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File 133069674122.jpg - (78.48KB , 651x664 , Elven Ranger closer.jpg )
11397 No. 11397 ID: 542ef0
So Would a render thread be welcome here?

Pic is just something I did real quick for someone in a drawthread a while back. Yeah there is not much in the way of shadows but I was going for quick at the time.
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No. 11398 ID: ed57e8
do you have a reference of something you took your time on?
No. 11414 ID: 542ef0
File 133074277948.jpg - (28.08KB , 600x594 , Elven mages final SIG DAZ size.jpg )
Here is one that took me a while longer to get done.
No. 11439 ID: 542ef0
File 133079333926.jpg - (651.99KB , 1738x2500 , Salia waiting posting size.jpg )
Posting a few more for giggles and grins
No. 11440 ID: 542ef0
File 133079352556.jpg - (41.90KB , 588x600 , Simple portrait 2 588x600.jpg )
No. 11441 ID: 542ef0
File 133079364739.jpg - (486.03KB , 1470x1500 , Years later large SIG.jpg )
No. 11442 ID: 542ef0
File 133079377750.jpg - (0.97MB , 2085x3000 , Salia in the dungeon posting size.jpg )
No. 11443 ID: 542ef0
File 133079454166.jpg - (205.11KB , 2000x903 , Elven Lovers 2000x903.jpg )
No. 11471 ID: a2853b
aside from a problematic case of "floating head syndrome" and the peculiar muscularity for a female body, it's quite good.
No. 11473 ID: 70f410
Not really seeing the problem with those muscles.
No. 11474 ID: 87675f

I think it's the right shoulder, it seems popped out of its socket to me.
No. 11475 ID: 70f410
ayup, that's why it seemed so long
No. 11518 ID: 542ef0

Not sure what you mean by floating head. she obviously has a neck.
No. 11519 ID: 542ef0

Yeah the shoulders of the model really were not bending that well at the time. Someone weight mapped the figure so she bends better now but I am several versions behind the one that handles weight mapping.
No. 11658 ID: a2853b
File 133149827933.jpg - (72.88KB , 403x534 , delete.jpg )
The head is sticking out too far from the neck, making it appear disconnected from the base of the skull.
It's still clearly connected, but it's positioning is such that it appear connected to the back of the skull instead of the base, like some sort of lizard.
No. 11676 ID: 542ef0
Nah her neck is bent forward as well as her head.
No. 11691 ID: 542ef0
File 133171348722.jpg - (689.46KB , 1588x2055 , Plaything.jpg )
couple more
No. 11692 ID: 542ef0
File 133171355533.jpg - (312.35KB , 1588x893 , Fucktoy.jpg )
No. 11697 ID: 1963d1
More please?
No. 11698 ID: 542ef0

Soon as I have time to set em up and render em. Maybe by the weekend.
No. 11767 ID: 542ef0
File 133201683393.jpg - (309.92KB , 1588x717 , Fucktoy new angle.jpg )
ANother angle of this one.
No. 11772 ID: 542ef0
File 133202470175.jpg - (67.13KB , 769x1500 , Eldar WIP.jpg )
Eldar wip.
No. 11773 ID: ed57e8
tht is a lot of neck
No. 11778 ID: 2c2c4b
More like a lot of...everything really. I get you're going for "lanky," but that body still needs to be proportioned.
No. 11779 ID: 86f39f
I think it doesn't look weird enough yet.
No. 11780 ID: 542ef0
Well it IS a wip. This was done pretty quickly, Ill do more when I get off work.
No. 11781 ID: 2c2c4b
No. 11795 ID: 542ef0
File 133214633317.jpg - (70.74KB , 769x1500 , Eldar wip 2.jpg )
Proportions any better?
No. 11796 ID: 798fe1

They do look a bit better, but take into account , There is no Definite Eldar Proportions set by GW or anything else, same goes for Space Marines, you just gotta go with something you feel natural and , well, looks organically / anatomically feasible.

If you'd like , you could take a look at my eldar here


It's how I envisioned eldar proportions anyway.
No. 11797 ID: 542ef0

Yup I like that one. On mine I think Ill make her arms a little shorter maybe. Ill have to look at human proportions a bit too I think.
No. 11798 ID: 542ef0
File 133218612724.jpg - (64.54KB , 769x1500 , Eldar wip 3.jpg )
WIP #3. I shortened her arms and legs and made her breasts smaller.
No. 11805 ID: 542ef0
File 133222965287.jpg - (300.74KB , 1004x710 , AWWW aren\'t they cute.jpg )
Decided to make a space marine for giggles and shits. When I gave him a twig and berries this is what resulted........ After I could stop laughing, I figured someone else might find it funny.
No. 11807 ID: 6beaae
Looks about the right size for a Space Marine...or a female Cata-chan.
No. 11808 ID: 8c3183

No. 11809 ID: 34957e

The really exaggerated muscle type.

Like that time you drew those manly as fuck sisters of battle.
No. 11810 ID: 8c3183
That's because they were dudes.

My point is that "female cata-chan" is a pleonasm.
No. 11811 ID: 34957e

Oh shit, I just skimmed through and missed the "-". I gotcha.
No. 11815 ID: 6beaae
As did I. My mind temporarily blue-screened while contemplating the nature of genitalia in 40k.
No. 12987 ID: 542ef0
File 133699565077.jpg - (113.80KB , 764x717 , Reach Around.jpg )
Been goofing around, not much time lately though because of work giving me more hours than normal.
No. 12988 ID: 542ef0
File 133699801799.jpg - (50.83KB , 764x717 , Arella 5 sig.jpg )
The chick alone.
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