

>He doesn't hurry the fuck up and download the shit out of everything before his pussy ass realizes he can't anymore due to SOPA!
No. 19952 ID: becb83

this is what should be the beginning of when it sorta makes sense, but still dosn't
No. 19953 ID: becb83

why can't /quest/ be this crazy?
No. 19954 ID: becb83

honestly wishing /quest/ would become this crazy
No. 19955 ID: becb83

and this one... don't know if there are more or what... i'm looking
No. 20011 ID: 0a1dbb
File 132756804547.jpg - (21.25KB , 500x335 , dayumchicken.jpg )

more people talkin about stuff, i don't want to be the only stuff talker here.

Come on peeps, throw some stuff around and sit around the hot pile of stuff. Maybe we can roast some stuff on an open stuff!

Whattaya say guys, more stuff from y'all?
No. 20013 ID: 2ae337

Stuff stuff stuffing stuff stuffed stuff.
No. 20015 ID: 0d7a83
File 132759837238.gif - (53.40KB , 700x301 , stuff.gif )

No. 20019 ID: 0a1dbb

alright guys, so on irc there be a thing from me

Rizon/#bamump lookit up... and do chat things, if you care. Op goes to whoever is on last before i go to bed
No. 20021 ID: 0b5e64

Bamump, what's the minimum price for you to eat your own shit? Like, a single, solid log?

What about someone elses?

How much would it cost for you to gargle a mouthful of diarrhoea?
No. 20022 ID: 0a1dbb

if i were the poop gargling type, which i'm not, in a hypothetical sense it might be in the ballpark of maybe 8thousand to 20 thousand dollars

but that's just being all hypothetical and stuff
No. 20023 ID: 0b5e64
File 132765742430.jpg - (29.05KB , 232x221 , fg66.jpg )

Okay. Okay. Hm!

How much would it cost for you to gargle diarrhoea mixed with pig semen, naked, in an amphitheater, whose attending audience includes your parents, pets, friends, and anyone else with whom you may have regular contact, all the while you are being whipped by a large, black transvestite man with rainbow coloured hair, calling you 'bitch' every time he lashes you.

How much, huh?
No. 20024 ID: 0a1dbb
File 132765888026.gif - (14.88KB , 685x685 , bamumpface.gif )

you misunderstand me, overlord, it'd most likely be like this

>gargle happysauce mixed with mayonnaise, birthday suite, in an abandoned garage, whose attending audience includes your farm animals, pets, that greasy guy from kwik trip, and anyone else with whom you may have regular contact, all the while you are being whipped by a Bruno, the mexican drag queen with rainbow dash panties, calling you 'Fluttershy' every time he feeds you jolly ranchers.

see? and the image is animated
No. 20025 ID: 0b5e64


So... is that for free then?
No. 20026 ID: 0a1dbb
File 132766142876.png - (9.18KB , 506x387 , arp.png )

now hold on, you crazy gypsy- five bucks, minimum
No. 20028 ID: 0d7a83

Do you have paypal?
No. 20040 ID: 938f13
File 132779193612.gif - (14.62KB , 685x685 , 132765888026.gif )


Bamump, that animation is awful. Not nearly epileptic enough.

Fixed version. Seizure warning.
No. 20059 ID: 0a1dbb
File 132799281419.jpg - (60.48KB , 1024x576 , Gurren Lagann - 26 - Large 01.jpg )

OVERLORD, you do me too much justice... bro
No. 20122 ID: d12795
File 132842805669.jpg - (57.45KB , 476x334 , cute_animals-11.jpg )

alright bamump, what did we learn today.
>make trips home rather frequently to find out what the heck is going on
>learn to write flippin good stories
>work on table-top system more
>soy milk sucks ass (disgusting stuff)

and what will we impliment in the coming year?
>no more soy milk, no matter if they say it's berry flavored
>no drinking soy milk, at all
>hell, don't even wonder or dream about the nasty flavor
>no more soy milk, no more
>just don't do it
>please, for the sanctity of your well being
No. 20124 ID: a94a01

It's not that disgusting, it taste of hazelnuts
No. 20134 ID: 1b0f2f

Soy milk tastes like beans. Whatever. Doesn't taste good or bad to me. My favorite soy product is where you take the whole pods boil them 5-10m in salt water then squeeze out the beans with your teeth soon as they cool. MMMMM

Tofu doesn't taste like beans to me. Tofu is scary...
No. 20167 ID: 365adf

Soy milk is awesome, piss off, mumpface.
No. 20177 ID: 133e22

The problem with soy milk is that they call it 'milk' and it fails miserably at being milk, as long as your not expecting it to taste like milk it's nice.
No. 20178 ID: 9c7c3b

I just call it "soy product".

You guys want some SOY PRODUCT?
No. 20179 ID: d12795
File 132858754127.jpg - (179.72KB , 600x403 , get-out-of-here-bear-16467-1244823238-74.jpg )

nope, that thar soy stuff just doesn't compare to delicious bear meat.
No. 20199 ID: d12795
File 132886453439.gif - (0.98MB , 240x180 , epicsumo.gif )

just need to see if i can still upload images
No. 20200 ID: d12795

now i'm just disappointed in 4chan for not accepting my uploads, boo fourchen, boo
No. 20201 ID: d2f0c9
File 132887657204.jpg - (98.87KB , 639x479 , 1267860252818.jpg )


Have you been smart enough to give up smoking yet, or are you still trying to kill yourself?

Also, someone remind me to get more reaction images that aren't just rage, disgust or perversion. Here's a kitten in the mean time.
No. 20205 ID: 0d7a83
File 132888853148.gif - (0.99MB , 200x200 , 1325914109533.gif )

>get more reaction images that aren't just rage, disgust or perversion.

I don't understand, what would you use them to react to?
No. 20207 ID: d12795
File 132892246628.jpg - (38.17KB , 320x320 , e732_star_wars_coffee_inhand.jpg )

still smoking them death sticks, not like i can't just replace my lungs with cybernetic implants or anything.

Also, remember to get more reaction images that aren't just rage, disgust or perversion.
No. 20210 ID: ef1bab
File 132896531358.jpg - (69.44KB , 500x726 , 1267952623478.jpg )


God damn it!

>Also, remember to get more reaction images that aren't just rage, disgust or perversion

No. 21851 ID: 34cbef

never forget
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