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File 131852691967.png - (971.38KB , 1748x2480 , doodle20.png )
7694 No. 7694 ID: 4c7956

Greetings, fellow D&D 3.5 DMs and players.

I need your advice on a good build for a werewolf NPC that will become a recurring villain in my campain.

I need a character with raw close contact fighting power and high dommage output to be a rival against one of my PCs, who is a very optimised fighter using heavy plate armor and bastard sword.

He will evolve at the same speed, thus having three level less than the PC, but damage reduction 10/silver

for more details : http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/lycanthrope.htm

If it can be of any help, he has a crew of human goons and an Ur Priest assisting him from a distance, but who will try not to get involved.

I hope you'll find this query challenging.
No. 7695 ID: 0ef5d9

Well, the reaping mauler prestige class in complete warrior is a 5 level class dedicated to barehanded grappling. The grapple rules are practically designed for shutting down characters fixated on their giant powerful weapons. The no/light armor requirements mesh well with a lycanthrope's desire to wear things that won't interfere with changing form. The trick would be finding a good base class to get him through the entry requirements. Monk is hardly ever the right answer.
No. 7712 ID: 4606d0

There was a prestige class in one of "The Quintessential" series (Mongoose Publishing; old as dirt, but none the worse for wear) which was basically a very focused hunter. So much, in fact, that the prestige class name changed according to what creature the class-bearer specialised in: Human Hunter, Gnoll Hunter, etc.

Unfortunately, the name is generic enough that I can't find it now. Quite a bummer, considering I planned one of my villains to have that prestige class.

Instead, I'm going to direct you at "The Quintessential Ranger II". See "Multiclassing", it gives a comprehensible breakdown of what pros and cons you'll get when mixing with any other class. Take extra heed of "Variant Rules" - that's where the fine tuning is.
I'd recommend Ranger/Barbarian out of the bunch. Should do decently in a one-on-one melee scenario, although somewhat poorly outside of it, i.e. against the whole party.
No. 7734 ID: b3d229

Here is what you do.
Either Warblade or Unarmed Swordsage from Tome of Battle.
Go into the Blood Blade prestige class, take Tiger Claw maneuvers.
Shred the fighter to bits with authority.
No. 7752 ID: 066919

>optimised fighter in 3.5
>full plate and BASTARD sword
Just take any class from PHB2 and put him in the dirt.
No. 7764 ID: 995f9d

>Blood Blade
>Throwing and catching your claws
This is the best
Go with this
He can regenerate, it should be fine
No. 7770 ID: b7988b

Sue me, I forgot which was the berserker shifter prestige class offhand. Even though that does sound fucking awesome, throwing your claws.
No. 7771 ID: 784dcc

Wolf Trip+Improved Trip, use an Orc, wield jovar or ripper from PlanarHB, get the UP to buff the shit out of 'im.
that Bastard sword? Disarm.
use a triple-weapon-capsule-holder from CAdv, for poisons or possibly worse.
Barb 1 ACF for pounce.
>recurring villain
that might be a problem if you're unwilling to R0 his escapes.
>He will evolve at the same speed, thus having three level less than the PC,
ECL != CR, FYI, even if each aren't considered most reliable. Animal HD are pretty shitty, too.
>high dommage output
Whips and chains are good for that I hear- ReachPlus with a bonus to disarm (/joke)
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