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File 130416349459.png - (35.40KB , 600x600 )
3980 No. 3980 ID: 31cb7a
Repository for thoughts I want to share, and perhaps inklings of a setting

Here be kobolds

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No. 3984 ID: 2563d4
>radiator next to Orion engine
No. 3986 ID: a41aaf
I was thinking more
>nuclear pulse drive with no pusher plate on the end of a big long spindly bit
Maybe it's meant to be a NERVA or similar?
No. 3988 ID: 31cb7a
I'm terrible at designing spaceships, halp

It could be if that made more sense
As it stands, I wanted the engine to be the kind of Orion drive that explodes curium 245 pellets
No. 3989 ID: 31cb7a
File 130418713853.png - (11.88KB , 600x400 )

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No. 3990 ID: 15b51b
>I'm terrible at designing spaceships, halp
Just make your engines big and with big fuel tanks and relatively small payloads and try to keep the habitation zones away from the engines and it's pretty much realistic.

Or you could go to http://www.projectrho.com/rocket/
No. 3991 ID: 8c73c8
just move the radiator up closer to the living area.
No. 3997 ID: 8c73c8
also, it depends on what the ship's mission is and how advanced it is. more advanced would mean it has smaller engine size to ship size ratio. and warp or jump drives would also drastically reduce the fuel needs.
No. 4024 ID: a41aaf
Rule of thumb:
Pulse drives - pusher plate (convex, everyone usually gets this wrong), squat and solid superstructure. Build it like a short, squat Ironclad.
Constant impulse reaction drive (chemical, NERVA, VASIMR, etc) - space-frame structure, spherical or rounded-cylinder pressure vessels. If nuclear-powered, reactor is on a long boom at the rear with the drive, and there is probably a solid 'shadow' shield next to the reactor (rather than next to the crew areas, to save on mass). Fuel tanks clustered between the crew area and drive for free shielding, but most fuel stored in the walls of the pressure vessels as cosmic ray shielding.
Drones: tetrahedral booms with gimball thrusters on the end. Provides full 6DOF with minimum number of thrusters.
Crazy drives that pelvic thrust in the general direction of the laws of physics - Go wild, but try and do it consistently and with an internal logic, even if that logic is incorrect.

Also, http://www.projectrho.com/rocket/
No. 4025 ID: a41aaf
Rule of thumb:
Pulse drives - pusher plate (convex, everyone usually gets this wrong), squat and solid superstructure. Build it like a short, squat Ironclad.
Constant impulse reaction drive (chemical, NERVA, VASIMR, etc) - space-frame structure, spherical or rounded-cylinder pressure vessels. If nuclear-powered, reactor is on a long boom at the rear with the drive, and there is probably a solid 'shadow' shield next to the reactor (rather than next to the crew areas, to save on mass). Fuel tanks clustered between the crew area and drive for free shielding, but most fuel stored in the walls of the pressure vessels as cosmic ray shielding.
Drones: tetrahedral booms with gimball thrusters on the end. Provides full 6DOF with minimum number of thrusters.
Crazy drives that pelvic thrust in the general direction of the laws of physics - Go wild, but try and do it consistently and with an internal logic, even if that logic is incorrect.

Also, http://www.projectrho.com/rocket/
No. 4236 ID: 31cb7a
File 130492797439.png - (10.11KB , 600x400 )

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No. 4437 ID: 13b3e1
No. 4439 ID: 34fc88
I hope you find yourself in an unfortunate industrial accident that disables most if not all of your fingers.
No. 4442 ID: 2563d4
Robot stuck!
No. 4469 ID: 31cb7a
File 130643542967.png - (30.00KB , 700x570 )
Gruder metropolitan area, pre economic development

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No. 4475 ID: 2563d4
The choice of line colour is, uh, slightly odd and offputting.
No. 4492 ID: 31cb7a
I got lazy :c
Sorry, been feeling rather ill for a while
No. 4493 ID: 31cb7a
File 130653177124.png - (29.99KB , 700x570 )
ist wieder gemacht

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No. 4494 ID: 07416a
Tiny change, huge difference
No. 5318 ID: 31cb7a
File 131004482053.png - (71.02KB , 600x400 )
trying lines/wrinkles

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No. 5321 ID: 8e18cd

No. 5326 ID: 31cb7a
File 131006297542.png - (91.77KB , 400x600 )
Last one had eyes set too low, I think

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No. 8534 ID: 1d997f
File 132159817566.png - (15.92KB , 700x525 )
lost my stylus


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No. 8535 ID: 1d997f
File 132161543171.png - (12.60KB , 700x525 )

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No. 8536 ID: 1d997f
File 132161890050.png - (20.77KB , 700x525 )

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No. 8537 ID: 1d997f
or punch, whatever
No. 8538 ID: 1d997f
File 132162009971.png - (12.88KB , 700x525 )
what i should be doing

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No. 8542 ID: fe715d
Fuck yeah, your Kobolds have resurfaced! They are the only brand of 'Bolds I am a fan of.
No. 8551 ID: 805688
Dem 'boldtits, man.

Got any more spacefaring creatures in the works? Or a story to this stuff?
No. 8649 ID: d7f599
File 132202377944.png - (40.49KB , 700x525 , brown red dwarf.png )
>Got any more spacefaring creatures in the works?
None worth mentioning. I have flirted with many ideas, but so far "kobold world" is the most developed. Which isn't saying a whole lot.

>a story to this stuff?
Not yet. I am, however, developing the world's history.

Koboldworld (call it Strikis, I suppose, as a working title) is a planet far from us, and for the vast majority of its time in this universe this planet orbited within the habitable zone of a relatively dim K-class sun rather smaller than our own. Strikis is Earthlike, and not: Possessing a 26-hour day, a richly oxygenated atmosphere, and an abundance of water as well as a moon to provoke tides, but twice the mass and 3/2 times the surface gravity of our little blue speck, greater air density at sea level, and a pair of thinly populated Trojan asteroid fields at its solar L4 and L5.

[relevant image, captured from crashed oe session. continues, I guess]
No. 8651 ID: d7f599
File 132202803180.png - (9.55KB , 700x525 )
[sketchy about the astrophysics.]

Centuries prior to the "current era" of the world, a brown dwarf (~.070 solar masses) -- call it Plalgis -- transited through the star system, upsetting a number of small objects but also making a pass close enough to Strikis to tug it from its orbit, sending it careening through the outer system with its new parent. While in another circumstance this might have spelled icy death for most of the planet's ecosystems, Plalgis's path through the system put it on a collision course with the resident gas giant, a voluminous world of nearly 15 Jupiter masses. The ensuing absorption raised the brown dwarf above the fusion limit, transforming it in one stroke from a lukewarm ball of gas to a shining, albeit quite dim, sun. Strikis would not freeze after all.

View animation
No. 8652 ID: d7f599
File 132202991321.png - (10.69KB , 700x525 )
But not all ended well. The transition itself upset weather systems across the planet, loosing ferocious storms that tore through Strikis's many varied biomes. And as it settled into its new orbit near the outer edge of Plalgis's habitable zone, it grew colder, sinking the world into a more or less permanent ice age.

View animation
No. 8657 ID: d7f599
File 13220347938.png - (16.77KB , 700x525 )
This was where the kobolds came in, in one sense, as for their then-agrarian societies Plalgis brought about the end of the world as it had been for long before. The expanding ice caps robbed water from the rest of the world, often turning once-lush rainforests in the tropics to arid land. In other formerly hospitable parts of the globe, massive glaciers and wide stretches of tundra marred by permafrost encroached on arable land, in some cases obliterating entire countries through starvation and hypothermia. Formerly prosperous port cities, cut off from trade by receding waters, shared in the suffering. Finally, there was Plalgis itself, which presented a particular religious dilemma for almost every society -- namely, what to make of the whole business, for no kobold at the time had had any idea what a "brown dwarf" was or really any extensive grasp of astronomy in the way that we know it today.

View animation
No. 8658 ID: d7f599
Tired. Should have said this long ago but was doing laundry. Might continue, might not.
No. 8793 ID: bcdb56
File 132239405747.png - (20.19KB , 700x525 )

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No. 8794 ID: bcdb56
File 132239976994.png - (12.62KB , 700x525 )

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No. 8811 ID: 25d956
I like this a lot.
No. 8848 ID: 93af16
File 132255180786.png - (34.59KB , 700x525 )
Thanks. They are supposed to be some sort of tropical air grazer (aeroplankton not shown)

Also at left, forest of floater stalks.

View animation
No. 8860 ID: 25d956
Yep! Super neat!
No. 9561 ID: 99350d
File 132480063825.png - (31.52KB , 700x525 )

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No. 10416 ID: 04edce
File 132730684461.png - (271.58KB , 1280x800 , general boldworld calculations and bold payload sp.png )
Ruminations on the world, and on a 10MT single-pulse nuclear space launch therefrom
No. 10417 ID: 04edce
File 132730688223.png - (255.40KB , 1280x800 , bold payload spike dimensions.png )
No. 10418 ID: 04edce
File 132730697443.png - (244.94KB , 1280x800 , bold payload spike profile.png )
further development
No. 10419 ID: c68cba
Holy shit.
No. 10421 ID: 04edce
All in all, extremely rough calculations for a launch vehicle to (what I presume to be) low orbit, corresponding to a delta vee of some 11.6Km/s for my setting, yield a spacecraft total mass around 250000 metric tons. Using the volume equation for a simple cone, and height/diameter and density similar to figures given for an EM railgun launch system and for various real-life and imagined spacecraft hulls, respectively, reveals that such a vehicle could be around 5 times the breadth of a Saturn V and as tall as the Chrysler building. The top left graphic in the last upload represents my attempt at an educated guess as to what such a vehicle might really look like -- shorter, and perhaps fatter, with a large Orion-style shock absorption system taking up a good deal of the projected 250 kilotons total mass in order to dampen G-forces and make the launch blast more survivable to complex automated equipment. Not shown: "Scoops" and "bore riders", to aid the vehicle on its journey through the launch tube and to be discarded (by explosive separation?) after leaving the tube.
No. 10422 ID: 9c7c3b
No. 10450 ID: 695c02
File 132736175439.png - (106.19KB , 550x750 , orion bold launch.png )
Another other high-capability and relatively simple-tech solution to the question of how to lift tons of shit into space is, of course, the Orion nuclear pulse system (the one I portrayed in the first image of this thread was of the mini-mag variety, hence the "oddly" placed equipment for those who mentioned it) which would also be survivable to living creatures, albeit with a somewhat awkward acceleration profile.
No. 10452 ID: 695c02
File 132736209989.png - (239.47KB , 1280x800 , bold ato systems.png )
Pre-nuclear solutions that wouldn't launch a ton of shit but might cut down launch costs include the air-lifted booster and its mothership, which I presume to be more effective on a world with a much thicker atmosphere than Earth's, 1.5x higher gravity notwithstanding. I am sure there are holes in that theory, so please, feel free to demonstrate to me how wrong I am.
No. 10454 ID: 695c02
File 132736254644.png - (70.76KB , 330x800 , boldwomancropped.png )
And, in non-space-related developments, a picture a little more complete.
No. 10455 ID: 695c02
File 132736266667.png - (248.16KB , 1280x800 , boldwomen4.png )
And something a little less so.
No. 10456 ID: 695c02
File 132736274568.png - (235.03KB , 1280x800 , boldwomen3.png )
No. 10457 ID: 695c02
File 132736330579.png - (129.67KB , 800x600 , boldarmor-helmet.png )
Development of armor concepts -- helmet
For a kobold to wear a helmet mapped purely to the facial structure I've designed seems like a fairly bad idea: A helmet that covers the snout would have at least some inward curvature at the nasal bridge/between the eyebrows, and would, I imagine, make things worse in the event of a particularly forceful strike. Correct me if I'm wrong, but to the end of protecting the nose I drew the armor with a sinus in the area covering the snout to make it more rounded, and thus be better able to absorb a blow. Floppy ears might simply be stuffed into a rigid helmet, but for purposes of decoration or as an alternate design the area over the ears could be adorned with scale/lamellar/laminar armor plates.
No. 10458 ID: 695c02
File 132736382388.png - (199.70KB , 800x600 , lady o war.png )
Title says it
No. 10459 ID: 695c02
File 132736390973.png - (308.86KB , 1280x800 , lamel cuirasse.png )
No. 10460 ID: 695c02
File 132736472543.png - (60.70KB , 400x530 , dressbold modified.png )
A somewhat diminutive bold in a dress that is somewhat diminutive, and exposes the shoulders.
No. 10467 ID: 695c02
File 132738481397.png - (70.51KB , 800x600 , love.png )
Most important of all
No. 10487 ID: 1854db
Wryt, I... you... this...

No. 10594 ID: 695c02
File 132774819361.png - (538.28KB , 1280x800 , ORION.png )
Thanks! Have an unrefined thing I've been working on for the past hour or so...
No. 10648 ID: 1444d5
Question: why a single-pulse-to-orbit design rather than a smoother, easier to handle pulse-train?

No. 11804 ID: 92ec52
File 133222816039.jpg - (33.04KB , 615x409 , he\'s dead_.jpg )
No. 11840 ID: 695c02
File 133250708838.png - (497.59KB , 801x481 , amabolds.png )
no, i'm just much more active on /f/lockdraw and http://zchan.org/

http://skycow.us/ -- home of /f/lockdraw

because it eliminates fallout and EMP, but i'm leaning more toward pulse train anyway
No. 11841 ID: 695c02
File 133250758906.png - (14.65KB , 400x750 , saracuse.png )
so raise a glass
to the ones
who have passed
the ones that got away
No. 13005 ID: f04e7d
File 133714575981.png - (677.28KB , 893x600 , b-snuggle.png )
Some stuff I did recently
No. 13006 ID: f04e7d
File 133714578345.png - (12.35KB , 340x387 , bold.png )
Some stuff I did recently
No. 13007 ID: f04e7d
File 133714580817.png - (15.17KB , 273x481 , boldpregnancy.png )
No. 13008 ID: f04e7d
File 133714582113.png - (43.80KB , 700x525 , boldwomenguns.png )
No. 13010 ID: f04e7d
File 133714725806.png - (1.05MB , 1015x1291 , compilation.png )
No. 13011 ID: 1cf9fb
Odd question, but would those guns be something around a 5 millimeter given the size of the marksmen? I mean, part of the psychological base I give my kobolds is they hate sudden/loud noises.

Thus while they make objectively superior marksmen compared to my Verhimen (faster to train, slighter heartbeat, superior sight) they generally lack the discipline and inclination to use most firearms effectively, preferring suppressed airguns at most, and crossbows or blowpipes as a rule.
No. 13013 ID: 1444d5
That's one hell of a tether that can take thousands of nuclear pulses without ablating away or degrading in tensile strength from neutron and gamma ray bombardment. Though I hadn't thought at all about pulse-draggers before. Maybe pump the bombs out the front, and use an enormous combination solar/particle/magsail? You could be almost completely hemispherical and achieve higher efficiency than a convex pusher-plate. Though you'd still need to deal with particle erosion so would need a bulky sail, and the PRF might need to be lowered. High Isp, low thrust? At least your mega-sail wouldn't need to be as rigid as a giant hemi-pusher would be.
No. 13015 ID: 9c1066

Since you guys seem to know a lot about space travel, I want to ask a curiosity.

Would a biodome be feasible in space? One that can run on solar panels and produce oxygen? A sort of greenhouse, if you will? Bonus points if it's built IN a ship.
No. 13016 ID: f04e7d
Yes, it's feasible. In fact a "biodome" of some sort is a pretty important design element of at least a few proposed interplanetary missions to say nothing of a generation ship or something similar. Solar panels don't work very well beyond a certain point out from the star, though, so I usually design my cruisers as running purely off a nuclear reactor or some sort.

It's supposed to be more like Project Daedalus than Orion—much smaller pulses at a much higher refire rate. If I recall correctly, the thrust was supposed to be directed by magnetic coils, so (at least in my speculation) it could be directed in a relatively tight column to avoid blasting the tether. But correct me if I'm wrong.
No. 13017 ID: f04e7d
File 133720303721.png - (33.21KB , 483x481 , pilotbold.png )
My kobold aren't your kobolds. Enough said.
No. 13018 ID: f04e7d
File 133720352520.png - (14.50KB , 312x451 , voluptuous.png )
Although to be sure, I don't really know what the guns are. .22 caliber? I just made them up on the fly.
No. 13019 ID: 1cf9fb
Apparently, yours are rather more... buxom.
I would wonder what sort of penetration and stopping power their weapons would get, looks to be chemical propelled, they started messing around with flechette and gyrorocket ammo by any chance or going with the old FMJ standard?

Not that .22LR is a poor round, especially if one is fiddling around in a space station. Hell, the American-180 can chew through concrete if you care to empty the whole magazine.

It's just I could imagine them running into a bit of a shock if they found out most other species were rather less... space efficient (assuming there are other species to be feasibly found in your setting.)
No. 13020 ID: 1444d5
>mag confinement
Yeah, that would work. Aneutronic fusion or M-AM annihilation would mean you just deal with pure gamma (assuming perfect confinement of charged products). Most papers on gamma effects on carbon nanotubes are paywalled (from a cursory google at least), but from the abstracts it sounds like gamma bombardment in a vacuum causes defects (and interestingly, cross-linking) in SWCN and MWCN, but only above a certain energy (>~100kGy), so wrapping the tether in a blanket of Lead/DU/something dense to sap the gamma pulse energy should do fine for long-life tethers.

If you've got ample sunlight, you can skip the solar cells and illuminate your plants/algea/whathaveyou directly (using chevron mirrors rather than glass/saphire/etc to avoid irradiation). Though as wryt mentioned, if you are far from a nearby star then you'll have to provide the lighting from on-board power.
You might get marginally better efficiency from a purely chemical CO2scrubber+O2generating process*, but plants have the benefit of occasionally providing something less monotonous to eat too, and being generally nice to walk/float about in when confined aboard a tin can for a few centuries.

* Per weight, which is generally all that matters in space. If you really need to keep volume down for some reason, then direct chemical is the way to go.
No. 13021 ID: f04e7d
>Not that .22LR is a poor round, especially if one is fiddling around in a space station.
Nooo, that's actually a pretty poor choice of round in a space station. Generally if you've already made it aboard the thing you don't want to let a perfectly good space station just go to waste by fucking up all its vital shit unless you have to. I envision them using shotguns, flechettes, or special rocket-propelled rounds of some type. The one standing in front of the jet fighter is holding a gyrojet.

>(assuming there are other species to be feasibly found in your setting.)
Probably. I dunno what you mean by space-efficient, though.

Depleted uranium/lead it is, then.
No. 13022 ID: 9c1066

Thank youuu~
No. 13025 ID: 1cf9fb
I was comparing the .22 LR's 'space safety' to say a .45 or any other various larger or higher powered rounds, the ones most (human) shooters wouldn't laugh at for being so tiny (albeit I've heard statistics indicate well as to it's lethality.)

Not sure how gyrogets or shotguns would play into that though, fragments and shot arn't exactly something I would want floating around inside with microgravity and gyrojets wouldn't benefit much from the 'jet' in the close quarters of a boarding action.

The space efficiency was just a pun on kobolds building Orion engines, while still being short enough to stuff inside of the standard duffel bag.
No. 13038 ID: 1444d5
For boarding actions, may I recommend the venerable Space Axe? Lensman tested, Valerian approved!

Actually, a big & slow round like the .45 (ACP) would be preferable to a small fast .22LR in the Not Making Holes In Lots Of Important Spacecraft Bits department. You want something that dumps a lot of energy into the first thing it hits and then stops completely, rather than a fast round that keeps on going.
No. 13122 ID: 5c94e7
I know nothing of bullets and firearms, but that sounds an awful lot like a hollowpoint. It destroys liquid-based things, but shatters against solid things.
No. 13133 ID: 1444d5
To an extent: a hollowpoint is designed to splay apart (not necessarily breaking apart completely) creating a larger wound channel, and will do so when it hits something with enough resistance. They can still pass through a significant amount of solid material before fragmenting (see the original Box O' Truth: http://www.theboxotruth.com/docs/bot1.htm).
You may be thinking of frangible rounds (e.g. the Glaser Safety Slug), which are designed to break into a lots of very tiny (and almost harmless) pieces on impact with almost anything. The idea being that you can fire one in a plane without worrying about puncturing a hole in a vital bit of wiring or fuel line (NOT depressurisation, that's not a huge issue at commercial airliner altitudes), or to reduce the chance of a round passing through a thin wall and striking a bystander when used indoors.

I'd recommend reading through The Box O' Truth archives (http://www.theboxotruth.com/docs/theboxotruth.htm) and Buick O' Truth (http://www.theboxotruth.com/docs/thebuickotruth.htm) if you're interested in how various rounds and calibres behave when shot at things.
No. 13183 ID: f04e7d
File 133775099416.png - (36.30KB , 800x600 , thankyou.png )
Spanks for the info, y'all

Title not related.
No. 14588 ID: ce03c5
File 134445685775.png - (286.40KB , 750x500 , oekakimimiga.png )
dayum java crashes
No. 14605 ID: ce03c5
File 134449955844.png - (22.66KB , 750x500 , 13444915089.png )
No. 14606 ID: ce03c5
File 134450008041.png - (25.16KB , 750x500 )

View animation
No. 14607 ID: ce03c5
File 134450088714.png - (222.92KB , 750x500 )
might as well save my progress on this while i'm at it

View animation
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