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File 132971711165.gif - (158.67KB , 800x900 , 1299323467753.gif )
8032 No. 8032 ID: 204897

I found this copy amongst a bunch of my files and am posting here so *anyone* will be able to download it before I lose it again.
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No. 8407 ID: 30df25
File 133832381555.png - (553.71KB , 500x2000 , lets_play_mortal_folly_part_1_by_fallenjrblue-d3py.png )

No. 8408 ID: 30df25
File 133832415268.png - (527.98KB , 500x2000 , lets_play_mortal_folly_part_2_by_fallenjrblue-d41c.png )

No. 8637 ID: 30df25
File 134292839171.png - (314.33KB , 800x900 , let__s_play_henchmen_by_fallenjrblue-d3axdoy.png )

No. 10134 ID: 1bfafd

This thread is adorable. Also holy shit is it old, and it was pretty high on page 2. Do things really move this slow here?
No. 10136 ID: bdb3f8

The tg board of tgchan is the slowest board permitted by law. Most of the posts aren't even content, just items useful to a handful of people participating in some IRC rpg or another.
No. 10150 ID: 66f653


I dunno you should see what is left of the /x/ sanctuary, I'm not sure if it is slow or actually dead at this stage.
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