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File 132853744214.png - (128.97KB , 700x700 , pussy destroyer.png )
10740 No. 10740 ID: cb001b

So, what is this place like? Seems slow as hell but that sounds perfect for me. I take on all requests except for the really twisted stuff.
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No. 21765 ID: 4754ce

Hey briggz, if you're taking requests, how about this character >>21416 grinding against an assault rifle?
No. 21774 ID: 795da4


Now every problem is destroyed
We raise our hands and bodies to the peak
Into the universe, towards the stars we go
Sending machines up to the sky
No. 21828 ID: bac47d
File 138930425262.jpg - (171.50KB , 714x1008 , katapesh_dervish_by_jasonengle-d4w2eh1.jpg )

A slender male tiefling in the outfit from this image, maybe a smaller cap or no cap at all depending on what's easier or looks better. He's wielding a black scimitar, and a very ornate, jeweled mask that covers his face. He also has a long, slithering tail.
No. 21829 ID: bac47d

That wasn't a request per say.

Am I complaining? No, never.
No. 21840 ID: 44b350
File 138943212273.png - (141.12KB , 646x488 , iluncolor.png )

Hey, Briggz! Long time no see, glad to have you back!

Jade Regent, our campaign with Jespa, Thor, the gnoll and the paladin and the rest ended not too long ago. We're now running Realm of the Runelords, with a whole new batch of pretty interesting characters.

I'm playing a greatsword-using womanizing Tengu rogue hoodlum with brain problems and feathered arms, pictured to the left and here: http://d.facdn.net/art/troutsworth/1384825555.troutsworth_ilunarms.png
He's got pretty big dark souls influences, what with using a greatsword and tumbling around/through enemies in combat to set up backstabs.

Anyway, after the party defended the town from goblins in a big heroic way, they kinda became local celebrities. My Tengu got seduced by a very well-known slut soon after, and was this close to actually doing her in her basement (after asking him to "come check for rats"). Right before he took his pants off, the girl's father , one of the local shopkeepers found them. The Tengu almost snuck out of there, but her father grabbed him and knocked him out in a single punch. A few other people later found him unconscious in a barrel outside.

Turns out the father was a level 7 commoner, purely from beating the hell out of people who slept with his slut of a daughter. Absolutely terrifying.

Could you draw this scene for us, Briggz?
No. 21857 ID: b8fc14
File 138956468420.jpg - (559.94KB , 2400x2544 , Sailor-fuku_for_winter.jpg )

I had an idea for something currently happening in our tabletop.

I have a smart/gunslinging character who doesn't have a very good sense of fashion simply going for things that look cute, and the party just got to Tokyo to handle a situation there. Also there she's fallen in love with seifuku because they look cute, not realizing the outfits are school uniforms.

So the scene is her walking through a section of Tokyo wearing what is in the example happy in her sailor suit, not realizing everyone on the street are looking at her like a otaku with no life (as she's 24).

She has short black hair and is wearing glasses.
No. 22029 ID: bac47d

Still with us briggzy?
No. 22036 ID: ff9a14

Yeah, just very lazy.
No. 22111 ID: ec9119
File 139195497533.jpg - (170.14KB , 769x397 , ep.jpg )

Seesh you request a girl in a sailor suit when I was about to request something similar.

It has to deal with a Shadowrun game I'm in. Our team was tasked to head out and kill a giant squid that had been terrorizing the fishermen of Tokyo. It had already capsized or sunk several small boats prior and killed a few fishermen.

So, the team gets this crazy idea to dress my character (a female gunslinger adept Elf) in a Japanese schoolgirl sailorsuit to bait it. OOC, I rolled my eyes, but it was fully in the groove for my group.

I decided to compromise. I would do it but only if I wore a inflatable life vest. I had a plan.

Our rigger sent me out into the water, controlling a small rubber tender-style dinghy. Controlling the boat safely from shore. After a bit the thing was out of the water scoping me out. My boat could keep up, but I couldn't get a safe shot with the rocket launcher. The recoil blast would most likely breach the boat sinking it and me... with potentially one angry squid.

So I got stupid and jumped overboard. Bouyed by my now inflated life vest I took aim as it turned to try to capture me. It's beak was open when I pulled the trigger.

So many Sizes were rolled that I could have won Yahtzee.

The missile goes in and explodes, and blood and ink and everything shoot out of it's mouth. It seems it's hide was hella tough and contained the explosion.

I swam back to shore, then strolled out, pulling out a pair of sunglasses. (they magically were there on GM fiat... because that was too damn good to pass up.)

Needless to say, what I'm looking for is a female elf wearing the uniform on the left with a inflated life vest on the right, strolling out on the beach like it was nothing, rocket launcher in hand and sunglasses on.
No. 22226 ID: ff9a14
File 139305296558.png - (477.81KB , 1000x1000 , this time.png )

No. 22237 ID: ec9119

Wow... I should remember that some floorboards just can't handle it. Not the OR, but awesome!
No. 22640 ID: ff9a14
File 139659732679.png - (216.51KB , 1000x1000 , april and oneil.png )

No. 22642 ID: ff9a14
File 139659739745.png - (140.75KB , 800x1000 , bird shot.png )

No. 22643 ID: ff9a14
File 139659742326.png - (227.17KB , 1000x1500 , yiss.png )

No. 22672 ID: 9c7da7

Hee. Thats cute. If you're still doing requests maybe draw the same unicorn doing the can-can dance with a couple of Burmecian girls?
No. 22673 ID: a5c85a

SirBriggz, I think your monitor aspect ratio might be messed up. All you pictures look a tad thin.
No. 22686 ID: ecb383

I've noticed that myself, I'm still trying to find that magic number for stretching the pictures.
No. 22690 ID: ccf689


Try stretching the images in width by either 25% or 33%
No. 22851 ID: ff9a14
File 139788902771.png - (613.45KB , 1000x2000 , utterly clucked.png )

No. 22852 ID: ecb99c

Once again, Briggz, it's far better than I could have possibly imagined!

I'd like to ask for Seeker [the big ol' gnoll from way back when] trying to apply his adventuring skills [being able to cleave through giant demons, being really damn hard to kill] to his everyday life living with his koboldwife
No. 23113 ID: 750746

Requesting a Futa Wing-Clipped Strix fighter with balls and a big dick jerking off
No. 24135 ID: ff9a14
File 140697187266.png - (632.07KB , 1086x1503 , no care to give.png )

Dump time!

No. 24136 ID: ff9a14
File 140697195997.png - (448.36KB , 1000x1000 , glasses.png )

No. 24137 ID: ff9a14
File 140697219447.png - (290.58KB , 1000x1000 , can can furry.png )


And thanks for that aspect ratio catch. The artwork is wonky as it is.
No. 24138 ID: ff9a14
File 140697222303.png - (472.35KB , 1000x1000 , coldbold and snowll.png )

No. 24139 ID: ff9a14
File 140697225286.png - (480.12KB , 1000x1000 , big balls.png )

No. 24140 ID: 59295a

what a request.
No. 24141 ID: 795da4
File 140697990941.jpg - (54.44KB , 400x558 , 1187580590305.jpg )

Well uh

Could I ask for a rather small-chested Burmecian girl, stern and noble-looking in an open, commissar-style greatcoat, held together by a prussian-style gorget.

All fantasy-style like, she's meant to be a kinda bitter, cynical noble girl more used to men's styles, clothing and living, curlicues, heavy fabric, masculine attire, etc.

Optional lower class burmecian girl in much more modest clothing, looking concerned at her longtime friend.

Danke anyway Briggs, appreciate your generosity.
No. 24142 ID: 59295a

That's some yuri I could get behind.
No. 24143 ID: d2fb85


Dang! That's some really fine stuff!

Since were running on a Burmecian streak here maybe a Burmecian guy held by Burmecian girls as they dress him up all pretty: choker with a big bow, laced corset, stockings laced panties.
No. 24148 ID: ec9119
File 140702509278.jpg - (97.71KB , 919x338 , ep.jpg )

I had a funny thought, more meta than relating to some in-game event. We all know that getting on a ship no-matter the genre always ends up with the characters getting shipwrecked, so what I was thinking was this: Two girls, one an elf with long drill-hair and a human girl with short black hair and glasses, wearing the outfit and life preserver in the example with sailor hats on. They are sitting in their raft that on the side stenciled in black letters "HMS Reilffyrdd" (Which is Welsh for Railroad).

The black haired girl is asking the blonde elf "So, GM sunk you too?" And the elf has a look on her face like "yep."

If anything having some other characters in the water swimming to their raft would add to the joke.
No. 24149 ID: ec9119

Also, HOLY CRAP, she's badass!

"Seems someone..." puts glasses on "...ordered calamari".
No. 24150 ID: 795da4


What is with the proliferation of life rafts and vests in your stuff

Is this like /v/'s tile fetish


wh-what are you implying they're just friends, honest, even if the lower-class one is very large-breasted, she doesn't stare

No. 24155 ID: bb049a

Yoooooo! Good to see you back around Briggz, and thank you very much for this. What a handsome husbando.

I'm in a game that's been going for quite some time now about kobolds. My bold is a purple rogue, and recently the tribe he's been helping build up was invaded by a much larger and more powerful tribe. He picked up a new outfit [ http://31.media.tumblr.com/9b5af0eb4f1d34cb871e2fef2fdbb204/tumblr_n4ela4bnGt1tzy10no1_500.jpg ], sadly unable to replicate his trademark hat as of yet [ http://i.imgur.com/HtEXTYA.png warning lewd].

There's been a few notable events as of late, one being his tearful reuinion with the elder [by title only: http://i.imgur.com/3ROAaW6.png ] where she beat the shit out of him lovingly, and his overly dramatic rescue of one of his lady friends [ http://i.imgur.com/JUA1dlz.png ] from an execution in the enemy-occupied caves.
No. 24172 ID: 795da4
File 140725285258.jpg - (63.34KB , 469x607 , 206c706ffd2085f4e75c4404129cdfee.jpg )

Not to overload but

I would be curious if you'd draw a late 20's dark-skinned blue-haired girl in a loose-fitting oversized Zeon T-shirt, white thigh-highs and underwear, sitting on a couch. Vaguely toned, somewhat uncomfy with looking 'girly'.

Optionally next to a smaller, caucasian woman in a nightie with lighter blue hair, maybe trying to feel her up under the excuse of watching TV.

Best ref I could manage, thanks even if it's not doable.
No. 24203 ID: c4a8ee

Seems only slightly familiar... Then again the post at >>24136 was my request. I think I an my roomie have the same hatred of a certain GM who constantly put us on shipwreck scenarios. Although I tend to like the seifuku a bit much... I think it rubbed off.
No. 24645 ID: ff9a14
File 141024128239.png - (219.69KB , 1000x800 , thoughts.png )

No. 24646 ID: 795da4


'Sometimes you want someone and you want to kiss them and be with them, but you can't because responsibility demands sacrifice.'


Danke Sehr, Sir Briggz

Do you take donations? I've got steam games inventory I could throw at you by the half dozen if possible.
No. 24649 ID: ff9a14

I do have a Steam but I can't even play minecraft on this thing.
No. 24758 ID: 5857f1
File 141144639503.png - (366.12KB , 1000x1000 , get ready.png )

No. 24766 ID: 5857f1
File 141153505437.png - (227.34KB , 1000x1000 , yes.png )

No. 24768 ID: 5857f1

Did you want anything drawn in particular?
No. 24773 ID: 795da4
File 141158485679.jpg - (117.68KB , 1280x1024 , scrip.jpg )


How long does it take you per piece, roughly?

And do you use Sai, or something else?

Requesting little burd men like reference, driving tiny tanks made of scrap metal and junk around a desert.
No. 24782 ID: 5857f1
File 141162271645.png - (436.55KB , 1000x1000 , ladies.png )

Time average is about 30-40 minutes. Looked up old drawthreaads to get a idea. As soon as I try coloring it jumps dramatically. Post pic probably took, like 2 and a half hours between today and yesterday.
And, yes, I do use Sai.

Your request.
No. 24785 ID: 2f2fc2


I have the strangest boner right now
No. 24794 ID: e34da4

The rescue of his ladyfriend would be pretty coolio! He'd jumped from the crowd up to their stage and put his knife to the throat of one of the most important military officers in the enemy force, guards all over the place, but all of them scared to do anything. It ended with the prisoners being released and a 50 second head start before the alarms went up. He also gave himself a super cheesy nickname because he thought it'd be fun.
No. 24796 ID: 795da4


Oh, wow, that was better than what I was going for. I'd be tempted to query followups, but I feel obliged to compensate you somehow.
No. 24799 ID: ec9119
File 141186101408.jpg - (102.67KB , 600x900 , yellow_maxden_rain_suit_by_lustlovelatex-d32c6wc.jpg )

Hey... not sure if it'll be a challenge, or easy. But, I was wanting to see your take on my superheroine. A weather controller. She wears pretty much what is in the picture, with a pair of goggles (which will be pulled down over her face) and pulling her hood back revealing her shoulder-legnth blonde hair.

She does fly, and I'm not exactly sure on a pose, but perhaps having some lightning arcing off of a hand would be cool.
No. 24802 ID: f118d3


Oh my! That's fantastic... uhhh can i ask for a follow up with the girls presenting him to some Burmecian Knights?
No. 24835 ID: 09c913

In keeping with my habit of pestering you to draw every party I GM for when they hit level 4 or so, may I be so bold as to request...

An exceedingly Victorian ratfolk thief
A dark-skinned, snake-tailed, fancily dressed gal
A tengu (black crow sort, not long-nosed red guy sort) with sort of a wandering ronin sort of look, laquered armor, big ol' sword, one of those extra wide conical straw hats
A wiry martial artsy type in silk robes, with three eyes and tiny horns
and a conservatively dressed mad surgeon type with a bright streak through her hair

as they wave a book in the face of a mafia don how greatful he should be to them that the mushroom cloud on the horizon is in the ocean not in town.

References for everyone are here:
But what's the fun in going with canonical appearances?
No. 25747 ID: ac3487
File 141871664216.jpg - (88.64KB , 640x480 , 2014-12-13 00_54_19.jpg )

No. 25748 ID: ac3487
File 141871676965.jpg - (115.33KB , 640x480 , 2014-12-13 01_40_01.jpg )

No. 25749 ID: ac3487
File 141871689374.jpg - (88.46KB , 640x480 , 2014-12-14 23_07_33.jpg )

No. 25750 ID: ac3487
File 141871699783.jpg - (98.69KB , 640x480 , 2014-12-15 00_14_14.jpg )

No. 25751 ID: ac3487

Please ignore the last subject field. I tried the voice to text and it ended badly. It should read "I'm Sirbriggz and I don't draw legs."
No. 25752 ID: ac3487
File 141871747984.jpg - (100.43KB , 640x480 , 2014-12-16 01_22_32.jpg )

And then I forgot your pic.
No. 25755 ID: 795da4


Oh good lord, my apologies; the sword was just something I threw in for kicks, I didn't mean for it to be included. Still, I almost want to run a campaign based just on this image...
No. 25871 ID: 6edb2f
File 141920271347.jpg - (14.88KB , 215x350 , md4020.jpg )

Bored elf girl dressed in a japanese schoolgirl outfit, cleaning her pistol sitting on a crate, with a bunch of dead vampires around her. She's wearing the tactical vest and gear in the example. (without the suit, face cover, and helmet)

She's got twin-tail ponytails, blonde hair, green eyes, and has a smile on her face, with blood and dirt all over her outfit and face from the brutal firefight she just got done with. Being a gunslinger adept has it's perks.

Luckily these were scrub vamps, and she's equipped with holy ammo.
No. 25874 ID: e34da4

Hahaha, excellent! Very good bolds here, and the pun is even worse than anything he'd said, and that's impressive.
No. 25911 ID: 5857f1
File 141948704158.png - (436.33KB , 1000x1000 , a happy kind of boredom.png )

No. 25914 ID: 795da4


Requesting the brown from here, sitting on a window-side bed on a spacecraft, looking forlorn and half-dressed. Possibly drunk and bitter.

No. 25915 ID: ccf689

Say Briggz, maybe you could draw a male Minotaur walking down the road with a naked kobold and a naked gnoll slave.
No. 25922 ID: 5857f1
File 141955754958.png - (475.21KB , 1000x1000 , lady.png )

No. 25923 ID: 5857f1
File 141956079792.png - (306.15KB , 1000x1000 , happy faces.png )

No. 25926 ID: 795da4


Jesus, bro, that was fast. On christmas, to boot.

Are you sure I can't get you anything in return?
No. 25938 ID: ec9119

A young girl in a rain poncho and rain hat, dragging a fighter pilot woman out of a lake in a driving rain. She ejected over friendly territory after a long dogfight and has blood over her face, and is laying in her ejection seat raft as the girl drags her along behind. The woman has her life preserver deployed, although it looks like it's slowly leaking and looks half-deflated, and the poncho girl looks soaked from her short swim, a foam life vest awkwardly buckled on her, looking determined to save the woman.

This actually happened, and I was playing the girl. And the pilot was her mother.
No. 26003 ID: 225b9f

And tradition continues, thanks!
No. 26255 ID: 5857f1
File 142218130109.png - (254.20KB , 1000x1000 , txl.png )

No. 26257 ID: 5857f1
File 142218516469.png - (303.96KB , 1000x1000 , croc md.png )

No. 26258 ID: 5857f1
File 142219102121.png - (309.28KB , 1000x1000 , CO1-2.png )

No. 26259 ID: 5857f1
File 142219113840.png - (1.23MB , 2000x2600 , Civil duties 3.png )

Pony Smut
No. 26260 ID: 5857f1
File 142219116818.png - (1.27MB , 2000x1600 , dominate+.png )

Pony Smut
No. 26261 ID: 795da4


Oh good lord is it -those- two again

Do they have stockholm syndrome or do they just pretend not to enjoy it
No. 26320 ID: 9d5491

Why do I see these two girls and think that I want some smut between them? That butch girl I know likes being on top. They got all the time in the world on that life raft now, why not have a little morale-boosting fun? Whatever happens... well I'll leave that to you to pick if you choose this.
No. 26361 ID: 02fea8
File 142378043116.png - (0.98MB , 1714x1134 , Untitled.png )

Hey Briggz. Same guy here who commissioned the Russian WW2 at the start of this thread, like three years ago. Thanks again for all that, epic stuff, players loved it at the time.

Started another game recently, Pendragon. Figured I'd come back to get some art of the party.

I'd like them to be sat at a feast table, or possibly riding abreast on horseback, but a back/foreground isn't essential - The character art's the important part.

The players are all English knights in the late dark ages/early medieval period, wearing chainmail (no plate) and a tabard which displays their heraldry clearly on their chest.

Knight 1: He is the youngest of the knights at 21 years of age. Tall, but gaunt and lanky, with a long face. He is slightly timid and cautious. He is known for his sense of prudence.
His heraldry is a vigilant crane on an azure blue backing.

Knight 2: A 22 year old knight. He is the largest of the knights by far, very tall with a proportionate build. He's quite handsome. He is known for his vengeful and sometimes reckless behaviour.
His heraldry is green and black, intersected by a gold stripe. The black segment contains a gold bundle of wheat.

Knight 3: The third knight is 22 years old, and the most muscular of the group, a man of enormous strength. He is known for his renowned bravery and his sense of mercy.
His heraldry is a red lion rampant on a gold field.

Knight 4: This knight is the oldest of the group at 26 years old, but also the shortest. He is considered to be somewhat of a pipsqueak. He is, however, incredibly handsome, in an androgynous, pretty-boy sort of way, his looks bordering on womanly. He is known for his strong sense of justice.
His heraldry is a red castle wall on a white field.

In advance, if you decide to do it, thanks a million. Remind me to get you a gift on steam or something some time.

Pic related are rough images of the knights' general appearance above each of their respective heraldries.
No. 26456 ID: 5857f1
File 142499369241.png - (2.53MB , 3000x3000 , you got to fight.png )

No. 26457 ID: 5857f1
File 142500344634.png - (1.99MB , 3000x3000 , sour puss.png )

No. 26458 ID: 6edb2f

Well... let us pull you in and you can join the fun!!!
No. 26462 ID: afae50

Um... I'm really new to this... So I'm not sure if I'm doing this right... I'd like to request a picture of http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2015/038/d/3/image_by_piegeo190-d8h1c42.jpg ejecting from his plane http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2014/334/4/8/skaln_s_109_by_piegeo190-d885a9g.jpg he'd still be strapped into his seat sense it'd be during the ejection. The drawing would be focusing on the character though his full body and a bit of the plane would be visible. You don't have to color it.
No. 26471 ID: 795da4


ha ha oh wow that cat-thing

/r/ing him in shimapan

Maybe watching those two
No. 26472 ID: ccf689

Hey Briggz, if you're up for requests how about two rat girl highwaymen that taunt a Minotaur that they robbed, stripped naked and tied to a tree.
No. 26501 ID: 9d5491

So he's a cross-dresser as he's in a similar sailor outfit to the girls? Shit, keep him in his sailor girl outfit and let him have fun.
No. 26519 ID: afae50

I have an idea... It's a little strange XD but here it is...

Mordin Solus from the Mass Effect games in a car accident with his seatbelt on. The airbag would be inflated as well. He'd be fine though. His expression would be unnerved/scared.
No. 26526 ID: 6edb2f

You're that one weirdo from DA who spams artists for 500 freaking requests of the same star wars or mass effect character doing various niche fetish things?
No. 26602 ID: 02fea8
File 142764563267.jpg - (190.89KB , 1100x550 , 1427637197627.jpg )

Slight update to this. The second knight, with the wheat sheaf on his heraldry, has changed his colours from Green to red (mostly because I poked fun at him for wandering around wearing a Jamaican flag as a tabard).
Same player also drew pic related, as an extra reference.
No. 27971 ID: 5857f1
File 144091162987.png - (4.23MB , 3000x3000 , 4 guys.png )


Time to end this wait.

I had the hardest time doing this one. Not sure why, I ended up starting over a bunch before finally getting it done.
No. 27972 ID: 5857f1


This man has since gotten a hold of me and no longer wants his request done.
No. 27973 ID: 5857f1
File 144091202920.png - (1.74MB , 2700x3600 , you have got to be kitten me.png )


I think I'm going to post the rough I did of this. Why different then what it is now.
No. 27974 ID: 5857f1
File 144091218216.png - (1.85MB , 2700x3600 , Vermin Teasers.png )


Simple with tons of freedom on how I can deliver. I EAT THOSE RIGHT UP.
No. 27975 ID: ec9119

mmmmh that swimmer physique!
No. 27977 ID: 98b17a


Fug sailorcat too amazing

Would watch his saturday evening cartoon

Only sane man in the lusty ocean of dykes
No. 27978 ID: 98b17a


How's it been, Briggz-kun? Been a while.

any way I can gift you vidya for all your delicious oc
No. 27979 ID: 5857f1


Actually, I got a new to me computer that can play some games now. I'm "sirbriggz" on steam.
No. 27980 ID: 5857f1


Oh and to answer the question, I've been alright. Nothing exciting or life changing on my end. Just been lazy.
No. 27985 ID: 98b17a


Steam's profile's searches are absolutely useless unfortunately, or i'd THROW VIDYA AT YOU.
No. 27988 ID: 5857f1

No. 29143 ID: ec9119
File 145365978637.jpg - (208.41KB , 1000x410 , 1453416809623.jpg )

I got a feeling Briggs is still around...

>Be making way on cargo ship, working with crew to pay my ticket.
>Attacked by thieves during a storm.
>Repelled boarders, killing all of them but ship's hull is damaged enough to start it sinking.
>Manage to get off ship in middle of said storm in a life raft.
>Day later, tired, I drifted into shallow waters, hope grows that there's dry land soon...

My character's a girl wearing the suit and vest in the example, sitting in a yellow life raft, looking pretty tired, messed up, and hoping for dry land.

She has short black hair, freckles, glasses, and has a flare gun sitting in her lap as she leans against the raft's side. A orange bag next to her full of rations and other emergency supplies.
No. 32688 ID: c33c1b
File 148444831825.png - (2.67MB , 6600x5100 , could go for some water right now.png )

No. 32690 ID: c33c1b
File 148446128630.png - (2.59MB , 6600x5100 , bw.png )

No. 32697 ID: ec9119


"Sir, think she's okay? She's just staring into like... nowhere."

"I saw her blink... seem's she's been through a lot. Get the poor girl some water and some dry clothes if we got 'em."

"I'll go get the doc as well to look her over."

Well done, Briggs!
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