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File 132155006184.jpg - (10.40KB , 200x261 , 266-bokomslag_fil-200.jpg )
7754 No. 7754 ID: aca1f1

Anyone who has played this intriguing RPG?
No. 7755 ID: 0ef5d9

as is often the case with such things, never heard of it. why is it intriguing?
No. 7757 ID: aca1f1

Ah, it might not be intriguing for you, but I find it very interesting. Why's that? Because it is a Norwegian roleplay set in the 1800 (aka. while it still was under Danish domonion, but also while nationalism was on the rise) with creatures from Norwegian folklore like the Draug, the Nick, the Fossegrim, the Dovregubbe and the Ones who Dwells under the Ground (faeries).
I am aware that it might sound very niche, but I find it fascinating.
No. 7763 ID: 8fe206

Sounds pretty interesting, in a very niche sort of way. Is there an english version floating around the web?
No. 7822 ID: b6178d


I've played it with its creator, once. Quite the treat. Pretty fun, but as far as I'm aware it's in Norwegian only (though there might be a fan translation around). I also think you get more out of it if you know (and know how to play on) some of the mythology involved, i.e. Asbjørnsen & Moe fairy tales and norwegian history from the early 1800's.

There's an english review here, if you're interested: http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/10/10604.phtml
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