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File 131576816726.jpg - (135.40KB , 500x642 , noicegiants.jpg )
7614 No. 7614 ID: f25cc9

Hey everybody, just a lonely GM looking for players.
Willing to run a weekly game on sundays.
Games I have run:
Call of Cthulhu
Games I am willing to run:
A Time of War

If anyone would be interested in being in one of my games, just send me an E-mail with your time zone, when you'd be able to play, your preferred system, and your experience with RPGs in general.
No. 7647 ID: 0cf6f3

i am hoping some people replied in email and this GM has players now.

this lonely post from a lonely GM makes me a little sad otherwise.
No. 7660 ID: bd4f34

I sent one. It'd be nice to have a group again. Plus, I've always been interested in nWoD (only ever played D&D 4e before). No idea what "A Time of War" is, but it sounds... Warlike.
No. 7661 ID: 43d730

I sent one as well.
Heard back once.
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