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Reaver is best known for being the author of Rudy Mann Quest on /tg/, and later Mudy Quest, a quest that went on for 30-some chapters, and was well known for its update speed and art quality. Mudy Quest never reached a conclusion, and was abandoned after a failed revival attempt. After Mudy Quest, Reaver began working on a series of short quests with various permutations of a romantic theme; these quests are listed under the Romanticar Series article. More recently Reaver has collaborated with Weaver on Knight Blades, a crossover with Dive Quest. In between Reaver has done several one-shots or failed projects.

Reaver has gained a bad reputation from his trolling in Mudy Quest, switching focus to romance, starting then deleting failed projects, stubborn and chaotic personality, and leaving TGchan when conflicts arise between him and outspoken members of the community.

He is a close friend of Weaver, who often has made him gay. Reaver is also of the Dutch nationality.

Reaver and Weaver cannot be boyfriend/girlfriend for contractual reasons.

For a while Reaver had seemingly disappeared from TGchan, reportedly severing ties with the community for good. Again. He created a sort of splinter-chan that mostly languishes, full of his random drawings or his exploits in Fallout 3. It is also hosted by Dylan.

Jks, his website was deleted with everything on it. Reaver's ultimate fate is a mystery.

We miss him very much.


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