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File 131378589011.jpg - (1.19MB , 1980x2048 , cisqur.jpg )
6251 No. 6251 ID: ec236d
So I was waiting for my computer to get fixed and my files retrieved and all that, when I thought, "Well, I got a tablet and some Photoshop right here, why don't I draw something as a warm-up in the meantime?"

Then I thought about how all the cool kids have their avatars and personas and all that, so I tried making some and, and, I--

And then I was a draw thread
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No. 6252 ID: ec236d
File 131378619093.jpg - (753.76KB , 1024x819 , oh lizqur.jpg )
Lizqur you junkie

I should draw Cisnake next, he is the hipsterest.
No. 6256 ID: ec236d
File 131378783847.jpg - (321.02KB , 1024x819 , fuckinghipsterpieceofshit.jpg )
Pretty sure Cisnake is gayer than most other Cisqurs
No. 6260 ID: 591e03
Oh PS you guys seem to love dat pixely look, is there a way to apply some photoshop filters and create the same effect as if you drew it with the pencil tool? Or do I just gotta draw it all with the pencil tool? One thing I discovered is if you convert an image to a brush (after using some levels to correct the lightness and darkness of things, as well as desaturating the image, otherwise when you turn it into a brush you might not like what you see) and then use it in the pencil tool I can pretty much get this effect. What I was asking, though, if there's an easier way to do this.
No. 6287 ID: 8824c5
File 131390713953.png - (27.53KB , 1024x819 , 131378783847_indexed.png )
All you have to do is save it with only the exact colours you're using to get rid of that anti-aliasing garbage putting in-between colours on the edges of your lines to make them look smooth.

If you're using black and white just convert it to 1-bit colour so there's only black and white. If you use more than that you can convert it to an indexed image with only the exact colours you need (or limited to a the number of colours that gets rid of the anti-aliasing but still keeps all the colours you want, just don't expect it to work miracles if your drawing isn't made out of limited or solid colours). For example I indexed your image to the three colours it uses; black, white and blue.

Avoid jpg if you want clean pixely images. You need something non-lossy to keep the exact pixels and also something that can support indexing (PNG or GIF). Though there's nothing stopping you from converting it to an indexed image just to fix the edges. Then once you have it how you want it to look, put it back to standard colours and save it however you want. But that would just be silly.

I just realized my example wrecked your grays. It's a good example that this technique doesn't work well with, and the whole point of it is to pretty much get rid of, grays or other in-between colours.
No. 6289 ID: bd5a64
Ohboy ohboy, thank you so much! This will save a shitload of time.
No. 6291 ID: 1854db
I think your art is really good.
No. 6293 ID: 2563d4
>sellotape to hold spectacles on snake
Nice touch.

For pure black/white monochrome, you may find that your art tool allows you to set a variable threshold to decide just how grey a pixel has to be to count as black. In GIMP (ugh) it's under Colour -> Threshold and will do a live preview as you fiddle with the slider---I'll be amazed if Potatosoap doesn't have something comparable.

To be honest, though, I don't think it suits your artstyle at all.
No. 6301 ID: 24bbf7
Wh, th-thank you very much ;_; I was hoping my art didn't look /too/ odd amongst all the amazing drawfags we have here ahah
Haha thank you, what's a snake gotta do to wear some glasses around here?

I remember seeing some filters like those in Photoshop, yeah. And while I do love my shades of gray, I figure this will be a good thing to know for the future.
No. 6316 ID: 55bd47
Oh hey, now you've got a place so I can words at you. I really love your art style. That, and your quest is one of my favorite on /quest/ right now. Keep up the good work, yo.
No. 6319 ID: 383006
There is no reason to aftereffect your arts into a binary tool (pencil tool). I use it because I'm lazy and it's harder to see mistakes :V

I really like your art/quest/ect. by the way.
No. 6336 ID: d9844c
Well thank you very much, I'm glad you took the time to tell me that :'> Though I still wonder how a quest about a weird guy stumbling around a weird neighborhood that looks weird ends up with any fans, haha.
Stylistically speaking, it can be occasionally interesting to look at, in my silly opinion. It's the middle ground between pixel art and traditional-looking art, and that alone intrigues me.

That being said, thanks for the kind words, I really do appreciate it! I keep being happily surprised people are liking my stuff so much, ahah...

So, I wanna draw more stuff, but I won't get to my legit computer until Wednesday or Thursday, so I'll see.
No. 6347 ID: ae4d07
File 131420823370.jpg - (2.18MB , 3264x1840 , 2011-08-24_12-36-20_623.jpg )
Something manifested on the back of my eyelids when trying to sleep, as these things are wont to do. As usual, though, most of it got lost in translation, and in my frustration I mauled it with notes.

Uhhh I'm putting it here because I felt it would be worth sharing with you guys :Va
No. 6350 ID: ae4d07
File 131420890746.jpg - (247.78KB , 736x1307 , 082411125400.jpg )
Motherfucker, it seems to either want to be HUGEHUGEHUGE or flipped. Guess I'll just have to dealwithit.jpg
No. 6351 ID: 1854db
So a sharkfaced looking guy with some longass flippery arms? Pretty nifty.
No. 6376 ID: 4989e9
File 131442739240.jpg - (499.00KB , 1620x1080 , hiputer.jpg )
Wow I've doodled some dumb shit before, but this really...yknow fuck it I'm gonna share it with you guys anyway
No. 6377 ID: 4989e9
File 131442835836.jpg - (399.27KB , 2160x1080 , BLAAAAADE AAAAARRRRRMMMMSSSSS.jpg )
Oh, and I took another crack at that, uh, thing.
No. 6378 ID: 4989e9
File 131442965490.jpg - (229.25KB , 1080x1152 , cisgroup.jpg )
More doodles. I feel really selfish but I just love drawing these guys ok

I tried compressing the characters into almost logo-looking things, then I just went with the huge brush and let it run freeee
No. 6409 ID: ef06ac
File 131460155962.jpg - (680.96KB , 2160x1368 , do I know you.jpg )
This alien thing is my new standard of adorable, and that is fucking saying something considering my old one was babby turtles.
I'm really tempted to make it my fifth hurrdurrsona but not only do I have too many already, I feel like I'm not talented enough and I'm not doing it justice and it takes a really long time to draw anyway and bblblbllflflpfblp
No. 6413 ID: 25c109
File 131464482264.gif - (152.72KB , 1080x864 , ghost-groove.gif )
No. 6453 ID: fabfe4
File 131485482409.jpg - (539.55KB , 1080x864 , leilaref_done.jpg )
Drew this for Toast.
No. 6454 ID: 8a9f14

I like the way you did the hands in the close-ups.
No. 6456 ID: fabfe4
...Shit, I forgot the head-dots in one picture and the pale portions of the thighs in the other. ohwell.jpg
Thank you so much! I love your stuff by the way, the detail and quality kinda boggles my mind sometimes.
No. 6474 ID: cbc115
File 131499558916.jpg - (20.34KB , 210x210 , simon-pegg-2596.jpg )
So... many... frills...
No. 6480 ID: fabfe4
FUCK, I just realized why I saw that sharkfaced bladewinged guy in the first place.
No. 6500 ID: fabfe4
File 131506970866.jpg - (294.00KB , 1080x864 , frill lizards.jpg )
>implying I'm a frill lizard
And then I was a frill lizard
only not really
No. 6503 ID: fabfe4
File 131507845244.jpg - (180.01KB , 432x1008 , example and practice.jpg )
Something that was originally me trying to demonstrate something to myself by drawing myself something, which then just became general anatomy practice (because holy shit am I in need of that), which then became a self-portrait of sorts
No. 6507 ID: 0ed683
But you make such a lovely frill lizard.

I am enjoying this thread. Your style can best be described as groovy.
No. 6511 ID: 52fba3
Nice butt Cisqur.
No. 6515 ID: fabfe4
File 131510242798.jpg - (783.08KB , 1224x864 , chillin time.jpg )
Thanks, though being a frill lizard/salamander just ain't my style.

And speaking of style, thank you so much! I think that's one of the coolest compliments I've ever heard, ahah ;_;
In reality it probably isn't that nice, but I don't spend too much time looking at it either so I dunno

Also, Frederick requested this. (Sorry for the file gymnastics.)
No. 6526 ID: d83775
Oh goodness, this is fantastic in so many ways.
No. 6527 ID: 2563d4
Man, that's a pretty nicely drawn gnoll thing.
No. 6533 ID: 05523c
File 131520262740.jpg - (134.62KB , 720x648 , you got some avocado on yer shirt.jpg )
:> Thank you very much, guys!

ok so not really "art" hence sage but if you've noticed Manny's shirt is a fucking rainbow it's because his shirt color is being an insufferable cockteasing BITCH HOLE
I did eventually decide on that one all the way at the top though
No. 6534 ID: 05523c
Dude, self, why do I tell you to sage and then you forget.

Ugh, whatevs
No. 6606 ID: 05523c
File 131535429595.jpg - (444.20KB , 1080x864 , details.jpg )
Toast needed some more details, so I figured "why not just shove all the other details I forgot onto a 15x12 canvas so it's really hard for everyone to read"
No. 6608 ID: 05523c
Oh by the way, for the thing at the bottom-right with the numbers, it's referring to her tail only.
No. 6636 ID: 2ec2cd
Ugh, the picture with the salamander jaws is horribly, horribly off. And I based the teeth ref off of it, too, so that's probably off as well.

Just ignore those bits, I guess. Or you can use them as a REALLY rough ref, if you really want.
No. 6637 ID: 5b0012
What you talkin' bout, Willis?
No. 6638 ID: 2ec2cd
For the perspective, the mouth is really, /really/ long. Otherwise it's ok, I guess.
No. 6652 ID: 2ec2cd
File 131545909461.png - (264.42KB , 1080x864 , lolo yep guise dis gon be great uh huh.png )
>mfw finally experiencing what being on the author end of easter eggs is like
No. 6723 ID: 509517
The odd textures in this picture, the black "stains", are intriguing.
Do you have a clue as to how to achieve this in CoralPainter 11
No. 6724 ID: afde7a
File 131562662701.jpg - (1.42MB , 1024x3276 , oh lizqur separated.jpg )
Thank you! Ah, I've never actually used Corel Painter before, so I don't even know if it has brushes, but the way I do it is I create multiple layers and, using the grunge/texture brushes I downloaded beforehand (I hate to recommend deviantart for anything but I gotta admit, some of their brush collections are really good. Just search "_____ [program] brush"; in the _____ slot put "grunge" or "texture" or something, in the program slot put the program you're using. I probably searched for "paint splatter photoshop brush" (or brushes?) when I got these. I know there are sites specifically dedicated to brushes but I dunno which ones are the best, try just googling "[program] brushes"), I pile them onto layers in the background.

(Pssst, I do pretty much this exact same thing for Mannyventure. As soon as I figured out I could get a "nice"-looking background by just slapping a bunch of brushes onto some layers, I downloaded as many brushes as I could find.)
No. 6725 ID: afde7a
File 131562693762.jpg - (430.34KB , 1080x864 , lolosexy.jpg )
PPS have some procrastinart

(I see Axolotls as sort of like if I intentionally made Leila sexy. In my head they're very mythical and beyond...human? Salamander? You get what I'm saiyan. They even have /frills on their frills/.)
No. 6727 ID: afde7a
File 131563651375.jpg - (164.59KB , 1080x864 , cisbunny.jpg )
Guuuuuuuyyyyyyyysssssssssss, it's no fun if you never, yknow, actually find the easter eggs.
No. 6792 ID: 0d7a83
File 131571269950.png - (113.70KB , 295x226 , lizurd.png )
No. 6846 ID: a83de5
>>I see Axolotls as sort of like if I intentionally made Leila sexy.
But the main difference is more frills! Are you trying to say that frills = sexy?
No. 7090 ID: 61996d
File 131638150454.jpg - (127.57KB , 1076x1453 , scan 3.jpg )
Oh hey, a computer with a scanner I can use for a bit. YEY
That's one of em, yep (I needed a person to be all "AAAGGH" as Girl/Liv flew by and realized his character design doesn't fit too badly in the atmosphere SSSOOOOO...) There are a lot though, seriously. Ahahah
Axolotls to salamanders are like mermaids/mermen to humans, in the way I visualized them
What they have (or have exaggerated, in comparison to salamanders) is ridiculous curves, a looong tail with fin/ridge bits, and FRILL ON FRILL ACTION
No. 7093 ID: 61996d
File 131638179314.png - (1.60MB , 1275x1755 , scan 1.png )
More doodles from Maine
No. 7094 ID: 61996d
File 131638261822.jpg - (71.21KB , 690x1704 , scan 2_2.jpg )
One last sketch for now: my friend wants to start this cartoon which is essentially, if I understand it correctly, sorta like a combination between Bobobo and Fringe where the two favorite expressions are "Why not?" and "Simply lucrative!" Also everyone is obsessed with money.
No. 7096 ID: 1854db
File 131640166948.jpg - (198.64KB , 425x658 , notes.jpg )
Would these be some easter eggs? We missed some notes to read...
No. 7097 ID: 61996d
The above is the "please clean the fridge" note we saw earlier (on that note, I hate how I had to rush the latter half and I apologize for that, but I am glad I at least finished it).

Also, I apologize if I've been sounding impatient or pompous, first-time authoring was/is making me antsy :'V
No. 7098 ID: 61996d
Oh, by the latter half I mean the latter half of the quest.
No. 7120 ID: 6ca5a1
File 131646547153.jpg - (161.11KB , 711x737 , logo prototypes.jpg )
Logoslogoslogos, I sure do love logos--looking at them, making them, the whole deal. Here are the rough drafts for a batch I recently made
No. 7121 ID: 6ca5a1
File 131646564499.png - (177.16KB , 1265x1605 , ghost dude logo.png )
First one I made. I'm not happy about the upper and right sides of this, I think I could have done a better job there.

I made the finished products ecksbawkshueg--the .png files are 25% the size of the original .psd images. Maybe so I can modify them and turn them into a stencil or someshit. Mite b cool
No. 7122 ID: 6ca5a1
File 131646574138.png - (157.93KB , 992x1701 , lizlogo.png )
I think this one is my favorite, it balances my two favorite elements in logos: simplicity and partial symmetry. Though I dunno if I should keep the scarf bit that juts out, if I leave it out it makes a nice square shape but doesn't have quite the same character. Hmmmnnn
No. 7123 ID: 6ca5a1
File 131646599124.png - (123.07KB , 955x1140 , hip snake logo.png )
This one was a runner-up for favorite until I realized I accidentally drew a TMNT head and now I don't know. (Also the eyes are a bit funny. And the sweater. And the glasses. And the aaarrrghghh)
No. 7124 ID: 6ca5a1
File 131646651311.png - (81.90KB , 520x1640 , bird logo.png )
I did the bird guy almost as an obligation, he seems like such a side-character. I think I only keep him around because otherwise I'd take out my wing and flying obsession on my characters by sticking wings everywhere. Anyway, it turned out pretty nice except for its oblong-ness; another logo aspect important to me is how square the logo is. A square or circle shape makes it more adaptable to more environments, etc etc

Anyway, now that I've made these, I might as well do something with them. I definitely know that I'm going to use the lizard for my livestream icon. Maybe I can use the snake as the header or base for the OP of a /questdis/ thread, if it ends up being necessary (or if someone makes it before I do, which is also likely because I am just lazy, no two ways about it). The ghost could be a watermark or something, if I decide I'm enough of an asshole to use one, or a quick "signature stamp" (very likely). I have no ideas for the bird, but it could see some use eventually.

Ah...now that I look at it...it kinda reminds me of Corbin Busker.
No. 7125 ID: 5b0012
Hi Cisqur!
No. 7126 ID: 6ca5a1
Hello! :> I'm sorry I haven't been on IRC to talk or done anything quest-related lately, I had/have to go on some back-to-back trips. But I will be back next week fo sho
No. 7143 ID: 574a09
Fuck me, Cisqur
these last 4 pieces are really refined and nice to look at
are they vector or raster?
No. 7160 ID: 6ca5a1
File 131656553314.png - (441.44KB , 1910x2280 , OH GOD DAT EYE.png )
Whoa, I, thank you so much, man! ;_; Seriously, goodness--ah, I dunno what those are, though. If it helps, I made them in Photoshop CS5. Here's a progress shot, too.
No. 7162 ID: 6ca5a1
File 131656736860.jpg - (299.11KB , 1080x864 , doodles.jpg )
Now to post some misc stuff to hold you guys over, since I might be quiet again for awhile.

The top was a Mannyventure idea I had but ultimately didn't use, and also a demonstration of what I do if I have a multi-panel idea that's fairly specific and I don't want to forget it. A note to self with pictures, I guess.

Bottom is IRC silliness from a couple weeks ago
No. 7163 ID: 6ca5a1
File 131656762879.jpg - (682.44KB , 1080x864 , OH GOD.jpg )
A google search later and I get what those are now, derp. They're not vector, but I made the scale so huge I was hoping to create a simulated vector effect.

Here's me trying to see if I can re-"find" my own easter egg through ~photoshop magic~ and loling at the hellish monstrosities I create in the process.
No. 7164 ID: c0e5fe

They just look like well-refined bitmaps to me. Well done, Cisqur.
No. 7166 ID: 6ca5a1
File 131656870856.jpg - (506.32KB , 1080x864 , this is my greatest creation.jpg )
Yeah, I REALLY have to stress just how amazing the line refinement is in CS5. It's like if SAI had a one night stand with Photoshop and out came some kind of Jesus drawing program baby. (It's still not as amazing as SAI's, but it is really, /really/ good. Definitely good enough for me to stop crying about SAI not being available on Mac, at least.) Also thank you very much!

Last thing for now: when I stepped back for a second while applying textures I realized I had formed the best thing I have ever and will ever create
No. 7167 ID: 6ca5a1
File 131657051860.jpg - (421.39KB , 1080x864 , ok i take it back i wanna go camping again.jpg )
Just kidding, a house centipede just crawled behind a painting. LAST ONE FOR REEEAAALLL
No. 7342 ID: 63070a
File 131707699461.jpg - (751.16KB , 1080x864 , poppin some pills.jpg )
So, just what are all these brushes I downloaded, anyway --> wow, that's weird --> ...this reminds me of this one part in this one documentary --> UH OH I'M DRAWING IT STOP ME HELP

I know I'm being pretty hypocritical here, but I absolutely hate it when his only historical worth is presented as a hedonistic drug addict. I think if most were to dig just a bit deeper, they'd probably see he was a valuable man of letters and a personality I hope the world never forgets. It's my hope everybody who knows of him makes at least makes some attempt to understand and find the true story behind the myth, because hey, it's really fucking cool.
No. 7349 ID: bdb895
...inspector Gadget?
No. 7350 ID: 63070a
File 131708447255.png - (3.31MB , 1440x1224 , young amphibians.png )
Stramming RIGHT NOWWWW http://www.livestream.com/cisqur

I think this axolotl lady is too intense for this frog teen dude
No. 7352 ID: 0448b9
I say go for it anyway!
No. 7353 ID: 63070a
File 131708862730.jpg - (344.00KB , 1080x864 , Untitled-2.jpg )
Nope, Thompson
I'll tell frog dude you said that

Oh, here's the rock you wanted me to draw
No. 7354 ID: 63070a
File 131708907664.jpg - (359.67KB , 1080x864 , splash.jpg )
Splash image so I don't forget it and/or if I go to some weird computer and it turns out I derped and didn't stuff it in the drive
No. 7355 ID: 63070a
File 131708921707.jpg - (131.69KB , 1080x864 , Untitled-3.jpg )
"hey cisqur draw me a forever alone face. NO ADD MORE BALLCHIN MOOOORE NOT ENOUGH KEEP GOING"
No. 7356 ID: 63070a
File 131708933062.png - (344.58KB , 1080x1440 , rt.png )
My personal favorite: "draw robots"
No. 7359 ID: bdb895
Goddamn Cisqur you are good at this drawing thing
I feel like I could learn so much from this image alone
No. 7360 ID: 63070a
Aahhh, I'm extremely flattered and appreciate the kind words but I do hope you don't study the image too much, the limbs are even different sizes (hell, past the point anybody could handwave it as foreshortening)...I was considering fixing it.

That being said, I have no idea which file the awesome brush is contained in, so why don't I just give you guys the brushes I could hunt down? http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20878507/brushes.zip I like and use pretty much all of 'em, anyway. (These are Photoshop only, but I think GIMP has a feature where you can use Photoshop ones...) If you still can't find it, let me know and I'll do another run-through.
No. 7390 ID: 62245f
File 131718077169.jpg - (901.53KB , 1440x1440 , ghostref.jpg )
Faggotlord expansion pack now available for all Cisqur owners

(i.e. I made a fucking rushed ref for the ghost thing)
No. 7391 ID: 62245f
File 131718381582.jpg - (259.34KB , 720x720 , lol.jpg )
One of those "well it was a good idea at the tiiimmmme" kinds of things
No. 7402 ID: 5b0012
I- is that Manny?
No. 7408 ID: 166e02
File 131724888625.jpg - (508.98KB , 1080x864 , logic.jpg )
No. 7409 ID: c7b6c2
Ooh, ooh, it's D, right?

What do I win?
No. 7412 ID: 166e02
File 131725177178.jpg - (356.02KB , 1080x806 , this.jpg )
No. 7542 ID: 343d8e
File 131791080751.jpg - (216.39KB , 736x1308 , 100611091023.jpg )
My friend said if I didn't draw Jo Calderone right that moment there would be consequences

Good thing I only had shitty paper and a shitty pen ! ! !
No. 7590 ID: 2db784
File 131805227205.png - (304.86KB , 1080x1440 , frillto.png )
I don't think this counts as fanart so I'm puttin it here

[00:21] <LawyerDog> : What if voltos had frills
No. 7591 ID: c61ec8
They become at least ten times sexier.
No. 7611 ID: 8cf8b7
File 131812824231.png - (300.96KB , 1080x864 , llllllolwut.png )
Streamdump part 1 (part 2 will be dumped when the second part of the stream has completed)
No. 7612 ID: 8cf8b7
File 131812828665.png - (450.91KB , 783x1053 , baodfrills.png )
"draw baod showing off his frills"
No. 7613 ID: 8cf8b7
File 131812838057.png - (280.11KB , 1080x864 , nooo frills.png )
Since the stream was pretty much a Help Bite Heal Faster stream it was more or less just a frillstream
No. 7614 ID: 8cf8b7
File 131812842835.png - (561.81KB , 1008x792 , scrub a dub dub frills in a tub.png )
"draw Leila in a tub eating chocolate cake and drinking champagne"
No. 7615 ID: 8cf8b7
File 131812856702.png - (3.94MB , 1440x1440 , im on craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.png )
then jacketlizard got a word in and I went crazy with the "creative liberties"
No. 7621 ID: 8cf8b7
File 131814370882.png - (360.40KB , 1080x1080 , GURRRRL.png )
actually just kidding I'll post those in the fanart thread

here are some things, such as: Ashe doing Liv's ("Girl's") hurrr
No. 7622 ID: 8cf8b7
File 131814380954.png - (695.86KB , 1440x1440 , BRUTAL PHILOSOPHER.png )
Some half elf half goblin being a fucking terrible brute and doing horrible things to snakes! He thinks he can make up for it by being philosophical, but that only makes it worse
No. 7623 ID: 8cf8b7
File 131814391659.png - (212.11KB , 1080x1080 , lol.png )
Oh yeah the one before the elfgoblin one was requested by Ashe and "a half elf half goblin" was requested by Phrix by the way

This was my warmup for Fred's dude
No. 7624 ID: 8cf8b7
File 131814398117.png - (476.64KB , 1080x1440 , renegade corgi.png )
And the real thing, which in retrospect was just as ok
No. 7630 ID: 383006
Best most yay!
No. 7657 ID: b0581a
File 131830820302.png - (1.30MB , 1440x1984 , explanation.png )

So, I was trying to explain the cisdudes to myself, even though this only sort of partially gets at the roles I think they're starting to become. Keep in mind I didn't exactly make them with this in mind, this is a recent-ish thing that manifested, I guess.

Also, I figured out what to do with the bird, but it's really cheesy and stupid and tacky and very, very furry. But I'm gonna save that for later.
No. 7658 ID: 35bcde
Drugs and navelgazing! Don't worry, we're all furries here! You're here so you're a furry already!
No. 7669 ID: 0c0df8
I have absolutely no idea what is being discussed or what any of this means. Perfect indie game material!
No. 7675 ID: 55c61b
File 131837736970.png - (969.03KB , 1080x2551 , furries.png )
I do love them skittles 'n' Socrates. And hey, who are you calling a furry? (Though, indeed, the bird guy has been /merged with/ the "actual" guy. The "actual" guy can turn into the bird guy and back and anywhere in between and yeah it sorta misses the point of the "actual" guy and is very cheesy and tacky and furry [breath] but does play into what I'll explain below.)
Sorry mate, it's all about the (chiefly initial) impressions you get of people and how they can be distorted by the way they're presented to you.

To add more to the confusion: I think the bird represents an abstract-idea version of a sentience, like the characters themselves (or pretty much any fursona ever). So I guess the bird is pretty fucking meta!

Anyway, this is all why I find furries pretty interesting--when you get down to it, they've created this weird version of identity, and I tried digging further and came up with all this overthought hipster-shit.
No. 7678 ID: 55c61b
File 131837988909.png - (389.67KB , 1080x935 , HiHKAL.png )
Ok I'll stop drawing my mug and actually work on commissions now
No. 7688 ID: 42fce7
Rad hairstyle, Cisqur.
No. 7689 ID: 42fce7

Oh yeah - I meant to comment on this. I find a lot of furry shenanigans to be wildly grotesque; almost physically sickening in some cases. Though on the contrary, a lot of folk around here are pretty nice, so...
No. 7722 ID: b44654
File 131848170494.png - (178.14KB , 1265x1605 , ghost logo.png )
Thanks man, the top is what I have now and the bottom is what I'm planning to get soon.
I know what you mean, and it took me a long, long time to get past a bunch of that, but eventually I did start looking past the silliness and hair-raising revoltingness and finding a lot of cool stuff. I like to think of furries as "character design in three dimensions", because usually people just make characters who are simply variations on humans, and humans are really only an incredibly tiny part of the potential for awesome characters. Furries have learned to open their designs up and out of this tight format, and that's pretty cool of them!

Aaaanyway. It's getting closer to Halloween so I'm starting to focus on the ghost-mummy-Dangeresque-Slendermanesque-thing a bit more. I finally found a good variant on the logo I like, too--it feels a lot more balanced to me than the last one.
No. 7748 ID: 3a3661
File 131855670669.png - (1.22MB , 1440x2126 , another ghost thing WHAT.png )
I was thinking of making the ghost mummy thing a species/race/whatever, I'm starting to get ideas for other of its kind. (Or maybe they're just a few, but eh, either way)

(Here on out I pretty much let my mind run and run and run haha)

So I was thinking about the implications of "you can't hear it unless you have a special receptor or person or etc", because that means there should be some sound or something, and I can't think of what the ghost(s?) could possibly make. I do like the idea of taking "hear" non-literally, though, where the ghost(s?) can send out very specific feelings to these receptive people and things, and the vibes are so precise that they can actually convey simple meaning, like "I don't know" and "Do you like the color red?" (I imagine it's using a system consisting of components--like " 'you'; 'like'; 'red'; [question indicator]"--which all have feelings and mixing them into that simple sentence.)

If by some odd chance you wanna make a character thing that fits into this race/species, that'd be really cool and I'd like to see it! Just keep in mind I'm still developing these weird things, plus there /are/ "rules" (characteristics and components) to them; one of them who has full tangibility (plus the ability to be intangible at will) AND the ability to speak is akin to a bird that births live young and can breathe underwater. Some of these characteristics are: a single, secondary "theme" color (in my thing's example it's cyan); at least partially humanoid shape; sharp teeth (it's not like they need to eat, but they can consume vagrant life force, as it is enjoyable and tastes good) and claws (the latter on both the hands and feet); bandages that, if removed, can "kill" the thing; have "ties" somewhere akin to shoelaces that can also "kill" the thing if untied; they seem enveloped in a slightly light-distorting and darkening "aura", similar to how heat-distorted light looks; aaand their eyes are more or less just odd holes with a faint white light radiating from the inside. They are all essentially genderless and don't/can't have sex, but they can identify with "he" or "she" or something else.

...Uhh...I need to think of a name for these things. Ahahah
No. 7749 ID: 3a3661
So thanks to a brainstorming session in IRC, SoqWizard has gifted the species with a name: the "Laced" (both singular and plural form). Toastline and Overlord also helped to think of ideas, but maybe I'm biased because "laced" (ex. "laced with poison") has always had creepy-in-an-awesome-way connotations for me, so I saw it as extra fitting, heh. (That is, in addition to their odd death-strings.)
No. 7750 ID: 0448b9
Sweet, I did something helpful.
Well the race seems pretty cooool.
No. 7780 ID: 1e8ff9
File 131866054137.png - (1.13MB , 2300x1750 , this is dongoween.png )
This thing is probably the manifestation of me not being able to wait at fucking ALL for Halloween
No. 7788 ID: 5b0012
Start a hallowe'en quest!
No. 7824 ID: 75bb10
File 131882648578.png - (37.04KB , 879x864 , hahaohwow.png )
WOW it's like the style meme hit me with a steel tablet and I came back with brain damage

That's what I'm planning! Sort of. It's going to launch Halloween but it's going to be very long-term. Also the protagonist bears some similarity to Laced but he existed way before they did and they weren't (consciously) based on him. Should I start a Laced-centric quest? I have zero ideas, so I dunno what I'd do.
No. 7826 ID: c7b6c2
While I find your fursona/OC shenanigans to be somewhat off-putting, I just have to say that >>7780 is an excellent piece of art.
No. 7827 ID: 75bb10
Erk--sorry. I was wondering if I was getting too self-indulged in the characters (not that I would call them fursonas at all, though), and I suppose it was true. I love making up characters and then drawing them over and over and overthinking them -\:'|/- I'll try to cut it down.

Anyway, ahh...thank you.
No. 7828 ID: c7b6c2
Hey, don't worry about it. I'd hate to dictate what you should and shouldn't draw. All that matters is that you enjoy drawing them, right?
No. 7829 ID: 75bb10
I suppose. There's something about TGChan that's made me draw way, way more non-humans than I have in my entire life, heh. And usually when someone says they don't like something I'm doing, I get all >>1947 and become hypercurious, ahah 8|
No. 7830 ID: 0448b9
And thus is the life of a great character designer guy.
I do pretty much the same.
No. 7831 ID: 3f4963
No. Never draw less just because one guy said so (in this case I don't think he even implied you should)!
No. 7975 ID: 79f3c4
Sorry about not being around recently, my computerscreen broke recently and I'll snatch it back from the shop tomorrow.

Also sorry because of all this shit, I really, really hope I haven't discouraged anyone from saying anything negative ever :( in fact I was wondering where all the concrit went, heh... Anyway, this kind of thing just tends to happen, yknow, where I get over-focused on a dumb thing and it's only after someone says, "Hey, whoa, you sure are drawing a lot of that thing," I realize what I'm doing and I start drawing other stuff again. So it's not that I'm completely stopping the creative flow or anything, just diverting it so it doesn't flood the nearby town, yknow? And after a bit it seems like it was never changed.

I'll post a bunch of sketches I did while devoid of my computer when I get it back, but I just wanted to give you guys an update.
No. 7989 ID: ba71d6

Totally agree. You do some great stuff and it's a delight to see anything new. Please, keep it up and let that mind run free! :)
No. 7990 ID: c7b6c2
Yeah, I never meant to imply that you should stop drawing what you usually draw. I really like your art, I just had a personal problem with the content.

That DOES suck, though. I hope everything turns out alright. I'm looking forward to seeing those sketches.
No. 8077 ID: 0a91a2
Er...not really sure if I got my point across-- I tend to fixate on something to an unhealthy extreme, and whether it's me or someone else who snaps me out of it, it's a necessary occurrence nonetheless. Not drawing less, just expanding the subject matter.

Anyway, some bad news and some worse news: it turns out my computer is super incompatible with everything ever and is probably not going to be fixed anytime soon, in fact I probably need to get a new one. Worse is that I won't be able to do the quest I was planning to launch on Halloween (barring the occurrence of an absolute miracle). Also I probably won't be on IRC or post anything artwise in here for quite awhile. Sorry for all the disappointments...
No. 8078 ID: 0a91a2
But, yknow, that being said--thank you for the kind words, really <3 It makes me very happy to know people actually like the stuff I put out, ahah.
No. 8104 ID: 1e9f26
File 131994492526.png - (2.24MB , 1458x1089 , sketches2.png )
Hooray, I reverse jinxed myself! Looks like things will work out after all.

And so, here are most of the sketches I have done. Keep in mind some go back quite a bit (like this one), ahah

Starting with birdguy because wryt likes birdguy
No. 8105 ID: 1e9f26
File 131994503189.png - (1.59MB , 828x1349 , sketches3.png )
I like this song and its accompanying video quite a bit.
No. 8106 ID: 1e9f26
File 131994519852.png - (2.51MB , 1216x1628 , mayhem is AAARRRRRRGGGHHHH.png )
It was just supposed to be a quick doodle/sketch so I didn't forget what I actually wanted to draw (something inspired by "Screech") but I ended up really liking the face.
No. 8107 ID: 1e9f26
File 131994539963.png - (2.60MB , 1944x1452 , sketches1.png )
Drawn during a physics lecture. Some quantum shit was goin on.
No. 8108 ID: 1e9f26
File 131994550582.png - (1.76MB , 1028x1264 , sketches6.png )
Uhh...Ghost Trick spoilers? I think? Just some shitty doodles anyway
No. 8109 ID: 1e9f26
File 131994582453.png - (6.21MB , 1382x2657 , sketches5.png )
And finally, the Grande Doodledump. Some are sorta old and some, like the Rum Diary one, are sorta recent.

Anyway, about the other stuff (quest, commissions, et cetera)...I'll see if I'll be able to do 'em by Halloween. If not, no big deal I guess, but it would be nice.
No. 8111 ID: 0448b9
Good job, brother. Doodles are nice.
No. 8172 ID: e43ed6
File 132028040263.png - (69.54KB , 591x842 , jackalopefixed.png )
Thanks. Here's a logo/stencil commission thing I finished recently (non-ecksbawkshueg version).
No. 8205 ID: 2b4f30
An update on some things: I'm trying to buckle down on the Important Life Things I should have gotten to long ago, so I've made myself a schedule that makes /some/ time (though less than before) open for art. Because of this, my quests aren't gonna go very fast at all, especially because I'm trying to resist temptation to just waste my art time on updating sprees and not work on the commissions and trades and things I have pending. I'll try to update at least once per week, but I don't think I can promise much right now. (At least we're at the boring part in the currently running one, gives me time to stockpile some panels :V) If you have questions on said quest, I can still answer them at any time in the /questdis/ thread ( http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/355007.html ); if you want to talk/ask general questions, I'll be watching this thread, too! Thanks guys.
No. 8298 ID: 4ec9ec
File 132068016231.jpg - (190.61KB , 736x1307 , 110711093506.jpg )
Dunno what this thing is or what I'm gonna do with it (character? Race? Just a thought-blip?)
No. 8306 ID: bbf662
File 132070075576.png - (162.17KB , 1152x502 , hyenas.png )
Commission (he picked the middle one, ultimately)
No. 8310 ID: 0448b9
I have no idea but it looks interesting.
(and the torso looks bent weirdly. is that normal?)
No. 8316 ID: 0448b9
I have no idea but it looks interesting.
(and the torso looks bent weirdly. is that normal?)
No. 8325 ID: dbc382
While it is meant to look bendy, I think it was the combination of making it /too/ long and knowing I wanted to make the torso narrow that made it look dumb. On the other hand, I was wondering if they'd be one of those limb-extending types, but that'd be cliche and wouldn't excuse the mistake.

Thanks, though.
No. 8329 ID: a83682
No. 8376 ID: 43c0cb
File 132087953823.jpg - (184.84KB , 1328x749 , 110911160344.jpg )
Hmm, I just can't seem to get it where I want it. The extremities are fine, but I do have a problem with the main body. Any suggestions? For now I'll make the middle gap smaller and see where that takes me.
No. 8381 ID: 0448b9
Wanted to see how the thing looks like with a more concave torso. It makes it manlier.
No. 8387 ID: eeebb0
HOLYSHIT Soq you're a genius. For some reason I kept thinking I had to make the body really fit the circle but I guess I'm dumb. Gonna draw it like this from now on

I also really, really like the way you drew its left hand and knees-area.
No. 8388 ID: eeebb0
I guess the only thing I'm sort of miffed about is that, as much as I equally love androgyny and strange, vaguely human-shaped things, I can't really draw girls or feminine-looking things/people. This was starting to have characteristics of both and neither but now that I'm satisfied with the design I notice it's just another vaguely man-shaped thing. Ho hum.

Anyway, I really want to use this for.../something/. But I have no quest ideas that would fit the kind of setting this kind of character requires.
No. 8392 ID: aebc1f
the thing reminds me of doppelgangers. i almost imagine them just being strange creatures that wander about and touch people to find an identity for themselves. Maybe they walk through dimensions and do small tasks and carry out dumb orders. I can also see them just taking things like coats, hats, and scarfs to wear for identity reasons then getting distracted and forget that they're wearing them.
No. 8393 ID: c7b6c2
That's actually a good idea. A doppleganger takes someone's identity and lives their life as a naive and innocent way of trying to fit in.
No. 8394 ID: 92fa8e
I was actually starting to get some ideas for this thing(/species?), mostly having to do with extra-dimensional beings and spaaaace and time. But that's pretty interesting, I like the concept of identity a whole lot and a nomadic identity is an almost painful concept to me. I mean, when your whole existence revolves around copying to try to get something you lack...jesus, it kind of makes my eyes water a bit. It's so pitiful. Anyway, I would totally use that idea but by now I'm too caught up in the other ideas I had...sorry, man.
No. 8395 ID: aebc1f
yep, didn't think you needed much help anyway.

big fan of cisnake, btw
No. 8424 ID: ea44d9
File 132106351059.jpg - (167.37KB , 600x700 , cissnake reaction picture_gif_png_tiff_torrent_psd.jpg )
Heh, why...thank you.
No. 8425 ID: ea44d9
File 132106360054.png - (473.70KB , 1265x1219 , get betterr.png )
Also I drew this for Over because he is feeling less magnificent and godlike than usual.
No. 8426 ID: aaca8c
Oh my god haha. Thank you Cisqur, you are too kind.
No. 8428 ID: ea44d9
File 132107728025.png - (736.63KB , 1800x1800 , aou_mercurials.png )
It seems to have had reverse karma as my throat is now mysteriously sore. This does not bode well.

I'm very glad you liked it, though :> Feel better, man.

So about that weird alien thing--I came up wish a shitton of ideas recently, so sit down and bring some snacks if you would like to hear.

I'm pretty sure I'm making it a species at this point, because my idea is that they're a mass of beings that managed to fully colonize and "perfect" their universe. Satisfied, they're now moving onto other universes (so I guess they're 9th dimensional beings, if they're going from one completely different universe to another?), hoping to either colonize and enlighten the inhabitants, or let them be if they do not wish to change their ways (mostly out of fear). Since they come from an entirely different universe, they are composed of something that is almost not affected by gravity (save for their feet, which are a very dense version of the substance and act like lightweight "anchors"). I haven't yet figured out if it's because the substance (or the light-rings/cores) directly cancels out gravity or if the substance is simply so light that even significant gravitational forces do not affect them much. So far, I've been going with the latter, but I suppose the former would allow for some cool black hole-related stuff--event horizons acting even weirder and whatnot.

About the light-rings/cores: they have four of these things (head; chest/torso; one on each "hand"), the main purpose of which deals with electrons and magnetism (or a variant on it). To move about, they use their already light weight to their advantage by propelling themselves to and fro with streams of electrons firing from the glowing circle things, though they can also fire small bits of matter (themselves) in a pinch (usually in outer space, though even then they can't move very fast or far). And about the substance they're made out of: it behaves very much like Mercury in the way it keeps itself together. It does this by surface tension and magnetism; their form itself comes from how the substance naturally wants to shape itself in accordance with holding the energy necessary for performing the functions the light-rings/"cores" do. Because of this, even when encountered with blunt trauma sufficient enough to separate parts of the being, it can draw that lost substance back, and it will naturally form back into the shape that it was. However, it can't shapeshift--though if it loses enough of the substance that it can't get back for some reason (it drifts too far away to magnetically draw back, for example) it can shrink itself to make sure it's proportionally stable. If it loses enough, the energy becomes unstable and the entire being collapses. If other beings find some of this substance, they can absorb it and become bigger, though this also causes them to become somewhat unstable and they can similarly just collapse. When they collapse, the cores disappear, and the energy goes back into the atmosphere (where it originally came from). There was a point at which these beings were manifesting, but ever since they stopped, nobody remembers how they came about. It's hypothesized that first the substance came about, then the ambient energy was attracted to it and they began to shape each other. The beings use this ambient energy to move themselves, others (magnetism), etc.

Because of how the cores sound when active, most languages have given them a name similar to "Aou", but because of the way they look and move (especially when blunt trauma is applied), English has dubbed them with the label "Mercurials". (I'll probably be using them interchangeably and inevitably I'll end up liking one better, heh.)

Ah...I worry I've made the light-rings look too much like the Portal portals, haha.
No. 8430 ID: ea44d9
Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention that because of the glowing nature of the cores (and the fact they can't make noise otherwise), their language revolves around ways of making it glow. It's a bit like morse, but also includes variations like the "gradual fade" and the "sudden stop".

Also lol fuck my typos. "with" not "wish"
No. 8432 ID: 1854db
Electrons are so light I doubt emitting them would actually propel them much at all, unless they themselves were of similar weight to electrons. Physics basically requires you to move mass in the opposite direction that you want to go in order to move anywhere. Equal and opposite reaction and all that.

Now, if they have an atmosphere to deal with there's all sorts of cool stuff they could do with ambient air and (MAYBE, it's really fucking weak) the magnetic field of the earth to move around. Flight, high-tech jet engines, crazy acrobatic stunts... A lightweight high-tech body can do awesome stuff.
No. 8433 ID: 1444d5
>Electrons are so light I doubt emitting them would actually propel them much at all, unless they themselves were of similar weight to electrons.
Depends on the velocity and volume of the electrons. C-fractional velocities and high fluxes could definitely generate thrust. However, 'lots of high-energy electrons' is pretty much the definition of Beta radiation, so it would be extremely unhealthy to be near them.

Charged ion propulsion (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ion_thruster?useskin=monobook), due to the higher mass of the propellant, would be lest unhealthy to be around. Alternatively, as most interaction of them would occur on planets, they could use the geomagnetic field to move about.
No. 8435 ID: 0448b9
The middle right doodle.
It is sooo cooooooooool.
(and happy to be of assistance, my fellow drawfag)

I like these things. Don't tell me you need help thinking of a name now..
No. 8438 ID: 0f2e64
I didn't mean the electrons /themselves/ were providing enough propulsion (except when they're utilizing magnetism alone), but rather pushing away whatever matter they're floating in (whether it be air, water, or some other gas or liquid) with the force of the electrons repelling the electrons within that substance. So charged ion propulsion, yeah. I'm not sure if they realize what they're doing to the poor creatures who exist in the substances, ahah. Or...more accurately, they most certainly do, but they probably either don't care or have no alternative, so they just try to affect the inhabitants the least they can. That being said, I think they use the magnetic fields to their advantage when they can, but as I mentioned earlier, they can't so either of these things very well at all in space (perhaps they all link together somehow and use the combined force of their propulsion to move very quickly? It's more likely they have access to a portable wormhole-like thing) so they propel their own matter as a last resort.
Thanks! I'm starting to like em a lot, too--it might be my new mascot thing. I'll see. And they already have a name, the Aou (most languages)/Mercurials (English). But believe me, if they needed a name, you'd be the first person I'd ask, ahah.
No. 8446 ID: 0b466c
So--I made a bird hoodie. It is pretty much what it sounds like: a beak for a visor, a wing-like extension on each arm, etc. Does that belong here or should I just post it on FA? I feel like showing it off :V
No. 8466 ID: aebc1f
show to me this hoodie, for i am a fan and liker of such things
No. 8471 ID: 1854db
There are no rules against it. I say go for it.
No. 8492 ID: a43214
Why not both? Sure, let's see it.
No. 8495 ID: 911633
File 132149502971.png - (1.25MB , 1214x591 , doodles.png )
Then I'll do that on Friday when I bust it out for the con (MFF) my friend has insisted I go to. :V By the way, here are some scribbles--a Mercurial doodle; another, shittier one; and a bug thing.
No. 8562 ID: a14f5f
File 132174811247.png - (614.06KB , 1080x1224 , frilllord.png )
A belated birthday present for Over: FrillLord.
No. 8563 ID: a957ba
Holy shit how can anyone even foreshorten that bad. Well either way, I hope you enjoy it, Over.
No. 8564 ID: 3f184c
File 132175159030.jpg - (1.97MB , 3264x1840 , 2011-11-18_20-33-49_477.jpg )
So, the wings look crumpled and I'm even shorter than usual, but you get the idea.
No. 8565 ID: 67008d

Haha, I love it. Thank you!
No. 8577 ID: 7f4c74
Huh, when you first talked about this I was picturing just a pointed hood (with maybe some stylized eyes?) and just some feather-shaped ridges on the arms. Basically a bit more subtle in it's birdlikeness.

Great job, though! I am jelly of your craftsmanship. Also that godawful resolution isn't helping your shortness, but that just might be my phone flipping out.
No. 8578 ID: 89498c
File 132177589116.jpg - (2.08MB , 3264x1840 , 2011-11-18_20-26-06_623.jpg )
Wow, none of these pictures fit both criteria of: A. The wings do not look crumpled/bulging as fuck. B. It does not look like I am pointing to my penis.
Well whatever, here's one with what is apparently some kind of radioactive manifestation of an otter, because no murry purry con is complete without the endless train of fursuiters and inevitably I was asked for a picture with one.
Sure thing, I'm happy you are pleased.
Yeah, I wanted to go all-out. My basic idea was "A hoodie where the beak is the visor and the arms/hands are covered in wings, but you can tuck your hands in/out of them." Thanks though. And I am literally that short, at 5'7.
No. 8579 ID: 89498c
Oh wow, the pictures look okay when I'm looking at them in literally any situation except posting them on TGChan, then they're flipped to shit. Well whatevs, I should mention that though I may seem to take a callous attitude I will admit the furries I had encountered were generally quite nice. There was also a cool-looking tern dude, he had these massive wings with incredible detail to them.
No. 8580 ID: aebc1f
this makes me want to go to a furry con someday
No. 8592 ID: 89498c
File 132183336306.gif - (135.37KB , 864x936 , im-fredrick-cause-ill-find-you.gif )
I'm Fredrick and I walk like this
I'm Fredrick and I dance like this
No. 8598 ID: 0404ce
File 132185598245.png - (184.06KB , 850x2041 , sebastiAn__total1.png )
(Argh last delete-and-reupload I swear)

I was making a thing, but then I distracted myself into making a thing out of a variation on the thing, and now I'm worried this thing will overshadow the other thing.
No. 8604 ID: 85fae1
File 132188799789.jpg - (207.57KB , 736x1009 , 112111090410.jpg )
Doodle intermission. Despite the mistakes, I really like it.
No. 8648 ID: 478c3f
File 132202140176.png - (228.90KB , 709x1474 , yes.png )
God damn, I finished it. It feels a bit stiff but oh well, I'm fucking done with this.
No. 8684 ID: 81639f
File 132209367322.png - (150.18KB , 1134x567 , Untitled-1.png )
(Ew, apparently it didn't send the file and just sat here for hours without the actual picture.)

Two main states over the past week. About 1/3 and 2/3.

The latter's often over the former ("Oh god I'm such an autistic retard, why do I think I'm even worth anything," blah etc), though also because I recently found out about some rumor/misinformation problems and that kind of thing distresses me a fuckton.

Polite sage :V
No. 8704 ID: 81639f
File 132217103015.png - (285.10KB , 1200x800 , nobody is rational especially myself.png )
Trying out a style.

I think drawing myself excessively is the universal sign for "I am slacking on commissions and requests and making excuses for myself in the meantime"
No. 8709 ID: 0448b9
I don't know why but I think Cisqur might have nice hair.
No. 8717 ID: 81639f
File 132219883326.png - (406.11KB , 1200x900 , fainting leila.png )
Leila on a fainting couch, pretending to be fainting for her boyfriend Bitequest
No. 8728 ID: 25d956
Well, I certainly approve!
No. 8798 ID: be6914
File 132242942871.png - (268.79KB , 600x1050 , some pretty uguu propaganda.png )
It's growing out and fading quite a bit, I'm gonna need to re-do it soon.

Anyway, have some paint practice + face practice + old people practice + kawaii propaganda.
No. 8799 ID: 3a048e

Hey that is very neat!
No. 8802 ID: be6914
File 132243923802.png - (2.43MB , 1417x1984 , corgsgnollsdon.png )
Thanks! I may not have made a decision yet but I wish he at least got more attention, it makes me sad the media deliberately avoids him.

Also holyshit I finally finished this.
No. 8805 ID: 6ce7a3
Pretty colours!
No. 8808 ID: 8cf4e1
From now on, try to avoid drawing things that are less good than this. Yo'd be missing out on your own potential.
No. 8911 ID: cdb8cb
From now on, only draw this head. This is the best head.
No. 8913 ID: 7e2288
I'm serious. It looks twice more elegant and clean than everything else he's posted here.
It'd be a shame.
No. 8956 ID: b1b6ab
Sorry I've been away. I'm trying to take a vidya and plotwriting break, hoping it helps with this recent highly persistent irritability. Good news: I finished Portal 2, this thing (still on the odd SebastiAn fixation, I guess), and a shitton of plot for DangerQuest (meaning an update this weekend). Bad news: no plot progress for the quest I consider actually important, but I guess people only care about "frills" anyway, so I feel like most of the "good news" is a wasted effort. Everything I ever do will probably overshadowed by this running joke. Probably not anything I can do but suck it up.
Thanks Over :> I'm a bit worried the colors I used for Fred's jacket are too "pure" and kind of eye-burning, but otherwise I'm pretty proud of this thing.
Whoa, thank you! For real, I appreciate it--but honestly I feel like some of the logos/stencils I've made ( http://tgchan.org/kusaba/draw/src/132028040263.png in particular) are my best work. They showcase simplification, representation, streamlining, and problem solving at its finest. On the other hand, I'm not sure you can really compare the two areas (digital painting VS this kind of graphic design) anyway, since they utilize these completely separate skills. Point is, I think I'm decent at the whole logo/stencil thing, but I'm very happy I'm improving in the digital painting territory. I'm clearly shit at anatomy and keeping things consistent--making sure it all fits together and matches up--so if you say I'm getting better, that really keeps my chin up. Thank you.

By the way! If you want me to make a t-shirt of ANYTHING, just ask. I've set up a RedBubble account for various things ( http://www.redbubble.com/people/danger12h08 ) and if you want me to hard-draw anything for the sake of buying something there, I'll gladly do so. I'll work as hard on it as I usually do with the logos/stencils/very refined lines, I only ask that you actually buy the thing I'm making for you. (When you buy it, I can give you the hi-res image I used to make the shirt. RedBubble also offers the option to have any shirt design available as a sticker, so there's that, too.)
No. 8957 ID: b1b6ab
File 132288592181.png - (271.60KB , 2400x3200 , fixed.png )
Messed up the file, dunno why I'm bothering posting more of these anyway, they're all the same and don't mean much to others. Pretty selfish
No. 8958 ID: b1b6ab
File 132288972603.png - (238.41KB , 684x702 , eh.png )
There's also this thing. I could have done more with it, but I guess I just don't want to spend the effort right now
No. 9087 ID: 896727
File 132315794690.png - (135.79KB , 1134x1134 , not allstate.png )
I eventually just got extremely fed up with this and gave up

No. 9534 ID: db2215
File 132458831968.png - (238.50KB , 1200x1100 , ode.png )
Holy shit! I'm drawing again! This is amazing! I don't think you understand--this is really, really amazing! I feel rejuvenated despite this being the only piece of shit to come out my pen in awhile!
No. 9542 ID: fe1138
File 132464670973.png - (374.54KB , 1200x1200 , fuck not another species.png )
I apologize firstly for disappearing from everywhere and retreating into a shell of laziness and antisocial anxiety, and secondly for only showing up again when I'm tripping absolute balls, but at least I got this thing out of it. I'll refine the design at a later date (I haven't completely baselined yet and I don't rank this very high on my list of priorities).
No. 9543 ID: fe1138
File 132464774978.png - (538.96KB , 1200x1200 , what the fuck.png )
Fuck it, I lied. Here are some colors.

The hardest part will definitely be making the head things not look silly. I think if I make them narrow and cricket-like enough, yet streamer-y/bandage-y enough, they could look pretty badass. That's the intention, anyway.
No. 9544 ID: fe1138
File 132464862725.png - (0.97MB , 4000x3000 , high1.png )
Hmm, might as well post some of the shit I drew while fucked.
No. 9545 ID: fe1138
File 132464877699.png - (246.73KB , 1200x1200 , high4.png )
Most of these were me jotting down my thoughts. There was a point at which I could do nothing but try (key word) to sleep, despite the horrid dissociative nightmares.
No. 9546 ID: fe1138
File 132464889086.png - (313.03KB , 1200x1200 , high10_favorite.png )
Hahahahahahaha I was listening to Pendulum and then I tried to draw SebastiAn.
No. 9641 ID: 496845
File 132512726643.png - (111.01KB , 350x750 , firstworldproblems.png )
>that feel when you meet your soulmate only to find out her gender
>that feel when you're too meek to straight-up say no
No. 9643 ID: 71657e
Un-meekify yourself with a pack of beef jerky, broseph. If that doesn't work, buy yourself a machete or, if for whatever obviously bad reason you don't go for that option, just a flanel shirt with 'no' written on it could work.
No. 9644 ID: 496845
File 132513562059.png - (161.55KB , 800x900 , mmnope.png )
Definitely feeling this shirt right about now


horribad anatomy aside
No. 9647 ID: 71657e
-9999 meek points. People won't even ask, because you'll have the answer proudly displayed on your stylish flannel shirt.
No. 9651 ID: 9c7c3b
I would buy that shirt.
No. 9675 ID: 1854db
Sounds like you found someone you can have an extremely deep platonic relationship with. Or at least, someone who you got that impression from over the internet. Text-only communication can be very misleading...
No. 9771 ID: 496845
File 132555597351.png - (414.46KB , 1139x673 , hmm.png )
I would make that shirt.
Yeah, I guess. That'd be nice. And no, I've been in that situation before, this ain't it.

PS: Trying out Harmony.
No. 9877 ID: a1de0e
Now your dreams can become reality.
No. 9922 ID: 496845
File 132599955135.png - (344.82KB , 1000x1000 , what the FUCK.png )
Maybe I should lay off the drugs for a little while, even if this ends up a permanent style change
No. 9923 ID: 13b599
You should definitely lay off the drugs if it means you draw more stuff~
No. 9927 ID: 496845
I am drawing stuff! Just finished a big personal project actually. The only thing is, I don't want to spam you guys with the same, uhh, subject. guys I am drowning in how much goddamn sebastian I am drawing I don't even know why I'm doing this help
No. 9942 ID: 496845
File 132605087013.png - (270.30KB , 858x818 , babbymanny.png )
Wh...wait, I drew something that isn't the same thing over and over? g golly
No. 9953 ID: 5e876e
File 132609335732.png - (735.17KB , 800x850 , gift.png )
Dedicated to the miracle of shared patience and a bright future.
No. 9962 ID: 5e876e
File 132616512910.png - (1.39MB , 800x1000 , gatt.png )
Art trade with someone at murrypurry dot net
No. 9963 ID: 5e876e
File 132616991414.png - (835.17KB , 2000x1000 , so attractive I sneezed.png )
>gee self, maybe you should draw something other than Frenchnose to get over your xenophilia
>draw aliens
>mfw I can't win
No. 9967 ID: aef453
>get over your xenophilia
Why bother? It's so much more fun than being normal!
No. 9969 ID: 106f65
File 132618663726.jpg - (376.52KB , 500x1291 , Thou_Shalt_Not_Covet_Xeno_Ass_by_Gannadene.jpg )
No. 9978 ID: becb83
overlord, u one funny gai
No. 10133 ID: 496845
File 132660442111.png - (137.02KB , 490x579 , murrypurrysona.png )
Test, as commissioned by Fred.
No. 10135 ID: 87fa55
No. 10161 ID: 496845
File 132666195841.png - (507.58KB , 887x775 , ailums.png )
Is such a thing even possible?

No. 10164 ID: e15d0f
I see what you did there.
No. 10165 ID: 0d7a83
I'm not saying I saw it...
but I saw it.
No. 10373 ID: 496845
File 132719372476.png - (276.43KB , 1024x768 , get fucked.png )
"I hate drawing"

"why am I torturing myself"


"I'm gonna shit out some lines"

"how do you like that, blank canvas"
No. 10380 ID: 496845
File 132720516995.png - (321.78KB , 1000x1000 , pandoodle.png )
Well, actually, this isn't so bad. But that's because I don't have to worry about anatomy or anything when I draw in this style.
No. 10381 ID: 496845
File 132720665115.png - (395.10KB , 1000x1300 , Untitled 2.png )
>hfw I am objectively bad at drawing canines
No. 10382 ID: 496845
File 132720718701.png - (300.37KB , 1000x1000 , haha nevermind.png )
Yeah, disregard everything I suck cocks
No. 10405 ID: 496845
File 132726609421.png - (168.55KB , 532x484 , pretending to be french on skype and alcohol.png )
this lady

is turning me straight
No. 10406 ID: 1f3563
Cisqur, hey... uh.

Take a break bro. Playing a game, reading a book or something is always way better than staring into a blank canvas and falling into it's empty abyss of "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT, IM NAKED HERE, DRAW ON ME WILL YA?" .
No. 10407 ID: 5d9a7c
>Je suis utilisant
Damn, this turn of phrase is the kind of shit you find in existentialist essays. Even analyzing it can give headaches.
No. 10409 ID: 496845
You know what happens when I do, right?

I don't stop taking a break. I go for months without drawing anything, at all. Drawing (not including mindless doodles) has always been a boring and even painful activity, but I do it because I have ideas and other people seem to like seeing them. And I guess I also sometimes like seeing the end product. But mostly, if I don't get my ideas out, I will explode, and that makes the pain worth it--and yet, I still can't do it if I don't force myself to keep doing it, and I must practice the forcing part.

But I understand you're just trying to help and I'm just being a contrary piece of shit. I'm really sorry. I do appreciate what you said. Thank you.
I never said google translate was perfect, or even suitable for any kind of normal conversation at all. But it serves its purpose when two people are being silly and pretending to be French on Skype.
No. 10410 ID: 1f3563

Ever tried getting a pet?

It helped me a lot. I know that feeling bro.
No. 10426 ID: 136500
I had some pets growing up, but my mom inexplicably got rid of em one by one because she's crazy. Then I only had my dog left, and he died of old age.

If I'm gonna get a new pet, I definitely want a snake or a chameleon. The former's probably easier to take care of, though.

(No-picture sage)
No. 11136 ID: a83682
Someone brought up an interesting point... We've only seen Leila in Mannyvision. What must she look like in "normal" vision? :O
No. 11138 ID: 3a048e
File 132975216725.jpg - (268.40KB , 1152x2048 , 241201_167294736664135_100001508300931_397495_7281.jpg )

aww, well, If a puppy is too much of a responsability , then why not try a cat? I wanted a cat, but I got this fuzzball gifted instead.
No. 11158 ID: 496845
File 132980279411.png - (663.37KB , 1000x880 , where nowhere shine a light.png )
I did have a cat. Also, holy shit, I've always wanted a husky. I'd still rather have a snake, though. I'd be that rad snake dude who'd take his snakes out on walks and let little kids pet em.

And I promise I ain't dead, just...drawing in other places, drawing other things. Here's one of those things.

I'll get back to questing soon, life is also busy as fuck right now.
No. 11208 ID: 496845
File 132995747874.png - (315.01KB , 588x588 , glitchbastian.png )
Oh yeah, totally forgot about these--been doing some glitch art lately.
No. 11209 ID: 496845
File 132995752034.png - (138.40KB , 695x695 , alternate cover 2.png )
Used this one as an album cover.
No. 11210 ID: b82468
No. 11211 ID: 62e6b8

Can this be applied to people!? That would be freaking amazing, glitching them out of reality.
No. 11212 ID: b82468
I'm more curious to know what could be done by reproducing it with painting.
No. 11221 ID: 496845
File 132998732808.png - (1.29MB , 1014x1014 , da.png )
How's this?
No. 11222 ID: 5f601c
looks real cool
No. 11223 ID: 66d64f
File 133002176966.jpg - (143.21KB , 1024x768 , poland16.jpg )

Zdat my furry hood/mask? Thats awesome!

I was wondering if this could be applied to just a person, in a crowd, like think, Matrix. While keeping everything real.
No. 11479 ID: 496845
File 133091143775.png - (108.92KB , 600x700 , animal dream guide.png )
I piss penguins and shit monochrome.
No. 11513 ID: eec907
Wak wak.
No. 11681 ID: ffc362
File 133160701827.png - (82.84KB , 450x514 , pretty penguins.png )
Strammin (and taking requests) https://join.me/215-893-878
No. 11686 ID: ffc362
File 133163216521.png - (292.83KB , 880x750 , new old.png )
Trying to see what happens when I breathe new life into years old art. Especially from so far back, we enter the realm of animu hair that doesn't make too much real-life sense. That way, I gotta think on it a bit to see how it'd work in a style that isn't hands-up-ass retarded.

Incidentally, I was disturbed at how many of the original colors I remembered. I still can't remember my social security number, but I can remember some shitty animu OC's color scheme? Fuck.
No. 11693 ID: ffc362
File 133171398079.png - (4.68KB , 663x331 , bitequest_rand_weaver_etc.png )
Guess the quest characters!
No. 11701 ID: 55c4cf
be careful with the file names you made it easier than it should be.
No. 11702 ID: 496845
Sorry, figured people would either get em on sight or need a little push in the right direction.
No. 11723 ID: 496845
File 133188719280.png - (919.75KB , 1216x1628 , fuck button.png )
Finished that thing, but I think the background is sucking up the foreground. Oh well.
No. 11736 ID: 496845
File 133195347087.png - (241.51KB , 800x1000 , itsa me.png )
Drew this as an FYI for someone, but I like it a whole lot, so crosspostin to a bunch of places.
No. 11848 ID: 496845
File 133256336717.png - (73.99KB , 330x449 , bfbday.png )
Made this a year ago for someone; recently touched it up a bit--I think it still looks good!
No. 11855 ID: b85f8c
Oooh, I like it. Flat lineless colors can be hard to work with without making things confusing. That you managed to make it so easy to look at speaks well of your skill as an artist.
No. 11867 ID: 496845
File 133261615065.png - (359.82KB , 1280x800 , art trade WIP.png )
Well goodness, thank you!! By the way, I'm streamin the tail end of this drawing, if you guys wanna come watch.
No. 11870 ID: 496845
File 133261943384.png - (779.47KB , 1200x2000 , matuska art trade.png )
No. 12063 ID: 73e596
File 133344244987.png - (386.04KB , 1080x864 , weird thing.png )
Trying to design a thing,

I think I need some h e l p
No. 12065 ID: 73e596
Things I would like to figure out how to incorporate: more arms, bird of paradise-like feathers, wings (lmao god that would fag it up so bad though), armor (definitely wanna figure out some bone plating-lookin stuff), and...it looks really silly. There's a way to make it not look silly, I'm sure, but maybe I'm too dumb to figure it out.
No. 12067 ID: 1444d5
>it looks really silly. There's a way to make it not look silly, I'm sure, but maybe I'm too dumb to figure it out.
The vast majority of its body mass is in its neck.
No. 12068 ID: b85f8c
If you're gonna put more arms and wings on it, it's gonna wind up looking like a quetzalcoatl.
No. 12071 ID: d89eb6
Yeah! About that--I was thinking of how wings on it would work, if they could work at all, and then I realized I could lengthen the tail a fuckton and thicken it somewhat while converting the back legs into wings. Two freaky furry bird-monsters with one stone :)
Well I fuckin love the Quetzalcoatl, so that works out, too.
No. 12073 ID: b85f8c
Its back legs?! Wings need to be at the center of gravity, don't they?
No. 12074 ID: 1444d5
File 133348637183.jpg - (158.25KB , 816x880 , 1896-1286132862.jpg )
No. 12078 ID: 73e596
Hahahaha, this was actually the picture that gave me the idea.
Yeah! I wasn't kidding when I said this fucker's gonna have a massive tail, haha.
No. 12157 ID: 1d0ff5
fellow drafag, I realised today that this would fit marvelously in the zoological gallery of my yet to come virtual museum.

Would you mind if I included it in my work ?
No. 12246 ID: 496845
File 133416996396.jpg - (157.71KB , 690x1028 , zusko_color corrected.jpg )
Whoops, didn't see this until now! Of course you can, I'd be honored :') That's an early sketch of the design though; this is something my friend drew (NOT ME, god I wish though haha) that's sorta halfway between the more recent designs and the one in this thread.

Oh yeah, and its name is now Zusko--somehow got there by fucking around with "scoundrel" and "Quetzalcoatl" (mixing and matching em, switching letters around, etc).
No. 12252 ID: 9d750c
Nice, that will be nice in the zooligal section \o/
No. 12264 ID: 9d750c
File 133423863872.png - (216.35KB , 1600x1181 , paraxenith.png )

quick sculpt to lay the volumes of the flesh, I'll add the crazy feathers later
No. 12269 ID: aa8bbc

There are many things I would like you to model for me. But I know how hectic your schedule is and I am ashamed to ask for anything, so I'll just say how awesome this is and be on my way.
No. 12276 ID: 9d750c
shoot, I'll try to fit you in my schedule.

Just drop your request on my thread.
No. 12277 ID: aa8bbc

I'll just note you my MSN on DA because it's a truckload of things I need to ask before actually going into details / giving refrences, is that okay with you?
No. 12278 ID: 0d3431
DAMN, this is awesome! I mean, for something that takes this much effort I'd've preferred you waited until I drew the final design but if you like it, go ahead I guess, haha! And you should totally model things for Emp, he draws many a cool thing that I'd be stoked to see in even more 3D.
No. 12295 ID: 933c92
File 133435632201.jpg - (672.36KB , 1200x1300 , ashhek_thiyt.jpg )
Oh yeah, and a new laced person, who is admittedly Kesha if she was a skeletal ghostmummy. Also--bringing back, naming, and revamping the other Laced.
No. 12297 ID: b85f8c
But... I don't see any laces. Also the way you wrote Thiyt is unreadable :(
No. 12299 ID: 9be9db
They're on the sides of its arms, hidden by perspective. And yeah, I cared more about aesthetics than readability, haha :)
No. 12318 ID: 9be9db
File 133439464273.png - (184.06KB , 800x530 , oh.png )
Thank you mirror neurons, thank you catharsis, and of course, thank you Rice Boy.
No. 12728 ID: 9e346d
Hey, I dunno where else to put this, but I wanted to let people know that I had a really uncomfortable drug experience and I need to mentally recuperate for awhile. Because of this, I won't be drawing or maybe even doing anything at all online for awhile. I'm sorry if I'm breaking promises or disappointing people, but I wanted to let you know what's going on. I hope all of you are doing well, and I'll definitely be back at some point, I can confidently promise that much :')
No. 12729 ID: 3a048e

Bad LSD trip?
No. 12731 ID: aef453
Here's hoping that you feel better soon, and that we can finally get back to talking together again! IRC just hasn't been the same without a PM window to you next to the channels, I tell ya.
No. 12733 ID: bd67a0
Still hoping that I was able to help and that everything turned out well, mang.
Understanding does come with these things, but take as much time as you need. (That, and you know where to find me if you need me again)
No. 12737 ID: a43a6c
Oh gosh Cisqur. Feel better, man.
No. 12776 ID: bd67a0
Hugs for all~
No. 12777 ID: e50854
It was a psychedelic, yeah, but not LSD. I wasn't expecting a lot of what happened.
Sure thing.
Yep!! I can't thank you enough, man, you were the best life raft for my brain.
Thank you, I think I have been feeling a bit better. I wanna finish commissions before working on quests and other personal stuff again, though.
No. 12778 ID: 0a0932

Mixed strains are bad, because you never quite know the amount of FUCK they put in it.

Trust me, I've seen a punch bowl spiked with 3 different things.

That was a wollop...
No. 13603 ID: 496845
File 134015891147.png - (212.57KB , 580x650 , archetypal.png )
doodly thing
No. 14221 ID: 496845
File 134248444178.png - (261.07KB , 600x1050 , thing person.png )
No. 14222 ID: 99090a
I'm glad to see you're back to drawing!
No. 14285 ID: 496845
File 134281161105.png - (65.81KB , 600x450 , shark_PBnJ.png )
ty :)
No. 14731 ID: 496845
File 134509679018.png - (406.03KB , 2000x2000 , redrawing stuff that crashed.png )
I was too out of it to realize that if you don't wanna lose something, you gotta /save/ it. But at least there's the stream footage. http://livestre.am/45jpZ

This was me trying to re-draw stuff before I became sober again.
No. 15292 ID: 496845
File 134811872745.png - (280.12KB , 930x1300 , cookie.png )
No. 19131 ID: 0268f2
File 136917508256.png - (194.47KB , 650x700 , color guy.png )
I dunno where else to put this, so I'm puttin it here.
No. 24832 ID: 2d463e
File 141202400550.png - (1.55MB , 1332x1500 , pancuo_web.png )
Hey guys. Long time no ... anything, huh?

I am very nearly done with all owed commissions, so I would like to come back to questing soon. I want to make a new quest, start on DangerQuest again (after I re-locate all my notes), and do the thing Mannyventure was a prequel for. I could also start on my webcomic which is all planned out, just sorta neglected cause I haven't had enough time, recently.

Here is a piece I recently completed for Chigui and Cuoqet.
No. 24833 ID: 2d463e
That said, out of all those things, which would you like to see?

The webcomic, the totally new quest, the continuation of DangerQuest, or the next thing in the series Mannyventure is a part of?
No. 24837 ID: 2fd516
Man those all sound like cool things. I don't know what to pick. What's the new quest like?
No. 24838 ID: 0bd34b
No. 24840 ID: 2d463e
The new quest utilizes a plot mechanic/story quirk/idea I've wanted to try out for years. I don't wanna spoil too much, but the plot itself involves a semi-hedonistic ronin who wanders from town to town seeking women and booze. He himself winds up being followed by a mysterious figure.

I may as well describe the other avenues: DangerQuest will be an actual irl musician-based medieval-setting quest with some homebrew d&d-esque mechanics. The webcomic takes place in a "modern magic" setting (a modern world that functions and operates on magic-based technology rather than steam-, silicon-, etc based technology), but I find the premise of the actual plot difficult to summarize concisely. And I want the thing that comes after Mannyventure to be a huge surprise, but I promise it will be cool.

Oh, and I was thinking of making an inappropriate one-shot Space Dandy comic, but I'm shy about actually going through with that.

Alright, so there's a lot on my mind. But you may choose from these. Only the quests will be relevant to this imageboard of course, but I'll let you know about what I'm doing and how it's going.
No. 24841 ID: 2d463e
Forgot my name...
No. 24852 ID: 2fd516

I'm gonna go with Danger Quest, mainly because I hate the graveyard being as big as it is.
No. 24879 ID: 2d463e
I will try to look around for my DangerQuest notebooks, then, and get to work on starting it back up. If I can't find them after an extended period of time, I will start on the new quest with the plot mechanic I'd like to try. It would be silly/useless to plan to start being active here again but then be impeded in spite of that, heh.
No. 25260 ID: f6c5f9
So...as you could guess, I haven't been able to find the notebooks yet. I've also realized most of my energy is in the webcomic and Space Dandy doujins anyway, so I guess I'll be drifting off again after all. However I'll wanna stream every now n then and I'll be sure to post the link in IRC!
No. 25261 ID: 2fd516
Ah well. See you on the flipside!
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