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File 132055486131.jpg - (2.86MB , 2000x2667 , ctans.jpg )
8235 No. 8235 ID: 39fadf
The old one was getting clogged with stuff.

here, a few C'tan dudes.

commishes are opened again, don't know for how long; see the details on my profile:

I've been toying around with the idea of adapting bits of the new necron background into a short comic, but I'm not sure yet which techniques I should use; or even which language...
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No. 8247 ID: 47ce46
Whatever happened to the ampu-tau playin vidya?
No. 8248 ID: 63defe
told you, couldn't figure out a way to do it without spending days on it.
No. 8249 ID: 63defe
besides, a girl sitting cross-legged, holding a controller, no matter how unclothed, is unsexy.
No. 8252 ID: 47ce46
You could just draw a legless Tau lying on her stomach, getting railed while she *tries* to play the game.
No. 8290 ID: 0307f0
Most excellent! I love the C'tan dudes you got there. (And pretty much all of your art, but yknow.)
No. 8308 ID: 2b67dc
File 132070206888.jpg - (298.44KB , 700x933 , goat.jpg )
should I have put a greyer background, or less contrast? for less flatness, I mean
No. 8319 ID: 7c8930

Less contrast and a bit lighter on the lower black background portion, I believe a darker gray would work.


I can't help but notice the back leg, I feel as if that contributes a lot to the flatness , alongside the fur between the front leg and aforementioned one. It seems a bit, flowing downwards too straight.

I am guessing this creature is supposed to be galloping, so in my mind the fur should be all over the place!
No. 8321 ID: 2b67dc
Uh, which one, the left-had one? It's a front leg.
No. 8328 ID: 7c8930

The one in the back, right side.
No. 8339 ID: 60a975
File 132076214979.png - (395.09KB , 700x520 , switch at the bar.png )
No. 8340 ID: 7dc7f2

Trying out a new style?
No. 8347 ID: 0b6c9c
why'd you post it here?
No. 8348 ID: 7dc7f2

oh snap, thats not yours!

I think he missfired. And never bothered to correct it.
No. 8365 ID: 0b6c9c

I don't even...
No. 8366 ID: 0b6c9c

I don't even...
No. 8490 ID: caa316
File 132148431187.jpg - (125.87KB , 580x700 , xeno says hi.jpg )
No. 8493 ID: 0448b9
And then I busted in here to tell you how great I think this doodle looks and how I wish I could paint like that currently because it looks very nice.
No. 8505 ID: caa316
File 132153386976.jpg - (310.72KB , 900x1080 , sup my niggas.jpg )
not sure 'bout this
No. 8506 ID: c9db3c
I think it looks pretty great, actually. Different, somehow.
No. 8507 ID: caa316
yeah, but; like: shouldn't the reflection on the hair be white instead of blue? should the green reflections be less harsh? should the outlines be less visible? should the inner right thigh be shaded more? should the bottom of the cape be bright green, should it be black, or should it blend in the background color? should the face have stronger white reflections?

that's what I mean by "not sure"
No. 8508 ID: c9db3c

To address these particular issues:

No, I like the hair with blue reflections; it makes it seem more 'metallic,' which is not only befitting of the character, but also generally appealing to look at. I think the cape is too strong in colour. Or maybe it's just because it seems unrefined at this stage. I dunno, you'd have to work on it more for me to evaluate what I think about it justly. The inner thigh probably could be darkened, yes.
Outlines aren't an issue. Again, it's most noticeable on the cape, and to me, that seems like little more than a developmental issue.
I think you need to either fade the cape into the background, or put more work into the lower legs. That is my main issue with it. I think the face is really nice, and you should leave it as it is.

That's my two cents, I guess. I really like this one, and would like to see it fully finished.
No. 8510 ID: c62e25

What Overlord said is pretty much okay.

You need to figure out what is your lightsource, and build from there, Artificial or Natural. Is it a lightbulb pointing at her, or just something else.

You might want to play around with the lighting effects coming out from the Necron runes all over her body.

Other than that, looks great as always.
No. 8519 ID: 0f38aa
>Not being raped for once.
No. 8522 ID: caa316
ah, now that's helpful. I'll try to apply it in the best way possible.
No. 8523 ID: caa316
just you wait
No. 8524 ID: caa316
File 132157234189.jpg - (312.84KB , 900x1080 , sup my niggas!.jpg )
I think it's better, but it still looks too inconsistent; cartoonish. I think the problem is with the outlines and the metal effects, but I haven't figured out how to make them something else than high-contrast black/color stripes
No. 8528 ID: 8df5b5

You're right. It does seem cartoonish, but I don't think it doesn't work for this particular image. It looks, I dunno, cleaner and maybe a little brighter than usual. The colours play a big part in this, but don't change them.

I think you need to refine the cape even further, particularly around the collar. This is, in my opinion, that which lets down the image the most. It just looks like an unfinished part. The metal of the legs looks a lot nicer and more realistic now. I noticed you have darkened those glowy green bits, which I think need to be re-lightened, too.
No. 8531 ID: e5b529

I think he should try and balance the shine on the metal. It seems too perfectly displayed along the body lines, instead of actually coming from a lightsource.

For example the chest shine does not align with the one on the thighs, are they intentional?
No. 8540 ID: 5b23fc
>For example the chest shine does not align with the one on the thighs, are they intentional?
I thought it made them look more round, I'll try to see how it works by aligning it.

I didn't darken them, though, and I don't see what's wrong with the collar...

I'll also try to make the outlines less visible, just to see.
No. 8543 ID: 1e4564

Ah, or maybe it is the abdomen shine that follows the spine instead of the thigh shine pattern.
No. 8547 ID: 0f38aa
No. 8568 ID: 72114f
File 132176086538.jpg - (846.74KB , 1800x2160 , dis bonjour au monsieur.jpg )
well, i'm getting tired of it, and I don't think i'd be able to improve it again. thanks for the help.
No. 8569 ID: 67008d

Looks great.
No. 8570 ID: 0f38aa
Clanky thighs.
No. 9055 ID: 4689ca
File 132310751766.jpg - (69.32KB , 440x500 , ecstasy.jpg )

oh well it kind of makes sense.
Actually I'm okay with this.
But I find it humorous.
No. 9126 ID: 597dc4
File 132338955576.jpg - (26.70KB , 462x388 , bleedingeyes.jpg )

i make you a thing
No. 9128 ID: 416ce7
is beautiful
No. 9158 ID: a850ad
File 132355881627.jpg - (171.57KB , 670x1234 , xenojoints.jpg )
Ball-jointed version!

Just a bit of hand warm-up.
No. 9201 ID: 4d26b2
File 132371099502.jpg - (239.66KB , 1000x769 , slapslapslap.jpg )
damn, my hands are like jelly.
No. 9220 ID: 1854db
I find this humorous.
No. 9399 ID: b24dd6
File 132425041666.jpg - (271.11KB , 1000x900 , spin1.jpg )
No. 9400 ID: b24dd6
File 132425048141.jpg - (251.71KB , 1000x900 , spin2.jpg )
No. 9401 ID: b24dd6
File 132425059451.jpg - (256.17KB , 1000x900 , spin3.jpg )
No. 9402 ID: 6c3a66

Warriors of the 8 Tombs?! FUCKING AMAZING
No. 9403 ID: b24dd6
No, just a re-interpretation of a character from tauquest, without the prettiness and shit...

not sure which version looks better
No. 9405 ID: 6c3a66

Well to me, the first one , looks a bit more dynamic due to the brushes used in the background, It looks like he is striding forward, stomping dirt and splattering it all over. Whilst the third one looks a bit more menacing due to the darker tone.
No. 9406 ID: b24dd6
That's right. I think that the second one is more relevant to what I was trying to do.
No. 9408 ID: 6c3a66

It's awesome in all 3 , I guess. I like it a lot,Maybe we will get to see more of it in the future?
No. 9676 ID: 3a267c
File 132524623195.jpg - (152.96KB , 600x900 , tau bulge.jpg )
No. 9678 ID: 54d1db
Uh oh!
No. 9680 ID: 453e62
looks like she is ready to spread the greater good.~
No. 9681 ID: 0c2f5b
>implying it doesn't simply contain a third boob...
No. 9682 ID: 54d1db
File 132525998304.jpg - (32.50KB , 400x353 , 1279455732628.jpg )

I'd never even have considered that.
No. 9685 ID: 0c2f5b
File 132526047780.jpg - (154.68KB , 600x900 , tau bulge tiny dick.jpg )
but if you wish I can add a tiny dick...
No. 9691 ID: ff8425

No, no. It was slightly less weird before.
No. 9693 ID: 0c2f5b
I don't know. Sure, it's like a tiny wee wormy waiting to be pecked apart by a flock of hungry Razorwings, but it's a more familiar sight than a swollen udder ripe with alien fluids. Like blueberry milkshake, for example.
No. 9694 ID: 1854db
No. 9695 ID: ff8425
Well if she actually put it in her pants with her tremendous balls, then Razorwings wouldn't be a problem. Only ridicule from her peers would be.
No. 9697 ID: 0c2f5b
File 132528374127.png - (454.55KB , 955x537 , crow-san.png )
It was a poetic license. But the fact is that there is little chance for her to be dressed like this outside of a battlesuit. And that using a catheter is easier when your willy sticks out. Well, it's that or diapers for her anyway. I might come back on this last idea later.
No. 9698 ID: ff8425
>using a catheter is easier when your willy sticks out

She shouldn't have a willy in the first place!
No. 9700 ID: 0c2f5b
And that, is the plastic license.
No. 9704 ID: 1854db
what the fuck is wrong with you
No. 9706 ID: 0d7a83
No. 9736 ID: 0c2f5b
File 132536481442.jpg - (300.41KB , 1200x1200 , awaiting polishing.jpg )
not sure about the shiny effects

it's just a sketch but I'd like them to be believable
No. 9737 ID: 8cbeb9
It works on the butt and thigh, but less so on the upper body, I think, due to lack of contrast. It looks matte, almost. For a sketch, it's pretty good however, and I think the lollipop is a cute addition.
No. 9738 ID: 0c2f5b
I am more worried about the thighs and ass, actually, because I'm afraid they don't follow the same light source
No. 9739 ID: 8cbeb9

Well, although I doubt you're going to fix it, since it's a sketch, I'd say it'd be easier to fix the the lighting of body to match the arse/legs, since it looks less developed, and as a point of focus in the image, I think the butt should get priority anyway.
No. 9740 ID: 0c2f5b
that sounds good.
No. 9757 ID: 61ac86
I'm kinda wishing it's a little bigger...
No. 9758 ID: 3ebe3c
nah, it's more cute that way.
No. 9894 ID: c788d9
File 132590474979.jpg - (267.02KB , 900x814 , xenopauldrons.jpg )
No. 9895 ID: 33eed1

Pauldron size is directly proportional to zeal and purity. Matt Ward said so.
No. 9896 ID: c788d9
it only takes one "t"
No. 9897 ID: 33eed1
I don't understand.
No. 9898 ID: c788d9
Mat Ward
No. 9899 ID: 33eed1
Are you certain? It seems to be otherwise, from what I have seen.
No. 9900 ID: c788d9
that's how it's written in codices
No. 9901 ID: 33eed1
Very well.
No. 9961 ID: 1eca8e
File 132616480342.jpg - (484.40KB , 1200x1086 , my hips are moving on their own.jpg )
No. 9979 ID: 6f4276

No. 9980 ID: 1eca8e
what thread?
No. 9981 ID: 6f4276
File 132620638654.jpg - (23.78KB , 640x480 , 957.jpg )

There was a Xeno thread last night, they were discussing her ass-scarab and some random guy was paranoid about you, watching every single thread.

> my hips are moving on their own

Was one of the phrases I remember. GOD DAMN WHY IS EASYMODO ARCHIVE GONE...
No. 9982 ID: 1eca8e
this one?
No. 9983 ID: 6f4276


I think this is a second thread, the OP had a different picture. I would have rememberd the Yaranaika face.

Oh well. It's 404'd in my cache...
No. 9984 ID: 1eca8e
I guess I wasn't there, for once.
No. 9986 ID: 784dcc
No. 10007 ID: 729bc8

Me again with this guy, I thought this was right up your alley, I'd love to see you adapt or try this thing sometime, of course if you are interested.
No. 10013 ID: 4cab26
Drawinganondude and the few concept artists I've seen streaming work the exact same way and at one point, I tried doing it, for a commission if I remember, but I simply couldn't figure out how to construct shapes within a black silhouette. It would require already knowing what it would look like before starting the silhouette, and I suck at this. If I don't know what to do, I just reproduce patterns and vaguely organic shapes without any visual consistency. I'm just not familiar enough with highlights and shapes to do this yet.
No. 10016 ID: 4cab26
but even trying to do it has an advantage: it helps realizing how much you can fuck up anatomy.
No. 10018 ID: 7d9534

I have tried that as well, and encountered the same issue. It's not feasible for one as inexperienced as I to pull off with any true success.

Perhaps, it would help if you made a couple of quick studies on the character you wish to draw, and really get the main shapes worked out. Once those are painted into the silhouette, I am sure that the smaller details will be easier.
No. 10019 ID: 4cab26
the point is precisely to avoid having to do preliminary studies.
No. 10021 ID: 7d9534
Welp. That's a bit of a downer.
No. 10054 ID: 4cab26
File 132641892385.jpg - (836.53KB , 1000x1445 , nidzrefiniflipped.jpg )
I think that, once flipped, it looks a lot deeper and more dynamic...

I don't know what to think of it.
No. 10056 ID: f489ec

Seems the same to me. Probably because you have looked upon if for so long flipped the other way, this seems 'new' to your mind. If anything, that says to me that you achieved a sense of depth well.
No. 10067 ID: cfb58a

It is relatively the same, altho there is one thing I want to point out but I doubt it's much of an issue.

There's those two spires you see, the first one is fine, but the one in the background seems a bit out of place, or at least sticking out of proportion.
No. 10069 ID: 4cab26
I modified it so that it would look like it's deeper into the background; I thought that it looked too dark and really out-of-place before.
No. 10071 ID: cfb58a

I'd go as far as placing it behind the monster's huge claw.
No. 10074 ID: 011ced
that might just work, but I'm not sure. I'll try.
No. 10077 ID: 011ced
File 132649928998.jpg - (833.28KB , 1000x1445 , nidzreencorefinibordeldemerde.jpg )
okay what now?
No. 10080 ID: cfb58a

Well I feel it's much better
No. 10081 ID: 011ced
okay, I'm sticking with this version. It will never be perfect anyway, and when I remove the thing totally, it looks like there's a gap that prevents you from judging distances.
No. 10091 ID: f2abea
this looks amazing, but what's going on in this picture?
No. 10118 ID: feab56
Holy shit, you have really improved since I saw your work for the first time
No. 10313 ID: 5d9a7c
File 132711567890.jpg - (547.96KB , 870x1160 , jain zar.jpg )
It could have worked better with tiny touches of color, but I feels like any alternation will ruin it.
No. 10317 ID: 6429b8
Whoa, that is a pretty frightening interpretation, but it seems so suitable as well. I really like the border type thing you have got going on there.
No. 10319 ID: b2c639
Creepy. I'd sooner interpret that as Morai-Heg herself though.
No. 10331 ID: 5d9a7c
that's not the goal. Creepy is the girly version of scary. If it's creepy I failed.
No. 10332 ID: 090d49
It is pretty frightening , if you give it a story / setting, but just looking at it this way, makes me think it's fragile.

I love it tho. Specially the elongated mask / torso details.
No. 10341 ID: 5d9a7c
>It is pretty frightening , if you give it a story / setting, but just looking at it this way, makes me think it's fragile.

Okay, I'll try raising it up with other subjects
No. 10354 ID: 5d9a7c
File 132718043819.jpg - (2.12MB , 2500x2600 , sblortch.jpg )
not gonna finish it
No. 10355 ID: 7d0453

Why wouldn't you fin- oh...
No. 10356 ID: 5d9a7c
yeah, it looks more awkward than weird
No. 10357 ID: 7d0453

Well it's not that. It's just, very VERY OVERLOADED. Like, Shitloadda details.

Awesome, but hard to reproduce, I guess.
No. 10359 ID: 5d9a7c
File 132718247444.jpg - (154.11KB , 496x700 , ian_miller_chaos_knight.jpg )
not loaded enough
No. 10363 ID: 7d0453

well it is fine for one shot. But if you want to redraw it... it's going to be a pain.
No. 10520 ID: 834a36
File 132754108355.jpg - (851.96KB , 2690x2690 , flow.jpg )
wat do
No. 10521 ID: ce939f

Struggling to figure out if her Thighs are attached to the hip region via some sort of biomechanical ball joints.
No. 10522 ID: 834a36
File 132754206606.jpg - (38.48KB , 590x590 , hurr butt.jpg )
No. 10523 ID: 0737ad
What exactly is the dilemma?
No. 10525 ID: 834a36
which model should I follow?
No. 10526 ID: 0737ad
2B, I think. How 'logical' lighting, to me, comes second to how good it looks. To an extent, of course.

The shoulders and torso of all the others is dull and boring, yet on 2A, it shines, and I like it. However, 2A has something ugly about it. It looks, well, smudged.

2B shares many of 2A's desirable traits, but retains the appealing, blotched look of the other ones.
No. 10527 ID: 834a36
don't pay attention to the crappy "toshop smudge" effect, those are just sketches, all that matters is the repartition of lighting.
No. 10528 ID: ce939f
I'd go with 2B , but there is something about her left leg that's bothering me.

Maybe it will come out better once you start detailing.
No. 10529 ID: 834a36
I think so too, it doesn't look like it's going deeper in the picture;

Of course, cleaning it all up will make it appear more sensible, I hope; at least the edges will be properly distinguishable.
No. 10530 ID: ce939f

I have trouble with foreshortening as well. We'll just have to see once you go deeper into it.
No. 10715 ID: 313b63
File 132839491554.jpg - (279.43KB , 1000x1051 , zeldar.jpg )
imma put this here until I know how to color it
No. 10716 ID: 77fbf4

Classic Acid Green / black ?

Awesome lineart and dynamics btw.
No. 10728 ID: 883838
File 132848118890.jpg - (535.75KB , 1500x1132 , navss.jpg )
Made this, but I'm not satisfied with the levels and value contrasts. it still looks too flat and undefined but i feel like adding too much contrast and clearly defined shadows will make it look cartoonish.

Nah, it's a corsair, not a dark eldar.
No. 10729 ID: 8c9df6

This is pretty awesome, but can't shake the feeling her hand is a bit too long. Fixing the foreshortening issue might bring out the proper depth.

As for the Corsair , I really can't say, depends on his craftworld then
No. 10730 ID: 8c9df6

Also 6 fingers.
No. 10733 ID: 343340
You sure that's not a mutation?
No. 10737 ID: a72b70

Would that be tolerated, specially on a navigator?
No. 10748 ID: 112270
It's a standard issue with navigators, she actually looks pretty normal. They often look unhealthily thin, have webbed hands with eight fingers, no eyelids, large flat ears, grey skin...
No. 10752 ID: a72b70

Right, Sorry, everytime I hear navigator , My brain has an auto-lobotomy feature and reverts to the Giger Pilot notion.

I somehow was thinking of a Titan pilot for some reason. Princepii, I believe.

Speaking of pilots, did you ever get around that?
No. 10757 ID: 3cb78f
As long as they're not mutated like the Dune ones...
No. 10801 ID: ce51fe
File 132873348832.jpg - (123.86KB , 500x500 , xenobait.jpg )
No. 10802 ID: 50015c
Go ahead, get yourself raped again.
No, really. Do it.
No. 10816 ID: 243916
Yes Techno, I am watching joo.
No. 10817 ID: 9da1a3
No. 10831 ID: 243916

A series of weird coincidences where I've checked my visitors on my DA page, and you were always there. ALWAYS. 6 days straight.

No. 10832 ID: 9da1a3
might have left a tab open. I also compulsively check everyone who faves my stuff, just to know to what kind of people it appeals, I guess you were in it often.
No. 10833 ID: 243916

I used to check often too, until I started hitting sparkly furries and other stuff...

DA has a varied fauna...
No. 10847 ID: cb001b
A varied fauna, that is a very true statement.
No. 10861 ID: 7f49c3
File 132892606778.jpg - (469.67KB , 1200x1573 , angsk.jpg )
also, preliminary concept for a commish that still hasn't been paid after five weeks.
No. 10863 ID: 3342d2



I'd love to see a step by step if you're not too busy, or take a look at the psd once it's finished.
No. 10864 ID: 7f49c3
File 132892895420.jpg - (744.19KB , 1500x1500 , orikanemp.jpg )
Been trying my hand at that silhouette technique thing, I'm still rather slow, but it works decently on individual things. Didn't try making a lot of them in a row. Yet.

the progresses are in my streaming archives, it's really slow, though (well, one hour for the main work is quite reasonable, though, the rest is just nitpicking.)
No. 10899 ID: 333ddc
Did you close that last drawthread, or did it get modded? I came back and it was 404.
No. 10900 ID: e087cd
I always close my threads or erase my posts when I stop drawing.
No. 10901 ID: b06f40
I hope everything is okay, on the livestream it looked like your PC was not cooperating.
No. 10902 ID: 333ddc
Ok. People had worried you had caught a ban.
No. 10903 ID: e087cd
I said "it looks like shit; I'm gonna stop."

I guess I should have mentioned this habit.
No. 10915 ID: e087cd
File 132909787840.jpg - (149.79KB , 500x900 , boar.jpg )
i'm getting short on money, and seeing that I don't get as many commissions as I used to, I'm considering lowering my tariffs. At least for a moment.
Like, this thing here for 5 euros.
No. 10945 ID: f94db9
You just got banned, didn't you?
No. 10946 ID: e087cd
of course not, it's just that I realized that the requester and I had widely different expectations concerning porn.
No. 10948 ID: f94db9

Thank the dice gods, for one split second I thought we had the crazed mod back.
No. 10962 ID: e087cd
File 132924954505.jpg - (2.68MB , 2000x3217 , Sans titre-1ss.jpg )
fuck shit cunt cannot into Brom style
No. 10964 ID: f94db9

Although its B/w I love the skin tone, and the subtle veins, they managed to catch my eye firsthand look.
No. 10965 ID: e087cd
yes, but it doesn't look like Brom's stuff.

wat do?
No. 10966 ID: f94db9

c-color and realism? Depth?

We are talking about the Diablo artist, right?
No. 10969 ID: e087cd
File 132925040310.jpg - (85.12KB , 450x600 , 324574.jpg )
no idea
No. 10970 ID: 333ddc
The body is perfect. I had wanted the fingers a little more substantial, more like a flayed ones, but I can't tell how far along you are on the limbs. Interesting choice on the dark mask, I had pictured it white in contrast to the nun's veil.

By the way, her ass is stunning.
No. 10971 ID: e087cd
unless I find out how to make it look more similar to Brom's art, I won't go further.
No. 10973 ID: f94db9

Yep it's the Diablo artist..

It's basic realism + FLAT.

Try to do everything real with detailings, like you've advised me on my Eldar's blades. It seems some features are lacking effort invested than others.
No. 10974 ID: e087cd
nah, it's something more subtle.

Like, he uses outlines where it doesn't look realistic. And the way he shades things up is very peculiar, not merely realistic. And even his most simple, non-detailed paintings look more solid.
No. 10975 ID: f94db9

I guess you are right, I mean, I can't figure Giger out for the life of me.

Have you tried blending in oil pastels?
No. 10976 ID: e087cd
I haven't been using oil pastel since last year and I was terrible at it.

It /might/ work, but it'd require me a good year of training, and I feel that it would not really help me understand his technique better.`

As for Giger, it's airbrush, airbrush errywhere, and filters to replicate shapes. use custom brushes, with opacity dynamics, and avoid making lines/shapes collide (except at 90°). That's all I know about it.
No. 10977 ID: f94db9

Alrighty then, the best suggestion I can offer is for you to take the details overboard. And fix the minute differences such as the black "clothing?" on her abdomen, I am not sure if that is part of the garment or it's actual flesh, because it seems to DIG in, to the actual white flesh.

You should try and get some more details on those joints , specifically her wrist and elbows, right now , they seem a bit too abstract, giving them an actual mechanism would bring them out even better, and as the requester desired fingers.

Some realism on her skirt and mask would be great. But, save a copy of what you've got right now, before trying any of this. Might not be what's in store.
No. 10978 ID: e087cd
I'm confused, now, they seemed to me like the most realistic and decent-looking parts of her, it was more the flesh that bothered me.
No. 10981 ID: 333ddc
confusion is a common side effect of living. I actually adore the flesh,though I was confused by the the way her skirt makes it look on one side as if the metal abdomen is dug into the skin, a rather cool looking thing in my opinion.

Unfortunately I am not an art student, so I will defer to the God-Emperor as far as techniques. The metal does seem the most ethereal part of the picture so far.
No. 11015 ID: e087cd
Okay, after taking some real-life references, I came to the conclusion that under direct lighting, skin shading wasn't as subtle and as deep as I thought.

I'll try to apply this in a few days.
No. 11021 ID: e087cd
File 132935286929.jpg - (2.65MB , 2000x3217 , Sans titre-1ssfx.jpg )
No. 11023 ID: 8b9c52

Well the skin looks better now. You could touch up on everything else, if you are willing to go all out on it.
No. 11024 ID: e087cd
Not sure.

First, I'll do other stuff. then, maybe, if I feel like it.
No. 11100 ID: bfa31f
love your works
No. 11101 ID: e087cd
File 132959636162.jpg - (2.46MB , 2400x2400 , But that is from where I construct scarabs___.jpg )
this should be better

you can pay for more of them and you can give constructive advices to make them better
No. 11104 ID: f968db
No. 11107 ID: e087cd
File 132962457507.jpg - (161.42KB , 1000x1000 , tic-tac.jpg )
when you wind it up, her hips start moving on their own
No. 11125 ID: 13a12d
File 132970380496.jpg - (483.00KB , 1000x1000 , xenostare.jpg )
Is she more kawaii like this, uguu?
No. 11127 ID: f968db
Her eyes look more fuckable that way, yes.
No. 11135 ID: 3a048e

No. 11176 ID: 13a12d
File 132986286863.jpg - (285.88KB , 1000x1000 , precious bodily fluids.jpg )
I'm trying things, but without much success

russian bitches, namely
No. 11177 ID: 13a12d
File 132986300828.jpg - (287.17KB , 1000x1000 , precious bodily fluids.jpg )
I'm trying things, but without much success

russian bitches, namely
No. 11178 ID: 13a12d
according to my reference material, there should also be a horsecock down there, but pffft
No. 11180 ID: 8d31d6

Ironicallt. This made my day.
No. 11182 ID: 9c7c3b
Useless commie hat thing?

You have no idea how damn comfortable an ushanka is.
No. 11183 ID: 13a12d
It's called a Tchapka, and it fucking itches.
No. 11184 ID: 13a12d
But to be fair, most clothes fucking itch.
No. 11185 ID: 8d31d6

you might be alergic!

But with all due seriozitae, Chapkas are fucking amazing.
No. 11186 ID: 13a12d
They look goofy, on a sidenote.
No. 11187 ID: 8d31d6

They do a bit, but they are cozy as fuck, and comfy.
No. 11188 ID: 13a12d
File 132988064228.jpg - (311.89KB , 1100x1100 , little sis.jpg )
No. 11198 ID: 62e6b8

Holy shit, if I didn't know better, I'd say that's pretty close to Muju!
No. 11200 ID: b82468
I'm totally trying to imitate her.

It irritates me to think that I basically have the competences necessary to draw about as well as her, but that I lack the... you know, when you do things easily and elegantly, without having to purposefully think about what you're doing, and that it ends up looking better this way...
No. 11201 ID: 62e6b8

well, I don't know what to say, Maybe you should try and take up a request every now and then?
No. 11202 ID: b82468
I have three interesting requests to spend hours on saved on my harddrive, right now I am precisely working on what would help me reach her level, and I don't have the time to do more.
No. 11203 ID: 62e6b8

Sorry , I should have probably mentioned on requests you are usually not catering to.
No. 11204 ID: b82468
That would be boring characters, mostly. And I find drawing SoBs pretty boring.
No. 11428 ID: 70f410
File 133078827488.jpg - (697.12KB , 1100x1100 , little sister.jpg )
and it ended up giving this

I modified the face about six times, and I dunno, it still looks a bit weird but I don't know if it's just me.
No. 11429 ID: 0fd59b

Something does look strange, but I can't fully identify it yet.
No. 11435 ID: 70f410
i think it's either the whole perspective that's slightly fucked up, or the nose.

No. 11437 ID: feab56
File 133079179036.jpg - (388.48KB , 1100x1100 , lolforehead.jpg )
Her forehead looks very big and/or her face looks too... recessed? into her head.
No. 11438 ID: 70f410
I'll work on it and see if it fixes something
No. 11447 ID: 70f410
File 133079964733.jpg - (687.23KB , 1100x1100 , little sister.jpg )
okay, what now?
No. 11448 ID: 5d6e45

To me, it seems to have the same problem as Heinrich, Skull is a bit out of proportions, eyes are too close to one another and they are too "indented" if that makes any sence.
No. 11450 ID: 70f410
File 133080062261.jpg - (687.59KB , 1100x1100 , little sister.jpg )
yes, that's also the feeling I'm getting but the problem is that when I try to place them wider apart it looks even stranger, or not really noticeable

okay, I tried to compromise: how is this?
No. 11451 ID: 5d6e45

it's a step forward. I am having difficulties myself with the redlines I made on Heinrich , I am losing too much details I want to show off, because I have to shift his torso / arms...
No. 11452 ID: 70f410
I suppose that the fact that I gave her that weird asian-ish facetype isn't helping; but I've seen weirder-looking people.

well, unless someone has avery clear idea of what should be done, I'm going to leave it that way lest I screw it up even harder.
No. 11457 ID: 2d6aed
Not sure if I'd say I was totally clear on what needed to be done, but I think the nose looks a little long as well.
No. 11459 ID: 70f410
File 133081601568.jpg - (684.44KB , 1100x1100 , little sister.jpg )
No. 11521 ID: c03136
File 133107901532.jpg - (1.40MB , 1800x1395 , corr.jpg )
okay, so, I'm trying to correct a few things here and there

which one is better?
No. 11530 ID: 1854db
...is that badass warmaiden wearing a DIAPER?
No. 11533 ID: 97d97c
You're not familiar with OP, are you?
No. 11546 ID: e5b529


I guess not.


Left one, if you correct the kneepad
No. 11547 ID: c03136
okay, which kneepad?
No. 11548 ID: e5b529

The one on her right leg, and the high heeled boots need work.. Uh, Define them, they look like they are melding into the bg / floor

Other than that, everything is okay from my pov.
No. 11553 ID: c03136
File 133118235299.jpg - (1.19MB , 1200x1860 , faith p.jpg )
Okay, is there still something I should improve?
No. 11554 ID: c03136
File 133118242955.jpg - (296.77KB , 1024x1448 , commission___sister_millicent_by_muju-d4pxkm2.jpg )
knowing that the goal is to match (outmatch, if possible) this:
No. 11555 ID: feab56
Well, stop with the gorram diper and you should be that much closer to your goal
No. 11559 ID: 59a9ef
File 133120549011.jpg - (577.51KB , 1024x1608 , warhammer_monthly_daemonifuge_book_ii_gn_(wapazoid.jpg )

No. 11560 ID: f7a311
No. 11561 ID: 59a9ef

Sorry, I was just doing one of those "What Anime does to Western style" kind of comparisons...

In regards to your question on how to get closer to Muju's style, maybe it would be a good idea to drop fetishism for medieval style armors, bulky platings instead of corsets, actual warboots instead of high heels etc ?
No. 11562 ID: f7a311
oh, if it's merely a matter of design, then it's negligible, I'm only talking about the technical aspect.
No. 11563 ID: f7a311
>closer to muju's design
>drop the fetish bits and put a more serious-looking armor
not so sure about that
No. 11565 ID: feab56
You could always start with working on how to draw the hip area so it at least looks semi-realistic.
No. 11592 ID: 95c07b
And undo that ass? Blasphemy.
No. 11594 ID: f7a311
well, at least move the right leg further on the left to better account for the width.
No. 11606 ID: feab56
Not really "dat ass", just a mess, as it has been since I saw Technomancers work for the first time.
No. 11625 ID: eb4453
Muju's work has a much 'harder' edge than yours typically does, Technomancer. Almost every detail is outlined, however finely, whereas yours does not. This makes her art look more, well, I wouldn't say 'cartoony,' but it looks as though it belongs in a comic book or similar. Aside from this, your art is pretty similar, I'd say. If you want to imitate her better, I'd suggest trying to copy this fine 'outline' business.
No. 11627 ID: f7a311
probably because the ass shouldn't be distinguishable from that angle, and because the other part of the hips seems absent, right?

seems so.

Also, Jean Giraud/Moebius just died and that rustles my jimmies.
No. 11628 ID: f33e12

The guy that made the Halo Graphic Novel?

No. 11629 ID: f7a311
I don't think so, no. Nihei did a short Halo comic, but he has nothing to do with Moebius.

No, I'm talking about the guy who is usually regarded as the greatest French comics author. While I agree that his contribution, talent, competence and influence are all outstanding, I still prefer Druillet, so, since this one isn't dead yet, my jimmies aren't too rustled.
No. 11630 ID: f33e12
File 133139410567.jpg - (124.62KB , 500x547 , 133091942462.jpg )
No. 11634 ID: aafcf7
File 133141924990.jpg - (31.34KB , 600x300 , star-wars-ralph-mcquarrie-2.jpg )
Fucken, Ralph McQuarrie just died as well. He was pretty damn good. His original design for Darth Vader looks much more sinister than how he actually appears in the films.
No. 11635 ID: 1444d5
>Moebius has died
Moebius and Nihei both wrote parts of the Halo Graphic Novel.
No. 11636 ID: f33e12
File 133142031843.png - (127.83KB , 720x304 , vlcsnap-2012-02-29-03h33m57s142.png )
No. 13268 ID: af7fa8
File 133815927734.jpg - (440.22KB , 800x1200 , grab ss.jpg )
If something looks wrong, tell me
No. 13269 ID: af7fa8
File 133815932783.jpg - (57.66KB , 800x700 , bph.jpg )
I'm experimenting stuff, so, of course, can easily fail
No. 13274 ID: 131de9

Well let's see... assuming this is the exact same scene from two different angles, a few things jump out at me.

The boobs are a bit weird in both. First, they really don't seem to be in the same position between the two images. Past that, they look a bit too high up. In the first image, I mean that in terms of where they are on the torso, and in the second, I mean that, well, they don't really stick up like that when you're lying on your back. Even ones that are otherwise fairly big just kinda flatten out and slide off to the side when you lie down. At least that's my personal experience.

Elf gal's ears seem a little weird too. They don't really look like they attach to her head. I think it's mainly how the curve of the hair doesn't seem to be taking them into account.

Speaking of her hair, again, if this is the same shot different angle, where the heck is it? It's totally concealing one of her eyes, and the little ponytail thing is propped up against her right boob in the top image, but out of the way below. Should have some portion of her hand visible too I'd think.

The guy's head looks rather messed up at the moment. I'm assuming this is a work in progress, but at the moment the lighting on the edge of his... bandana? Hat? Gaping wound? Really draws the eye up that way to find only confusing sketch lines.

Finally... where the hell is the light source here? In the top image, it looks like the girl maybe has a candle between her legs, or just off to her right, but in the bottom picture, things are close enough together that the only possiblelight source is bright glowing under-boobs. Which... I suppose can be a thing, but again, the two don't match up.

On a positive note, those are some damn find hands and well-lit eyes.
No. 13275 ID: af7fa8
You're right (except that it's a girl on the bottom pic too)

I'm not sure about the ears though: they might need to be placed lower, but I don't have references for that.
No. 13276 ID: 131de9

I'd say to bring them forward, really. Anime style elf ears still connect at the same place human ones do (middle of the side of the head, about parallel with the eyes). Which way they bend varies based on who's drawing it, but it looks more like these here are attached to the back of her head or something as is.
No. 13277 ID: af7fa8
the problem is that there's the perspective to take into account. I can't do much to fix that.
No. 13279 ID: a980d5
This is fairly cool. I can't say much about it, though.

This is awesome, but its right breast looks too close to the center of the chest.
No. 13280 ID: feab56
File 133817977841.jpg - (83.95KB , 786x979 , Wakfu 161.jpg )
What does my Cra-eyes see?
No. 13284 ID: 0ad72e

Gravity on the breasts, unless she's holding them up with her hand. They seem too far apart in the first panel and unnaturally raised up whilst in the second panel they seem pointing outwards.

As our friend over here mentioned >>13274

There is a missing lightsource I can't put my finger onto, maybe it's a candle between them, if so, maybe the second character should be a bit more distanced?


I'm guessing this is Baphomet, awesome! Maybe a bit more work on the horns, but it's looking great.
No. 13306 ID: ce5b9a
File 133840088553.jpg - (422.30KB , 800x1200 , grab sds.jpg )
I tried fixing it.
No. 13307 ID: 131de9
Would comment on the changes being a bit of an improvement, except now I'm flipping between tabs with the two of them and I'm way way too distracted by the psuedo-animation it left me with of magic finger wiggling making her ears flap. The simple joys of life.
No. 13309 ID: ce5b9a
File 133840704764.gif - (176.26KB , 237x313 , cleo ears.gif )
No. 13310 ID: feab56
There simply must be some wince-, despicable, carnal acts of a sexual nature between two blood-relatives, of the species called Cra.

Not that I'm intrested in that sort of thing.
No. 13352 ID: 6cabaa
Okay; these last few weeks I've been quite interested by glitch art. I know that some of you guys here know about it, so if I could get a few tips on how to control the process better, it would be helpful.
No. 13361 ID: 4144ab

I've got no clue on Glitch art, but you could check out EA's Syndicate for "Glitching" , it's pretty rad.
No. 13362 ID: feab56
What's glitch art or glitching?
No. 13364 ID: 53d1db
Probably not the same thing. Glitch art is about creating pictures/music/videos by exploiting glitches. Just google it.
There are many ways to do it, I've been experimenting databending on various image formats with text editors, but so far, the results are really random, or uninteresting. So, I'm looking for ways to achieve more specific effects.
No. 13365 ID: 53d1db
Cisqur did some
No. 13418 ID: 53d1db
File 133904177969.jpg - (1.47MB , 2029x2292 , sqeek .jpg )
How do I fix this? Add some highlight on the left or something? make it blurrier? I'm gonna add some details eventually anyway

Also, I'm pissed. Druillet's finished, reprinted version of Delirius 2 just came out a few months ago along with the rest of the Lone Sloane saga, and of fucking course, every goddamn bookstore acquired new copies of Delirius 1 and FUCKING NONE OF THE SEQUEL, FOR FUCK'S SAKE THE POINT OF REPRINTING THE LONE SLOANE SAGA WAS TO FINALLY RELEASE THE FULL VERSION OF DELIRIUS 2, NOT TO PROMOTE THE FIRST TOME THAT IS ALREADY AVAILABLE PRETTY MUCH EVERYWHERE


And on top of that they didn't even reprint La Nuit or Lone Sloane 66.

So, in case one of you people happens to have this precise tome (or the two other ones I just mentioned), or knows where I could find them, telling me would be helpful.
No. 13419 ID: 97f512

You might want to settle on how you want it to look like in the final stage first. Either crisp and sharp, or blurred out and smooth.
No. 13421 ID: 53d1db
Well, I suppose it will look less out-of-place once the rest of the picture is refined.
No. 13654 ID: 5310c2
File 134032023580.jpg - (274.41KB , 900x1036 , manul on machakopta.jpg )
Mötley Crüe are some really damn serious shit. Big time.
No. 13688 ID: feab56
Are you sure you're not on drugs?
Can I have what you have in that case?
No. 13691 ID: 8134e1
No. 14167 ID: 557ce1
File 134234611005.jpg - (1.66MB , 2029x2295 , skwik.jpg )
okay, what now?
No. 14168 ID: 8758d3

I'd work on the BG, Staff and ground stuff, make them less blurry, give some more details, sharpen some elements up.
No. 14169 ID: 557ce1
I blurred them down so as to simulate accomodation. Did it work or not?
No. 14170 ID: 8758d3

I do love the horde of ratlings, indeed they look like they're in movement.

What I meant was, in your lower left corner, where the background comes into contact with the hill it looks like they blend together. It kind of messes the effect of the horde a bit.
No. 14172 ID: 557ce1
Nah, not movement, accomodation. Like, when you're looking at the background and can't see the foreground distinctively.

But yes, I see what you mean now. There should be a bit of grass that's not blurry at that place.
No. 14173 ID: 058ea5
File 134234995993.jpg - (94.39KB , 1015x1148 , 134234611005.jpg )

It is nicely rendered. However, I'd recommend darkening the foreground a bit, or increasing the sharpness of details or something on the character. My eyes seem to instinctively ignore the character (he is dark, low contrast, a little fuzz) and go straight for the rats. Unless the rats are the main focus, that is.
No. 14174 ID: 557ce1
they precisely aren't, and I thought that leaving the rats sharp would divert the eye from him.
I'll try adding more contrast on him.
No. 14177 ID: 1444d5
Coming from more of an optics than an art background, it sounds like you're thinking of Depth of Field. Accommodation would be (the delay in) the eye adapting to changes in the light level of an environment. e.g. If someone opens a curtain in a blacked out room, the pupil rapidly accommodates so that the still-shadowed areas are uniformly dark, but it takes some time for the retina (well, really the visual cortex sending inhibitory responses back to the retina) to desensitise and for the bright window to go from a Big Square of Bright to being able to see whatever is outside.
No. 14180 ID: 557ce1
Yes, that.
No. 14210 ID: 557ce1
File 134246857493.jpg - (1.80MB , 2029x2295 , skwik fsfzgzfghjhblrrrd ouaid.jpg )
okay how about now?
No. 14223 ID: 531520

I'm drawn to the central thing on the rat guy (is it a hand?) more than the rats now, but the rest of him is still very unnoticable. If you added that level of sharpness/detail to him overall, it would be much better.
No. 14224 ID: 994dd9
I can't see how to make him more detailed and sharper without ruining the color gradients, the textures, and making him cartoonishly defined on top of that.
No. 14227 ID: 531520
File 134249966743.jpg - (1.85MB , 2029x2295 , 134246857493.jpg )

Er, try increasing the contrast. Some of the features of the character (particularly on the head) lack definition as well.

I hope you don't mind - I have scrawled upon your artwork to demonstrate the areas I think that lack contrast. Particularly around the chest, I think it is most severe. I could see that you had made efforts, but I don't think that you had hit it hard enough, so to speak.

I took a hard round brush, and softly added in pure black where I think areas lacked contrast. I also manually sharpened up some of the tubes, eyepiece on the face.
No. 14239 ID: 994dd9
File 134257883906.jpg - (1.82MB , 2029x2295 , skwik fsfzgzfghjhblrrrd ouaidgf.jpg )
Okay, I tried to find a compromise between not using pure black (tends to mess with the colors), showing the colors I used, and making it more defined.
No. 14241 ID: 994dd9
Eh. Somehow I still think it looked better there >>14210 or even >>14167 here.

Now, the skaven guy looks a bit overdone, and the rats aren't contrasted enough. If I re-contrast them to make up for it, it will be the same problem all over again.
No. 14263 ID: 994dd9
File 134270390908.jpg - (2.45MB , 2000x2262 , rats4.jpg )
No. 14264 ID: feab56
You have certinaly imporved a lot over just one year Techno.
I'm not a drawfag so I can't give constructive critisism, but I like this one
No. 14266 ID: 994dd9
>I'm not a drawfag so I can't give constructive criticism
That makes no sense at all.
No. 14267 ID: 4f491d
File 134270883509.png - (8.19MB , 4058x2295 , paintover.png )
Agreed, a solid graphic culture is enough to judge and criticize. You have eyes, you're able to tell what works and what doesn't.

Anyway, a quick paintover, maybe it wil help you some.
No. 14268 ID: 994dd9
Ben, c'est plus consistant et réaliste, mais ça implique de pouvoir compromettre entre l'aspect visuel pur (abstrait, pour ainsi dire), l'effet dramatique (pour lequel il faut faire des choix au niveau de l'éclairage) et la compréhensibilité de la scène (donc le réalisme, la consistance plastique/graphique...). Et vu que ma priorité c'est quand même le premier point (d'où ma réticence à altérer les couleurs) mais que pour rendre le truc plus lisible et dramatique, faut aussi prêter attention au réalisme, ça pose problème.

Mais ça aide, hein. Sur d'autres compositions similaires je compte bien prendre exemple là-dessus, c'est juste que je suis trop attaché à mes ch'tits effets de nuances à la con pour les sacrifier à la consistance plastique.

Ah ça m'emmerde. Si j'avais fait des expérimentations plus tôt au niveau de l'éclairage, je serais bien parti, et j'aurais eu un résultat consistant, efficace visuellement et relativement réaliste.
No. 14269 ID: 4f491d
J'avais bien le sentiment que tu essayais d'aller verus une vision troublante et troublée d'une créature indistincte, le problème étant, in finé, que le spectateur ne voit rien.

Ça ne me dérange pas en soi, beaucoup d'illustrations des anciens temps de warhammer sont comme ça, mais perso je suis plus fan des compo façon Mignola, avec des contrastes noir/couleur bien francs. Question de goût.

J'allais laisser tel quel, mais étant donné que tu donnais des signes de galère, je me suis permis une bidouille. XD
No. 14270 ID: 994dd9
Ah ben à vrai dire, à force de bosser si longtemps sur le même truc, j'aurais probablement pas été capable de le rendre plus réaliste même si j'avais voulu. Donc c'est toujours intéressant de voir comment ça aurait pu être.
No. 14872 ID: 0fcedb
File 134581288146.jpg - (1.75MB , 2060x3900 , taucepts.jpg )
Because I can do the tau better than GW designers.
No. 14873 ID: feab56
While your humility level is < 9000, I am inclined to agree with you.
No. 14875 ID: 73b888
Anyone can, really. See Sebastian Stuart (Tael) and Patrick Stannard (LordDirk).
No. 14876 ID: 131bb9
Hey Technomancer, do you have a portfolio up somewhere? What I've seen from you is fantastic, and I was wondering if you had a collection up.
No. 14880 ID: eeaddb
File 134584912985.jpg - (490.87KB , 1126x1600 , 1336278289212.jpg )
Reminds me of the John Blanche Tau concept, which I think they should have focused on more.
No. 14881 ID: 0fcedb
Anyone can, yes, it's just about putting more of what they did right and less of what they did wrong, but
>Sebastian Stuart (Tael) and Patrick Stannard (LordDirk)
Nah, apart from a handful of concepts about the Farsight enclaves, those two just follow the regular GW design without criticizing it significantly.

my DA gallery is the closest thing I have to a portfolio, since it's what I link to people in order to advertise my commissioning activities.
No. 14898 ID: 131bb9

pls share
No. 14899 ID: 0fcedb
No. 15677 ID: fae246
File 135010062192.jpg - (155.11KB , 500x900 , daphnebot.jpg )
okay, I had way too much trouble fleshing out the volumes on that one, it's frustrating and I want to know if I should stick to practice to fix that or directly use a bit of perspective construction or something. I'm gonna have to do more similar stuff soon anyway.
No. 15680 ID: feab56
You're alive!? =0
No. 15681 ID: 10fbb3

When you say 'fleshing out the volumes,' are you referring to the 3-dimensional quality of the image or something else? I agree that it does not have a very strong 3D effect.

My opinion is that it's quite low on any kind of shadows, therefore making it appear more like outlines by themselves, rather than any sort of rendered image.
No. 15682 ID: 23752b
That's what I mean, yes.
No. 15693 ID: 1ebeb4
>My opinion is that it's quite low on any kind of shadows, therefore making it appear more like outlines by themselves, rather than any sort of rendered image.
I'd contest that. The use of surface details (vents, cables) gives it a little volume.
No. 15694 ID: 50b704
yeah! Technomacer is back!
No. 18260 ID: 1d4740
File 136355365173.jpg - (1.09MB , 1600x2720 , cyndy_by_technorakel-d5ycv7o.jpg )
alright, since you can't expect criticism from deviantart...
No. 18262 ID: f1c4c7

You can't hold DA to any decent expectation.

I think the background (sky?) is too saturated & contrasty, making it very distracting.
The thigh of the raised leg also looks strange in that it appears too 'fat' at the knee, if that makes sense.
No. 18263 ID: f1c4c7
Ehhh, looking at it again, maybe not so much the knee, but definitely the background.
No. 18264 ID: 1d4740
True; I'll see if something less flashy works better.
No. 18265 ID: 9ddf68
looks kinda like a punk version of a spriggan from Skyrim
No. 18266 ID: cf9dae

IIRC it's some kind of 'cyber-dryad.'
No. 18268 ID: 7f2048
File 136360379942.jpg - (3.62MB , 2200x1870 , frp.jpg )
I don't think it's very conclusive
No. 18297 ID: 9d9157
In other news I've finally managed to get my hands on a copy of Delirius 2. So, you can ignore the other post referring to it up in the thread.
No. 18314 ID: ef3bee

I like it a little better with reduced saturation, but overall it does not make those 'black masses' much less distracting. Perhaps they could be lightened, if you care enough.
No. 18319 ID: 9a9028
Not really, and I don't think it would solve anything regarding lighting consistency or color balance. Would it?
No. 19042 ID: ebaa9e
File 136872541254.jpg - (634.07KB , 1609x711 , swamp.jpg )
Come on you fuckers criticize this shit

also I need stuff to work on values; apparently just copying pictures doesn't work so I need typical exercises;

next up is something with draping. Not right now but don't hesitate to remind it to me in case I feel too lazy.

Also the latest combichrist album is fucking cool goddan can't type I'm half-Drunk Beelzebuth is one hell of a beer.
No. 19048 ID: eb496a

Hm, it's a tough one. Especially since I can't really rationalise what I'm seeing in the image. You said 'swamp' on dA, so I therefore assume the convolution is intentional. It's not a bad thing, though. It just makes it more difficult to describe elements, I suppose.

The part that sticks out to me as being 'the worst,' is that little hill-type thing at the bottom. The issue is that it seemingly has the greatest range in values, whereas the much more carefully detailed background seems to, in most areas, stick to darker values, and therefore I seem subconsciously less interested by it.

The problem with this is that it really draws my eye, and I feel like, once there, my eye doesn't have a lot to look at -- especially when it's juxtaposed upon such a finely detailed background. The biggest 'branch' towards the left of the hill, is especially noticeable. It just juts out rather crudely, and the fact that it almost has this 'black outline' of shadow just highlights it further. The entire hill does not appear to be as carefully rendered as the rest of the image, and that's a shame, because the background is really nice.

Those black things on the hill: are the creatures, or just more details? They also draw my eye, but I do not know what to make of them. They do not make much sense as anything other than characters placed into the landscape, but they are difficult to make out. Therefore, I can't say they look as though they belong in the image, either.

That's about all I really notice right away. Otherwise, it's quite impressive.
No. 19067 ID: ebaa9e
Thanks for the crit, I quite see what you mean.
No. 19165 ID: 672939
File 136938938287.jpg - (709.46KB , 1609x711 , swamp f corr.jpg )
how about now?
No. 19166 ID: 14ba5d

Yeah, that's way better.
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