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File 132076146333.png - (342.37KB , 900x1332 , Microscope RPG.png )
7728 No. 7728 ID: fa59a2

Saw this on 4chan. Anyone here know it? Played it? Even if you haven't; opinions?

The official website is http://www.lamemage.com/, go check it out.
No. 7731 ID: 30df25

The game that they tried to play on 4chan lasted all of 4 hours before the thread 404'd. Bleah.

Someone managed to rescue a recording of the game: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Microscope/Humanity%27s_Grandkids
No. 7756 ID: c5d574

It seems interesting. I might give it a shot some time.
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