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File 135040211604.jpg - (7.05KB , 211x228 , dorfs.jpg )
8807 No. 8807 ID: e0f5a9

Hi everyone. I'm the administrator of a new minecraft server dedicated to a role-play based version of Dwarf Fortress. We have been in testing for the past two weeks and are finally ready to go live. We already have a small populace of 5-10 people but are looking to invite even more players to join us!

On the server, players can take the role of any character within the three traditional main races (Dwarves, Humans and Elves) and also the monster race of Kobold (Cutebolds & Scaleybolds). We aim to get as close to Dwarf Fortress in roleplay as we can, utilising the dwarf fortress wiki pages on races and community fluff development (such as cutebolds, delicious lava and the dwarves legendary hatred of trees...) as inspiration for each race.

We offer a fairly rules-light gameplay- other than a few things that are beyond the control of plugins, anything mechanical that a certain race can't do is handled by plugins, meaning that you don't have to worry about rules-heavy moderator influence. Just join and have fun!

The main aim of this server is to provide a setting as close to Dorf Fort as possible in a 3d RPG environment, with inter-racial antagonism as the main driver of FUN. Want to declare war on the elves and raze their precious forest, or would you rather politik your way to a peaceful solution and build mighty civilisations? The method is up to you the player and your race.

To that end, to create potential for conflict each race is designed to have something the other needs and have particular abilities the other's don't. This promotes trade and hostility between the three major racial groups as well as the pesky Kobold thieves that blight them. Competition to create a civilisation is also implemented, racial moderators watch the growth of civilisations and reward dilligent effort with various things; with a loose tier based system incorporating both construction and roleplay you can make your humble mountain home into a glorious dwarven barony, elect or unlock player's ascension to positions of power including the Hammerer, Nobility and many others.

For more information, or simply to have a look, visit the forum here: www.dfrpc.freeforums.org to read more or to sign up!

If you feel like having a look first, also feel free to join the server at:
No. 8808 ID: 27d5ae

Is this the same one that gets posted on /tg/?
No. 8809 ID: 02944e

What times are people usually on? Where's the server hosted? Do we magically receive materials or do we have to work for them? Are there monsters (NPC's)? How do we handle describing player actions, is there a /me or something?

Also, seems like you guys put a lot of effort into Kobolds with nobody playing them. Not that I would, because fuck yeah Elfs.
No. 8812 ID: bdb3f8

Totally unofficial responses from someone who has played on this server for four days.

Yes this is the same one that was posted in /tg/.
At least a few people have been on at all points that I have tried logging in, ranging between 4 and 20. The mod team is global, but I believe the server is based in europe. You start with a set of stone tools, and work for everything else. All standard minecraft mobs are present, and NPC "goblins" (zombie pigmen) showed up in force this morning as a special event. /me for emotes is functional, but in my experience, rarely required. Effort was put into kobolds because they need careful balancing between not being fun and making the game unfun for everyone else.
No. 9924 ID: 7a7940

Logged in to the newer server and couldn't find a way out into the world. Started starving, couldn't eat the food with which I'd spawned. Was browsing the server and alt-tabbed back to MC to find a creeper had detonated next to emaciated me.
That protection script is pretty darn overbearing...
No. 9926 ID: 9a5057

Yeah, the protection scripts are set so if you don't have a race assigned yet you can't interact with anything. It is there to prevent the most blatant griefing and ensure people don't go wandering off on their own without some help getting settled. But they don't tell you that the global channel is on /g, and usually someone has to flag down a mod in IMs to get a race assigned. It is not an ideal system. Still, been fun once I got started.
No. 9927 ID: 7a7940

> /g
That'd be a good thing to have in the server info post on the forums as well
Also /help 1,2,3,4,5
No. 9928 ID: a061bb

Hi everyone. Admin here again. I'm posting just to let those of you interested know that the server, including the plugins and approach, but not the thematics and overall concepts are currently being overhauled. The past few months have been very useful for us as far as what works, what doesn't and a l
ook at further plugins to provide further support and fun. We expect these to be implemented at latest by the end of january, along with detailed explainations of form and function on the forum. I look forward to seeing you online.
No. 10152 ID: 65080c

Hi everyone, Admin again. Like I said in my last post (an ice age ago) the server has updated significantly in the time between, including having a new host.

Our new IP is

Feel free to join, but be aware that you can't yet assign yourself a race without the help of a moderator (We're working on it). So if one isn't online, try again during our peak hours of between 5pm +0Gmt and 5am +0Gmt. We're a friendly group and try to make certain that everyone involved has a fair run at RP, all we ask is that you respect the setting and each other.

Our wiki is provided here: http://dwarf-fortress-role-play-classic.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page

Look forward to seeing new players!
No. 10176 ID: bdb3f8

NEW new ip is by the way
No. 10269 ID: dc49e4

These guys are utter faggots. I got banned permanently because some guy lied and said that I was flying. I skyped an admin and he told me that I would have to convince my accusers to agree to have me unbanned.


Would not recommend.
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