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File 131707262269.jpg - (100.92KB , 1024x839 , farseer1.jpg )
7643 No. 7643 ID: ef25db

Farseer stats
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No. 7644 ID: ef25db
File 131707277057.jpg - (337.43KB , 1024x1553 , farseer2.jpg )

No. 7646 ID: ef25db
File 131707363842.jpg - (212.64KB , 1024x1553 , farseer3.jpg )

No. 7653 ID: db4268

I take it this is from Edge of the Abyss?
No. 7666 ID: 8fe206

Is this just an NPC or are Eldar finally playable in Rogue Trader?
No. 7670 ID: d335e5

I entirely forgot where I got this from.
Likely enough.
Lol no. This is for a friend who was under the mistaken impression he could take his rank 4 Guardsman in DH and take on a farseer 1v1. I tempered his arrogance. With any luck, when they run into this guy and his Dire Avenger guard, they won't get stupid.
No. 7672 ID: 13c92d
File 131783379088.jpg - (484.00KB , 1010x756 , 1239520023483.jpg )

Rank Four Guardman... essentially a human who has become 'fairly decent' at surviving and using a glorified flashlight. Take on one of the most psychically talented, elite-trained individuals of the elder race.

Yeah, seriously, wtf was he smoking? A whole party of at least seven rank 5 characters (including a Nascient Psycher Assassin and a Tech-Resurrected Arbities with a drill arm, oh yeah, and the NPC SPACE MARINE! who saved our asses at the last minute) needed to claw and scrape for our miserable lives, fate points being spent everywhere, to face a band of glorified, druggie space elf gangsters.

Do not fuck with eldar, they have far, far more experience at it.
No. 7685 ID: 35e1a0

what about a culexus?
No. 7735 ID: b3d229

I never said I was kind.
I wasn't running this module, and they were very polite when they ran into him. Until they tried to leave, and the guardsman raised his bolter.
He had it shot out of his hands by a pathfinder who was covering the entire site. He tucked tail, the farseer didn't even turn around.
Haven't seen them yet.
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