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File 131378589011.jpg - (1.19MB , 1980x2048 , cisqur.jpg )
6251 No. 6251 ID: ec236d

So I was waiting for my computer to get fixed and my files retrieved and all that, when I thought, "Well, I got a tablet and some Photoshop right here, why don't I draw something as a warm-up in the meantime?"

Then I thought about how all the cool kids have their avatars and personas and all that, so I tried making some and, and, I--

And then I was a draw thread
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No. 9644 ID: 496845
File 132513562059.png - (161.55KB , 800x900 , mmnope.png )

Definitely feeling this shirt right about now


horribad anatomy aside
No. 9647 ID: 71657e

-9999 meek points. People won't even ask, because you'll have the answer proudly displayed on your stylish flannel shirt.
No. 9651 ID: 9c7c3b

I would buy that shirt.
No. 9675 ID: 1854db

Sounds like you found someone you can have an extremely deep platonic relationship with. Or at least, someone who you got that impression from over the internet. Text-only communication can be very misleading...
No. 9771 ID: 496845
File 132555597351.png - (414.46KB , 1139x673 , hmm.png )

I would make that shirt.
Yeah, I guess. That'd be nice. And no, I've been in that situation before, this ain't it.

PS: Trying out Harmony.
No. 9877 ID: a1de0e

Now your dreams can become reality.
No. 9922 ID: 496845
File 132599955135.png - (344.82KB , 1000x1000 , what the FUCK.png )

Maybe I should lay off the drugs for a little while, even if this ends up a permanent style change
No. 9923 ID: 13b599

You should definitely lay off the drugs if it means you draw more stuff~
No. 9927 ID: 496845

I am drawing stuff! Just finished a big personal project actually. The only thing is, I don't want to spam you guys with the same, uhh, subject. guys I am drowning in how much goddamn sebastian I am drawing I don't even know why I'm doing this help
No. 9942 ID: 496845
File 132605087013.png - (270.30KB , 858x818 , babbymanny.png )

Wh...wait, I drew something that isn't the same thing over and over? g golly
No. 9953 ID: 5e876e
File 132609335732.png - (735.17KB , 800x850 , gift.png )

Dedicated to the miracle of shared patience and a bright future.
No. 9962 ID: 5e876e
File 132616512910.png - (1.39MB , 800x1000 , gatt.png )

Art trade with someone at murrypurry dot net
No. 9963 ID: 5e876e
File 132616991414.png - (835.17KB , 2000x1000 , so attractive I sneezed.png )

>gee self, maybe you should draw something other than Frenchnose to get over your xenophilia
>draw aliens
>mfw I can't win
No. 9967 ID: aef453

>get over your xenophilia
Why bother? It's so much more fun than being normal!
No. 9969 ID: 106f65
File 132618663726.jpg - (376.52KB , 500x1291 , Thou_Shalt_Not_Covet_Xeno_Ass_by_Gannadene.jpg )

No. 9978 ID: becb83

overlord, u one funny gai
No. 10133 ID: 496845
File 132660442111.png - (137.02KB , 490x579 , murrypurrysona.png )

Test, as commissioned by Fred.
No. 10135 ID: 87fa55

No. 10161 ID: 496845
File 132666195841.png - (507.58KB , 887x775 , ailums.png )

Is such a thing even possible?

No. 10164 ID: e15d0f

I see what you did there.
No. 10165 ID: 0d7a83

I'm not saying I saw it...
but I saw it.
No. 10373 ID: 496845
File 132719372476.png - (276.43KB , 1024x768 , get fucked.png )

"I hate drawing"

"why am I torturing myself"


"I'm gonna shit out some lines"

"how do you like that, blank canvas"
No. 10380 ID: 496845
File 132720516995.png - (321.78KB , 1000x1000 , pandoodle.png )

Well, actually, this isn't so bad. But that's because I don't have to worry about anatomy or anything when I draw in this style.
No. 10381 ID: 496845
File 132720665115.png - (395.10KB , 1000x1300 , Untitled 2.png )

>hfw I am objectively bad at drawing canines
No. 10382 ID: 496845
File 132720718701.png - (300.37KB , 1000x1000 , haha nevermind.png )

Yeah, disregard everything I suck cocks
No. 10405 ID: 496845
File 132726609421.png - (168.55KB , 532x484 , pretending to be french on skype and alcohol.png )

this lady

is turning me straight
No. 10406 ID: 1f3563

Cisqur, hey... uh.

Take a break bro. Playing a game, reading a book or something is always way better than staring into a blank canvas and falling into it's empty abyss of "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT, IM NAKED HERE, DRAW ON ME WILL YA?" .
No. 10407 ID: 5d9a7c

>Je suis utilisant
Damn, this turn of phrase is the kind of shit you find in existentialist essays. Even analyzing it can give headaches.
No. 10409 ID: 496845

You know what happens when I do, right?

I don't stop taking a break. I go for months without drawing anything, at all. Drawing (not including mindless doodles) has always been a boring and even painful activity, but I do it because I have ideas and other people seem to like seeing them. And I guess I also sometimes like seeing the end product. But mostly, if I don't get my ideas out, I will explode, and that makes the pain worth it--and yet, I still can't do it if I don't force myself to keep doing it, and I must practice the forcing part.

But I understand you're just trying to help and I'm just being a contrary piece of shit. I'm really sorry. I do appreciate what you said. Thank you.
I never said google translate was perfect, or even suitable for any kind of normal conversation at all. But it serves its purpose when two people are being silly and pretending to be French on Skype.
No. 10410 ID: 1f3563


Ever tried getting a pet?

It helped me a lot. I know that feeling bro.
No. 10426 ID: 136500

I had some pets growing up, but my mom inexplicably got rid of em one by one because she's crazy. Then I only had my dog left, and he died of old age.

If I'm gonna get a new pet, I definitely want a snake or a chameleon. The former's probably easier to take care of, though.

(No-picture sage)
No. 11136 ID: a83682

Someone brought up an interesting point... We've only seen Leila in Mannyvision. What must she look like in "normal" vision? :O
No. 11138 ID: 3a048e
File 132975216725.jpg - (268.40KB , 1152x2048 , 241201_167294736664135_100001508300931_397495_7281.jpg )


aww, well, If a puppy is too much of a responsability , then why not try a cat? I wanted a cat, but I got this fuzzball gifted instead.
No. 11158 ID: 496845
File 132980279411.png - (663.37KB , 1000x880 , where nowhere shine a light.png )

I did have a cat. Also, holy shit, I've always wanted a husky. I'd still rather have a snake, though. I'd be that rad snake dude who'd take his snakes out on walks and let little kids pet em.

And I promise I ain't dead, just...drawing in other places, drawing other things. Here's one of those things.

I'll get back to questing soon, life is also busy as fuck right now.
No. 11208 ID: 496845
File 132995747874.png - (315.01KB , 588x588 , glitchbastian.png )

Oh yeah, totally forgot about these--been doing some glitch art lately.
No. 11209 ID: 496845
File 132995752034.png - (138.40KB , 695x695 , alternate cover 2.png )

Used this one as an album cover.
No. 11210 ID: b82468

No. 11211 ID: 62e6b8


Can this be applied to people!? That would be freaking amazing, glitching them out of reality.
No. 11212 ID: b82468

I'm more curious to know what could be done by reproducing it with painting.
No. 11221 ID: 496845
File 132998732808.png - (1.29MB , 1014x1014 , da.png )

How's this?
No. 11222 ID: 5f601c

looks real cool
No. 11223 ID: 66d64f
File 133002176966.jpg - (143.21KB , 1024x768 , poland16.jpg )


Zdat my furry hood/mask? Thats awesome!

I was wondering if this could be applied to just a person, in a crowd, like think, Matrix. While keeping everything real.
No. 11479 ID: 496845
File 133091143775.png - (108.92KB , 600x700 , animal dream guide.png )

I piss penguins and shit monochrome.
No. 11513 ID: eec907

Wak wak.
No. 11681 ID: ffc362
File 133160701827.png - (82.84KB , 450x514 , pretty penguins.png )

Strammin (and taking requests) https://join.me/215-893-878
No. 11686 ID: ffc362
File 133163216521.png - (292.83KB , 880x750 , new old.png )

Trying to see what happens when I breathe new life into years old art. Especially from so far back, we enter the realm of animu hair that doesn't make too much real-life sense. That way, I gotta think on it a bit to see how it'd work in a style that isn't hands-up-ass retarded.

Incidentally, I was disturbed at how many of the original colors I remembered. I still can't remember my social security number, but I can remember some shitty animu OC's color scheme? Fuck.
No. 11693 ID: ffc362
File 133171398079.png - (4.68KB , 663x331 , bitequest_rand_weaver_etc.png )

Guess the quest characters!
No. 11701 ID: 55c4cf

be careful with the file names you made it easier than it should be.
No. 11702 ID: 496845

Sorry, figured people would either get em on sight or need a little push in the right direction.
No. 11723 ID: 496845
File 133188719280.png - (919.75KB , 1216x1628 , fuck button.png )

Finished that thing, but I think the background is sucking up the foreground. Oh well.
No. 11736 ID: 496845
File 133195347087.png - (241.51KB , 800x1000 , itsa me.png )

Drew this as an FYI for someone, but I like it a whole lot, so crosspostin to a bunch of places.
No. 11848 ID: 496845
File 133256336717.png - (73.99KB , 330x449 , bfbday.png )

Made this a year ago for someone; recently touched it up a bit--I think it still looks good!
No. 11855 ID: b85f8c

Oooh, I like it. Flat lineless colors can be hard to work with without making things confusing. That you managed to make it so easy to look at speaks well of your skill as an artist.
No. 11867 ID: 496845
File 133261615065.png - (359.82KB , 1280x800 , art trade WIP.png )

Well goodness, thank you!! By the way, I'm streamin the tail end of this drawing, if you guys wanna come watch.
No. 11870 ID: 496845
File 133261943384.png - (779.47KB , 1200x2000 , matuska art trade.png )

No. 12063 ID: 73e596
File 133344244987.png - (386.04KB , 1080x864 , weird thing.png )

Trying to design a thing,

I think I need some h e l p
No. 12065 ID: 73e596

Things I would like to figure out how to incorporate: more arms, bird of paradise-like feathers, wings (lmao god that would fag it up so bad though), armor (definitely wanna figure out some bone plating-lookin stuff), and...it looks really silly. There's a way to make it not look silly, I'm sure, but maybe I'm too dumb to figure it out.
No. 12067 ID: 1444d5

>it looks really silly. There's a way to make it not look silly, I'm sure, but maybe I'm too dumb to figure it out.
The vast majority of its body mass is in its neck.
No. 12068 ID: b85f8c

If you're gonna put more arms and wings on it, it's gonna wind up looking like a quetzalcoatl.
No. 12071 ID: d89eb6

Yeah! About that--I was thinking of how wings on it would work, if they could work at all, and then I realized I could lengthen the tail a fuckton and thicken it somewhat while converting the back legs into wings. Two freaky furry bird-monsters with one stone :)
Well I fuckin love the Quetzalcoatl, so that works out, too.
No. 12073 ID: b85f8c

Its back legs?! Wings need to be at the center of gravity, don't they?
No. 12074 ID: 1444d5
File 133348637183.jpg - (158.25KB , 816x880 , 1896-1286132862.jpg )

No. 12078 ID: 73e596

Hahahaha, this was actually the picture that gave me the idea.
Yeah! I wasn't kidding when I said this fucker's gonna have a massive tail, haha.
No. 12157 ID: 1d0ff5

fellow drafag, I realised today that this would fit marvelously in the zoological gallery of my yet to come virtual museum.

Would you mind if I included it in my work ?
No. 12246 ID: 496845
File 133416996396.jpg - (157.71KB , 690x1028 , zusko_color corrected.jpg )

Whoops, didn't see this until now! Of course you can, I'd be honored :') That's an early sketch of the design though; this is something my friend drew (NOT ME, god I wish though haha) that's sorta halfway between the more recent designs and the one in this thread.

Oh yeah, and its name is now Zusko--somehow got there by fucking around with "scoundrel" and "Quetzalcoatl" (mixing and matching em, switching letters around, etc).
No. 12252 ID: 9d750c

Nice, that will be nice in the zooligal section \o/
No. 12264 ID: 9d750c
File 133423863872.png - (216.35KB , 1600x1181 , paraxenith.png )


quick sculpt to lay the volumes of the flesh, I'll add the crazy feathers later
No. 12269 ID: aa8bbc


There are many things I would like you to model for me. But I know how hectic your schedule is and I am ashamed to ask for anything, so I'll just say how awesome this is and be on my way.
No. 12276 ID: 9d750c

shoot, I'll try to fit you in my schedule.

Just drop your request on my thread.
No. 12277 ID: aa8bbc


I'll just note you my MSN on DA because it's a truckload of things I need to ask before actually going into details / giving refrences, is that okay with you?
No. 12278 ID: 0d3431

DAMN, this is awesome! I mean, for something that takes this much effort I'd've preferred you waited until I drew the final design but if you like it, go ahead I guess, haha! And you should totally model things for Emp, he draws many a cool thing that I'd be stoked to see in even more 3D.
No. 12295 ID: 933c92
File 133435632201.jpg - (672.36KB , 1200x1300 , ashhek_thiyt.jpg )

Oh yeah, and a new laced person, who is admittedly Kesha if she was a skeletal ghostmummy. Also--bringing back, naming, and revamping the other Laced.
No. 12297 ID: b85f8c

But... I don't see any laces. Also the way you wrote Thiyt is unreadable :(
No. 12299 ID: 9be9db

They're on the sides of its arms, hidden by perspective. And yeah, I cared more about aesthetics than readability, haha :)
No. 12318 ID: 9be9db
File 133439464273.png - (184.06KB , 800x530 , oh.png )

Thank you mirror neurons, thank you catharsis, and of course, thank you Rice Boy.
No. 12728 ID: 9e346d

Hey, I dunno where else to put this, but I wanted to let people know that I had a really uncomfortable drug experience and I need to mentally recuperate for awhile. Because of this, I won't be drawing or maybe even doing anything at all online for awhile. I'm sorry if I'm breaking promises or disappointing people, but I wanted to let you know what's going on. I hope all of you are doing well, and I'll definitely be back at some point, I can confidently promise that much :')
No. 12729 ID: 3a048e


Bad LSD trip?
No. 12731 ID: aef453

Here's hoping that you feel better soon, and that we can finally get back to talking together again! IRC just hasn't been the same without a PM window to you next to the channels, I tell ya.
No. 12733 ID: bd67a0

Still hoping that I was able to help and that everything turned out well, mang.
Understanding does come with these things, but take as much time as you need. (That, and you know where to find me if you need me again)
No. 12737 ID: a43a6c

Oh gosh Cisqur. Feel better, man.
No. 12776 ID: bd67a0

Hugs for all~
No. 12777 ID: e50854

It was a psychedelic, yeah, but not LSD. I wasn't expecting a lot of what happened.
Sure thing.
Yep!! I can't thank you enough, man, you were the best life raft for my brain.
Thank you, I think I have been feeling a bit better. I wanna finish commissions before working on quests and other personal stuff again, though.
No. 12778 ID: 0a0932


Mixed strains are bad, because you never quite know the amount of FUCK they put in it.

Trust me, I've seen a punch bowl spiked with 3 different things.

That was a wollop...
No. 13603 ID: 496845
File 134015891147.png - (212.57KB , 580x650 , archetypal.png )

doodly thing
No. 14221 ID: 496845
File 134248444178.png - (261.07KB , 600x1050 , thing person.png )

No. 14222 ID: 99090a

I'm glad to see you're back to drawing!
No. 14285 ID: 496845
File 134281161105.png - (65.81KB , 600x450 , shark_PBnJ.png )

ty :)
No. 14731 ID: 496845
File 134509679018.png - (406.03KB , 2000x2000 , redrawing stuff that crashed.png )

I was too out of it to realize that if you don't wanna lose something, you gotta /save/ it. But at least there's the stream footage. http://livestre.am/45jpZ

This was me trying to re-draw stuff before I became sober again.
No. 15292 ID: 496845
File 134811872745.png - (280.12KB , 930x1300 , cookie.png )

No. 19131 ID: 0268f2
File 136917508256.png - (194.47KB , 650x700 , color guy.png )

I dunno where else to put this, so I'm puttin it here.
No. 24832 ID: 2d463e
File 141202400550.png - (1.55MB , 1332x1500 , pancuo_web.png )

Hey guys. Long time no ... anything, huh?

I am very nearly done with all owed commissions, so I would like to come back to questing soon. I want to make a new quest, start on DangerQuest again (after I re-locate all my notes), and do the thing Mannyventure was a prequel for. I could also start on my webcomic which is all planned out, just sorta neglected cause I haven't had enough time, recently.

Here is a piece I recently completed for Chigui and Cuoqet.
No. 24833 ID: 2d463e

That said, out of all those things, which would you like to see?

The webcomic, the totally new quest, the continuation of DangerQuest, or the next thing in the series Mannyventure is a part of?
No. 24837 ID: 2fd516

Man those all sound like cool things. I don't know what to pick. What's the new quest like?
No. 24838 ID: 0bd34b

No. 24840 ID: 2d463e

The new quest utilizes a plot mechanic/story quirk/idea I've wanted to try out for years. I don't wanna spoil too much, but the plot itself involves a semi-hedonistic ronin who wanders from town to town seeking women and booze. He himself winds up being followed by a mysterious figure.

I may as well describe the other avenues: DangerQuest will be an actual irl musician-based medieval-setting quest with some homebrew d&d-esque mechanics. The webcomic takes place in a "modern magic" setting (a modern world that functions and operates on magic-based technology rather than steam-, silicon-, etc based technology), but I find the premise of the actual plot difficult to summarize concisely. And I want the thing that comes after Mannyventure to be a huge surprise, but I promise it will be cool.

Oh, and I was thinking of making an inappropriate one-shot Space Dandy comic, but I'm shy about actually going through with that.

Alright, so there's a lot on my mind. But you may choose from these. Only the quests will be relevant to this imageboard of course, but I'll let you know about what I'm doing and how it's going.
No. 24841 ID: 2d463e

Forgot my name...
No. 24852 ID: 2fd516


I'm gonna go with Danger Quest, mainly because I hate the graveyard being as big as it is.
No. 24879 ID: 2d463e

I will try to look around for my DangerQuest notebooks, then, and get to work on starting it back up. If I can't find them after an extended period of time, I will start on the new quest with the plot mechanic I'd like to try. It would be silly/useless to plan to start being active here again but then be impeded in spite of that, heh.
No. 25260 ID: f6c5f9

So...as you could guess, I haven't been able to find the notebooks yet. I've also realized most of my energy is in the webcomic and Space Dandy doujins anyway, so I guess I'll be drifting off again after all. However I'll wanna stream every now n then and I'll be sure to post the link in IRC!
No. 25261 ID: 2fd516

Ah well. See you on the flipside!
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