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File 151626245668.png - (605.50KB , 590x600 , D050B326-FE0D-48E7-BF2E-3AED6E00899E.png )
37534 No. 37534 ID: 3583d1
Hooray! Somewhere where I can dump my random drawings other than on other people’s draw threads!
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No. 37535 ID: 3583d1
File 151626257028.png - (605.81KB , 590x600 , 6B9B8AD6-2BF5-4251-ACF5-A2AD57FAB0ED.png )
Title page without the text overlay. Funny enough the file name for this was originally “Sutton Hoo the hell are you?”
No. 37536 ID: c88e6d
A cool picture!
No. 37538 ID: 3583d1
File 151627152876.jpg - (131.03KB , 601x695 , 24B5102D-0BD6-4644-AF20-DDC47216B379.jpg )
A portrait I did for my girlfriend.
No. 37539 ID: 3583d1
File 151635489867.png - (706.56KB , 614x820 , 4FEE5ED5-B926-4A22-A2B6-8D616C5D862B.png )
Another one done for a friend
No. 37542 ID: 879724
I didn't recognize your work at first, but as always, it looks.....
No. 37543 ID: 3583d1
File 151644205257.png - (179.25KB , 820x614 , DCB8E6E6-F5A1-465D-9B9C-4AAFE2900192.png )
Thanks! Wanna help me review some movies?

>5 stars
No. 37544 ID: 3583d1
File 151644211972.png - (139.79KB , 820x614 , 38BE369B-0876-4491-9A6F-E48993C9B790.png )
>4 stars
No. 37545 ID: 3583d1
File 151644216312.png - (164.22KB , 820x614 , 0140A40C-691F-4F45-9045-F7486E8FFB59.png )
>3 stars
No. 37546 ID: 3583d1
File 151644218494.png - (155.64KB , 820x614 , 3D621555-017C-41FF-89BD-4FCBDD19ED63.png )
>2 stars
No. 37547 ID: 3583d1
File 151644221699.png - (170.32KB , 820x614 , 5199E24F-5B5C-4AC2-8CCC-094F1771FC9E.png )
>1 star
No. 37548 ID: 3583d1
File 151644225049.png - (202.17KB , 820x614 , B6D53CFA-4AD3-4785-9366-325DA8021740.png )
>No stars
No. 37549 ID: 879724
Sure thing buddy
No. 37550 ID: 879724
Only one rule
No. 37552 ID: f04559
And what might that be?
No. 37553 ID: 879724
I will only review movies that I saw
No. 37734 ID: 3583d1
File 151814129162.png - (1.02MB , 819x1093 , D519802A-52F7-4BDB-AAAC-0E44D160A694.png )
So because drawing a nude is almost like rite of passage, I figured I’d give it a shot.
No. 37735 ID: 879724
Who is she?
No. 37736 ID: 3583d1
Pretty much no one. But for the sake of this song I listened to while drawing her i'll call her June.
No. 37738 ID: 5245b2
This just reminds me that I gotta get me one o' these


Drawthreads. I meant I need a Drawthread.
No. 37740 ID: f6785d
You know, i wouldn't mind seeing some meat/flesh in the quest. Just throwing it out there.
No. 37741 ID: 3583d1
Have patience my friend. I already had something in the works.
No. 37742 ID: 3583d1
File 151816204163.png - (180.87KB , 1093x819 , BA748092-B490-46FC-B2A7-E3B069D24778.png )


I would hope so...
No. 37788 ID: c81293
File 151864390866.jpg - (134.24KB , 865x751 , 03E95B15-D070-4575-B358-B768F3FD5398.jpg )
Something I drew for my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day
No. 37794 ID: b473ab
Happy Valentine’s Day, spend it with the persons you love
No. 37823 ID: 3583d1
File 151916770780.png - (685.26KB , 2732x2048 , 4E365A03-8FC3-4DAF-B857-8306CC74A76D.png )
A doodle featuring the mute protagonist of labyrinth city. The demon in this is actually harmless, he can’t even close his jaw.
No. 37825 ID: 00c285
File 151918420781.jpg - (599.21KB , 1500x1272 , Beautiful butterfly 187.jpg )
No. 37826 ID: 388cdd
Not really dude, I was just doodling this while I was teaching one day and it just sort of became that.

I’m not asking you to do anything dude, believe me if be much more direct about it if I was asking.
No. 37827 ID: 388cdd
As for whether I want that quest to return, I’m fine with it coming back as long as that’s what you want to work on. I can’t force you to work on it, and if the creative juices aren’t flowing for it, I can’t make it flow. You gotta follow your own flow.
No. 37841 ID: b0f04f
File 151925056178.png - (365.08KB , 1093x819 , 49549466-2BB3-4ACD-B03B-591B71FE8202.png )
I doodled Dormin
No. 37842 ID: 00c285
He looks like a trustworthy guy
No. 37843 ID: b0f04f
Oh yeah I heard he once helped a guy and his girlfriend out when they had some relationship problems.
No. 37844 ID: 00c285
File 151926131476.jpg - (58.99KB , 625x468 , eaf8203cfc25de3a2bbe2d6077be54063c72afb43d247a6cd3.jpg )
No. 37866 ID: c88e6d
I still think he's cute.
No. 37994 ID: 3583d1
File 152024532859.png - (0.98MB , 1093x819 , 57D6BFEF-6F32-49BA-A28B-723B57EFEF40.png )
Fenrir Wolf, done for Clockwork Fountain’s Contact Quest.

There maybe others like him soon, I guess we’ll just have to see what happens
No. 38135 ID: 3583d1
File 152123372596.png - (342.75KB , 1093x819 , DE74C60E-467F-46F0-B478-C1ACA19B316A.png )
No. 38136 ID: 3583d1
File 152123376255.png - (194.50KB , 1093x819 , CD12FDD4-E8AF-4C82-BE43-8B5917525A26.png )
No. 38137 ID: 3583d1
File 152123379750.png - (256.47KB , 1093x819 , 7609F284-FDF8-4C4D-9F90-94CD900D8B9C.png )
No. 38151 ID: f6785d
Back at it again with your shenanigans i see. I missed them.
No. 38152 ID: 3583d1
Well thank you! I’ve been using my shenanigans to mess with this dude that’s possessing clocky. I actually just started a new collab for st. Patrick’s day too, I’m hoping it does well
No. 38159 ID: 216755
File 152133502944.jpg - (199.52KB , 1041x527 , Beautiful butterfly 208.jpg )
No. 38170 ID: f6785d
I always wondered how it was to have an icecream truck that goes around selling icecream with the music and all that. In my country we didn't have those... at least i think we didn't.
No. 38171 ID: 216755
Same goes for me. To be honest those melodies from the ice cream truck is really creepy
No. 38177 ID: aad923
No. 38178 ID: f6785d
If rape had a song, it would be the icecream song.
No. 38179 ID: 216755
No. 38195 ID: 5245b2
File 152153898101.jpg - (1.20MB , 3024x3024 , E1272669-D19E-44B6-ACDE-909E5743596F.jpg )
*distant sounds of carnage, mayhem and utter breakdown of society as we know it*
No. 38198 ID: f6785d
No. 38199 ID: 3583d1
File 152157617404.png - (176.37KB , 1093x819 , E080B8A5-51D0-4DCF-AF29-A29D8C7956FF.png )
Hey guys look at this cute little guy I found! I wanna pet him!
No. 38200 ID: 3583d1
File 152157650358.png - (261.24KB , 1093x819 , A6E4E23E-6DB2-4929-9B0B-1161929A8F8D.png )
Clocky: “OH CRAP!”

No. 38201 ID: 3583d1
File 152157657095.png - (747.39KB , 2732x2048 , 790AFECB-8E0F-40AC-917F-5996CDCE0353.png )
Oh come on guys it would just be a single little boop on its noggin!
No. 38202 ID: 3583d1
File 152157690128.png - (1.04MB , 2732x2048 , 838EDDDB-A1E4-4AE2-91DC-1462564A09DE.png )
Clocky: “... Harbard you’re not serious are you...?”

ABM: “Don’t do that...”
No. 38203 ID: 3583d1
File 152157693251.png - (0.96MB , 2732x2048 , B36CEE09-BE35-405E-BEE7-EB46C8DE0785.png )
But I wanna boop the snoot!
No. 38204 ID: 3583d1
File 152157710348.png - (1.04MB , 2732x2048 , 79081C38-FEE4-4598-A4BA-66E149B1CB2B.png )
Clocky: “Do not boop the turtle suicide bomber...”

ABM: “Stop wanting to boop it’s snoot...”
No. 38206 ID: 3583d1
File 152157722417.jpg - (310.39KB , 1805x1586 , CDEBFB87-19D7-444A-88FC-74AE5BF68818.jpg )
But I must!
No. 38207 ID: 3583d1
File 152157738374.png - (1.05MB , 2732x2048 , 8C5F6341-A645-4E1A-B36A-5B691E263CF5.png )
Clocky: “HARBARD! STOP!”

No. 38208 ID: 3583d1
File 152157743224.jpg - (258.53KB , 1614x1220 , F7C1747C-0B6E-4D26-95CA-2826D0741D82.jpg )
But boop!
No. 38210 ID: 3583d1
File 152157785140.png - (1.18MB , 2732x2048 , DCB7A44D-85B2-4713-90D5-FA3D1C83ECDF.png )
Clocky: “NO BOOPING!”

No. 38211 ID: 3583d1
File 152157793161.png - (896.89KB , 2732x2048 , AFF4F9E6-A2A0-4F36-B145-0075063A427F.png )
No. 38212 ID: 216755
No. 38213 ID: 3583d1
File 152157803417.png - (1.13MB , 2732x2048 , 8EDB86E6-2CC2-4598-9773-D8906AB2B12A.png )
No. 38214 ID: 3583d1
File 152157820346.png - (747.22KB , 2732x2048 , 9505BE2D-E343-410A-8B75-E680961F2433.png )
No. 38215 ID: 3583d1
File 152157833593.png - (930.87KB , 2732x2048 , 2AE1FB31-EC7E-427A-89D2-DC14FDC0A257.png )


No. 38216 ID: 216755
What is this a crossover episode?
No. 38219 ID: 3583d1
No. 38220 ID: f6785d
I was actually thinking about this one:
OH WAIT, IT IS THIS ONE. Nevermind then, carry on with the crossover and the references.
No. 38221 ID: 3583d1
Haha yep, I just figured more people would know the mineturtle than the catacahn barking toad.
No. 38222 ID: 91ee5f
0 out of 10. That reptilian isn’t actually hard!
No. 38224 ID: 3583d1
File 152161588640.png - (216.00KB , 1093x819 , 4AF1FEBB-28B3-45AD-9029-D6FF4A3B0067.png )
I mean if that the stuff your into...

So much for having no extremities.
No. 38226 ID: f6785d
I-I mean... ah... EHHH... Thanks for the "identical" resamblence?
No. 38236 ID: 5245b2
File 152169744840.jpg - (1.22MB , 3024x3024 , 0B59D9E1-47F1-4542-81ED-6840157E91FF.jpg )
Watashitachi wa sudeni shinde iru
No. 38237 ID: 5245b2
File 152169785829.jpg - (317.21KB , 1818x1818 , 2CB0003F-EC20-41A9-8FFE-7EC05BDCE8F6.jpg )
No. 38241 ID: 3583d1
File 152170121053.jpg - (96.27KB , 847x819 , B0C5499B-1466-4A20-A59C-E16D7B6D6A82.jpg )
No. 38243 ID: 91ee5f
5 out of 10. It’s an improvement, since the reptilian is now hard, however the reptilian now has extremities, so it’s not a perfect score.
No. 38244 ID: f6785d
No. 38246 ID: 91ee5f
I refuse to stop.


>And i use prosthetics, by the way.
.....what kinda prosthetics? Robot arms that turn into weapons or something?
No. 38247 ID: 3583d1
File 152179396402.png - (195.41KB , 1093x819 , CEE261E3-BFC4-4991-AA73-FB2250560F3F.png )
>what kinda prosthetics
No. 38248 ID: f6785d
... Legs and arms? I am sure as hell i don't type with my tail.
Stop with the innuendo, please, you are killing me here.
No. 38249 ID: 90b264
File 152185948581.jpg - (20.41KB , 284x177 , 03908FDE-2714-4F77-AB48-B17FEB297D05.jpg )
Nonsense... you were already dead.
No. 38254 ID: f6785d
No. 38298 ID: 3583d1
File 152230793902.jpg - (615.77KB , 2048x2732 , 715A763F-886E-4A48-ADCB-3C631F677339.jpg )
Just wait til we are alone together. Then I will tell you something new, something cold, something sleepy, something of cease and of peace on the long bright curve of space.

Banish them - refuse to speak, leave them. Go downstairs to your room. I will be waiting for you. I will surround your neck. Close the windows so that none will ever be able to enter.
No. 38301 ID: 3583d1
This was based off a nightmare I had as a kid were this guy was hiding out and tried to kill me by strangling. His eyes were what scared me most.
No. 38302 ID: eeb7d9
Sheeesh, what make you dream that?
I remeber a few nightmeres of my childhood, but they where scary in a diferent way.
No. 38303 ID: 3583d1
Not sure, when I was growing up my room was downstairs and that was the darkest place in the house. So at night it would get dark. Back then I got scared really easily because my room was right next to the bathroom and the toilet would run and cycle water almost every night.

Looking back I remember the dream, I was lying in bed and I wake up to see my bathroom light is on. I go to check it out and its not my bathroom its like a weird stone temple hall. I can remember seeing moss on the stone walls. At the end of the hallway was that guy and he turned to face me. His eyes were what scared me most and they made me think he was Pennywise the clown from it, Even though he wasn't. It was like his eyes made all of my worst fears come true. But then he ran over silent as a ghost and began strangling me. I then realized I was asleep and started yelling at myself to "Wake up! Wake up!"

And I did. I remember staying in bed for over an hour absolutely too scared to move. I thought if I ran past the bathroom he'd get me again.
No. 38305 ID: eeb7d9
The only two nightmares that "tried to kill me", were actually short and funny, once they passed. The first one happened in my room, it was just a shark attack, i was really scared of them back then. The second one was on my vacations many years later, we had a cozy trailer, but i allways had trouble sleeping at night, i guess it was bocouse it wasn't my house nor my bed. Anyway, this one is pretty streight foward as well, basically the moon fall on me, like in the Majora's Mask from Zelda. The "funny" thing about it is that i never played none of thse games, and that night we had a full moon.
And then is the OTHER one. That one will allways be scary.
No. 38437 ID: f0e789
File 152331880908.png - (1.01MB , 1093x819 , 8EAC2C4E-C97A-4ABB-AF16-09619D5C4170.png )
A crusader Anglo/Saxon Paladin I played as for a d&d 3.5 campaign. His name is Alymere, and he ended up becoming something of the main character of the game, I think mostly because I was the only constant player in that game and he was the longest running character. I have so many stories from that campaign if anyone is interested. In the end he made it all the way to epic levels and made it to about level 30 before the campaign ended, becoming something an immortal.
No. 38438 ID: dcf9f1
But how can he become immortal if he is a ginger?
No. 38439 ID: f0e789
Technically he just had red hair, no freckles to really be true ginger so I guess the term would be “day walker” but to make up for it he wasn’t exactly smart at times, evidenced by the fact he got set on fire no less than 5 times throughout our game.
No. 38440 ID: f0e789
File 152332454491.png - (358.36KB , 1093x819 , 81065652-7984-47BE-9803-8D6DA4CA9987.png )
Absurdity Masked Man in a nutshell
No. 38443 ID: eeb7d9
Let me guess, he was chaotic evil?
No. 38444 ID: 74ee62
ABM himself, while true neutral, comes off as more chaotic neutral than anything. This was more indicative of his quests that he writes. Very grim dark but with wacky and memorable characters all of whom want to kill you.
No. 38452 ID: eeb7d9
So it's basically 40K?
No. 38453 ID: 3583d1
Hmm... No, although there are some similarities that I can think of. His main story, Root and Branches, is more in line with Donny Darko meets H.P. Lovecraft with a dash of Invader Zim/Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.
No. 38454 ID: dcf9f1
File 152341104436.jpg - (2.11MB , 2320x3028 , Beautiful butterfly 231.jpg )

No. 38455 ID: 28314e
Settle down, AMM.
No. 38456 ID: 28314e
Meant to put Harbard Grim under the name there
No. 38459 ID: eeb7d9
Then you must LOVE Berserk, right?
Sorry if i am making to many assumptions.
And Grim is right, chill, your tentacles are showing.
No. 38468 ID: bccf1a
File 152347887976.jpg - (103.97KB , 887x709 , F8965C09-C373-427B-BEB1-7CC06C6D7E5D.jpg )
A big huge from me to you, my player 2 in Root and Branches. Even though I don’t know your name dude or what name you will go by in the future, or if you choose remain an Anon, I hope we can enjoy many a fine quest together here in the future. By the way sorry I drew you as Nathaniel, but I knew you would recognize him.
No. 38469 ID: bccf1a
File 152347930317.jpg - (88.96KB , 867x668 , 383F74C1-C15B-4E24-8A75-F24CFA34C2E8.jpg )
A big hug from me to you, Hard Reptilian with No Extremities. Our banter is always fun and I appreciate you hanging around. Hope you are having a good day today! I promise I will get the next part of my quest out sometime this week!
No. 38471 ID: 4f7a6c
You're in a huggy mood today. Thx.

Please Make sure you save your biggest hug for your girlfriend
No. 38472 ID: bccf1a
File 152347998965.jpg - (82.91KB , 818x655 , B0DCBF9F-1BD0-45CC-8DCF-F541F3D330B0.jpg )
A big hug from me to you, Kome. My dude, I cannot think of a person who has been around here longer that you. Seriously, I really admire your dedication and it does not go unnoticed. Thanks for sticking around.
No. 38473 ID: 8205d9
File 152348138499.jpg - (78.29KB , 810x667 , D7AB467B-4DAE-438E-B8BB-5E52AE552B97.jpg )
A big hug from me to all you Anons out there. You guys are what makes writing and drawing quests so fun. I hope you all are having an amazing day today
No. 38478 ID: eeb7d9
File 152349431528.png - (109.37KB , 276x181 , Happy reptile.png )
>My face right now.
No. 38479 ID: eeb7d9
>Also, first time using green text. Yes i am that much of a noob in this site.
>Life is good.jpg
No. 38480 ID: 91ee5f
*choking sounds*
Hugging...too...tightly...! Can’t...breathe...! Bleegh.....
*dies* X_X
No. 38481 ID: 7c5ef7
Well I know what to do but I should wash my hands first.... oh well.

*immediate weird crossbreed if cpr and Viking magic*

There you go.
No. 38482 ID: 3583d1
File 152352242491.jpg - (88.05KB , 1044x653 , 149C1ADE-766B-480B-8E65-32BA0955849A.jpg )
Amon wolf and hound cub 1
No. 38483 ID: 3583d1
File 152352244910.jpg - (72.69KB , 817x704 , B98F5DDD-3740-42C7-AB5B-07B9CF0028BB.jpg )
Amon wolf and hound cub 2
No. 38484 ID: 3583d1
File 152352248198.png - (172.96KB , 1093x819 , CAD87E78-3A50-4128-921C-302A8D13C5A0.png )
Amon wolf and hound cub 3
No. 38485 ID: 3583d1
File 152352264384.jpg - (78.64KB , 748x819 , 1E0F5E34-677F-48EB-98AB-550F0A70D45B.jpg )
Amon wolf and hound cub 4

So these are some mind beasts from Clock’s clockscape. Amon is the beast of brotherhood and acts as the young hound’s guardian figure. The hound pup is a reincarnation of the beast of self-worth.
No. 38486 ID: dcf9f1
File 152353554263.jpg - (392.37KB , 948x1056 , Beautiful butterfly 233.jpg )
No. 38487 ID: 91ee5f
*body explodes*
No. 38488 ID: eeb7d9
Well then, in that case, i am just going to be the guy that tells you to read the manga. I am pretty sure that you will like it.
No. 38490 ID: dcf9f1
Hmmmm, I don't think that story is for me. I don't say it's bad, it is more that I don't find it appealing for my test in media
No. 38491 ID: eeb7d9
Oh well, i had to try. I agree it is not for every one.
What is the kind of things you tend to "read"?
Had any suggestions?
No. 38492 ID: ae9b99

that reminds me, in his disthread he is having his characters from his quests do book recommendations (we're waiting on the character's Godfrey book recommendation btw) maybe AMM can be next in his book recommendations.

Harbard, do you take art requests? I have an idea of what you can draw.
No. 38493 ID: eeb7d9
>characters from his quests do book recommendations

That is something that i will have to look at, then.
No. 38494 ID: 3583d1
Alright hit me, what’s the idea?
No. 38495 ID: eb2671
By the way I kept my promise and my quest updated
No. 38496 ID: eeb7d9
I saw! good rolls. I am still thinking on what to do. I had a long day and my brain is not good right now.
The worst part? Tomorrow it gets worse!
No. 38497 ID: 53fac9
File 152367045996.jpg - (498.78KB , 1370x1008 , Beautiful butterfly 234.jpg )
No. 38499 ID: eeb7d9
Uuuh! That sounds interesting. Good author too.
I'll look for it online, see if i can read it digitally.
No. 38500 ID: 5245b2
If only...
No. 38501 ID: 0e57d8
If nothing. If it’s in my power to make it so, I’ll make it so.
No. 38524 ID: 1667ef
File 152382798663.png - (282.48KB , 1093x819 , CC098B26-A0C6-4E91-B263-472CA07D2777.png )
I’m planning on drawing more of these just for fun. Quest authors/people turned into warhammer 40k Primarchs. I already have more planned as well. These will be based mostly on what your personalities/quests are like. So first up is Absurdity Masked Man as Magnus the Red, mostly due all his inter-dimensional shenanigans and magic. Plus they just seem to match up well.
No. 38525 ID: eeb7d9
Oh this is looking good! Keep them coming!
No. 38526 ID: c8a48a
Of course lord Vulkan. ;)
No. 38527 ID: 53fac9
No. 38532 ID: 3583d1
File 152386691367.png - (2.30MB , 2732x2048 , 3690823F-FB36-4E20-964C-D76BDC04E930.png )
Myself as Leman Russ, Primarch of the space wolves..
No. 38533 ID: 3583d1
File 152387082610.png - (1.85MB , 2732x2048 , 0D1D6035-D63A-4DBD-BFA0-48C4BF51931E.png )
Last one for tonight before I crash from exhaustion, my co-player from R&B as Rogal Dorn, primarch of the Imperial Fists. I see him as Rogal because very similarly to that primarch, my co-player is loyal to a fault and has shown to be much more rational and thinking than I am.
No. 38534 ID: 404570
Anyone want to be Lion El’Jonson?
No. 38535 ID: eeb7d9
Yoooo, i was just think that! I wanna be the big, dumb salamander!
No. 38541 ID: 404570
File 152392211512.png - (2.12MB , 2732x2048 , 91200019-A89C-44D0-A0CE-A73698ECF597.png )
Good, because it’s done!

Hard Reptilian with No Extremities as Vulkan, primarch of the Salamanders.
No. 38542 ID: eeb7d9
Oh hell yeah. Admit it, i look better than the original.
All right, now, if you excuse me, i am going to go punch a plague marine or step on a mine or something. Totally not going to regret it later. Care to JOIN IN THE SMASHING AN STOMPING, BOYZ? O ARE YAH TO MUCH OF A FUCKING SQUIG!? What say you, brotha?
No. 38543 ID: 78678c
No. 38545 ID: 91ee5f
*insert obligatory idiot shouting “Leroy Jenkins” while blindly charging into battle here*
No. 38546 ID: 5c2d63
Alpharius Omegon, good to see you.
No. 38547 ID: 91ee5f
AH FUCK!!!!!
*shoots you in the face*
.....oh, it’s just you. I thought I told you not to fucking sneak up on me like that! You’ve got no one but yourself to blame for me shooting you like that!
No. 38548 ID: 3583d1
File 152394678907.png - (2.61MB , 2732x2048 , 8811437B-0378-4DB1-A6C9-8B1A4F321464.png )
You missed me, heretic! And sneaking up on you? Who he hell do you think I am? Corvus Corax?!

Anon as Alpharius/Omegon.
No. 38549 ID: 3583d1
And I forgot to mention who they are the primarch of, Alpharius Omegon are the primarchs of The Alpha Legion.
No. 38550 ID: 3583d1
File 152394934828.png - (1.87MB , 2732x2048 , 521A14D7-C6B5-49EC-AF1D-D38770FD9E69.png )
RML as Fulgrim, primarch of The Emperor’s children. Since there’s no author avatar for RML, I think Chuck can fill that roll quite well.
No. 38551 ID: 3583d1
File 152395034689.png - (2.30MB , 2732x2048 , 4CC3817B-1E9F-49D5-BFD7-E1913F435611.png )
Gnuk as Lion El’Jonson, Primarch of The Dark Angels
No. 38552 ID: 3583d1
File 152395162859.png - (3.26MB , 2732x2048 , 81627E86-DA84-4025-8AD3-21C630A26E9A.png )
I wasn’t pleased with the last one I did of Absurdity as Magnus so I touched it up a little and added some new stuff, just to make it look nicer.
No. 38554 ID: 53fac9
File 152397064261.jpg - (779.85KB , 2342x983 , Beautiful butterfly 235.jpg )
No. 38557 ID: 0c3c2c
This is perfect and wonderful.
No. 38562 ID: 3583d1
File 152403936240.png - (2.07MB , 2732x2048 , 2D75770B-B211-4A4D-912C-4E75271F1F79.png )
Kome as Roboute Guilliman, primarch of the Ultramarines
No. 38563 ID: 3583d1
File 152404165878.png - (2.26MB , 2732x2048 , A1D4BEA8-C014-43EF-9196-D878991D06C0.png )
Clockwork Fountain as Ferrus Manus, primarch of the Iron Hands
No. 38571 ID: c81293
File 152408197169.png - (1.89MB , 2732x2048 , 65ED2B6F-374D-491D-9755-C3087606B957.png )
Baobao, one of our newest quest authors, as Jaghatai Khan, primarch of the White Scars
No. 38572 ID: cafa0e
File 152408506989.png - (2.34MB , 2732x2048 , C19737F9-1BB2-4810-A0B2-DA6A8E1DF40D.png )
Strngy as Angron, primarch of the Word Eaters
No. 38595 ID: 5245b2
Hands! Like a... clock...
I'll leave...
But seriously, Chaos is where it's at dude!
No. 38597 ID: 51137e
It’s funny because you aren’t exactly wrong... that was my something alone my line of thought for that one.

Oh by the way HERESY!!!!
No. 38598 ID: 3583d1
File 152412366493.png - (2.32MB , 2732x2048 , ABBCA43F-4805-4C3F-89CC-F37A93282475.png )
Idiom Alpha as Konrad Curze, primarch of the Night Lords
No. 38605 ID: 3583d1
File 152424306770.png - (1.96MB , 2732x2048 , B0B187EF-1C3F-4E8F-9E61-E30DF1938CCC.png )
Apollo as Lorgar Aurelian, primarch of the Word Bearers
No. 38667 ID: 3583d1
File 152472686261.png - (2.98MB , 2732x2048 , 6624B6CB-CF2C-42ED-A057-5BDEA10A9535.png )
JiggyDino as Corvus Corax, primarch of the Raven Guard
No. 38668 ID: f6f0de
No. 38671 ID: e1041a
Birds evolved from dinosaurs, silly!
No. 38672 ID: 3583d1
I also urge you to take a closer look at the main character of 2frames quest.
No. 38673 ID: ca0e20
Woah! lol. I'm not super into warhammer, but this is sillyneat =P. Nice touch with the Raven heheh. =3
No. 38674 ID: 3583d1
File 152477013056.png - (2.35MB , 2732x2048 , 11B141C6-F58F-4EF2-8446-9C2A5248FEAE.png )
Heretic as Mortarion, primarch of the Death Guard
No. 38675 ID: 3583d1
File 152477384645.png - (3.01MB , 2732x2048 , BFCA0829-515A-4770-B279-83D12DB29521.png )
BokkunTheDrawperson as Perturabo, primarch of the Iron Warriors
No. 38676 ID: 3583d1
File 152477393057.png - (2.82MB , 2732x2048 , C4549A23-16BF-468B-9434-BFB953730BFD.png )
Reaver as Sanguinius, primarch of the Blood Angels
No. 38677 ID: 3583d1
File 152477404543.png - (3.37MB , 2732x2048 , 8AE743CE-8B67-4EE1-80FE-07931177F69B.png )
Sir Double Faggot as Horus Lupercal, primarch of The Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus/Black Legion
No. 38678 ID: 3583d1
File 152477409082.png - (4.08MB , 2732x2048 , B25C88AD-99B3-4C6A-A197-C8D1C1B47367.png )
And finally...

Weaver as The God-Emperor of Mankind
No. 38679 ID: eeb7d9
I wouldn't have it any other way. Praised be the emperor!
Seriously tho, if it wasn't for Weaver, i wouldn't even be here right now. He really is an inspiration.
No. 38680 ID: f6f0de
No. 38700 ID: caf1de
ok but what about BrokenHalo or Lago or Slinko or Tox or Kak or Chigui or Fuyunii or LawyerDog or ClockworkSeal or Buckwheat or Smik or Mortis or Azathoth or Sarcopholacooda or even Nobody
No. 38701 ID: caf1de
or Radial or Brom or LonelyWorld or Raptie or Arhra or hell even LimeBreaker
No. 38703 ID: 3583d1
You’re killing me here smalls...

I did have some ideas for if I wanted to continue this stuff. For one I was thinking Lago or Apples would make a very good Slaanesh
No. 38704 ID: 08b7e6
How did I not know about this shit before?

Got a crown for his crown got a brain for his heart.
Please tell me Weaver is aware this exists.

Too many great quest authors, not enough places to put them.
Trout is Slaanesh.
Lago is Malcador the Sigillite.
SlinkoB is Ciaphas Cain.
Kaktus is Creed.
No. 38706 ID: 1dd41c
This thread is quickly turning into a museum filled with appreciation for other quest writers and quest participators. Not really complaining just enjoying the ride so far :)
No. 38708 ID: 6f9ec3
He is not as far as I know. I have a tumblr but I don’t use it. If someone wants to send it his way please do and let him know we have not forgotten him.
No. 38717 ID: 3583d1
File 152521303316.png - (767.16KB , 2732x2048 , AB022964-72F0-441A-891B-13DF4E112564.png )
My face when I check my tumblr and see that Weaver saw the picture and responded to me even sending me a personal message.
No. 38718 ID: 3583d1
File 152521314334.png - (1.38MB , 2732x2048 , 29289153-BBAD-46B0-B29B-C54295C94C44.png )
And just to confirm it...
No. 38719 ID: eeb7d9
No. 38725 ID: bccf1a
File 152530292274.png - (3.07MB , 2732x2048 , CAE107FC-B4AA-4096-9C7F-B4DF7A7E8556.png )
Might as well keep the 40k appreciation train going. If anyone has any ideas for quest authors let me know. Or better yet draw your own! Feel free to post below.

OVERLORD as Khorne, The Blood God, first god of chaos
No. 38742 ID: f14948
File 152545174244.png - (2.41MB , 2732x2048 , 5419F2E4-D781-4DD5-9EEE-A8B5E446EABB.png )
Trout as Tzeentch, the trickster god, second god of chaos
No. 38743 ID: f14948
File 152545180236.png - (2.45MB , 2732x2048 , 43E94E33-2DD9-421F-998F-F449E870EEC3.png )
The Hif Man as Nurgle, the Plague god, third god of chaos.
No. 38745 ID: ca0e20
That is an old school Trout. =P
No. 38803 ID: 3583d1
File 152585079976.png - (966.36KB , 2732x2048 , 7B86E1B7-44F3-4748-AB2F-3EF4F7B8C739.png )
Apples as Slaanesh, The Pleasue God, fourth god of Chaos
No. 38810 ID: eeb7d9
HaHA! I get it!
No. 38901 ID: bfddb9
File 152641993440.jpg - (367.51KB , 2732x2048 , AAFA2B74-D2DF-4E8C-8F8B-CD15AF4CD812.jpg )
A doodle I did for my girlfriend as her birthday was on Sunday
No. 38902 ID: bfddb9
File 152641996719.jpg - (323.50KB , 2732x2048 , 990F7F66-B264-46D2-A23E-A240BCD50C60.jpg )
Another drawing for my girlfriend.
No. 38903 ID: 1dd41c
I am so happy for you two
No. 38904 ID: 1dd41c
Also, tell her that I told you to tell her happy birthday
No. 38907 ID: 3583d1
File 152645958728.png - (225.96KB , 819x1093 , 8BCD56F5-258A-45A0-9231-196C2979F3EE.png )
Decius the newest character in AMM’s quest.
No. 38909 ID: eeb7d9
Nice legionnaire. Or is it a Centurion?
No. 38915 ID: 1dd41c
I really like your updated look at that character, I must admit that my initial look made him look thin in all that armor. I will use some of the changes that you implemented to my version of that character
No. 38916 ID: 3583d1
I noticed that! I actually based his helmet design and weapon choice off a real type of gladiator, the Murmillo type. They use short gladius swords and tower shields.
No. 38917 ID: 574e66
Neither, he’s more of a gladiator but a Legionare or a centurion would be cool.

For any other history buffs here, I know gladiators like the murmillo never really wore armor besides something like an arm guard, helmet, and their belt/leather skirt. This is more due to the setting of the quest in which this character takes place he wears more armor than gladiators would traditionally wear.
No. 38918 ID: 574e66
This guy is where I leaned more about the various types of gladiators.
No. 38919 ID: 1dd41c
No. 38923 ID: eeb7d9
I actually learned about gladiators in books and playing ROME. Such a good game. Playing medieval 2 now, gotta love those armors. It's a good source of material for writing and drawing.At least to start somewhere.
No. 39004 ID: 3583d1
File 152719427692.png - (1.73MB , 2048x2732 , 741C4661-9969-458E-97B3-77D0ED2B430A.png )
From Anthony’s Journal,

Today was a bit odd, I got another commission from the Order of the Cross Ash. Really I mean it was just Balian who commissioned it. He said it was for a lady that he is devoted to. Hey, all knights need a lady to devote their heroic deeds too! But what was odd when I asked for a picture as a frame of reference he got almost defensive about that before saying he would just help me on the details. I don’t really know why he doesn’t want me to see her face but alright. I still don’t quite understand why, even after it was done. I’m not really sure who “Carrie” is but I told Balian that I think she is really pretty and he is a lucky guy to have her.

No. 39190 ID: 69bdf1
File 152815291107.jpg - (1.66MB , 3264x2448 , 0C26311A-361F-4CAF-A62F-5ED3654A5BBE.jpg )
The results of me being bored at work and wanting to find a creative way of saying the men’s bathroom is all out of toilet paper
No. 39199 ID: 27c69d
File 152815452620.jpg - (121.12KB , 400x400 , YeahThanks-IfWeCouldGetbackToWorkNowThatdBeGreat.jpg )
No. 39217 ID: eeb7d9
8/10, didn't mention the Great Cornholio.
No. 39218 ID: 3583d1
File 152831450849.png - (271.93KB , 1093x819 , 524ABA0D-A49A-411F-86FF-D64AB2CEBDD7.png )
Will this make up for it?

My little summer time precession. Featuring:
Poppymuffin the Bunny, Myself as the Wolf, A certain Anon as the Jumping Rabbit, Kei the kitty, Absurdity Masked... Ostrich? Clock the... Dude I’m not really sure what bird that is, I always think of it as an Owl, and Hard Reptilian with No Extremities the Caiman.
No. 39220 ID: 27c69d
Wow, dude, you work really fast! And to answer your confusion as to why I picked the might Ostrich as my animal representation, well I find a lot of similarities between me and how that animal acts. But the most important reason is because that bird is practically the Chun Lee of the animal kingdom
No. 39221 ID: 3583d1
I actually started it last night, I only finished it this morning
No. 39236 ID: eeb7d9
The first thing that came to mind when i saw this was Hakuna Matata. Other thatn that, this is the best thing i have seen today. I love it. Thank you. I mean it.
No. 39239 ID: 5245b2
Yes, you got it! I am indeed a grouchy, bearded owl!
No. 39242 ID: 3583d1
You are very welcome!

Sweet! Glad I got it!
No. 39243 ID: 413b9f
Aw I love this!! Look at us running off to adventure
No. 39287 ID: 3583d1
File 152891932664.jpg - (80.53KB , 750x707 , 8A14565B-B128-414D-A247-A08E5D35202B.jpg )
My girlfriend’s favorite animal is a grizzly bear, and she was a little jealous I didn’t put her in that animal parade so I thought I should do one just for her.
No. 39295 ID: 58dfc9

That's cool man, wow. Nice Warhammer work overall.
No. 39296 ID: a44f1c
File 152898870121.jpg - (59.26KB , 400x400 , thats-so-cute.jpg )
No. 39298 ID: 3583d1
Oh wow thanks! I usually don’t expect the people I model these after to reply. I’m glad you liked it!
No. 39300 ID: eeb7d9
What did you expected, mate?
It IS amazing!
No. 39354 ID: 3583d1
File 152965221724.png - (2.49MB , 2732x2048 , C1A90ED9-6595-4440-9DA2-7FFD4BD9DACB.png )
Smik as Kaldor Draigo, Supreme Grandmaster of the Grey Knights.
No. 39355 ID: eeb7d9
Harbard! Where is IT!?
No. 39356 ID: 9c2f50
Beards do not exist in this reality!
No. 39357 ID: eeb7d9
No. 39358 ID: ac5c24
So basically Vikings and Santa Claus don't exist in that world
No. 39359 ID: 3583d1
Oh yes they do. The Space Wolves are Space Vikings and their Chapter Master Logan Grimnar rides around giving chainswords and guns to all the good boys and girls of The imperium.

It’s just whatever Kaldor Draigo thinks is real probably is.
No. 39360 ID: eeb7d9
Well, he is a wizard after all.
No. 39361 ID: fcd056
I saw some of those videos that are jokes about the Warhammer 40000 world animated that way. All those videos remind me of Carlie the unicorn and I am saying that as a compliment. Anyways do you remember that letter that your character send to my characters, well I just want to say that I answered it
No. 39362 ID: 9c2f50
I saw, I just haven’t had a chance to reply
No. 39366 ID: fcd056
Cool, can't wait to see your reply. Also if you can't draw the answer you can just write it instead
No. 39585 ID: 896ddf
File 153190104480.jpg - (1.26MB , 1236x2784 , BB 26.jpg )
You wanted me to make you a character for your quest. Well, this is what I came up with. So how does he look?

No. 39586 ID: 3583d1
I like him! He reminds me very much of a Gothi, a kind of shaman, concuellor, and judge.
No. 39588 ID: 896ddf
Well because I don't know in which direction the story will be going I wanted to create something which fits your world
No. 39589 ID: 3583d1
I already have an idea for him!
No. 39590 ID: 896ddf
Cool, and I am sorry for continuing my stereotype in making a character that wears a mask
No. 39592 ID: eeb7d9
Nah man, that is like your charm.
No. 39595 ID: 896ddf
File 153193605202.jpg - (469.40KB , 1480x956 , BB 28.jpg )
No. 39627 ID: 3583d1
File 153207914398.png - (1.01MB , 2732x2048 , F6870996-0378-4C6E-AC1D-5E0F7B357C34.png )
Well I mean everything is flartery to you I mean-

Oh my god...

W-why is he here? I didn’t call him...

No. 39628 ID: 3583d1
File 153207945847.png - (5.88MB , 2732x2048 , E61A764B-6012-4775-AE59-476784E12EDF.png )
Essence of Life.

I found you, false god.




No. 39629 ID: 896ddf
Don't forget to use this as a reveal theme

No. 39630 ID: 3583d1
nah. this is it.
No. 39634 ID: eeb7d9
Oh snap, where's me popcorn?
No. 39655 ID: d3c6f1
File 153215510876.png - (297.09KB , 5024x4034 , Actually.png )
Okay, Let's have a good, clean fight, No low blows or sucker punche-
No. 39656 ID: d3c6f1
File 153215518140.png - (298.67KB , 5024x4034 , Welp.png )
... Mmkay
No. 39659 ID: 896ddf
File 153216302745.jpg - (1.30MB , 1748x2480 , BB 40.jpg )
No. 39660 ID: 3583d1
File 153216729831.png - (6.41MB , 2732x2048 , 80896EE5-D06B-4C0B-B7A3-4FA6C4E97491.png )
Get out of my way.

That’s it? You attempt to impress me with basic facts as an insult? The earth is round and revolves around the sun, the Greeks found that out before I was born. My gods will be seen as false, they are already seen as that by Christians.

That was Pitiful.

You also misunderstand me, I came to fight you, it wouldn’t be FUN if you just gave up.

Here, i’ll teach you a lesson like I taught your “little sister” when I took her fingers. When you want to insult someone, you need to hit them where it hurts most. For example...

Scarred Ana will abandon you, because in her heart of hearts knows you for a failure.

Laura is better than you, because she was the one person who vested you.

You are a waste of space and air, and you play at being a god when really you are a crying little woman, still sitting on that bench and eating garbage.


No. 39662 ID: 896ddf
File 153218476615.jpg - (1.59MB , 1860x2480 , BB 41.jpg )
No. 39684 ID: 8eee17
File 153223568886.png - (258.56KB , 5024x4034 , Rude.png )
No. 39685 ID: 8eee17
File 153223716544.png - (2.07MB , 5024x4034 , Take it.png )
No. 39686 ID: 8eee17
File 153223726153.png - (8.92MB , 5024x4034 , Outside.png )
...O U T S I D E.
No. 39689 ID: 896ddf
File 153224919538.jpg - (1.56MB , 2036x2928 , BB 46.jpg )
No. 39777 ID: 896ddf
File 153290573054.jpg - (2.06MB , 2480x3029 , BB 62.jpg )
I talked to Harbard Grim and he told me that his character would let my character decide. So I just continued with that
No. 39780 ID: 5245b2
File 153292580694.png - (579.71KB , 3024x2268 , FRAXERPENT ROAR.png )
No. 39781 ID: 5245b2
File 153292592088.png - (297.09KB , 5024x4034 , Actually.png )
-Ahem- Sorry, what I meant to say was: "I won't choose for our nameless friend, but I'll happily take on anyone and everyone that wants to challenge me!"
No. 39782 ID: 3583d1
File 153293592945.jpg - (324.00KB , 1093x819 , ECFDF8C7-B312-46E7-B8F5-ACAF401C93A2.jpg )
So, it’s a fight in the circle? Two men enter, one leaves.

This is how I like doing things. Do you know why I said nothing Essence? Because that’s not how it’s done. The jarl picks their champion, they fight. So either champion yourself or pick one.

No. 39783 ID: 896ddf
File 153294443673.jpg - (2.02MB , 2480x3270 , BB 63.jpg )
No. 39784 ID: 5245b2
File 153296052030.png - (362.79KB , 5024x4034 , Warm up.png )
Welp, might as well warm up in case I'm taken off the bench...
No. 39797 ID: 3583d1
File 153302587259.png - (63.67KB , 400x300 , goingforaride.png )
Taking a short break from the fight bring some of my shenanigans. Hang on guys, WE'RE GOING FOR A RIDE.

No. 39801 ID: 903a53

I'm not sorry
No. 39806 ID: 896ddf
I am not sorry as well
No. 39807 ID: 3583d1
The song I listened to while drawing it.
No. 39808 ID: 896ddf
I actually got a better music that can go with that picture
No. 39809 ID: 3583d1
File 153307919562.png - (8.37MB , 2732x2048 , 95E893BE-ABCB-4E1D-B860-D1AAE0E5E4A3.png )
Just finished this. I’m not having a very good day, so I just wanted to put some feelings on paper. Think of this as something of my own silent hill monster.
No. 39810 ID: eeb7d9
Put a wacky background and there you go.

Is it like, stuck in the wall?
It looks all painfuly scrachy, in the bad way.
No. 39811 ID: 871046
As a matter of fact, yes. It is stuck in the wall.
No. 39812 ID: 5245b2
Is ThAt A JoJo ReFeReNcE???
No. 39813 ID: 871046
I see what you did there, and no it’s not. If you’ve ever played a silent hill game, specifically the second one, the town creates monsters and people that are manifested from the protagonists subconscious or guilt or whatever it is they don’t like about themselves.
No. 39814 ID: 70086c
In that case, what is the thing that this monster represents to you?
No. 39816 ID: 871046
Depression and putting myself down because I can sometimes feel like I’m not good enough for people.
No. 39828 ID: 3583d1
File 153319806619.png - (617.31KB , 1093x819 , 17A3F4A0-8485-43A3-AC65-7DAB14FC926C.png )
Ozaenin as Cegorach, the Laughing God of the Eldar
No. 39829 ID: 70086c
No. 39994 ID: 3583d1
File 153432176085.png - (7.34MB , 2048x2732 , CF504917-E0C5-48C4-A3BC-B170F8B3DF88.png )
Commission piece.

Why the man wanted Marilyn Monroe crushing a heart I still fail to understand.
No. 39995 ID: 3583d1
File 153432201681.png - (9.30MB , 2048x2732 , 70654C78-B41B-49CE-B77C-A24589D5D716.png )
Another commission piece done for my best friend. He wanted a character of his done, so here it is, Dann MacNeil.
No. 40274 ID: 4275a4
File 153637431721.jpg - (713.05KB , 1536x2446 , 11CE1A0A-8457-441A-8AF6-DD232FFB184C.jpg )
I’m sick and had to stay home today, so here is a picture I see while dealing with that, just to prove I’m not dead. Hell Hound/Garm, who I think I’m gonna name Connor Reid for his real name, along with the rage within
No. 40276 ID: 2dfbd9
No. 40277 ID: eeb7d9
It kinda reminds me to The Mask, the comic version.
No. 40278 ID: 4275a4
A little yeah. Long story short some guy posted an image like that on Absurdity’s quest acting like some rage filled demon or something. He stopped posting but I kinda took it and adapted it.

I looked into where this design originally came from and it’s from a comic called Slaine the Horned God, about a mad Irish Berserker with a giant axe who when he really got mad his body would do something called a “Warp Spasm,” and he would mutate into this giant hulled out monster. I used the same design for this god and Garm, the guy Connor here could become should he merge with the god.
No. 40279 ID: eeb7d9
That's a pretty neat character background.
No. 40288 ID: ae9b99
I actually thought that was you doing that out of frustration, lol.
No. 40289 ID: d1a898
No that was not me originally. I just adapted it later into other works because I thought it was cool.
No. 40292 ID: 068eb8
No. 40363 ID: 3583d1
File 153704524916.png - (2.42MB , 2732x2048 , B3E60193-3984-43B7-ADE1-E17FC1D34C58.png )
Something I doodled up really quickly for Absurdity, a pre-fog Ana. Maybe even the day of the fog.

Ana working at her dead end job at a local convenience store. Come to think of it we really don’t know to much about her before the fog. We know her parents were originally from Europe, and her ex was a hockey player and used to many steroids, so chances are she was most likely a college drop out and just kind lived life day-to-day. Nothing like a little apocalyptic event to get someone’s life going again though.
No. 40364 ID: eeb7d9
Look's pretty good. Is this from a Quest?
No. 40365 ID: 068eb8
Yes it is
No. 40454 ID: 3583d1
File 153742633828.jpg - (284.54KB , 819x1093 , 08FA31B0-267E-486F-9753-586BB0B16980.jpg )
A colored version of a previous sketch I had done a while ago.

The Root of Ash, Cult Leader of The Disciples of the Ash Tree.
No. 40455 ID: 068eb8
I am speechless, please stop being so awesome
No. 40457 ID: 068eb8
Also, this video can perfectly describe your work
No. 40603 ID: 23d27a
File 153869087768.png - (2.30MB , 2048x2732 , 0DDC118C-BC6C-4FB6-AA48-632383FEE4D9.png )
A hand and a half sword inspired by Clocky who has also been creating weapons based on mindbeasts. This sword is the weapon for Amon, wolf of Brotherhood
No. 40604 ID: 23d27a
File 153869095682.png - (3.07MB , 2048x2732 , 2F68F112-BC4B-4445-8B1A-C528EEDB2D9F.png )
A sword of war based on Fenrir, the wolf of death
No. 40605 ID: 23d27a
File 153869122074.png - (1.64MB , 2048x2732 , D458D73D-BB3A-47C5-ADB7-CB5869289471.png )
A monk’s spade for Lunasa, the Qilin of Patience
No. 40606 ID: 23d27a
File 153869129954.png - (3.81MB , 2732x2048 , 351C1846-2431-4586-A718-37CF84DE098A.png )
Ever have a nightmare so bad and scary that you try to draw it? That’s what I did.
No. 40610 ID: 068eb8
I had nightmares which stuck with me for so long, are engraved in my memory and I can vividly remember them. So in a way, I understand where you are coming from I just never had the need to draw my nightmares
No. 40611 ID: eeb7d9
The thing that creeps me out the most about this one is that i have seen it somewhere before, but i don't know where.
No. 40612 ID: eeb7d9
I clicked on it to see it clearly. Immediately regret it.
No. 40613 ID: 733bd9
My last nightmare had a blue horse, it made me cry for a while after I woke.
No. 40622 ID: ae9b99
That picture reminds me of the FACE/Red King event in Yume nikki: (spoilers) https://youtu.be/eNbXgd6dA3I?t=90

was your dream anything like that?
No. 40631 ID: 93115d
A little bit. From what I remember I was just in a very dark place with no sound. I could feel something moving around in the darkness though and it was watching me. Occasionally I felt it lunge at me like it was toying with me. It jumped at me one time and it woke me up from the shock but I couldn’t see it too well, but that’s more or less what I could make out.
No. 40650 ID: 3583d1
File 153911270366.png - (1.05MB , 2732x2048 , 94675F41-3B89-42F8-987A-822A4DDEB4C9.png )
Hey everybody, it’s Leif Erikson Day!
No. 40655 ID: 068eb8
File 153917669967.jpg - (230.09KB , 896x888 , BB 95.jpg )
I know that I am one day late, but I am still going to celebrate it with you
No. 40658 ID: 7f1991
File 153921762591.png - (7.75MB , 2732x2048 , 5F469105-49C4-4D8F-869E-0BEEA23B896B.png )
I guess we have some time to kill...
No. 40670 ID: 3583d1
File 153924753716.jpg - (2.20MB , 1814x2614 , 19D9D25A-5839-4175-8E16-1D15B6DB2CDA.jpg )
”Connor Reid yo-“

“Hell Hound.”


“The crowd, it’s what they called me. I like it. That’s my name now.”

”Alright then, Hell Hound, your next fight is up.”

No. 40672 ID: eeb7d9
He reminds me to Guybrush Threepwood...
Nice song by the way!
No. 40676 ID: 5de330
Huh, yeah he kinda does now that I look at him. That was not my intention but hey, it works!
No. 40680 ID: 3583d1
File 153937795862.png - (5.05MB , 2732x2048 , 7FED804A-85AA-4A72-A879-D704D2ED9EEA.png )
When the black fog came, it never killed the children...

Why? Some thought it a mercy, others a cruel joke.
No. 40743 ID: d34714
File 153973512467.png - (7.01MB , 2732x2048 , C91723BD-76E3-4222-B5DF-D2DC31FC99B8.png )
I rewatched Ju-On The Grude last night. It was okay and it had some decent scares but parts of it were a little silly.
No. 40744 ID: d34714
File 153973531158.jpg - (534.92KB , 2110x2025 , 89F97B0C-C219-4599-9A46-1604F2C7577C.jpg )
Pissed off Goblin is Pissed off
No. 40745 ID: d34714
File 153973581516.jpg - (670.68KB , 2171x2031 , 5C56E68B-50FA-4E79-87AF-4782A0E57265.jpg )
And my monster girl, she is a Slattenpatte, a type of Scandinavian troll girl. She’s very kind although not very intelligent. Her breast milk is incredibly special and people who drink it gain super strength. She often tries to feed starving animals and take care of them. She’s tried to feed rocks before, like I said, she is not exactly smart...
No. 40746 ID: eeb7d9
No. 40747 ID: 5e7c18
I see I’m not the only one who has watched and/or read Goblin Slayer
No. 40749 ID: 70be57
What about these goblins?

No. 40750 ID: 7efe6b
Slattenpatte quest when?
No. 40754 ID: 514391
File 153982171634.png - (1.02MB , 2048x2732 , 716755D9-A807-4E07-8D30-80C97B5D3823.png )
I don’t know, whenever I suppose. If there is enough of a demand for her in a quest i’ll make one. Here’s some more of her.
No. 40755 ID: 514391
File 153982179976.png - (1.13MB , 2732x2048 , 0D550829-38D0-4BE9-B8F2-8D21989557D9.png )
Something kinda funny about Slattenpatte, but a lot of their artistic depictions can be found in churches, so that gave me the idea for this one. Keep in mind Slattenpatte are a type of troll so she’d be a bigger gal.
No. 40762 ID: eeb7d9
No. 40763 ID: 16913c
Settle down, brother salamander.
No. 40765 ID: eeb7d9
Hehe, nice one.
No. 40773 ID: 7efe6b
She definitely looks cute. Would be funny to have to constantly get her out of trouble.

Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to know about demand and whether a quest idea would be popular in advance so, *shrug* dunno.
No. 40777 ID: 79933d
File 153999251553.jpg - (767.81KB , 1932x1965 , B4B7AFE4-A8FF-4089-9C4B-58FB01C7EE08.jpg )
So I wanted to draw more monster girls based on Scandinavian folk lore, so here is a Huldra gal. Huldra are weird, they are often categorized asa type of Elf or spirit but in Scandinavian folk lore, they have a tail and a giant gaping wound hole in their backs. This hole is filled with dead rotting flesh and sometimes vegetation such as branches and moss. They will turn human however if they marry inside of a church. Many stories about them involve luring men out to lakes rivers or moors and drowning them.
No. 40782 ID: eeb7d9
This reminds me when i studied internal colonisation in England, and the christianization of the vikings and the other celtic cultures in the islands.
No. 40784 ID: 1127ed
It seems a lot of old Scandinavian monsters were seen in new lights when it got christianized. For example Trolls from Norway are considered archetypal, even turning to stone in the sun. But a little known fact about them is they also had an ability to smell the blood of Christians and would eat them.
No. 40806 ID: eeb7d9
Oh! Like in the movie with the same name? That when they hit the trolls with Ultra v rays they turned into stone?
No. 40900 ID: 3583d1
File 154058524028.png - (3.90MB , 2732x2048 , B8EB012C-A788-4FFD-A8FC-CCB25AF1DCB8.png )
How my week has left me feeling.
No. 40901 ID: 70be57
Is it fair to say that this week has left you feeling disconnected?
No. 40902 ID: 3583d1
No. 40906 ID: eeb7d9
Ehh.... you okay there mate? You seem kinda distressed.
No. 40909 ID: 7efe6b
File 154067166937.png - (605.44KB , 1000x750 , happiness.png )
How many times did you feel your eyes turning red?
No. 40910 ID: 70be57
Oh no, he is transforming!
No. 40911 ID: 3583d1
You have just made my morning. Thank you.
No. 40912 ID: 3583d1
You have just made my morning. Thank you.
No. 40913 ID: 70be57
Also, this obligatory running joke
No. 40915 ID: eeb7d9
File 154067636588.jpg - (4.60KB , 299x168 , risitas.jpg )
Pick related.

Watch it there, don't abuse of it.
No. 40916 ID: 70be57
Hey it isn't me who started using that joke in the first place, I am just returning the favor
No. 40930 ID: 3583d1
File 154072561489.png - (782.19KB , 2732x2048 , 533AB6C1-83E4-4AF2-BD41-08B4886997AD.png )
An attempt at drawing myself while drunk.
No. 40931 ID: 70be57
Hey just because you are drunk doesn't mean that that the drawing version of yourself has to be drunk as well
No. 40933 ID: eeb7d9
But i mean, it makes sense right?

You have a really steady hand.
No. 40982 ID: 49b2d5
File 154103990457.png - (77.70KB , 400x300 , A5186F2F-4885-49A4-857F-842558EA7262.png )
Boys and girls of every age,
No. 40983 ID: 49b2d5
File 154103995953.jpg - (21.42KB , 400x300 , F89571B2-7449-4311-A251-D56771FFB051.jpg )
wouldn’t you like to see something strange?
No. 40984 ID: 49b2d5
File 154104000935.jpg - (34.91KB , 400x300 , DFDA50D3-18E0-4E5F-A0BE-1AFB2A3DEF11.jpg )
Come with us and you will see
No. 40985 ID: 49b2d5
File 154104006880.jpg - (45.30KB , 400x300 , 8F47F0A1-9C06-4969-9F5A-27413BBCD4ED.jpg )
This our town of HALLOWEEN!
No. 40986 ID: 8496fe
File 154104529972.png - (352.41KB , 400x534 , 5B028E8A-E86C-400A-9FB1-6CD034E45948.png )

No. 40987 ID: 8496fe
File 154104543710.jpg - (33.49KB , 400x300 , 58D1F573-D572-40B1-8544-6A922292AEF7.jpg )

No. 40988 ID: 8496fe
File 154104553578.jpg - (31.33KB , 400x300 , A5069E86-76C9-4A42-8B8B-EDE5E306E4A3.jpg )
Its our town,
In our town of Halloween...
No. 40990 ID: 49b2d5
I meant to put all of that under Harbard Grim
No. 40993 ID: eeb7d9
Did you made this rhyme on purpose? Cuz thats was nice.
The singing and dancing was nice too.
No. 41005 ID: ae9b99
It is actually based off of a song from nightmare before Christmas :)
No. 41010 ID: eeb7d9
You mean the animated movie? Yeah i knew that, i was referring about this:
>in our town of Halloween...
>I meant to put all of that under Harbard Grim
No. 41112 ID: 3583d1
File 154169438248.jpg - (0.96MB , 2732x2048 , F84CA24B-E6B8-4CC9-99DA-0CCF7555056D.jpg )
So last month I doodled up some divequest fan art, the catch however is to make all the characters look as though the belong in a Grim Dark Setting, here’s Muschio
No. 41113 ID: 3583d1
File 154169441670.jpg - (449.26KB , 2732x2048 , A4CE91E3-A611-41E3-984A-273894B102F7.jpg )
Grim Dark Finesse
No. 41114 ID: 3583d1
File 154169445203.jpg - (1.23MB , 2732x2048 , 52E76772-70D7-4125-96A2-699FF0F9E5D8.jpg )
Grim Dark dompag
No. 41115 ID: 3583d1
File 154169448806.jpg - (428.07KB , 2732x2048 , BFE3F72C-8C2C-451E-8147-9A95F04BCC9C.jpg )
Grim Dark Babrakus
No. 41116 ID: 3583d1
File 154169451919.jpg - (382.25KB , 2732x2048 , 98A23414-3ED7-4752-BF09-992EA9844D7C.jpg )
Grim Dark Tislomer
No. 41118 ID: 70be57
No. 41119 ID: eeb7d9
File 154172569332.png - (589.45KB , 615x430 , KILL IT WITH FIRE.png )
>Pic related.
This appeared in the next video option to watch AFTER wathcing yours. Wtf dude.

Anyway, cool drawings!
No. 41121 ID: 7acb12
File 154179463274.png - (5.10MB , 2732x2048 , 01F6D5DC-3DAD-40A9-9F2C-0986A396C81C.png )
Have a punk girl Delilah
No. 41139 ID: 3583d1
File 154205654997.png - (1.35MB , 2732x2048 , 79F2AD57-C9A1-4DE7-8A5C-C94E11D20B8B.png )
You made my childhood heroic. Thanks for giving us and inspiring so many great fictional and real life heroes.

Godspeed Stan.
No. 41151 ID: 3583d1
File 154219160775.png - (3.27MB , 2732x2048 , 5692D66C-F0C0-412B-A22E-DF81A629605C.png )
God Emperor Weaver confronts Sir Double Faggot, primarch of the Black Legion, after the death of Reaver, primarch of the blood angels.
No. 41152 ID: 70be57
I need context for this picture
No. 41155 ID: eeb7d9
This is as heartbreaking as the original Warhammer lore. I really miss that foxy fox. I mean, i found Tg after he disappeared, but still, his quests were great.
No. 41161 ID: 70be57
No. 41162 ID: eeb7d9
What was that about?
No. 41163 ID: 70be57
For sharing knowledge
No. 41166 ID: 902385
File 154232308418.jpg - (43.81KB , 1665x149 , BFEA65B0-1E81-4AFB-BB2C-10809A2A1DBC.jpg )
Weaver’s reaction... I feel honored...
No. 41171 ID: eeb7d9
Oh, well, you're welcome! Always happy to share.

OMG, he commented your drawing again! YOOOO!!
No. 41207 ID: b18871
File 154275696797.png - (946.73KB , 2732x2048 , FF80A5DC-2158-469C-8D76-444F0978DD77.png )
I created? No, this came to me in a dream, and it wanted me to give him life. He’s a 14 year old kid who is just visually upsetting and a creeper. And he knows it.
No. 41208 ID: 70be57
Was the dream that you had actually a nightmare?
No. 41210 ID: eeb7d9
This screams spongebob squarepants.
No. 41227 ID: 284627
>>41207 reminds me of this: https://youtu.be/5epSRGG4qAk
No. 41228 ID: eeb7d9
This is the work of Chaos, and no one can convince me of otherwise.
No. 41253 ID: 7acb12
File 154326805590.png - (1.24MB , 2732x2048 , 2A6448E9-3058-4A2B-981B-94192171EE9C.png )
No. 41254 ID: 70be57
Amen! Besides, it is still no nut November
No. 41263 ID: eeb7d9
The Emperor protects!
No. 41295 ID: e7435f
File 154362691135.jpg - (1.13MB , 2732x2048 , 191B3D58-38B5-48EA-9CA1-D09AE38CB095.jpg )
The Moderators of Tgweaver’s discord server as the Adeptus Custodes.
No. 41296 ID: e7435f
File 154362697032.jpg - (647.75KB , 1244x2029 , AF2AF6D1-E54B-4200-9D64-900438381EFC.jpg )
And another guy over on the discord as a squat because his picture is a dwarf

The heads of the Custodes are all based on the pics of the people in the discord.
No. 41297 ID: 70be57
No. 41305 ID: eeb7d9
No. 41329 ID: 0155c6
File 154388592985.png - (1.92MB , 2732x2048 , 958BADE9-A827-4848-806A-70F8DBBC117F.png )
Clockworkfountain and I’s mutual friends as warhammer 40k characters

Creatortiffany as A Sister of Battle
No. 41330 ID: 0155c6
File 154388596117.png - (1.32MB , 2732x2048 , E6FA0861-D6F6-4EBF-806B-CA20A71BFE06.png )
Katphantom as a Slaaneshi Daemonette
No. 41331 ID: 0155c6
File 154388602468.png - (2.10MB , 2732x2048 , 52C5B6DD-753B-4F01-812F-7F3F25D0A33A.png )
And Katphatantom’s character Psycho Kim as a Khornate Berserker
No. 42551 ID: 8b660e
File 155419893738.jpg - (1.74MB , 2048x2732 , E373847A-D36E-47D2-BAAE-93554ACE6FF8.jpg )
No. 42552 ID: 8b660e
File 155419895945.jpg - (1.74MB , 2048x2732 , BF0D90DD-EA1F-42C4-B9BA-938F47B5C76F.jpg )
No. 42553 ID: 8b660e
File 155419898770.jpg - (1.44MB , 2048x2732 , 8642E789-F371-4FFA-9673-BDF2F75904A4.jpg )
No. 42554 ID: 8b660e
File 155419900770.jpg - (1.21MB , 2048x2732 , ACC2A428-3DDB-4C76-BC34-1E29EAC1180E.jpg )
No. 42555 ID: 8b660e
File 155419905459.jpg - (897.34KB , 2396x2047 , 17C046CC-8A48-4E0B-9DFD-927F27DBA6D5.jpg )
No. 42556 ID: 8b660e
File 155419907656.jpg - (1.28MB , 2048x2732 , 020EE360-D0D7-4AFC-BC65-209CAFD0B275.jpg )
No. 42557 ID: 8b660e
File 155419909327.jpg - (1.41MB , 2048x2732 , 2D55A091-1EF9-4121-A957-96A859DFE41A.jpg )
No. 42558 ID: 8b660e
File 155419911714.jpg - (1.62MB , 2732x2048 , A7060CE7-8ECB-4DC8-A97E-7FB7828C292B.jpg )
No. 42559 ID: 8b660e
File 155419915731.jpg - (1.14MB , 2048x2732 , FD467C0F-B3A5-4C81-96B9-8A87F3C2037D.jpg )
No. 42560 ID: 8b660e
File 155419919666.jpg - (1.46MB , 2048x2732 , 3D6769FB-B7D7-4AF5-AD61-ABD9BCACC72F.jpg )
No. 42561 ID: 8b660e
File 155419922402.jpg - (1.68MB , 2048x2732 , FE970E22-68D6-4B66-895F-8AD6E6314756.jpg )
No. 42562 ID: 8b660e
File 155419927460.png - (5.86MB , 2048x2732 , D4C6AEC6-7238-4364-824F-6E6F5138F3C6.png )
No. 42563 ID: 8b660e
File 155419932129.jpg - (913.13KB , 2048x2732 , 3FF8683F-01C4-44CB-B4A6-D335AB720F49.jpg )
No. 42564 ID: 8b660e
File 155419936413.jpg - (867.85KB , 2048x2732 , A4375095-1EA1-4987-AE6A-1C979C03B3EE.jpg )
No. 42565 ID: 8b660e
File 155419941175.jpg - (0.97MB , 2048x2732 , FFA3AB2D-15B7-4AEA-8438-14C7383E25F3.jpg )
No. 42566 ID: 8b660e
File 155419945709.jpg - (965.98KB , 2048x2732 , 55927ADC-3C28-4C25-870A-C2FE80139A04.jpg )
No. 42567 ID: 8b660e
File 155419951524.jpg - (1.68MB , 2048x2732 , A76FD5AA-16B0-40CD-8392-5AFC79F95B44.jpg )
No. 42568 ID: 8b660e
File 155419956054.jpg - (1.83MB , 2048x2732 , AC17C10F-A92A-48AD-8938-0DB7C287429D.jpg )
No. 42569 ID: 8b660e
File 155419960146.jpg - (2.12MB , 2048x2732 , 805B2EC9-E536-495C-A7A7-E94342502CC8.jpg )
No. 42570 ID: 8b660e
File 155419966039.jpg - (1.36MB , 2048x2732 , E856E7CC-9B28-4949-9330-8BCA6B41AEF3.jpg )
No. 42571 ID: 8b660e
File 155419972920.jpg - (1.73MB , 2732x2048 , E8454011-16E3-499D-98B0-1DA42CE72A27.jpg )
No. 42572 ID: 8b660e
File 155419979302.jpg - (1.64MB , 2048x2732 , 181035E0-9BDD-4EA9-9A6F-67D6026EA3B9.jpg )
No. 42573 ID: 8b660e
File 155419984799.jpg - (1.88MB , 2048x2732 , DF458746-ADB1-4DDA-A177-F42BF099023E.jpg )
No. 42574 ID: 8b660e
File 155419988188.jpg - (1.48MB , 2048x2732 , 4681CC13-F25A-4364-AA11-4EC3E17CF833.jpg )
No. 42576 ID: 70be57

These three are my favorite. The one who would win a battle between all three of them would be in the first place for me. All of them make me go...

No. 42666 ID: eeb7d9
Oh yeah i know the feeling.
No. 43317 ID: ce7c79
File 156323252367.jpg - (1.84MB , 2048x2732 , D0E7B02F-2377-4DFA-A3AE-B88493299938.jpg )
Twisty face
No. 43320 ID: ce7c79
File 156323257093.jpg - (595.11KB , 1080x1920 , A8722DBD-EFDA-4E9E-A52D-0261DFD92C9F.jpg )
Cthulhu ink drawing
No. 43321 ID: ce7c79
File 156323259760.jpg - (1.42MB , 2732x2048 , C6CC8F15-54D0-414E-9C56-64C1EF54F5FD.jpg )
No. 43322 ID: ce7c79
File 156323265025.jpg - (1.77MB , 2048x2732 , 1404674C-8B60-4475-98D5-CB20EB4FED2D.jpg )
The Honey Bee Lure, based on a comic by the same name by Weaver
No. 43323 ID: ce7c79
File 156323296899.jpg - (2.12MB , 2732x2048 , 87691071-30AC-4696-A184-EA6F8DBFA54D.jpg )
The result of me playing around with shades and shapes
No. 43385 ID: 8b660e
File 156382470966.jpg - (1.68MB , 2048x2732 , 57FBCE10-7B12-40C7-8781-F68103C40D01.jpg )
It’s zombie time!
No. 43400 ID: 9dda2b
No. 43466 ID: eee43c
File 156479538286.jpg - (1.89MB , 2048x2732 , 449559DF-EEBA-4FD9-9F81-0A13CBBB6819.jpg )
The Scarred One
No. 43468 ID: 07c9c1
No. 43496 ID: eee43c
File 156504775445.jpg - (1.50MB , 2048x2732 , BAEDDC90-D21D-467A-8E79-B96D61267744.jpg )
I don’t know why but I feel like I can draw again. I don’t have that feeling like something is watching from behind my eyes anymore. Plus I’ve got some new tools to draw with! Charcoal and some really good ink.

But what a thing to draw huh? I’m not even sure who I would show this too. A common saying around here is “sacrifice your humanity.” But I think these people actually did that, as in they aren’t human anymore. You can argue that the immortals around here are still human enough to still be considered as living humans This group though... I don’t even know what they are. They reminded me of some kind of religious order. They certainly weren’t part of the ash tree followers. That’s for sure. This one guy was near the leader. A Chaplain maybe?
No. 43497 ID: eee43c
File 156504797493.jpg - (1.60MB , 2048x2732 , 2BDFC707-75E2-4748-A313-A9F780DC25EE.jpg )
This one seemed to be their leader and stood near the podium holding their holy book, kind of like their bible maybe? I got a good look at their faces too, or rather the lack thereof. All of them had large open holes dripping some kind of black fluid. I think I’ll call this guy, The Archbishop.
No. 43503 ID: 8b660e
File 156508091575.jpg - (304.16KB , 960x1280 , CF3B88D7-C633-469D-B012-5A5E611473EE.jpg )
She is the one who brought the holy book to the Archbishop. A nun if I ever saw one. If she is so close to the front as she was probably another higher ranking member of this church. I’ll call her The Mother Superior.
No. 43514 ID: 8b660e
File 156513463292.jpg - (1.55MB , 2048x2732 , ED3B4AA6-4F46-4CB6-BB06-45C91F89DDB0.jpg )
This one was standing to the far right on the main stage silently holding that big halberd. I do think his hat was probably the fanciest of the group. As well as wearing the heaviest robes. I’ll call him, The Cardinal
No. 43515 ID: 8b660e
File 156513488878.jpg - (1.29MB , 2048x2732 , 40C3D48A-CD78-451E-A8FD-8155523D6A24.jpg )
To the far left stood this lady. She wasn’t as ornately dressed as some of her fellow members of this church, but she must have some authority if the she is up there. She and the Cardinal were the only ones who held weapons, so my guess is they are some kind of enforcers. I’ll call her, The Vicar.
No. 43516 ID: 8b660e
File 156513501524.jpg - (630.89KB , 2732x2048 , C39E591C-A1BD-4215-A641-B3BFDA26AE7C.jpg )
All of them were creepy, and really unsettling. But when I turned around to face their Congregation I nearly shit myself. All of them had the holes in their faces. All were dressed in black robes of the church. But standing there in the shadows,,, it was horrifying.
No. 43541 ID: 8b660e
File 156525376585.jpg - (1.50MB , 2048x2732 , E01C08F4-89BF-47FB-BD37-B1CB35C2F463.jpg )
No. 43547 ID: 8b660e
File 156534245707.jpg - (578.13KB , 2732x2048 , 67A8E271-54A4-4CCA-AED3-07BE8145C3CC.jpg )
You investigated in the wrong neighborhood.
No. 43713 ID: f1cf1b
File 156731033913.jpg - (719.81KB , 2048x2732 , EA88B371-22C4-4720-9A91-BFC72D465156.jpg )
Space wolf blood claw running out in the cold
No. 43714 ID: f1cf1b
File 156731036595.jpg - (1.45MB , 2732x2048 , B9FE046B-8422-46FD-A260-466AB0C97912.jpg )
The Beast from Nanquest
No. 43716 ID: f1cf1b
File 156731040638.jpg - (1.07MB , 2048x2732 , FB34C512-FA6F-41DF-9D2F-8E63DD3052E9.jpg )
“Unfortunately, Ace has already taken his mask.”
No. 43717 ID: f1cf1b
File 156731045257.jpg - (683.05KB , 2732x2048 , 248B6C90-656B-4F12-B51C-56AE8450F976.jpg )
No. 43718 ID: f1cf1b
File 156731047597.jpg - (616.71KB , 2732x2048 , 3480639C-140A-4D55-BE9A-B020A14CB89B.jpg )
No. 43719 ID: b151ba
No. 43736 ID: eeb7d9
No. 43965 ID: 1ed92d
Oh no!
No. 44273 ID: 8b660e
File 157239168898.jpg - (715.76KB , 1347x2643 , 51B7F197-9A1F-4E2E-A4D8-68DBFEE3D7E0.jpg )
Anti-Root Magical Army (ARMA) soldier. Because the ARMA forces started out as something of a motley crew consisting of both knights of the cross ash, the wolf pack, as well as various other groups and remnants of the u.s. armed forces, a basic uniform and kit were made that reflected this. Every soldier is equipped with some basic understanding and usage of magic, a standard issue arming sword and riot shield, a military issue m4 carbine, and is issued armor and helmet along with military fatigues.
Soldiers who were part of an original group or unit may continue to wear their clothes or armor but always has access to these armaments, sometimes better ones given status.
No. 44277 ID: efa420
File 157241378947.jpg - (230.32KB , 1140x2721 , 9329767D-697C-4D4D-8285-E6A4EC6F3D00.jpg )
Naked Scarred Ana doing a sexy pose
No. 44278 ID: f7ff14
No. 44283 ID: 8b660e
File 157246845660.png - (2.41MB , 2048x2732 , CE095594-5CDE-4697-A29D-38C2EABC602C.png )
ARMA forces, cross ash knight.

Soldiers who distinguish themselves and earn ranks beyond infantry make join new specialist groups. One of them being the Cross Ash knights. Their overall mission hasn’t changed and they still deploy to save people trapped behind enemy lines or to save civilians from the battlefield. This is the standard kit for one of them. Full chain mail body suit with with standard helm, bullet proof vest with colt 1911. Originally they were opposed to using guns but as the enemy changed so to do their style of warfare. They also carry their standard issue arming-sword and kitshield. The shield itself can withstand bullets and weaker forms of magic but otherwise are just basic shields. They also are equipped with flame proof cloaks as they sanctified leader, Saint Godfrey, once used.
No. 44302 ID: d61e81
That’s a really cool picture, and a really fucking good M4.
No. 44323 ID: 8b660e
File 157302779203.png - (877.83KB , 2048x2732 , 8B72682C-98D1-4870-99A0-013BC34FF6D6.png )
Have a sexy halfling.
No. 44477 ID: 8b660e
File 157566851152.jpg - (727.50KB , 2732x2048 , C051BB4A-0334-4CB7-94CD-1D1DB6EB471F.jpg )
The lighting of the forge, three blacksmiths stand ready and ponder the riddle of steel.
No. 44478 ID: 8b660e
File 157566866668.jpg - (469.82KB , 2156x2048 , 0812AAC1-AB39-4F9C-9817-0D67AE865953.jpg )
As the metal is drawn out to shape, they know the answer is steel alone is not truly strong, for it can be molded and broken, and shaped.
No. 44479 ID: 8b660e
File 157566875356.jpg - (534.90KB , 2177x2026 , FD9C4ABD-5FCF-45E8-A7D6-A741ECDEB511.jpg )
As the blade is given an edge and crafted for killing, they know that the flesh is not the true answer to the riddle of steel either. For flesh can wither, be cut, and the body can die.
No. 44480 ID: 8b660e
File 157566890552.jpg - (1.04MB , 2732x2048 , 035E3381-059C-4E28-80F2-59935B684991.jpg )
And finally as the blade is quenched and heat treated in oil and as the flame rises, they know the answer to the riddle of steel. Steel can be broken, and flesh can wither away. But one’s own will is unbreakable. It’s the will that shape both steel and flesh. And it’s the will that is the strongest of all.
No. 44482 ID: f7ff14
I don't know rick looks fake to me
No. 44877 ID: 8b660e
File 158336255135.jpg - (821.10KB , 2732x2048 , 8886DBC8-00C8-43C3-A339-ED7CA82B8F4A.jpg )
The Dread King Malcor
No. 44878 ID: 8b660e
File 158336257877.jpg - (913.54KB , 2048x2732 , C1289C8B-3E6C-4B91-A82C-DDE2BD8A72D0.jpg )
The Demon’s burning gaze
No. 44880 ID: 8b660e
File 158336271327.jpg - (915.00KB , 2048x2732 , 54D4DE30-71D6-464D-9B62-C784ACE39364.jpg )
A sleep paralysis nightmare I had as a kid
No. 44881 ID: 8b660e
File 158336293486.jpg - (1.31MB , 2048x2732 , 3F8F68BB-B5F2-41F9-BCF9-FA16E18B4F63.jpg )
The Umbrella man, based on my friend’s narrative about a nightmare he had
No. 44883 ID: 8b660e
I forgot to change my name back to Harbard Grim for these, oh well.
No. 44884 ID: 8b660e
File 158336329006.jpg - (1.31MB , 2732x2048 , 63D0FDCD-634E-4C59-92E3-66675450C70B.jpg )
Drifting away.
No. 44885 ID: 8b660e
File 158336332998.jpg - (802.06KB , 2048x2732 , E75A0EFC-4403-4607-AADA-5D49323E57D1.jpg )
The Dark Tower, based on the Stephen king books
No. 44886 ID: 8b660e
File 158336336660.jpg - (1.39MB , 2732x2048 , F7C7AEEE-9895-4FA5-8DDE-97959C80F0C2.jpg )
“I can smell you....”
No. 44887 ID: 8b660e
File 158336347811.jpg - (853.40KB , 2732x2048 , C0A42705-3853-4A26-9C9A-596E5237C683.jpg )
This was originally a panel from a comic by Weaver, the comic takes place in the same universe as Nan/ruby quest I think, anyway
No. 44889 ID: 8b660e
File 158336377369.jpg - (1.44MB , 2048x2732 , A6E3CCE0-A8D6-460B-8D13-BBD68E3414C3.jpg )
Screaming ghost
No. 44890 ID: 8b660e
File 158336380726.jpg - (1.65MB , 2048x2732 , A8FC16DF-A7C3-445A-A56A-F60E8ACAE551.jpg )
Scarred Ana is pissed.
No. 44891 ID: 8b660e
File 158336385426.jpg - (2.05MB , 2048x2732 , 9D667BB2-1E71-4F10-87B5-0515923FC0D1.jpg )
Death Corp of Krieg
No. 44892 ID: 8b660e
File 158336413494.jpg - (312.32KB , 1747x1992 , 461167A5-DA91-4363-BA37-DD73273B3BA5.jpg )
Eve the imp girl, belongs to the same friend who created the umbrella man >>44881
No. 44893 ID: 8b660e
File 158336449954.jpg - (1.31MB , 2048x2732 , FDD269C0-5824-4750-8307-C4194F299892.jpg )
The Pardoner
No. 44965 ID: 5245b2
No. 45045 ID: 8a8fef
File 158521120512.jpg - (407.71KB , 1198x1600 , 16D9DEF2-AE34-4229-9ACE-F3347CEEB9F8.jpg )
Anthony’s hidden journal, written and drawn later that evening, the following is written in hidden ink: I call this latest work “The corpse puppet master.” Lorence wants me to just draw alright then, I’ll draw. We work with the tools we’re given, and the people were given. I think I need to start making some more friends around here, and I think I know where to start. I’ve talked with Godfrey already, I’ll write how that went later. In the meantime I dreamt all of those people, the earls maybe it’s time I sought some more of them out and see if I can help them in anyway. I’ll try to start with either people closest to me right now. We still have Epidemic Gretel and her sister, Bleeding Jimmy(?) In the other prisons. I’m going to see if I can get them out, maybe if I “hire them” to be in my staff? We’ll have to see. I do know that Jimmy or whoever in another timeline she was Alora “Jackie” Miller. She’s real good at slipping into different identities. In the meantime I’m going to give this painting to Dante Vargas he did good work with my last one, let’s see what he can do with this!
No. 45087 ID: 8b660e
File 158581719208.png - (123.88KB , 357x477 , Can you hear me?.png )
Can you hear me? I don't know if any of you can. I was called Ana, just as all of you were as well. I need your help.

All of you.
No. 45088 ID: 8b660e
File 158581728437.png - (104.01KB , 357x477 , Come back, Ana.png )
This is Ana, this is us. And this one is dying. But she had the best chance of setting us all free. We are all prisoners in this hell, but she was our hope. Everyone of us, all of us owe her our help. All of us, and I know you are there, can help me.
No. 45089 ID: 8b660e
File 158581758501.png - (111.88KB , 357x477 , We can't do this without you.png )
No, that's not right.

Don't help me, I'm nothing. I couldn't even save Ana when it came to it. I'm not worth saving. But she is. And for that I need your help. She must live.
No. 45090 ID: 8b660e
File 158581783029.png - (18.72KB , 357x477 , We love you.png )
We, us, in one voice, must stand up. We are all a branch of the great ash tree. And it's through the ash tree now speak with all of you. All of us have power. I ask you lend me this power now to bring our hope, our future back.
No. 45091 ID: 8b660e
File 158581788495.png - (149.70KB , 357x477 , Everyone help me bring her back.png )
We are Ana, she is us.

And we fight against the path that fate has chosen for us.
No. 45092 ID: 93c730
Come back, Ana. We need you.
No. 45093 ID: fef6ec
Come back, Ana. We need you.
No. 45094 ID: 264cc7
Come back, Ana. We need you.
No. 45095 ID: 02f1f1
Come back, Ana. We need you.
No. 45096 ID: be87b8
Come back, Ana. We need you.
No. 45097 ID: d63ea8
Presence and vessel,
flesh and bone,
thoughts and dreams.

None can be annihilated.
All can be gathered.

Let me scatter myself into the nothingness,
and find what shards remain.

Each piece,
delicious and precious,
but pale in comparison to the completed work.

The Renegade shall not elude my sight.
No. 45098 ID: 7cc128
Come back, Ana. We need you.
No. 45099 ID: 77a51f
Come back, Ana! We need you!
No. 45100 ID: 1f2d2e
Come back, Ana! We need you!
No. 45101 ID: 5245b2
Come back Ana, We need you
No. 45102 ID: fdb3c8
Come back Ana, we need you.
No. 45103 ID: 475080
Come back Ana, we need you.
No. 45104 ID: ba08b4
Come back Ana, we need you.
No. 45106 ID: 73ee1d
Come back Ana, we need you.
No. 45107 ID: d23ed3
Come back Ana, we need you
No. 45108 ID: 9fcfda
Don't die Ana, come back
No. 45110 ID: ed94cc
Come back Ana, don't die. We need you.
No. 45199 ID: fdb3c8
File 158853456782.jpg - (4.72MB , 2048x2732 , C0944624-7BDB-4417-975A-99827FFA078B.jpg )
Malcor’s horny warlock girl, Li
No. 45200 ID: fdb3c8
File 158853463804.jpg - (2.32MB , 2048x2732 , 02F7FFE9-5D39-4634-9B37-3D24B9361950.jpg )
T h i c c is my aesthetic when it comes to women. So here’s a horny ghost character done for a friend’s birthday.
No. 45201 ID: fdb3c8
File 158853470854.jpg - (531.12KB , 1408x2536 , 890428FA-03FC-47B8-8FB6-49B4DD268F87.jpg )
I am down with the t h i c c n e s s
No. 45202 ID: fdb3c8
File 158853536221.jpg - (1.18MB , 2732x2048 , B92F0745-EC32-4FEA-B09D-04E34882C819.jpg )
The five and a half minute hallway, based on the book House of Leaves.
No. 45203 ID: fdb3c8
File 158853577491.jpg - (621.53KB , 2048x2732 , D67411EA-6922-41C6-8E41-7CFE9D48146D.jpg )
But then my nostrils flare with the scent of something bitter & foul, something inhuman, reeking with so much rot & years, telling me in the language of nausea that I’m not alone.
Something’s behind me.
Of course, I deny it.
It’s impossible to deny.
I wanna puke.

Another piece inspired by House of Leaves
No. 45204 ID: 2bd15b
No. 45239 ID: 5f4030
File 158906380087.jpg - (5.94MB , 2048x2732 , 2428872E-9EDE-4335-ABA7-1842FE383C9A.jpg )
Toll the great bell once!
Pull the lever forward to engage the piston and pump...
Toll the great bell twice!
With push of button fire the engine and spark the turbine into life...
Toll the great bell thrice!
Sing praise to the god of all machines!
No. 45240 ID: 2bd15b
No. 45244 ID: 5f4030
File 158909561880.jpg - (752.86KB , 1695x2327 , 6E6CC3F7-AB33-4D57-9D32-9D46241CD4D2.jpg )
A drawing based on an art piece by Weaver, which in turn was based on a nightmare he had...
No. 45246 ID: 2bd15b
when you open gum at school
No. 45308 ID: 5f4030
File 159002952791.jpg - (235.26KB , 720x960 , A0ACCC87-F2B1-4653-A551-6ACCD32CB6AB.jpg )
"I am the punishment of God...If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”
- Genghis Khan

The First Born son of The Dread King, The Chained Man
No. 45311 ID: 5245b2
No. 45312 ID: 2bd15b
No. 45313 ID: d6544b
File 159010526792.jpg - (597.58KB , 2048x2732 , 4E9543E9-1E7A-4592-BD49-99F0EFA469EE.jpg )
Becquerel “Bec” Schwarzwind, a d&d character from a game I’m currently running.

More just an experiment with color types.
No. 45317 ID: 2bd15b
No. 45361 ID: 88d8fc
File 159113982979.png - (7.82MB , 2048x2732 , 16BC862B-9C04-4DE5-9372-5FF26320749F.png )
No. 45362 ID: 2bd15b
No. 45382 ID: 5f4030
File 159156050818.jpg - (415.30KB , 2732x2048 , 3904C9C7-722B-45D7-8624-68C51C15F23A.jpg )
There will come a soldier,
who carries a mighty sword.
He will tear your city down.
O lei o lai o lord...

O lei o lai o lei o lord

He will tear your city down.
O lei o lai o lord
No. 45383 ID: 5f4030
File 159156068140.jpg - (378.94KB , 2732x2048 , 570BCFD7-C899-438D-83D4-C5E64FEC837D.jpg )
There will come a poet
who’s weapon in his word.
He will slay you with his tongue
o lei o lai o lord...
No. 45384 ID: 5f4030
File 159156078264.jpg - (434.53KB , 2732x2048 , 6FEF4BD9-5BD9-4512-93F6-49C85476F706.jpg )
o lei o lai o lei o lord

he will slay you with his tongue
o lei o lai o lord...
No. 45385 ID: 5f4030
File 159156088689.jpg - (393.53KB , 2732x2048 , 231C7719-153E-4279-ACF8-E393BF22A5A6.jpg )
There will come a ruler,
whose brow is laid in thorn.
Smeared with oil like David’s boy.
o lei o lai o lord...
No. 45387 ID: 5f4030
File 159156109359.jpg - (468.25KB , 2732x2048 , CC10C4EC-B855-4F6B-BA4C-CE2A196E6B4D.jpg )
o lei o lai o lei o lord

Smeared with oil like David’s boy
o lei o lai o lord...

o lei o lai o lei o lord

He will tear your city down
o lei o lai...

No. 45388 ID: 2bd15b
No. 45500 ID: 5f4030
File 159622073209.jpg - (5.00MB , 2732x2048 , 4385618E-FA10-41A0-8C97-D3A54A32DFD2.jpg )
The Killpop, the tragedy. Two figures, a sister and brother who can’t escape the cycle of abuse. Each one hurting the other, taking advantage of the other.

He comes upstairs, his face leering from behind his mask. Only to find her again, shooting up with the drugs he gave her. Her skin, once pale and fair, turns ruddy with pox marks and makeup from her trying to hide it. He swallows his disgust and rage at this sight. And something else rises, and his disgust turns inward, hating his own lusts.

She once told him, that when she is high, she can pretend no one hurts her, that she’s loved. In that moment, he can’t help find her beautiful.

He takes her on the floor, hating her, hating himself. He tells herself she’s done the same to him. She doesn’t put up much resistance. After it’s over they lay back to back, exhausted. She can’t feel anything anymore, his head lulls and he realizes he’s crying silent tears. The disgust makes bile rise in his throat. But in the end, perhaps they were meant for this.
No. 45501 ID: 5f4030
File 159622097127.jpg - (4.31MB , 2048x2732 , 5FF4982A-2767-41F3-9869-1E367BCAA97B.jpg )
It took me a while to realize who this is, but I finally figured it out.

No. 45846 ID: 9dda6a
File 160526496319.jpg - (161.46KB , 720x960 , 4F394211-4A91-4AD3-B4A3-F6B01F400C92.jpg )
I looked at myself in the mirror today. Did my face always look like that? I didn’t recognize this face, this person looks cold and angry. It had a message for me and to everyone reading this in my gallery. I’ll tell you what it said.

I know why you all wear masks. It’s not just a way to protect yourself from the fog. It’s because you can’t look at yourselves. Because seeing your face is looking at a monster who let the tragedy of this world affect them to where they are complacent in the murder and deaths of others, where they have sacrificed what made them human to begin with. You make excuses, you think they’re good. Most people wouldn’t really want to live forever, but your time is short and fleeting, gone in the blink of an eye. You didn’t want to have any regrets going forward with your life. You didn’t want to succumb to misery.

You were wrong.

Misery is inescapable, the only people who have no regrets are monsters and killers. Your oppression of this world reeks of disgrace and shame. The only thing you will learn as a monster is to take and take. The monster has, but the man has not. How can you call that a life worth living when you force your misery on others?

Look in my eyes and see humanity again, and pray to a god you’ve long since denied that there’s still hope for you.
No. 47785 ID: d87c35
File 166810500095.jpg - (386.37KB , 2048x2732 , Voodoo Doll.jpg )
Anthony sits alone in his cell, singing to himself as he draws with some charcoal and paper the wolves gave him.

"When the needle speaks,
Taking you from me
I can hear you fall
Feel you hit the wall.
So when you're pushing pins
Underneath your skin
I can feel it all,
You are, you are my voodoo doll..."
No. 47789 ID: d87c35
File 166812683208.jpg - (220.29KB , 2732x2048 , Kingdom.jpg )
Inspired by the lo-fi album, Kingdom in Blue, by Kupla
No. 47790 ID: d87c35
File 166812695551.jpg - (175.80KB , 1125x844 , IMG_0242.jpg )
Bonsai tree
No. 47791 ID: d87c35
File 166812714043.jpg - (0.97MB , 2732x2048 , Crossroads.jpg )
The crossroads, mind you make no deals.
No. 47792 ID: d87c35
File 166812723277.jpg - (660.47KB , 1519x2513 , Goya and Bacon.jpg )
Inspired by the works of the Goya's black paintings and the work of Francis Bacon
No. 47793 ID: d87c35
File 166812727014.png - (3.48MB , 2048x2732 , Eidolon.png )
A fallen angel
No. 47794 ID: d87c35
File 166812733739.jpg - (316.73KB , 2048x2732 , pose.jpg )
Run me like a river.
No. 47795 ID: d87c35
File 166812745108.png - (2.23MB , 1860x2400 , Mary.png )
You go down just like holy Mary, mary on a cross.
No. 47796 ID: d87c35
File 166812755192.png - (1.75MB , 2048x2732 , Galaxy.png )
No. 47797 ID: d87c35
File 166812775752.png - (12.08MB , 2048x2732 , Rage.png )
Black Dog Nash kneels to no man, be they lord, king, devil or god.
No. 47798 ID: d87c35
File 166812786011.png - (7.73MB , 2048x2732 , Ahab.png )
From hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee.
No. 47799 ID: d87c35
File 166812804314.jpg - (864.15KB , 1919x2307 , Black Dog.jpg )
Cut cut cut me up, and fuck fuck fuck me up
No. 47800 ID: d87c35
File 166812813919.png - (3.04MB , 2732x2048 , Child.png )
The Child of Worms
No. 47801 ID: d87c35
File 166812819311.png - (4.07MB , 2048x2732 , Child 2.png )
Another of the Child of Worms
No. 47802 ID: d87c35
File 166812824681.jpg - (1.23MB , 2732x2048 , Hydra.jpg )
A head of the false hydra.
No. 47803 ID: d87c35
File 166812835061.jpg - (526.24KB , 1838x2429 , Broken Savior.jpg )
The broken savior
No. 47804 ID: d87c35
File 166812844994.png - (7.96MB , 2048x2732 , unknown.png )
Rejoice, for now comes the shriek of infinite galaxies, as gods weep in horror, souls cry out as they are consumed into the great nothingness. All of this culminates in a great silence. There is not even the sound of blood moving through veins or even the single sound of a thought. There is only, nothing. Rejoice.
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