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File 131523128811.png - (201.18KB , 959x830 , derpery01.png )
6541 No. 6541 ID: 9a83b0
I just realised i could access /tg/chan from work...

Man, do I hate this internship.

I'll take this oportunity to ask you guys how comissions work for you. I mean, how do providers advertise to get some work to do, and what to requesters generally expect.
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No. 6542 ID: 8636c8
oh man! B&! Its me, Moochan.

It all depends on how you want to tax for your work. Generally the way I see it ,there should be split into groups or at least something like charging extra per extra elements such as additional characters, events (carcrash in the background.) Its fairly individually prefrenced here.

I mean you can't charge for a character portrait as much as you would for a full scale war picture.
No. 6543 ID: 8636c8
SKETCH/LINEWORK: $25, One Character (No background, A rough sketch or a linework, no colour or shading)

BLACK & WHITE or DUOCHROME : $35, One Character (No background, Minimal Cell style shading. Duo-chrome could be any 2 colours you pick; Sepia tones, Green/Black, Blue/Purple, etc.)

FULL COLOUR: $50, One Character (No background, Cell style shading)

ADDITIONAL CHARACTERS: $10 each for B&W, $20 each for Colour (Maximum +4 Characters, ANY additional bodies count as a character, regardlesss of if he/she lacks a head or is just a torso with a cock, it is still a body with limbs and proportions and still counts as a character.), ->Tentacles also count as an additional character due to their complexity.

BACKGROUND: Gradient or solid colour backgrounds are free, as are backgrounds recycled from other pics (if still available). Anything else is $10+ based on complexity.

CLOSE-UP/ZOOM PANELS: $10-20 ea based on complexity (Just a small panel to the side with a zoomed in part of the action, could be a copy of whats going on, or could be slightly modified)

MODIFICATIONS/ALT VERSIONS: Generally about $10/mod. So if you want 2 of the same pic, one with and one without panties or a different hair color, itll be around +$10. Some mods may cost more though; elaborate clothes/armor, big fancy wings, machine gun arms, etc.

This is one way to put it for example.
No. 6544 ID: 9a83b0
File 131523420766.png - (338.43KB , 959x830 , derpery02.png )
Thanks for the details, mate.

However, if i could get 10$ for my sketchy things, it would be nice... At least it could satisfy my steam gaming craves XD
No. 6545 ID: 799f31
ah, using this porn site as a reference again, I see.

Also, nice to see 40kun here.

So far, I've made about 80€ in two/three months. I guess i should make my tariffs a bit higher, but as I never see other drawfags, with barely higher tariffs, talking about people commissioning stuff from them, and sometimes even complaining about a lack of commissions, I'm afraid I can't afford it.

Oh, well, it's enough to buy booze regularly, at least.
No. 6546 ID: ca8a0f
I charge way, way less than that. Of course, my work is lower quality.

What you should do is figure out how long it takes you to do a picture and price accordingly. You want to make better than minimum wage, right? Most people charge more for fetish content.

Some people take money up front, and some take money after. I do a middle of the road approach because I think it's most fair: I do a really rough redline sketch until the pose and things are how the commissioner wants them, and when that's finalized I take payment.

Honestly, pretty much all my work is from people in this community. Otherwise it's FA.
No. 6547 ID: 799f31
another funny option:
send them the finished picture, with a lot of WORDS WORDS WORDS written over it, stupid and gross ones, so that they cannot appreciate the picture unless they pay to get the actual, clean pic.

did that twice, worked fine.
No. 6548 ID: 9a83b0
File 131523728688.png - (151.23KB , 959x830 , derpery03.png )
I tried for some time to get money from furries... but like /tg/, I didn't get much out of it.

I got a couple jobs that allowed me to pay for humble indie bundle games, though.

I guess I'm not a very good seller.
No. 6549 ID: 799f31
not much... that is to say?

Also, I didn't see you advertise on /tg/ for commissions, this year. Actually, the only occurrence of it is the chart on your DA page.
No. 6550 ID: 9a83b0
File 131523789417.jpg - (58.42KB , 1280x945 , 1301862922_peaudehyene_kezune_png.jpg )
During all my career as a comission artist I raised a total of $20.

I'm defenitly not very good at business.
No. 6551 ID: 59ed09
Have you no self-respect?
No. 6552 ID: 9a83b0
I have self respect, in the sense I'd rather draw grewsome porn than work as a clerk.

Because it's still drawing, and that's what I like to do.
No. 6553 ID: 799f31
I was about to say that, but these fuckers seem to be full of money. Not that I would lower myself to such practices, but it's quite understandable to covet the shocking sums that some furry "artists" can make in a matter of weeks.
No. 6554 ID: 59ed09
Sad but true. I know at least two cases of furry lolcows spending so much money to commishs of their OCs they went broke.
No. 6555 ID: 8636c8

Neither am I, I don't even dare step into the world of commissions! For now at least...

I must find you on DA!
No. 6556 ID: 9a83b0
I'll spare you the trouble : http://40-kun.deviantart.com/
No. 6557 ID: 799f31
>got 900$ for one single painting
>doesn't dare to step into the world of commissions

Awww, Emps, you so silly!
No. 6558 ID: 8636c8
Jackpot! Thanks bro!


That was a miracle bro!

I doubt I will run past another real painting fan that would like a replica or something diffrent capable of paying that sum..
No. 6559 ID: 799f31
I don't want to start the shitstorm all over again, so I'd say that yes, it was (HE was) a quite exceptional case, notwithstanding his appreciation of art.

However, if there are people willing to pay 35$ for a simplistic faux-animu porn pic, there must be some clients for any of us. Just gotta look for them.
No. 6560 ID: 8636c8

I agree.
No. 6561 ID: 9f484e
File 131524110625.jpg - (922.21KB , 3200x2362 , stroude_montage.jpg )
First rule of capitalism : takes money from people willing to give it away :3
No. 6562 ID: 799f31
>dat OP pic
mhhh, looks familiar
>looks closer
>new pic
God dammit 40kun!
No. 6563 ID: 9f484e
File 131524264934.png - (616.30KB , 1600x1181 , sistah.png )

A man is entitlled to his own fanarts ! :D
No. 6564 ID: 799f31
it's just that you're making me want to watch the second season, and I don't have time for this now.

Also, this here boobplate looks somehow hotter than the regular separate cups.
No. 6565 ID: 9f484e
File 131525176426.png - (703.59KB , 1600x1181 , sistah2.png )
Dat sexy practical armor XD
No. 6566 ID: f2abea
no, sorry.
Looking good though, graphics wise.
No. 6567 ID: f10f7d
B&Hammer40Kun is a gentleman and his sexual prowess is above average.
No. 6568 ID: 383006
To really get business you have to have a relatively active account, or have access to a decent-sized community willing to pay. That being said, furries pay more and more often, and most of the time it's just a character standing there or something. They're also extremely polite and seem to be really pleased with whatever I produce, even if it's honestly not that great. In my experience anyway they've mostly requested action scenes and reference pictures or nude pinups.

Honestly, I'd rather draw people's furry character pics than draw retarded animu bullshit any day of the week. I don't charge any more for porn than I do for clean pics, and I don't get any kind of awful content commissions, even though I draw lots of violence/blood/etc just on my own.

So this whole "HURR FURRIES DURR" attitude is just stupid.

Also, Porn site? really?
No. 6569 ID: 8636c8
Whatever pays the bills!


Yeah.. Natsume's a friend of mine.
No. 6570 ID: 9f484e
File 131525694171.jpg - (203.15KB , 706x807 , knight01.jpg )
GreenMarine I presume ?

If we keep on sucking on each other's dick, it's going to show XD.

well, I already have difficulties keeping my DA page active, not to mention y blog, so keeping ties with a communauty I don't really feel to belong to is going to be more than a challenge XD.

So much for trying to pay the rent drawing tits and cocks.

THanks anyway :)
No. 6571 ID: 383006

I don't really know who Natsume is. Should I?
No. 6572 ID: 8636c8

A girl that did a whole truckload of porn for HentaiKey.com , not that huge but still something.
No. 6573 ID: 35e1a0
then i am guessing zone did an animation based on her? cause their is a natsume flash by zone.
No. 6579 ID: 9a83b0
File 131529831860.png - (104.83KB , 959x830 , derpery04.png )
Slacking off at work lalalala~
Slacking off at work lalalala~
No. 6580 ID: 9a83b0
File 131530411399.png - (245.71KB , 1119x830 , derpery05.png )
Orc mage.

Yes sir.
No. 6581 ID: 9a83b0
File 131530923709.png - (249.79KB , 1119x727 , derpery06.png )
W A T T A !
No. 6582 ID: 9a83b0
File 131531787742.png - (139.77KB , 1010x850 , derpery07.png )
Dwarven tits !
No. 6583 ID: 4d0f5b
You are a machine.
No. 6590 ID: 707bfe
File 131532698022.png - (1.10MB , 1600x1181 , sistah3.png )
Say what ?
No. 6591 ID: 6c5e93

Your consistency of artwork production is impressive.
No. 6593 ID: 27e3a1
I guess it's somewhat anatomically accurate, taking the thickness of the armor into account, but still, it looks rather... dorfy.
No. 6594 ID: 707bfe
File 131533467821.jpg - (794.99KB , 2480x3508 , Taranis.jpg )
Maybe, however I'll never know how to paint as well as you guys. Thanks anyway :)

I like my women with meat :3
No. 6595 ID: 27e3a1
dunno, it's more like you seem to like short legs and large feet.

No. 6596 ID: 96263c
Because we don't want to upset the users of this charming board with our outlandish language
No. 6597 ID: 7bb14d
I wouldn't mind you guys talking in french, its close to my language anywhoo.
No. 6598 ID: 96263c
SO I've heard. Well, my policy on the matter is to talk the language of the board.

No. 6599 ID: 27e3a1
Foutral, on croirait lire La Queue en Airain du Warfo; Si tu saisis l'allusion. Le gars qui a compilé Taran avec Slereah.

Mais bref, je voulais juste dire que les gambettes à la frangine, là, ont quand même l'air vachement courtes comparées au reste du corps, et surtout aux pieds. A moins que ce soit à cause de la perspective, mais même mes pieds à moi, qui sont pourtant pas des plus menus, en rangeos et tout, ont pas l'air aussi grands.

donc tu pourrais rallonger les mollets ou quelque chose; et ça vaut aussi pour Evangelyne.
No. 6601 ID: 96263c
File 131534557872.png - (399.22KB , 382x1034 , sistah4.png )
J'avais bien saisi... M'enfin elle fait un pouce d'épaisseur la tôlerie là, alors ça fait des jambons en conséquence. Normal quoi.

Et qu'est ce que tu me baves à propos d'Eva ?
No. 6602 ID: 27e3a1
J'ai précisé que c'était pas tant une question l'épaisseur que de longueur relative. Pour Eva comme pour la frangine, les mollets sont courts, encore une fois. Ou les pieds trop longs; ils sont presque aussi longs que les mollets. Mais je dirais que c'est surtout les mollets qui sont courts

En outre, celle-là a aussi l'air un poil bossue, soit parce que le visage est assez en avant, soit parce que le cou est pas assez long. Plutôt le cou, je dirais.
No. 6603 ID: 27e3a1
Après, si t'as vraiment utilisé une référence anatomique pour les proportions, c'est juste moi qui dis des conneries, mais il n'empêche que ça me choque.
No. 6605 ID: 96263c
Nan, j'y suis allé un peu au pif, donc ça doit être moi qui ai de la merde dans l'oeil.
No. 6609 ID: 7bb14d

Do Scanty and Kneesocks now!

You know you want to.
No. 6610 ID: 9a83b0
File 131538300760.png - (201.36KB , 1640x850 , derpery08.png )
ssss - ssssstupid Emperor... it's not that I like ponies or anything...
No. 6611 ID: 9a83b0
File 131538735004.png - (316.96KB , 1640x850 , derpery09.png )
I should really get to work XD
No. 6612 ID: f6c637
File 131539683738.jpg - (23.24KB , 542x239 , 1260434127180.jpg )
No. 6627 ID: 9a83b0
File 131540842373.png - (264.68KB , 1640x850 , derpery10.png )
you're welcome~
No. 6653 ID: 9a83b0
File 131547248983.png - (76.22KB , 931x789 , derpery11.png )
Working sucks, period.
No. 6654 ID: ba051d
J'croyais que t'étais étudiant en graphisme, aux dernières nouvelles...
No. 6656 ID: ba051d
Par le christ sauveur...

Oh, ben au moins ça fait plaisir de voir que tu te démerdes bien avec la construction perspective.
No. 6658 ID: 5e4711
Making games always sounds better in theory than it usually is in reality...

Also, I see what you did there. Are you a wizard?
No. 6659 ID: ba051d
>gets the "are you a wizard" reference
>not Cultist-chan, Taldeer, and Macha

oh, son...
No. 6660 ID: ba051d
File 131550391544.jpg - (25.15KB , 250x220 , elkabach_tcm7-36887.jpg )
t'aurais dû mettre Eric Zemmour...
No. 6661 ID: ba051d
also Alpha Legion
No. 6662 ID: 5e4711
Not to worry, I did see 'em. It's just that I like being the quiet guy too much.
No. 6665 ID: 58fe21
Bonus points if you saw the cutie marks.
No. 6808 ID: a930de
File 131574719063.png - (3.74MB , 3508x4961 , page1.png )
I have no clue
No. 6809 ID: 31a68f
composition intéressante, si ce n'est qu'il n'a pas l'air d'être en contact avec le sol.

Tu t'es aussi mis à la BD? On peut en voir plus? Avoir des conseils? Je suis jamais foutu d'intégrer de la narration correctement dans mes quelques pages...
No. 6815 ID: a930de
je sais qu'il flotte... J'aurais dû lui coller une ombre. M'enfin bon.

Je sais pas ce que je vais faire avec. J'ai l'impression que c'est daubé. Je suis nul en BD.

Je suis animateur moi >_<
No. 6817 ID: 31a68f
nul... faut voir, t'as fait quoi jusque là?
No. 6821 ID: a930de
j'ai rien de scanné, mais rien de ce que j'ai fait ne me parraît bien exeptionnel
No. 6894 ID: 38e7df
File 131594674982.png - (193.67KB , 600x340 , BA_episode1.png )
Rectification, je crois que je vais finir par faire une BD à partir d'image relatée
No. 6895 ID: b0ebf5
Je suis sceptique, ça sent la flemme plus que l'inspiration, pas vrai?
No. 6906 ID: 38e7df
J'ai un scénar qui commence à prendre tournure, ce serait dommage de gâcher.
No. 6945 ID: 9a83b0
File 131608996159.png - (19.70KB , 256x256 , deurp02.png )
I'll take a moment to communicate on the fact my work is presently excrutiatingly BORING.
No. 6946 ID: 6013f4
j'en prends bonne note.
Pour l'instant j'essaie de trouver comment représenter de la soie répandue sur le sol. c'est pas ennuyeux mais c'est velu. Si tu sais comment faire, j'apprécierai un coup de pouce.
No. 6947 ID: 5afb04

But you have the time to gander at stuff on deviantart and post here, where do you work bro? :)
No. 6948 ID: 5afb04

But your silk / cloth on Desaad was amazing...
No. 6950 ID: 9a83b0
Aucune idée

Well, they thought giving me a computer with web access was a good idea... And I'm a bit of a slacker too.
No. 6960 ID: 9a83b0
File 131610189992.png - (80.07KB , 913x847 , derp2.png )
What you see is a floor map.

Water comes from "flux" and flows toward exit 1 to 7.

You find a lock at point L that keeps water from falling in exit 1.

Locks must be used on points A to O, and nowhere else

You must collect the four remaining locks in holes 2 to 5, which are flooded. To do so you must keep water from falling in each hole.

Once a hole is dry, you can pick the lock inside.

You can use locks and pick them back up as you wish.

When you have the five locks, you must use them so only point 6 and 7 recieve water.

Have fun.
No. 6961 ID: 5afb04

Oh god fuck, this is worse than the puzzles in Sanitarium.
No. 6964 ID: 1444d5
File 131610667693.jpg - (130.39KB , 807x776 , solution.jpg )
Remove lock from L, place in N, take lock from 2.
Place two locks in A and C, remove lock from 5.
Place three locks in C, E and F, remove lock from 4.
Place four locks in F, G, H and I, remove lock from 3.
All 5 locks acquired.
Place locks in A, O, H, G, E.
No. 6965 ID: 1444d5
At least, it's solved unless there's some sort of traversing element; i.e. you can only cross paths that have been cut off from the flow. But there's no starting point so I don't think so.
No. 6971 ID: 38e7df
Good job.

How much time did it take for you to get it ?
No. 6991 ID: 1444d5
5 minutes I guess? But I think boolean logic is a fun pastime, so I'm probably not a representative sample.
No. 6996 ID: 7b6eb7
Well, that's about how long it took for my PCs to crack it anyway XD
No. 7141 ID: 9a83b0
This pictures conflicts with the NDA I just signed, could someone nuke it for me please ?
No. 7302 ID: 2d80b9
Feel free to get on IRC at any time if you want to talk about art/doing commissions/etc. I technically do it professionally, though I use the term loosely.
No. 7306 ID: a99a3c
are you 40kun?
No. 7392 ID: ad7fdf
File 131718499433.png - (340.36KB , 3056x2222 , Spike.png )
Er... Nope.
No. 7430 ID: 7173a8
File 131732277922.png - (134.72KB , 800x600 , Pricklypuss.png )
Greetings, master 40Kun.
I was sent here by Technomancer with a humble request in the name of Nurgle.
The Garden requires a drawing of Pricklypuss here carrying the nurglette into battle.
Thanks in advance, we shall monitor this place for an answer.
No. 7432 ID: 686aad


40Kun, MOAR.
No. 7434 ID: ad7fdf
File 131733276566.jpg - (19.42KB , 294x400 , baldrick-thumbnail_46232766.jpg )
Request consdered.
No. 7515 ID: 2bfb61
Is there an irc?
No. 7518 ID: f7ec6c
File 131785047402.jpg - (332.45KB , 1200x1306 , 533316.jpg )
I've been playing a lot of Post Appoc viddya lately as well as S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and this sort of evolved out of a conversation with my friend who also plays. Here It is....
Two children playing,
One is dressed as a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in big old army clothes... the other is a kid costumed as a snork with a vacuum cleaner hose for a nose.

Just 2 kids playin STALKER dress-up. Maybe have the one kid yelling "We're playing Snorks, mom!!"

Snork pic for reference... of course the kid won't look so bloody and insane looking :)
No. 11302 ID: 9a83b0
File 133034941076.png - (567.36KB , 1600x1200 , medieval_table.png )
Sup guys. i know I havent been around for a while, but unfortunately my tools of the trades have been relocated in the school I'm attending, thus preventing me of doing naughty stuff as often as I'd like to.

I'll be trying during the next month to find an internship / job in the video games business, for which I have trained for the past months.

For instance : http://youtu.be/W7ALpVy72TA

Normal levels of tg derpery expected to be restored in a while.
No. 12044 ID: ded807
File 133335391287.png - (355.75KB , 1600x1181 , Dragon_1.png )
And back to business with a virtual musem in UDK
No. 12510 ID: 064bef
File 133506770048.jpg - (336.28KB , 3200x2400 , tewt_RPG_DarkWitch.jpg )
My energy is more or less drained by this one piece wich would allow me to possibly get an internship. At least I hope.

Damn, I hope I'll be able to go back to my fantasy museum soon.
No. 12518 ID: 91dc9b

I forgot to mention that it looks better than your refrence, I can see the personal touch !
No. 12519 ID: feab56
Hanoko leveled the fuck up
No. 12567 ID: 227e87
File 133523624786.jpg - (271.53KB , 3200x2400 , tewt_RPG_DarkWitch_2.jpg )
thanks for those kind words
No. 12597 ID: f33e12

Hey it's nothing, really, you're amazing at this. I bet you made this model from top to bottom 100%. The anatomy is great!
No. 12604 ID: 67f7c9
Thanks again. I'm considering using my sculpt skills to make actual miniatures using this website : http://www.shapeways.com/.
No. 12606 ID: f33e12
File 133535211458.jpg - (67.96KB , 460x300 , jackie.jpg )

You mean to say I could print out that awesome mechanical jaw I've shown you, and wear it IRL?
No. 12620 ID: 67f7c9
costly but totally possible.
No. 12650 ID: 0bc8ea

Awesome sauce!

Btw, I've been banned from DA, so we'll have to communicate here, or something.

Awesomesauce, Now I know what I want for christmas!
No. 12654 ID: 67f7c9
File 133547836639.jpg - (244.22KB , 3200x2400 , tewt_RPG_DarkWitch_3.jpg )
how did you manage to get b& ?
No. 12655 ID: 0bc8ea

see >>12652

A sort of fuckup on my behalf they say?

I am asking for clarification. They are being vague as shit.
No. 12781 ID: e7c485
File 133598786329.jpg - (1.71MB , 4961x3508 , test_RPG_DarkWitch.jpg )
And done.
No. 12782 ID: 0a0932

The shaded version looks excellent! Nice job!

What's next?
No. 12784 ID: e7c485
File 133599455021.png - (491.24KB , 2480x3508 , design.png )
Haaa... Many things to do. Three games projects with friends, plus your torture-device fanart, and a mondern days police/legal RPG campaign I'd like to run.
No. 12785 ID: 0a0932

I do love ship combat!

Also that campaign sounds interesting. Is it running on a platform or, IRL tabletop?
No. 12786 ID: e7c485

I'll be using a setting called "COPS", it's a world where California made secession from the US, and the latter took the opportunity to dump their criminals on them. PCs are all working for a showcase, suposedly "elite" section of the Californian police.

My idea is creating a plot around a medical company running illegal tests for a psycho active drug on the street, effectively selling it to finance more research. Goal of the investigation is not only to unveil the conspiracy and the ties between the company and a LA street gang, but also to bring the responsible into trial. But since politics, things might get rough. Also US spies, sex scandals, nosy journalists...
No. 12787 ID: 0a0932

Sounds awesome!

Couldn't help but notice your ships look like the ones in Starcraft.
No. 12788 ID: e7c485
File 133600434079.png - (1.34MB , 2480x3508 , doodoom.png )
Yes, but the player ship has flippers.

We're doing a Sh'm'up / Block Breaker / Pinball game.

Tell me this is not awesome. I dare you.
No. 12793 ID: 0406ed
File 133603293896.gif - (621.08KB , 500x281 , 9e9.gif )
No. 12794 ID: e7c485
Since we're working with a talented Game Designer, and our programmer and Sound designer are up to par, there is a possibility that the game is effectively nice.

We'll try and release on Steam.
No. 12796 ID: 0406ed
File 133603535021.jpg - (155.06KB , 800x1200 , gabe newell.jpg )


You are in good hands , my friend.
No. 12888 ID: 49a7e1
File 133659267249.jpg - (20.54KB , 640x480 , desktop_01.jpg )
No. 12889 ID: 49a7e1
File 133659273052.jpg - (109.89KB , 1920x1080 , desks_01.jpg )
And office.
No. 12890 ID: 6e518b
File 133659535932.png - (273.12KB , 535x536 , axefft.png )

Those better not be macs!
No. 12891 ID: 49a7e1
Dude. Do you seriously think those bulky motherfuckers could be Steve Jobs' spawns ?
No. 12892 ID: 6e518b

They could have been some steampunk-ish stands for them!

I've seen horrors. Apple Steampunk settings.
No. 12893 ID: 49a7e1
Nah, that ain't me.
No. 12903 ID: 1444d5
Looks sort of like a NAVI (which would make it Mac inspired, I guess?).
No. 12905 ID: 49a7e1
File 133663957048.png - (371.20KB , 1920x1080 , desktop_render_compo.png )
ANd now with prettier render yay~
No. 12908 ID: 49a7e1
File 133665749177.png - (441.02KB , 1920x1080 , PLASMAGUN.png )
and then there was gun
No. 12909 ID: 693850

Dem side vents~
No. 13286 ID: 10092b
File 133820830754.png - (1.81MB , 2480x3508 , designs.png )
herp derp
No. 13300 ID: 9f895a



No. 13349 ID: 809535
File 133858374635.png - (1.17MB , 2480x3508 , design - grolaser.png )
haha gunship !
No. 13410 ID: 0acbfa

Space Invaders, The Revamp?
No. 13413 ID: 809535
kinda :D
No. 13414 ID: 0acbfa

FFFFFUCK YES, sign me up for a beta test or something, haha!
No. 13909 ID: 4f491d
File 134123885322.png - (810.47KB , 873x1009 , monstrous_001.png )
No. 13976 ID: 7d2165
File 134159767242.jpg - (2.25MB , 4961x3508 , sketches.jpg )
No. 14086 ID: 4f491d
File 134211084338.png - (1.77MB , 2480x3508 , mecha01.png )
No. 14146 ID: 7d2165
File 134226971460.png - (576.64KB , 2103x1200 , research_01.png )
No. 14147 ID: 185665

All of these robots of yours look awesome, but I don't like the angle here.

Are they all for that game you are working on?
No. 14151 ID: 7d2165
yes they are. Although the angle is kinda mandatory, since the cam angle will be top-down, meaning they must be readable from a high angle point of view
No. 14178 ID: 7d2165
File 134236854168.png - (1.51MB , 2103x2400 , research_03.png )
No. 15797 ID: 4f491d
File 135064185338.png - (7.10MB , 2480x3508 , blue.png )
it's been a while
No. 15798 ID: 4c1918
I don't know why, the nose is nowhere near big enough, but I instantly thought "Nixon" when I saw that face. At least on the thumbnail.
No. 15800 ID: 7d2165
I guess it's because of the large, dark eyebrows and kinda fat lips.
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