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File 132181217788.jpg - (148.69KB , 1198x1684 , dwarf.jpg )
8587 No. 8587 ID: b62b4e
A dwarf.

Trying out a new style. Speed paint, one layer in Corel. ~ 80 minutes.
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No. 8588 ID: b62b4e
File 132181390597.jpg - (104.01KB , 1053x2024 , asdfdd.jpg )
Contrary to popular belief I am not dead. Just hiding here.

30 minutes.
No. 8591 ID: 51361a
That's cool and all, but where's Curze? Also, why make a new thread? The old one was only at something around 500 posts.
No. 8601 ID: 22fd24
File 132187362186.jpg - (103.62KB , 702x878 , curzefdfgdfg.jpg )

Too crowded.

Thats all I've got so far.
No. 8606 ID: 51361a

Alright. The lips look weird to me, though that might be because I always thought of it as something more of a gaping wound rather than actual lips. Think Christian Bale lips.
No. 8607 ID: 22fd24
File 132190391030.png - (272.35KB , 432x413 , oh.png )

Usually features change with atmosphere and surrounding environment's impact. But I think I know what you mean.

I will see what I can do, whilst trying to keep that look of defiance and despise towards M'shen and the Imperium.
No. 8608 ID: cfde40

Looking good so far.
No. 8623 ID: 9f895a
File 132195847517.jpg - (323.66KB , 1531x1294 , night haunter31.jpg )

Might as well post the whole thing to get a good feel about it.

This is not in any way the final version.

Theres shitloads to do..
No. 8637 ID: 9f895a
File 132200178492.jpg - (232.01KB , 1000x1200 , Untitled-232221.jpg )
" Where's me' mug? "

20 mins
No. 8642 ID: 94be71
Dem dorfs. Also, I'd recommend making Curze's armour a little darker. It looks good so far, but I would use that blue for Thousand Sons, or Ultramarines even.
No. 8644 ID: 9f895a
File 132201101571.jpg - (311.14KB , 1531x1294 , night haunter30.jpg )

I cheated with effects.
No. 8669 ID: cb4f11
File 132206342808.jpg - (762.74KB , 3508x4961 , TFRE366_tmp.jpg )
An Eldar.

Warp Spider?! I don't know yet.
No. 8670 ID: 9299dc

eldar phallushead aspect

founded by pheonix lord geiger
No. 8671 ID: cb4f11
File 132206547202.jpg - (367.92KB , 3508x4961 , TFRB51B_tmp.jpg )


And a most Phallacious idea Comrade!
No. 8673 ID: 9df3bc
It's pronounced "gheeghurr", the German way, you scum.
No. 8674 ID: cb4f11

Its Spelt "GIGER" You fuckwad.
No. 8739 ID: 56ea13
File 132225381421.jpg - (1.74MB , 3510x2550 , EP1_pb3_pb_5.jpg )
I am still alive.

Just doing something called "Descriptive Geometry" at college. Wich is a COMPLETE AND UTTER FUCKLOAD OF GRR.
No. 8740 ID: 63ffc3

Holy fuck.
No. 8741 ID: 8cf4e1
wow. That looks cool. Is it part of the art course?
No. 8742 ID: 56ea13
File 132225816561.png - (223.31KB , 987x926 , Idonotcare.png )

Its part of the "General Studies" section of the College, Its on a credit system and due to my Hypoxia, I couldn't choose sports over this.

Thought it was something about Architecture.

No. 8761 ID: 1444d5
Just remember, it could be worse. Physical objects in 3 dimensions are better than theoretical constructs in 4+ dimensions (fuck you Laplace, s-space transformation doesn't make this easier at all!).
No. 8762 ID: b7988b
>googling it
No. 8763 ID: b7988b
>looked it up
>oh my
GE, this is going to be insanely rude, intensely morbid and more than a little out of character for me, so I will offer my apologies from the shores of Hell in advance.
With hypoxia, could you be literally fucked to death?
No. 8765 ID: 192096
File 132231235542.png - (392.26KB , 1053x992 , miha.png )

Im still alive so no. hahah.

It's usually triggered by stuffy places, like a buss full of people, Small elevators, neverending flights of stairs... And very VERY high places. I live on the 6th floor of an apartment complex and doing fine, but I dare not go above the 9th floor. I guess its altitude related , I should be fine if the pressure stays the same.
No. 8767 ID: 1444d5
Have you considered getting a small gas cylinder (often called a 'pony bottle' by divers) filled with nitrox (air with an increased proportion of oxygen)? They're pretty teeny, and you can assemble it out of commercially available diving kit so it'll be a lot cheaper than a dedicated medical device. At only 1ATM output a teeny 1.5l bottle would last a good 3/4 hour of breathing gas taken neat. Your local diving club could probably help you finding the relevant bits and putting it all together & gassing it up.
No. 8768 ID: 192096
File 132232585326.jpg - (177.48KB , 505x868 , Copilot.jpg )

I have, sadly I couldn't find any "portable" stuff.

Thank you for the diving club suggestion. I might check it out tommorow.
No. 8771 ID: 8cf4e1
you mean that you CAN represent these things?

oh wow. Where the fuck do I sign?
No. 8772 ID: 1444d5
>Where the fuck do I sign?
Before the numeral.
Punning aside, there's the concept of 'frequency space', where moving along an axis doesn't mean moving in time, but moving with increased frequency. This can make some math to do with signal manipulation easier (assuming you head does not explode), but has some nasty artefacts, such as a discrete events in the time domain becoming an infinite sequence in the frequency domain. Add to this phase, and that a signal may be continuously changing in frequency, and you're already up to 4 dimensions. And that's not even considering spatial dimensions.
It's the sort of idea that switches between 'elegant' and 'totally nonsensical' with blinding speed, and at generally inopportune moments.
No. 8774 ID: 8cf4e1
File 132234313476.jpg - (36.64KB , 200x237 , lolcraft.jpg )
No. 8775 ID: 192096
File 132234492159.jpg - (29.26KB , 853x480 , spy_head_explode.jpg )
No. 8776 ID: 09faef
>Im still alive so no. hahah.
Hmm, alright then.
Curiosity sated for now.
No. 8781 ID: 192096
File 132235644862.jpg - (717.85KB , 1309x1373 , eldar14.jpg )

Follow up.

No. 8831 ID: 0fca51
File 132253060934.jpg - (414.79KB , 2336x2563 , PIC9F_tmp.jpg )
Pose practice
No. 8832 ID: 0fca51
File 132253083645.jpg - (235.46KB , 1995x1882 , PICC2_tmp.jpg )

And perspective, I guess.
No. 8833 ID: 0fca51
File 132253088619.jpg - (110.45KB , 1037x1194 , PICA0_tmp.jpg )
No. 8834 ID: 2f02b8
Some of these are pretty cool.
No. 8871 ID: 2c9e78
File 132261382640.jpg - (1.40MB , 3112x1373 , eldar18.jpg )

Decided to give this more attention. I still need to clean it up properly, and make sure everything is matching tho.

Have you guys heard of Christopher Hart? He's got a pretty nice guide "Drawing Cutting edge comics." there are some very awesome tips inside there I've used for


If anyone's interested I can upload it.
No. 8878 ID: f9504e
Please, make it.
No. 8880 ID: 082972

Here's the comic guide.

No. 8964 ID: 77f106
File 132292060637.jpg - (173.31KB , 1285x2342 , PIC26_tmp.jpg )
I don't even know anymore.
No. 9112 ID: e19cf5
File 132324083843.jpg - (2.85MB , 3000x2330 , konrad2.jpg )
SAI painter is wierd.
No. 9115 ID: a54b46
Yeah, I never really got into it. It's okay, as far as painting tools go, and I know a lot of folks around here use it, but... ehh. I still prefer Photoshop CS5 by a long shot.
No. 9116 ID: e19cf5

There's little tidbits in Corel you can't mimic with photoshop. I find these two work well together.
No. 9244 ID: 62e6b8
File 132383494884.jpg - (538.07KB , 3919x3000 , TFR880E_tmp.jpg )
How do gif's work?

I'd like to take up to 50 images, and make them into a gif, like show progression of an artpiece for example...

Anyone knows what program to use for that kind of heavy load?
No. 9246 ID: 30b781
Uh, if I did a process image, I used gimp. However, that is for like, 10 images. 50 would be a pain in the arse to compile.
No. 9247 ID: ba3ef7
Flash, or maybe even Photoshop using the weird animation features.
No. 9259 ID: bc1d0a
Use GIF making software, like Easy GIF Animator or GIF movie gear.
You'll have to pirate it though.

they compile it fast enough, but 50 images gonna result inna huge file
No. 9260 ID: 5c0e64
photoparp works for simple junk like showing progress through work.
No. 9286 ID: 5e7afa
File 132393951326.jpg - (2.01MB , 4000x3000 , Heinrich Jones.jpg )
This is going to take me a while.

Thanks for the GIF suggestions.

And big thanks to the anon that suggested I should get a pony bottle from the diving supplies. You saved my life and my wallet.
No. 9301 ID: 5e7afa
File 132396246390.jpg - (630.93KB , 902x1374 , torturer3.jpg )
No. 9302 ID: 5e7afa
File 132396582857.jpg - (357.86KB , 902x1374 , torturer16.jpg )

Why must your character be so damn hawt.
No. 9304 ID: 5e7afa
File 132397429951.jpg - (849.16KB , 978x1374 , torturer61.jpg )


3 hours left! GOD DAMN IT!
No. 9306 ID: 1fd313
Wow. Corel painter looks damn useful.

careful with the saliva, it looks like white strings. otherwise it's cool.
No. 9309 ID: 5e7afa
File 132398036678.jpg - (850.80KB , 978x1374 , torturer62.jpg )

Gosh, Corel is amazing... And the things he sat down to teach me... Indeed, it is damn useful, but I must ask, what intrigues you the most?

And lo and behold, spittle.
No. 9310 ID: 1fd313
Those textures/shading techniques, mostly. It annoys me that he tends to only use the same ones, but they look really cool. Care telling me more?
No. 9311 ID: 5e7afa

Well, It's all done in one layer.

Corel does not have any external brushes, or stuff that you can find all around DA for photoshop. Textures are all done MANUALLY.

He likes to work in one layer, using oil brushes set to "Soft oil Pastel" ALWAYS blending.

Pencil 2b for sharp details such as scratches, shines and rusty details, medium opacity.

Gosh, it would be much easier to sit behind you and show you.

If there is anything else specific you are looking for ,I'll need more details so I can try and explain to the best of my ability.
No. 9312 ID: 5e7afa
File 132398372514.jpg - (853.38KB , 978x1374 , torturer63.jpg )

Finished just in time with only 13 minutes to go. My brain/wrist hurts. I hope he will like it.
No. 9313 ID: af2c3d
A+ would approve again
No. 9314 ID: 2708a6
if he don't like it he's blind
No. 9315 ID: 5e7afa

heey, thanks guys <3
No. 9316 ID: 1fd313
Oh, that's basically what he explained in a tutorial on his DA. Thanks, though.
No. 9321 ID: 5e7afa

Sorry for the late reply, yeah his tutorials help a lot, and his videos as well.
No. 9345 ID: f20a73
File 132407771947.jpg - (1.46MB , 3112x1373 , eldar30.jpg )
God damn stupid phobia.
No. 9346 ID: f20a73
File 132407816492.jpg - (192.18KB , 1057x1607 , pose5.jpg )

Dynamic pose! Not really.
No. 9370 ID: 88322e
File 132416649476.jpg - (668.11KB , 1057x1607 , pose12.jpg )

Maaan, Eldar blades are a bitch to draw....
No. 9371 ID: b24dd6
don't draw the damn outlines unless you need it. A series of strokes of different shades can give a far more efficient, good-looking and easily achieved effect, than a full polygonal construction of each blade. Of course it has to be precise, but once you've got the right angle, it's done within seconds.
No. 9372 ID: 88322e

I was referring mostly to the rivets, and indentations, more or less to keep them accurately sized. But thanks for the tip, I'll try that on others!
No. 9380 ID: 6c3a66
File 132420289451.jpg - (2.72MB , 5400x3623 , tort5.jpg )
> A series of strokes of different shades can give a far more efficient, good-looking and easily achieved effect...

If this is what you meant by that whole thing , not restricted to blades, then thank you, this is an eye opener. Needs refining but its fucking amazing , to me at least.
No. 9384 ID: b24dd6
Well, it still has to be refined, but yes, it can be applied to anything.
No. 9385 ID: 6c3a66

Been meaning to ask , have you ever drawn any Mandrakes? other than the ones posted on your DA?
No. 9386 ID: b24dd6
No. 9387 ID: 6c3a66

Would you be interested in drawing some more (That is to say if you have the time)? Or at least sharing a higher resolution version of those there?
No. 9425 ID: 2cfd90
File 132432758869.jpg - (689.49KB , 1057x1607 , pose21.jpg )

Shine Damn it!
No. 9516 ID: f6df45
File 132454041250.jpg - (889.37KB , 3508x4961 , TFRCBC_tmp.jpg )
Anyone have any good suggestions on how to paint this particular scene properly? I'm asking specifically about the image reflection on the tank, I've never tried something like this...
No. 9563 ID: dce735
File 132483053338.jpg - (722.80KB , 1057x1607 , pose32.jpg )
There is no Christmas in Moscow. -_-
No. 9574 ID: 802dc8
pretty neat, Emps. Two things: the hair is very (unnaturally) bright. Maybe you wanted it to be like that, so that is fine if so. Secondly, the blades look wrong, both of them. The front one seems too 'square on' to the point that I wouldn't know it was a blade if it weren't for the other one. The other looks a little strange as well. Too thick, I think.
No. 9575 ID: dce735
File 132487930153.jpg - (242.49KB , 1001x1179 , Untitled.jpg )

About the hair, I haven't added in any environmental effects such as rain and proper shades, so it is going to look un-natural untill I start making it look wet and dirty.

And yeah, the Blades, well I've really got no clue how to represent those better than that, I fear if I make them any thinner, they might seem very frail.

So... what did you guys get for Christmas?
No. 9576 ID: 802dc8

I dunno, some stuff. Got some art books, confectionery, money, new tie, some music I already had. Usual stuff. Kind dude from around these parts bought me Space Marine, which is highly awesome of him. Bought myself a new choppa too, which was like a gift to myself.

Most importantly, I got to see the warm, toothless smile of a shaking 'homless man' who wanted money for 'accomodation,' as I gave him all the spare change in my wallet (4 AUD). I hope he finally got that fatal overdose.

I wasn't mugged, I hope it doesn't read like that.

How about you?
No. 9580 ID: dce735

Spending Christmas and New years in Moscow with some friends. Family is absent to me, I also got Space Marine gifted by Scriptarius himself, we should give it a go sometimes.

And I now have a 12 gauge shotgun. I am not a /k/ombat unit so I can't say what the hell it is. Haven't even unpacked it...

A choppa you say?! Niiiiice.
No. 9581 ID: 57ca40
>>we should give it a go
We should.
No. 9586 ID: e3487f

You got a fucking gun? No fair!
No. 9587 ID: 4183c9
No, he said he got a shotgun. Can't you read?

For fuck's sake.
No. 9588 ID: e3487f
File 132494194979.jpg - (44.83KB , 569x412 , 1277519870369.jpg )
No. 9590 ID: 00d200
File 132494843543.jpg - (2.62MB , 3767x3773 , refrenceeeee_.jpg )
Alright, here's the clusterfuck bomb.

Any ideas on a colorscheme that would work for this guy , considering his chem tubes and all sorts of slaaneshy stuff, WITHOUT making him look like a christmas tree?
No. 9593 ID: 6386ce

No. 9594 ID: 00d200

Oh wow, Overlord-kun~

I never would have thought.

Seriously though....
No. 9595 ID: 6386ce

Well, that was actually a joke, but okay. I really cannot think of a decent, Slaaneshi colour scheme that is both contemporaneous with the modern appearance of these types of Chaos Space Marines (which is to say not 1980's glam metal musicians in power armour, but rather this kind of cyberpunk, latex-clad, syringe-laden thing that it is these days), and pleasing to the eye. It seems like this purple/pink + black thing is 'nice enough,' but it's also a bit generic. Really, Slaanesh isn't my thing, so I am no good here, heh.
No. 9596 ID: 6386ce
Also, that Daemonette on the pauldron looks super-content. It's amazing.
No. 9597 ID: 50eda6
Try green. Not sickly vomit Nurgle green, but bright rave party/nuclear reactor/Ominous Green Stuff In Lab Tubes/chemical vat green.
No. 9600 ID: 79ae26
Why not render the flat surfaces of the armour in grayscale, and then introduce colour to those areas on another layer, so it produces an iridescent effect similar to Goethite?

I don't really know much about art techniques, but there has been depictions of Slaaneshi daemon-worlds having iridescent surroundings and such. It's not like shifting colours are solely used by Tzeentch's pawns.
No. 9602 ID: 856120

No. 9604 ID: 856120
File 132501446159.jpg - (622.86KB , 1008x1227 , daemonette.jpg )

Fabarm makes lightweight weapons... mhmmm

So Overlord, I heard you like mah Daemonette.
No. 9605 ID: 856120
File 132502061173.jpg - (343.16KB , 2361x456 , heads.jpg )
DA. This will vork.
No. 9606 ID: a2f11d
It's fucking Romania, man.
No. 9607 ID: 856120

NOPE, Thanks to Moscow buddies.

I'm concerned about taking this over customs. I don't suppose they will let me on a plane with it.
No. 9608 ID: a2f11d
What would you even do with it? Are there even Chechens in your country?
No. 9609 ID: 856120

Did you ever kill a gipsy )))? Chechens no, Bozgors yes.
No. 9610 ID: a2f11d
There are no Gypsies where I live. I have Portuguese neighbors who seem to be actively trying to attract gunfire, but it's in a proper residential area.

And what the hell is a Bozgor?
No. 9612 ID: 856120

It is legal to shoot gipsies around here if you catch them steal from private property. Bozgors are what we call Hungarians, they are all over Transylvania now...
No. 9620 ID: 2b69b4

Leave valuables out in the open. Hide in a nearby dumpster.
No. 9627 ID: c092b9

I'd need an adequate dumpster...
No. 9634 ID: 0bd097
File 132511896744.jpg - (2.09MB , 3266x1621 , bodies7.jpg )
No. 9635 ID: a2f11d
It doesn't work. The green especially.
No. 9636 ID: 0bd097

Well thanks for honesty, any suggestion?
No. 9637 ID: 453e62
shouldn't not working be the point? it is Chaos.
being hard to look at should be a thing they do.
No. 9638 ID: 71657e
The green and the blue are the worst, I think. Make the green brighter and the armour black. I think that would make it look nicer. Also, get rid of the blue phial altogether, replacing it with more pouches.
No. 9639 ID: 0bd097

yes green WILL* be brighter ,Armor black as well..

Problem is , I am laying down simple colors for now, it is a refrence sheet afterall, mostly for pick and choose color swatches. And to see what matches the most.

Thanks for the pouch suggestion, I will add it in.

*Keep in mind effects such as shadows,glows,armor shines, will not be represented on a refrence sheet.
No. 9642 ID: a2f11d

green should be brighter, as already mentioned. Otherwise, the armor isn't dark enough to offer a proper contrast; there are too many different shades of pink/purple (the darkest ones work less well) and you might want to try replacing the purple fluid with red fluid, as it looks kind of redundant and doesn't stand out.

Also, turquoise usually works pretty well with purple. But that depends upon the proportions, saturation and all. I just think it would be a good alternative to the green if it doesn't work out.
No. 9658 ID: 966ce7

Yes, thank you.
No. 9687 ID: 1e297e
File 132527289767.jpg - (2.21MB , 4564x2908 , Oror.jpg )
Well... Shit.
No. 9810 ID: 9081f0
File 132571658314.jpg - (14.37KB , 253x286 , I LOVE CAPTCHA.jpg )
Guys, DA has failed me alongside google.

I uh...

Need a gore tutorial...
No. 9812 ID: 3ecfd0
I don't know about tutorials, but when I need inspiration, I usually hang around on gurochan for a bit, and try to combine it with my little experience with drawing rotten wood.
No. 9813 ID: 9081f0


Well, refrencing could work, I guess.

But I was most interested to learn about tissue tension, flesh chunks , and well, a painting technique for flesh stages. (Thing stages of decay for zombies from fresh to putrid)
No. 9814 ID: 3ecfd0
Also, if you go by most accurate depictions, and sculptures of flesh (no matter its state), it basically boils down to an accumulation of blobs. Tiny blobs, big juicy blobs, long distended blobs...

Also, using a soft, desaturated blue on some parts, or to shade it, gives it a nice aspect, particularly on massive, swollen organs. Otherwise, you can go with a browner, very dark shading color, bright red for the most exposed parts, and something yellowish for progressive highlights, even if a soft pink works very nicely on certain parts. And of course, adding little, very precise and hard white reflections make it look glistening and consistent. Orange is rarely a relevant color.

or if you want to have something more rough, but still pleasant, adopt a more scribbly style, with a saturated, strong red (not too bright) on a very dark basis, without varying the saturation too much. Then, you can add a few white reflections and it can look very good.

also, an important thing: diluted, or dried blood tends to look brown rather than red.
No. 9820 ID: 9081f0

Oh wow, thank you very much!
No. 9821 ID: 3ecfd0
I've only tried it seriously with ink, though, I can't say how well it works under photoshop or SAI.
No. 9822 ID: 3b3d26
I'm probably best at blood and offal, when it comes to gore, but maybe I could offer some of my experience. What do you need?
No. 9823 ID: 9081f0

That's okay , your advice helps tremendously!


Oh, a lot of things like tissue tension, flesh chunks , and well, a painting technique for flesh stages. (Thing stages of decay for zombies from fresh to putrid)

Blood shots, splatter, viscosity stages.

Wounds, cuts, bruises, gunshots (specially bolters)

A lot...
No. 9825 ID: 7382ba
I will try to put together a reference of what (I think) I know.
No. 9826 ID: 9081f0

oh gosh really?! Thanks a lot!!
No. 9835 ID: a6c08a
God Emp, come to the states. Marry me for a green card. It will be good for us both.
No. 9848 ID: b7328a
File 132578554979.jpg - (587.15KB , 1271x644 , BREAK YOU.jpg )

I am pretty proud of this little thing.
No. 9850 ID: b7328a
File 132579415655.jpg - (382.54KB , 1271x644 , BREAK YOU (2).jpg )

Small anatomy fixes and added the skin/flesh layer.

Oh man Technomancer, thanks for the awesome tips, And you Overlord, that tutorial is fucking amazing!
No. 9855 ID: 3ecfd0
File 132580590408.jpg - (50.73KB , 500x374 , emi.jpg )
does this have something to do with the release of Katawa Shoujo?
No. 9857 ID: b7328a


No.. It's part of the story we're writing...
No. 9880 ID: 570abf
File 132587328033.jpg - (601.52KB , 1321x644 , BREAK YOU (3).jpg )
And done.
No. 9882 ID: c2ae8d
No. 9886 ID: 33eed1

Fun stuff. Came out pretty well.
No. 9889 ID: 570abf

I'm a bit dissapointed at the little broken bones, I have no clue about those...
No. 9891 ID: 33eed1

Hmm.. It's hard to explain how they break. And it differs between fresh and dry bone, so yeah. I'd say for fresh bones, imagine like a thick PVC pipe, being broken. Older bones may exhibit qualities a little bit like wood.
No. 9892 ID: 570abf
File 132589801126.jpg - (961.92KB , 969x1107 , cailean5.jpg )

See, she is part of the story on DA apparently, I've been solicited to participate.

She's supposed to deliver a messsage blah blah,

But the Noise Raptor severely fucks her up, claws her right leg with his Digitigrade claw, and her left leg is twisted like that, because he grabs her and just bashes her around like a ragdoll against walls.

I'm hoping that the drawing properly translates these events. Most of the shocks were absorbed by her warp-pack, that gets torn off tho, hence the hanging cables behind her.
No. 9893 ID: 33eed1
Ah, yeah. Although I'm a member of the relevant group, I never keep up with that thing. All I can do is joke to myself about how it seems like it's about sexual tension between Cailean and Torturer.

But if that's the story, I think her arms would have been fucked up as well. It'd be hard to keep your head straight in a situation wherein you're being smashed against stuff, and so I think you'd naturally put your arms up to protect your head, and so they'd get bashed and broken as well.
No. 9908 ID: c478ef

There's her helm and blades...

I forgot to mention the broken blades are from her trying to parry that powerglove.

No. 9946 ID: 1ad995
File 132607674913.jpg - (628.59KB , 969x1107 , cailean18.jpg )

Yeah, this helmet is weird.
No. 9948 ID: 69f9e0
File 132608325318.jpg - (104.32KB , 416x605 , baroquepainting.jpg )
Thumbnail painting went wrong.
No. 9951 ID: 0db8d2

Well, even though the hair is kinda weird, I like the face a lot more than usual.

This is better as well. I thought the psychic hood on the old one looked too small.
No. 9952 ID: 69f9e0
File 132609303443.jpg - (624.69KB , 969x1107 , cailean20.jpg )

Yeah, I played around with some textures in good ol' photoshop for the emps painting thingy. But I still feel Corel is superior, I love doing everything manually for some reason.

As for the Librarian, I felt the same thing about his psychic hood, so I decided to enlarge it more akin to the Adrian Smith style, Now I just need to fix the expression a bit and work on the perspective a bit ( like the perched eagle for instance, I need to center it properly. or adjust the helmet .)
No. 10003 ID: 729bc8
File 132630468129.png - (1.31MB , 1920x1080 , ohboy.png )
I encourage you peeps to check these guys out.

They have a shit-ton of videos and lots of good tips.


Altho , you guys are cool and may already know these things, I decided to share. Might help everyone else.
No. 10005 ID: 4cab26
went a bit through it; I dunno, it /sounds/ interesting, but I don't really see how I could put those tips into practice without simply copying the pictures themselves.
No. 10006 ID: 729bc8

I said the same thing myself to be quite honest, But I decided to wade through everything this guy has to offer, at least it's something to do at work in my case.

I really like these types of techniques and concept art is something I really want to learn.
No. 10082 ID: cfb58a
File 132650333928.jpg - (374.94KB , 1580x2014 , flying.jpg )
Overlord got me thinking...

AM I Ambidextrous?

Far from it , lol.
No. 10083 ID: 841075
If that's left handed, that's actually pretty good.
No. 10084 ID: 011ced
No. 10085 ID: cfb58a
File 132650788975.jpg - (60.82KB , 1001x907 , a most imperial feel.jpg )

Yeah, if you disregard proportions / perspective issues, I guess. I still thought Overlord's had more comical value. I can't do comical stuff...
No. 10115 ID: 20c1c3
No. 10123 ID: 20c1c3
File 132657932886.jpg - (157.60KB , 549x517 , Fuckdarksouls.jpg )
No. 10124 ID: f1518a

Yeah apparently that's pretty hard.
No. 10125 ID: 20c1c3


It's sadistic.

The tutorial kills you.
No. 10126 ID: f1518a
huh. Fair enough.
No. 10128 ID: 20c1c3
File 132658598862.jpg - (820.55KB , 969x1313 , cailean38_.jpg )

No. 10132 ID: f1518a

Hmm. It looks very similar to Torture Device's art-style again. I dunno if that's intentional, but it's mostly noticeable on the metal parts like the collar and tubes. Not sure if that's a bad thing. His art is nice, but it's not something I'd enjoy, to be likened to him all the time.

On the subject of the feet, they look mostly fine to me, but I would bring them up a little with some highlights. Keep going, it looks pretty nice. Reflections on the top of the hood are pretty rad.
No. 10136 ID: edaa0a

Verily. I've mentioned before, I've had the opportunity to go at a hands-on approach with him. So to speak. He's surprisingly helpful and okay underneath all that harbored hatred for the DA filth.

I tried to retouch some old stuff with photoshop , but I am just not feeling it at all.

I'll make a comparison later on to show you what I mean.

Is the new bird better than the old one? I thought the old one was out of line with the POV.
No. 10141 ID: f1518a
Yeah, he seems like an alright bloke, although I haven't spoken to him very much.

I think the new eagle looks much better, yeah.
No. 10170 ID: edaa0a
File 132667219715.jpg - (575.52KB , 1459x769 , anders2.jpg )
Had to hurry this one up because guess what, RIOTS. AGAIN.

Loading up the Fabarm...

Uh yeah.

If I mysteriously dissapear for more than 5 days, I might have been mugged, injured or worse.

No. 10171 ID: 011ced
Anders originally wanted to become a model.

Just imagine him with a popped collar and a pink shirt...
No. 10172 ID: e15d0f

Haha, 'Ultras?' I found that a little funny. Bloody football, am I right?

So it seems you had no trouble with customs, getting the shotgun back home. Good to hear. Stay inside, I say. Best to wait until it all blows over.
No. 10174 ID: edaa0a

Bro, I just saw a guy getting shot in the face with a trauma gun today. Every shop within a kilometer from my apartment got vandalized. Anders's fashion designs are the least of my concerns !

IT SHOULD be all over the news, what with 44 injured and 20 un-acounted for..

Our president is a bitch...
No. 10176 ID: 011ced
also; the nose doesn't seem to be aligned with the mouth: the crease above the upper lip is slightly too far on the right, and the right nostril doesn't seem visible enough.

There's also something that bugs me with the eye; maybe that it isn't shaded deeply enough, but otherwise it seems to fit; I may be wrong though, since you seem to have been using a reference picture.

and white reflections on the golden parts might enhance them a lot, which would be relevant seeing how direct the light source is. about that, maybe a hint of gleam in the right eye would make the face more easily understandable and match the overall light direction.

No. 10178 ID: edaa0a
File 132667343649.jpg - (61.39KB , 960x720 , 393234_1784869479305_1766568245_915123_433722607_n.jpg )
Customs people were very nice and professional about the whole gun, thing. They had me on a wait list, secured the gun for me, and as a security measure they handled it for me , pre-landing, I had to come back and pick it up 4 days after I disembarked.

Yeah , I'm bunkering up. going to try and get some food stacked tommorow morning as early as possible. and wait it out.

Problem is, I am not living on a top floor, i'm right at the groundfloor. I'm pretty tense about the whole thing.

Friend of mine, Claudiu Oprea, got a shield to the face.
No. 10179 ID: edaa0a
File 132667398231.jpg - (281.74KB , 1182x1135 , ALLSHINIES.jpg )

I did say I rushed it. Panic settled in when crowds gathered 40 yards from here.
No. 10180 ID: e15d0f

Well, that sucks. Especially being on the ground floor. Don't be afraid to defend yourself, I guess.

I read a story in the news recently wherein a young woman with an infant child shot dead an armed home invader, as he and an accomplice gained entry into her house. Cool thing is, she got no punishment for shooting the dude dead, and the other bloke got charged with his murder, and is being put away for a long time. It's a beautiful example of justice.

In my country, if the same thing went down, the shooter would probably go to jail, get sued by the dead guy's family, get a lot of unwanted media attention, and so on. It's rather sad that, in this modern world, even defending your life has so many strings and regulations.
No. 10181 ID: edaa0a

I'll just lock the door tight, doubt anyone would want to barge in through.

The worst case scenario is a rock, stray tear-gas can or molotov through the window. So yeah. I will have to move my computer and desk away from the window tommorow morning.

Thing is, this isn't football anymore, the president fucked us over completely. Cutting down salaries and pensions by 25% whilst raising VAT tax from ~17ish% to 24%!

SMURD http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMURD , going private?

Either this is 89' all over , or I'm just over-reacting.
No. 10182 ID: e15d0f

Sounds pretty shit, basically. The problem with these scenarios is that, after a while, the nature of the riot evolves, and soon half of the rioters are just dipshit teenagers rioting because it permits them the ability to commit crimes and get away without consequences. The politics don't matter to them. Just look at what happened in Britain last year. It stopped being about that guy who got shot by police a short way in, but became a real crisis.
No. 10184 ID: a8be1c
File 132668560628.png - (519.60KB , 757x660 , 1324031684394.png )
GE, the hell is going on your way?
Shit seems to be on. Haven't been in a good riot since New York sit in that I crashed on got.... unpleasant.
For the cops.
No. 10197 ID: 34b7ba

Home secured. Pc Moved. Supplied up.


They started gathering, if anyone is remotely interested, you might get glimpses of the shit going on. Turn off the sound, if you despise nigger babble.

Also Det Som En Gang Var is now my favorite song. Thanks Overlord <3 .

Back to drawing.
No. 10199 ID: 34b7ba
File 132673582453.jpg - (464.35KB , 1459x769 , anders4.jpg )





Well, at least we made the headlines.
No. 10200 ID: 6c5c47
looks better, but the strokes seem unpleasantly obvious for some reason, especially on the shaded sides; like painted wood. Did you use a textured brush or is it just a low-res save?
No. 10202 ID: 34b7ba

A bit of both. Working on it. Thanks for pointing it out.
No. 10204 ID: 34b7ba
File 132674197156.jpg - (655.27KB , 1459x769 , anders6.jpg )

How's this?
No. 10205 ID: 6c5c47
Just fine.
No. 10207 ID: 34b7ba
File 132675363149.jpg - (1.13MB , 1057x1607 , asfas.jpg )
also retouching this.
No. 10209 ID: 6c5c47
Awright, which one of you punks is responsible for this?

the colors work properly now, but the different elements and shapes still look cobbled together or something; it's not something that you could correct without re-doing the picture, I guess, but it's surprising, seeing what you posted earlier in the thread.
No. 10212 ID: 34b7ba



and yeah, I can see what you mean about thing's being cobbled up. That's what happens when you try to go through with silly OC's
No. 10231 ID: 07083f
File 132685383389.gif - (8.85MB , 902x1374 , TD.gif )
Finally managed to create this.

Yes, my workflow looks chaotic and indecisive. :(
No. 10236 ID: 6c5c47
looks like painter allows for quite massive corrections easily...
No. 10237 ID: 07083f

It is very flexible. Are you not using it? I thought you downloaded it a while ago...
No. 10238 ID: 6c5c47
I never managed to install it. Password generators fail at giving me the proper codes.
No. 10241 ID: 2ad654
GE, that feed wasn't as fun as I'd hoped.
But still, REVOLUTION UP IN THIS BITCH. It seems like it may get something happening for the better, if it's not derailed into silliness and hypocrisy.
No. 10242 ID: def540

That's a mighty shame, I'd love to see how you work with it...


Things calmed down , for now.
No. 10247 ID: def540
File 132690313283.jpg - (1.32MB , 1536x2048 , 2012-01-18 15_25_58.jpg )
Dice Squig, thing.

Playing a Necromancer tonight. Will quilt faces of my enemies into a cloak.
No. 10248 ID: 6c5c47
looks more like a misused hairsquig. You know, the squig-wigs.
No. 10250 ID: def540

haha! Indeed! beats a plastic bag posing as a dice bag tho.
No. 10265 ID: def540
File 132692804090.jpg - (953.54KB , 1057x1607 , asdafd.jpg )

There we go. Almost there...
No. 10274 ID: 2ad654
Y'know, not even sure if it's male or female.
No. 10278 ID: 2c33a5
it has a female face and tits

Not everyone draws chicks with inhumanly shapely legs and teensy arms even when they are wearing armor.
No. 10289 ID: b2c639
File 132703265685.png - (110.93KB , 208x290 , 1265528077541.png )
No. 10297 ID: 36a1f1
File 132708024554.jpg - (1.57MB , 3112x1373 , eldar33.jpg )

I think they are unable to grasp the concept of an Eldar female without anorexia.
No. 10320 ID: b2c639
Those exist?
No. 10334 ID: 090d49
File 132715449437.jpg - (1.55MB , 1618x2330 , IMG_0171.jpg )
derp ignore these, project thing.
No. 10335 ID: 090d49
File 132715452813.jpg - (1.23MB , 1669x2330 , IMG_0172.jpg )
No. 10404 ID: b2c639
>Exploiting the Brushmarks
How dare you. Brushmarks deserve the same representation as anyone else.
No. 10413 ID: 1f3563

No. 10435 ID: 5d9a7c
An anime opening song WITHOUT some gay-sounding little wuss of a J-pop singer whining out some senseless lyrics in a grotesque hybrid of Japanese and English?
No. 10436 ID: e74d75

I'm just completely baffled, I loved this game when I was littol, didn't think it gotten an anime adaptation
No. 10556 ID: a272b2
God damn it Technomancer, why did you have to mention Katawa Shoujo.

It slowly crept into my skull till I decided to check it out.

Now I'm sad.
No. 10557 ID: 31afe3
Not the best, but not the worst animu I saw.
No. 10558 ID: a272b2

Well , I love DMC3 SE , fucking love doing long ass combos as Vergil.

I did not knew about the anime, at all.
No. 10576 ID: 56d9f3

Jesus christ, I've hit the motherload.
No. 10581 ID: 834a36
File 132770290698.jpg - (45.55KB , 581x539 , manly picnic.jpg )
I don't see why. Well, many endings are. But it looks more like lots of fun.
No. 10586 ID: 56d9f3

That fucking guy mang, fuckin lold.
No. 10604 ID: a374ee
File 132784948842.jpg - (504.50KB , 1000x1356 , COLORTHEORY.jpg )
Sex with Hanako is awkward.
No. 10609 ID: 85904b
Any progress with Curze?
No. 10610 ID: a374ee
File 132788704390.jpg - (176.11KB , 644x775 , 1327863538037.jpg )

I have some commissions I need to finish. And take care of shit at work.
No. 10614 ID: 85904b

Oh right, you work for Ea. Ouch. At least you get free dragon dildos.
No. 10615 ID: f1c253
File 132794372491.jpg - (671.99KB , 1920x1080 , 1322348508846.jpg )

I don't suppose it was a pun on DA2 failing massively in comparison to DA1.

But Dragon Dildoes? That's for punces that play Skyrim.
No. 10622 ID: 120dc7
File 132796649124.jpg - (10.92KB , 184x184 , bca926c330005c70976741b3f831756ab5abe9a8_full.jpg )
That image is a hilarious reminder of why it's ok to mock the death of Athus Nadorian.

Could go with some Coca Cola, though.
No. 10624 ID: 90a923
I've been on /d/ long enough to know that he probably doesn't intend to drink it; not from his mouth at least. And that it's dangerous, just in case you might want to try.
No. 10627 ID: f1c253
File 132797260741.jpg - (497.69KB , 750x768 , Serberus20.jpg )
He died on my birthday.

Should I laugh or cry?
No. 10628 ID: 120dc7
Cry of course, that's respectful.
Hhaha, I'm joking. Laugh.

Nice Serberus. What's the story with him? I haven't bothered to read all those stories.
No. 10629 ID: f1c253


Some obscure chapter a friend of mine based a character off of http://rumbles.deviantart.com/. I wrote a story about him.

In short, some sort of weird ass offsprings of Blood Angels that can control in some way the Black Rage and the Red Thirst.
No. 10649 ID: 73f44f
File 132805128699.jpg - (361.88KB , 750x768 , Serberus23.jpg )
No. 10650 ID: 0c7f54
Looks good to me.
No. 10651 ID: 73f44f
File 132805229691.jpg - (284.24KB , 2000x2666 , Vector.jpg )

Thank you, and thanks again for the gasmask tip.

I'd like to find a model similar to this one as well.
No. 10652 ID: 0c7f54
File 132805473445.jpg - (10.01KB , 160x200 , FM-12.jpg )

The one in that image obviously draws its inspiration from the Avon line.

Mine, the S-10, is the progenitor of that series; parent of a number of variants and developments. Closest the the one in the image, I reckon the FM-12 would do your job nicely. Similar to the S-10, but it has smaller eye lenses, which looks much cooler, IMO. I haven't ever seen one in person, so I can't say about any other notable differences.

The problem, is that it will be hard to get one, I think. My old S-10 cost over $100, and was about the only one on eBay at the time. It's dated 1989, and as such, has passed its lifetime of usefulness.

To find an FM-12 as a casual buyer, without having to pay hundreds for it, will be quite a feat, I think.
No. 10654 ID: 90a923
army surplus stores sometimes sell some at a good price, but there are only a few models. Ain't gonna be picky myself, though, the one I found looks snazzy enough, but I wouldn't be wearing it in the subway no matter how much this place stinks. Plus, the filter is useless.
No. 10655 ID: 0c7f54

Most military surplus stores will stock soviet models, which I have a couple of. It's likely that most modern ones will be hard to get anywhere other than the internet.

Cheapest modern ones are those Israeli models, cant remember what they are called specifically. They take a 40mm filter, which is standard across most modern respirators. Easy to replace, easy to find, et cetera.
No. 10661 ID: 775487
File 132806973655.jpg - (130.39KB , 1024x768 , bobby_kotick_credits_treyarch_for_cod_multiplayer1.jpg )
Thanks guys!
No. 10672 ID: 10b803
A shitstorm is coming...

No. 10673 ID: fdaf26
>>same suite of tools that Bethesda Game Studios used

I can finally come with bugged, overhyped shit of my own!
No. 10674 ID: 10b803

And shitty anime-esque skins for every single race and self insert mary sue!
No. 10688 ID: bf0b9d
File 132819558578.png - (664.26KB , 792x593 , sage.png )
God damn it...
No. 10690 ID: 33ca59
File 132820812391.jpg - (73.68KB , 265x231 , FEMINISTS.jpg )
No. 10851 ID: 3342d2
File 132889229199.jpg - (73.58KB , 425x371 , sfdsfsds).jpg )
A doodle I did on an IPAD at work. Shit sucks.
No. 10852 ID: feab56
File 132890460548.jpg - (117.40KB , 796x593 , TG 1013.jpg )
Goddamnit,all those feels... ;_;
No. 10854 ID: 3342d2
File 132890987382.jpg - (410.03KB , 1590x2048 , asda).jpg )

Stand up, you are embarrassing me :(
No. 10912 ID: b06f40
File 132909663342.jpg - (291.82KB , 1580x1024 , aliens.jpg )

uh, can anyone help explain why my lineart turns shit sometimes?
No. 10913 ID: b06f40
File 132909676466.jpg - (1.24MB , 3751x5304 , TFR59CE_tmp.jpg )
Compare this


To this.

Sometimes its just rounded up, smooth shaped and all. Then it fucks up when I try and save it, it goes paper thin and shit? wtf.
No. 10917 ID: 42e121
Lionheart is a bitch sometimes. This is why I always just use a very lose sketch, or similar. Some people rely on it more, and are naturally more successful at creating it.
No. 10924 ID: 1edec0


okay I giggled.
No. 10952 ID: f94db9
File 132924495742.jpg - (488.76KB , 1520x1538 , adadadfsfd.jpg )

I picked one out and played with the IPAD again. It doesn't seem to work out, but yeah.
No. 10953 ID: e087cd
the head and shoulders look neat
No. 10954 ID: f94db9

Thanks, I am not too sure about the hands and feet.

Sometimes the hands come off as a three-digit bony styled pincer? I can't describe it otherwise, and I just opted for the normal 6 digited-webbed ones. The ones they used to swim with.

Oh boy, this reminded me of the tail-fin thing! I completely forgot.

Do you think the spinal vents are okay? I feel they are a bit off .
No. 10955 ID: e087cd
The only time we actually saw them swim was in Alienrez, and they had long, four-fingered hands, not six-fingered, slightly webbed hands. That would be the previous movies, in which they didn't have a tail-fins either.

What your picture shows is an alien from Cameron's Aliens, which design is dramatically different from Jeunet's mutant aliens.
No. 10956 ID: f94db9
File 132924794405.jpg - (200.83KB , 1024x1563 , aliens_hive_000fc.jpg )

Gosh, there's so many of them...

I feel lost a bit, I've even downloaded a lot of comics (7gb worth) of aliens.
No. 10957 ID: e087cd
the two first ones are the regular Giger design (except the head)
the third one was a watered-down version of a new design by Giger, similar to a panther
the fourth one was a more "fleshy", more generic, predatory design by ADI, with a long chin, a weird ribcage, digitigrade feet, and weird hands.

As for the two AVP, they just re-used the fourth design, but changed the feet, and then the head.
No. 10959 ID: dda60b
Dynamic posing is all about the spine. Overall it ok, but it does look like it's bending in a somewhat awkward manner.
No. 10960 ID: e087cd
probably because of the feet.

The way the tail bends isn't actually shocking, especially compared to what we can see in the movies, but the feet look wrong.
No. 10961 ID: f94db9
File 132924923554.jpg - (831.53KB , 3919x3000 , PIC5A_tmp.jpg )
yeah, those feet / arms didn't come out too well , I'll try to fix them later on with corel or photoshop, maybe actually add some proper lineart.

I'm having a hard time choosing a right model to work with...

Till then, updating this
No. 10982 ID: f94db9
File 132926607008.jpg - (2.59MB , 4000x3000 , PROPER LINEART.jpg )

No. 10983 ID: e087cd
overal, it looks god, but it's full of little perspective errors that make details mismatch.
No. 10984 ID: f94db9

It's a huge piece, I know, let me guess, is it the artificial heart bits?
No. 10985 ID: e087cd
Pretty much everything, actually. But the fact that the heart has more details makes it statistically more prone to errors.
No. 10986 ID: f94db9

Some ports too flat? Not melding with the flesh properly?

Any suggestions you could offer would be great. I admit I'm not great at it.
No. 10989 ID: e087cd
yes, that, plus other, very minor things.

At this point, it's effectively architecture. So, either you go for something very informal, or you re-draw everything that doesn't quite match the angle you've chosen
No. 10990 ID: f94db9

Do you think If I drop all those spiky bits and leave them normal rounded ports I could get away with it once shading and effects start pouring in?
No. 10991 ID: e087cd
No. 10992 ID: f94db9

great, now I have no fucking clue how to proceed.

Stumped , hah.
No. 10993 ID: e087cd
as I said, either start over by building perspective very rigorously, or do something that isn't so detailed, and possibly without using lines that much.
No. 10994 ID: f94db9

guh, can't do that. My brain can't handle it, thanks for the advice tho.
No. 11038 ID: dda60b
I'd recommend you to hit the anatomy books even harder. Not really for the anatomy subejct itself, but i think it really helps you to get a more natural feel about how things work in three dimensions.
No. 11039 ID: 34fcc7

I've got a compendium in my hands , I always check for anatomical stuff, uhm. Altho I think I caught what you meant by the natural feel. You've got to remember though, most of my stuff gets very corrected in the color process, Lineart is something I need heavy practice on, especially since I can't seem to make them seem homogeneous.
No. 11047 ID: 34fcc7
File 132941974978.jpg - (53.07KB , 450x429 , 1328135411896.jpg )
Green. I've found my favorite hero so far.

Can't wait to try out Syllabear soon.

No. 11051 ID: 34fcc7
File 132943092481.jpg - (2.59MB , 4000x3000 , Sillygirl40kcannotintoanatomy.jpg )
There, I've updated it a bit, still have to consider Astartes shit.
No. 11056 ID: feab56
What the fuck am I forging!?
No. 11060 ID: 0ca886
File 132947009687.jpg - (142.32KB , 400x800 , 1327974261314.jpg )

No. 11072 ID: 0ca886
File 132949712580.jpg - (3.13MB , 4000x3000 , Sillygirl40kcannotintoanatomy2.jpg )

should I try something along these lines?
No. 11073 ID: e087cd
definitely. But with a bit more mussels.
No. 11077 ID: dda60b
I wish i could stop giggling like an idiot.
No. 11078 ID: edaa0a
File 132952452693.gif - (597.74KB , 230x230 , 1328046602132.gif )

No. 11084 ID: 1854db
People can have very differently sized skulls and jaws, so you probably don't NEED to change that, really... but the correction of his shoulder is probably necessary.
No. 11087 ID: e087cd
the size of the skull wasn't really the problem, it was more the fact that the eyes were a lot too close to each other.
No. 11091 ID: f3d7fa


No. 11094 ID: e087cd
because it was but one of the numerous little errors, and that if I started pointing this one out, I should have tried pointing them all out, including those I wasn't really sure about.
No. 11095 ID: f3d7fa

Well, I don't mind critique at all, I actually would have liked all the flaws pointed out so i could improve on them.

Once again, thanks for the input...
No. 11116 ID: 09f91f
File 132967846309.png - (38.74KB , 958x610 , feededgeneral.png )
No. 11118 ID: 13a12d
No. 11119 ID: c2236c
File 132969313866.jpg - (901.15KB , 1733x1048 , asd3.jpg )
I'm excited.


Placeholder comical face.
No. 11120 ID: c2236c
File 132969690130.gif - (1.21MB , 400x400 , 1329683269056.gif )
>not imagining Enchantress' thick flank pressing up against you before she pins you to the wall, grinding her slavering doe cunt against your crotch as her moans grow in volume, almost reaching orgasm just from the sensation of her womanhood rubbing against the growing bulge in your jeans. Your pants are almost drenched in her secretions before you finally get them off, finally plunging into her sensual folds as she pants, begging for more. Her powerful hind legs do most of the work, thrusting against you again and again. The musky scent of her pheromones fills the air, arousing you further as her lust reaches an almost feral state. She screams, desperate for release, as your savage mating reaches a peak. Finally, she slams against you one last time, taking you to the hilt, your member touching her most intimate inner reaches. Her upper body tenses up, fully enraptured by orgasm, but her pussy clenches around your dick, rippling, as you, too, reach your apex. She milks every drop of cum out of your rod, for what seems like an eternity. Finally, you both collapse, exhausted. Covered in sweat, fluids, and smelling of bestial sex, she leans in to your ear and whispers, "Sproink!"

I need to stop dropping by /v/
No. 11122 ID: 0d7a83
File 132970214966.gif - (0.99MB , 300x169 , 1328098990142.gif )
No. 11142 ID: feab56
Centaurs and their ilk confirmed for shit tier monster waifus
No. 11143 ID: 3a048e



No. 11504 ID: 51bfed
File 133099711069.jpg - (274.15KB , 1500x2000 , Untitled-1adadada.jpg )
A quick portrait for a friend.
No. 11637 ID: f33e12
File 133142667154.jpg - (1.06MB , 1500x2000 , navigator7.jpg )
My friend's Navigator for our campaign.

I have no clue if this is what you wanted bro. Text meh back when you see it.
No. 11638 ID: aafcf7

Looks pretty good. But I dunno, not fucked up or old-looking enough for a navigator.

Was it that if you look into the warp eye of a navigator, you can go insane or die or something? Like that monkey whose head exploded when it looked upon the eye of the dead navigator Petrov, in one of those Ian Watson novels?
No. 11639 ID: f33e12

His stygma is "Oddly young and Fair"

Knowing my friend , he's going to go slaaneshi asap. hah.
No. 11654 ID: 925520
File 133148915150.jpg - (416.26KB , 1500x2000 , psyker1.jpg )

No. 11699 ID: cf5b5c
File 133176692230.jpg - (475.81KB , 1770x1714 , dalia.jpg )
No. 11700 ID: cf5b5c
File 133176695956.jpg - (295.38KB , 1500x2694 , daemonette.jpg )
All o dese damn characters
No. 11733 ID: 2c03d5
File 133195012048.jpg - (473.83KB , 1500x2694 , daemonette2.jpg )

"She's too nekkid, give er some armor~"

No. 11734 ID: 2c03d5
File 133195017183.jpg - (1.36MB , 2000x3000 , Ahriman2.jpg )
Change is sometimes necessary. But I prefer order. It is more...predictable.

Yes, I fucked up his left shoulder.
No. 11885 ID: 1b21c1
File 133270795363.png - (1.04MB , 1258x665 , ihavenoclue.png )

If the arm is relaxed, the shoulder pad slumps on there, but what if it is fully extended, and pointing, should it look like the second picture?
No. 11890 ID: 496845
Wow wow, I love the painting style you used for this!
No. 11893 ID: b36147

Hey, thanks. It's Corel Painter's Oil Pastels with blending stuff.
No. 11914 ID: a1822f
Needs more pronounced T&A.
If I'm gonna die, at least lemme get something that can fill my hands first.
No. 11915 ID: 32793c

It's for a friend, he specified flatchested.

If you want me to try something out greenmarine style, I guess I could do another daemonette later.
No. 11917 ID: a1822f
Yay. Looking forward to it.
Tbh, GE, I've never seen you draw anything dedicatedly smutty. Just peripherally smutty.
You should try some hardcore latex futa bondage to round out your drawing skills.
Not that those are my kinks or anything. I didn't say bukkake. This time.
No. 11918 ID: 32793c
File 133285922684.jpg - (178.44KB , 600x396 , KurokiTomoko11.jpg )

> hardcore latex futa bondage to round out your drawing skills
No. 11919 ID: a1822f
No. 12047 ID: 8c91d8
File 133337153265.jpg - (394.99KB , 2200x2054 , apocalypse11.jpg )
well, here goes.
No. 12066 ID: 56e30e
File 133346746515.jpg - (566.07KB , 2200x2348 , apocalypse16.jpg )

Totally not a hyped up TWD self insert.
No. 12069 ID: cadd24
I really, really, really like the atmosphere but my tight anus forces me to bring up my usual "more Loomis, more Hogart" nonsense.

Sorry for having such a thight anus.
No. 12072 ID: 56e30e
File 133348189074.jpg - (256.90KB , 975x1500 , page_10.jpg )

No need to be sorry, please explain the elements you find missing , or provide an example!

I am mostly going for a Walking Dead / Crossed Comic book feel.
No. 12076 ID: 025b07
File 133349034623.jpg - (140.91KB , 540x360 , dow2_warlock.jpg )

No. 12079 ID: 56e30e

Woah, an actual conflict on my page? Hah, the god damned Sergal is all i'm missing now.
No. 12082 ID: 32f8c6
Well, overall i think the picture looks stiff. There is no force present at all.
No. 12083 ID: f5e447

Well, I've yet to add the proper blood spatter and shotgun discharge effect, maybe that's the missing element?
No. 12084 ID: feab56
File 133354544979.jpg - (216.80KB , 1024x792 , Horsecock 2.jpg )
Not enough pic related
No. 12085 ID: f5e447
File 133354713454.jpg - (2.12MB , 1440x2245 , crossed_07_017.jpg )

I beg to differ.
No. 12086 ID: cadd24
I think that it will only emphasize the issue. The way the horse is standing and the way the hot redhead is riding it are the things that need to be worked on.
No. 12089 ID: fef500

G-h-hot r-r-edhead?

Uhh, yeah, yeah!
No. 12096 ID: cf0d28
Oh man, how'd I not see this? This is fuckin fantastic!
No. 12097 ID: fef500

That's not mine, it's from a Comic book called Crossed. There's currently 3 chapters out Origins , Family Values and Psychopath.

The newest one's coming out this month soonish.
No. 12099 ID: feab56
I meant your picture did not have enough pic related >>12084
No. 12122 ID: e893ca

Hah. Well it's a female horse! THERE!

Also no crossed, just general undead.
No. 12160 ID: 025ab2
File 133377833531.jpg - (1.44MB , 1868x2250 , navigator13.jpg )
Guys, I think i've discovered a new skin technique!

No. 12162 ID: 09cf2a

Looks good but, I dunno, like he has a bit of dust on his face. As though he has been working on some plasterboard or something.
No. 12164 ID: 025ab2

yeah, that's me trying out some skin pigmentation / pores , might have to smooth stuff out, or blend them better, but it's a good progress I guess.
No. 12172 ID: b91e75
it seems rather efficient, what is it,
No. 12173 ID: 025ab2

A mix in Corel Painter 12's handy tools and wetblending.

Pen tool , oil pastel, and a custom brush i've drawn.
No. 12179 ID: 32f8c6
I think this look very good but i think your new technique only is only a little part of it. I think what makes it look really good is the facial construction.
No. 12180 ID: b79631

Oh shet, I didn't see this before. I really like it. Have there been any further developments?

Also, crossed is funny as hell. I dunno if that's what they were intending, but it's so over-the-top, that it can't be taken seriously.
No. 12207 ID: 740c79

>Facial construction

you mean the face looks anatomically real? SUCCESS!


rest assured, it will be done Soon (TM). I haven't given up on projects, NOT EVEN ON KURZE.

I just chose to work on different elements in order to improve/discover techniques to help out on things I really don't want to mess up :)
No. 12208 ID: cadd24
Yes. That is exactly what i meant. You are really good with color, but most of the time the people you draw looks funny. If you focus on your Loomis and your Hogarth you can be like, the best around.
No. 12209 ID: 740c79

I get Loomis, but why hogarth?
No. 12211 ID: 32f8c6
The exact same reason.
No. 12220 ID: 19c735
File 133405537646.png - (757.18KB , 577x783 , 11111.png )

I guess.
No. 12245 ID: 5fd746
File 133416591304.jpg - (1.60MB , 1800x2222 , navigator20.jpg )
Okay, I think I've achieved the tight anal niche Greenmarine was looking for :3
No. 12247 ID: 1444d5
>tight anal niche
I believe that is generally situated at the other end of the body.
No. 12249 ID: 5fd746

I was merely quoting the good sir.
No. 12251 ID: 496845
Whoooaaaa, I could get lost in all those textures and details forever.
No. 12253 ID: 5fd746


Because I'm a sadist.
No. 12254 ID: 5fd746
File 133418279007.jpg - (2.27MB , 879x3437 , WeylandInvestInYourFuture.jpg )
No. 12256 ID: cadd24
I'm a masochist. We should have a cup of tea.
No. 12275 ID: aa8bbc
File 133426656332.jpg - (1.60MB , 1800x2222 , navigator22.jpg )

I'll take you up on that. Now how's this for Realism?
No. 12279 ID: 0d3431
Hey Emp, please stop, I don't have that many pairs of pants and my washing machine is getting tired.
No. 12286 ID: 31ed4d
File 133430125483.gif - (497.52KB , 262x200 , 8QmIp.gif )
That is quite realistic.
No. 12288 ID: 04ac5c



I am still not happy with the beard, it looks like peach fuzz and I want proper bushy / stubble..
No. 12332 ID: 7d4c78
File 133444945689.jpg - (1.69MB , 1800x2222 , navigator25.jpg )

No. 12335 ID: 32f8c6
Very good. Are you a wizard?
No. 12336 ID: 7d4c78


No. 12341 ID: 0f0047

The beard makes him look a lot older, but still unusually immature-looking for a Navigator, so I think you did a good job. I feel like the torso needs a little more shadow, under the chest-plate. The face is very lifelike, and you should be proud.
No. 12355 ID: 6934e7
File 133454979118.gif - (220.73KB , 500x375 , tumblr_m1z9g6e4SG1r5jtugo1_500.gif )
I am super familiar with your uguu moeblob kawaii slang.
No. 12367 ID: 693850

One of those uberly exaggerated, filled with CGI, man-sauced, over the top animes.

I just love the 3d smoke this guy exudes.
No. 12377 ID: 6934e7
>>uberly exaggerated, filled with CGI, man-sauced, over the top animes.

B-but...that's not Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Emps!
No. 12390 ID: 53476d
Of all the anime properties hyped up, Fate/Stay was one of the ones I always ignored.
Mayhaps I was wrong?
No. 12408 ID: 1444d5
The clip is from the recent Fate/Zero, wich was animated by Ufotable. Who put a lot of effort into making their stuff look good, flow well, and generally being well made (music, pacing, etc).

Fate/Stay Night was animated by Studio Deen.
Who don't.
No. 12410 ID: fe0bc2
File 133468064827.gif - (6.50MB , 472x264 , berserker.gif )

I did say ONE of... D:


I didn't watch Fate/Stay.


I love Fate/Zero. Specially Gilgamesh and Berserker.
No. 12429 ID: 3155e2
File 133474493396.jpg - (1.17MB , 1700x2250 , psyker5.jpg )
No. 12442 ID: c53dd8

It's very good. Is this the full canvas size?
No. 12460 ID: 8696c6
File 133490089120.jpg - (1.21MB , 1700x2250 , psyker8.jpg )

No. 12469 ID: f890a5
File 133497346406.jpg - (11.93KB , 252x270 , niiiiice.jpg )
>dat facial structure
No. 12553 ID: 94e476
File 133517996134.jpg - (1.15MB , 1700x2250 , psyker10.jpg )

And done!
No. 12555 ID: 09a2fd
Quite well done. Your attention to detail pleases me.
No. 12571 ID: f33e12
File 133526235028.png - (27.37KB , 493x402 , 1330822876229.png )
>banned from DA
No. 12572 ID: c952fb
No. 12575 ID: 6161d9

What the fuck? Why?
No. 12576 ID: f33e12

No. 12577 ID: 6161d9
File 133528100106.gif - (59.15KB , 170x267 , tumblr_m1mlm85fcC1qi2inpo1_250.gif )
No. 12578 ID: 4b341f
Still entirely lost. Hell, I HAVE a DA account that rarely gets some use. I have nary a clue what this is.
No. 12587 ID: 864ba9
This looks really cool.

That's what you get for being a godless anarchist, emps. :(
No. 12589 ID: f33e12

>That's what you get for being a godless anarchist, emps. :(


Oh Greeenie, you always manage to make me giggle uncontrollably.
No. 12593 ID: 306bdb
That's what i do. I'm like a mexican Jim Carrey-Chris Farley hybrid.
No. 12652 ID: 0bc8ea
File 133547617109.png - (45.59KB , 1546x311 , wtfban.png )
I can't have naughty friends.
No. 12653 ID: feab56
Oh for fuck sake, I hate "guilt by association". And they demand that you ask them for forgiveness? I wouldn't be able to accept that without question.
No. 12656 ID: 864ba9
"Stop being such a heathen and we might welcome you back into our circlejerk cult"
No. 12658 ID: 0bc8ea
File 133550436765.jpg - (206.75KB , 547x600 , ehehtilde.jpg )
I don't do Circle Jerks.
No. 12659 ID: 67f7c9
Seems to me the message here is "you didn't do anything we can pinpoint as wrong, but you're still being a dick"

I guess the ButtHurt brigade threaten the business of Deviant Art more than their ethics.
No. 12660 ID: cc266b
A similar thing happened last year with a group called hate-campaign, which I was part of. One day, group was just gone. It had a lot of negative attention drawn to it, and many people thought it was a national-socialist group. Of course it wasn't, but when people get funny ideas, they like to spread them around, and with such controversial topics, a snowball effect is inevitable. I believe a handful of members were banned, but luckily I wasn't.
No. 12664 ID: 417510
File 133552958253.png - (265.66KB , 900x1200 , phantom_by_vselyatvselyat-d4xsx5t.png )
Isn't this like... the sexiest thing ever?
No. 12665 ID: feab56
Well, I would stalk her radioactive wasteland, if you know what I mean ;)
No. 12677 ID: d1f51a

That is very cool.
No. 12732 ID: fb1ef0
It's the gasmask.
Makes the entire outfit.
No. 12738 ID: b19571
File 133581758114.jpg - (165.89KB , 446x400 , laughingcharbitches.jpg )
>You have been suspended from deviantART for 6d 23h 53m 51s with a reason of Ban reduced to two-week suspension after an ongoing re-investigation, we're sorry for the inconvenience.

No. 12750 ID: a48857

Fucking ridiculous.
No. 12751 ID: 149438
File 133586579670.jpg - (124.87KB , 439x749 , 1335049408956.jpg )

I like the fact that I've spent my time wording an 8 page statement/account for my actions and a basic deconstruction of their shitty etiquette policy and inconsistencies between their FAQ / TOS just to get this suspended thing, without them even answering my dissertation there.

You know what would be funny? Getting senior status.
No. 12752 ID: e7c485
nevertheless, welcome back on the hipster facebook of circle jerkers.
No. 12753 ID: 65dfde

Not quite back yet, but thanks.

How's your model doing?
No. 12754 ID: e7c485
I'll have it done in a couple of hours.

Scared myself shitless this morning when I found my file corrupted, turns out 3dsMax autobackups files, so I'm good.
No. 12755 ID: 65dfde

oh wow, that was a close one heh!

Will we get to see some textures on it? Last time I checked the details were looking very nice. Altho the weapon was a bit weird.
No. 12756 ID: e7c485
I won't do color because I don't have to. Also I'm terrible at it

Also, how's the weapon wierd ?
No. 12757 ID: 65dfde

Ah I see.

Oh, its just the handle of the weapon / chain thing not being linked to it. I'm sure you've probably fixed it by now.
No. 12759 ID: e7c485
The handle is place holder for now, I'm about to get it fixed
No. 12805 ID: d975cc
File 133613710693.jpg - (956.97KB , 1500x1600 , TFR510F_tmp223.jpg )

No. 12811 ID: d975cc
File 133616468856.jpg - (714.81KB , 1500x1600 , dwarf.jpg )

This is Robin Thonen of the Ironhammers, He is visibly upset that their Dwarfish gods have been offended by various other pagans.
No. 12824 ID: 6c4efe
File 133624716379.jpg - (714.08KB , 1500x1600 , dwarf2.jpg )

Bearded this up.
No. 12831 ID: 6c4efe
File 133626454459.jpg - (187.01KB , 600x940 , Alistair.jpg )
No. 12833 ID: 6c4efe
File 133626806916.jpg - (762.09KB , 1500x1600 , dwarf3.jpg )
No. 12870 ID: 91570e
File 133643645225.jpg - (774.63KB , 1500x1600 , dwarf4.jpg )
Is it just me, or do I make lips a bit too similar for every character?
No. 12879 ID: f3d44b
File 133651109971.jpg - (301.77KB , 1000x1000 , ogre.jpg )
Greenmarine , is your body ready for the Ogre Magi?! He's almost done. I hope this friday we get to play him...
No. 12881 ID: 276250
My body is always ready. I have to admit i've been cheating on DoTA with the cruel mistress that is SMNC, though.
No. 12884 ID: 6e518b
File 133654968059.gif - (1.01MB , 977x918 , 1336232999707.gif )

I have 62 games played with The Prophet.
No. 12885 ID: 6e518b
File 133655260258.jpg - (299.85KB , 2000x1000 , Hollaholla.jpg )

Now In Wallpaper format.
No. 12886 ID: 6e518b
File 133656024219.jpg - (387.62KB , 1600x1727 , TFR9D01_tmp.jpg )

This makes me happy.
No. 12907 ID: 693850
File 133665430074.gif - (1.87MB , 230x250 , Dota2_OgreMagiPortrait.gif )

Isn't he adorable?!!?
No. 12918 ID: 693850
File 133669847485.jpg - (91.51KB , 750x1000 , Windrunner.jpg )
For greenie, cus his Dota waifu is pretty nice.

Gotta love dat stun / sprint
No. 12928 ID: 840177
He's both adorable and FIERCE.

She's not my waifu. Well, sort of. She's more like a childish infatuation, like when you're 5 years old and you feel funny when you look at your teacher and you want to cry and she reminds you of your mother, but kinda different and weird.

Drow ranger is my waifu.
No. 12929 ID: 840177
But yes, that looks nice so please proceed.
No. 12933 ID: 37f810

Oh well, still a gift then~
No. 12935 ID: 276250
Give me gifts under your own risk. I will watch you while you sleep.
No. 12936 ID: a45cd6
File 133679210693.png - (99.79KB , 619x649 , grumpy.png )

Whilst you can certaintly outsmart Derpy, Grumpy is skeptical of your stalkery.
No. 13185 ID: c8abd5
File 133778700001.jpg - (223.98KB , 440x615 , fukugabe.jpg )
No. 13408 ID: 0acbfa
File 133898602456.jpg - (114.36KB , 1150x1445 , Valar Morghulis.jpg )
a quickie, because Thrones lol.
No. 14080 ID: ba4210
File 134209303431.jpg - (1.57MB , 1600x2100 , TECHPRIST15.jpg )
Trying to figure out what works best.
No. 14081 ID: 5673d3
Did you do other 14 techprists before this one?
No. 14083 ID: ba4210

Yes , this is the one that made the cut.

because of his adorable eye.
No. 14088 ID: 7d2165
File 134211405026.png - (2.90MB , 1600x2100 , contrast.png )
Awesome work as usual, although I think your pictures tend to lack contrast sometimes, here is a quick paintover, just adding layers in photoshop with linear density+
No. 14096 ID: ba4210

I need to finish the details first before I contrast / add shadows / shinies

I also need to figure out where the light is coming from, intensity, color, yadda yadda...
No. 14105 ID: 7d2165
suits me :)
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