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File 131302664576.jpg - (430.88KB , 2480x3992 , pso-series-2-racast_forprint_forsite.jpg )
7530 No. 7530 ID: 81b3db

Recruiting one or two more players for a Mutants and Masterminds Campaign that will be taking place once a week on IRC! Here are the details! Please post if interested!

Frontier is a game that blends Wild-West settings, pulp fiction, space exploration, and anime robots. The players are elite Bio-Androids, with powers and ability's comparable to comic book super heroes, or high powered mecha. They are a group of fortune hunters traveling to a large region of space simply known as the Frontier. Here the communication systems and sensors only travel so far making everything feel remote. This creates a place where exploration must be done in person; a place of discovery and potential, where settlers might travel to find a new life, while criminals travel there to disappear or wreak havoc in a place where it’s easy to hide and the law has no meaning.

Imagine yourself fighting off bandits in the emptiness of space, with blaster fire flying in every direction. Imagine yourself discovering a ruined civilization, only to discover what destroyed it as well, deep under the earth. Imagine yourself speeding across the rooftops as you fight horrors unknown. Imagine yourself sitting back at a space port, having yourself a drink and enjoying the entertainment and gossip from the locals of wanted bandits, new finds, and legends of strange creatures. Or facing off against renegade imperialists thirsting for lost glory. Or in a standoff against a lone gunman, who has left all others before you a piece of scrap behind him.

Here’s a quick list of what you might be doing out here:
-Exploring planets to make claims on the resources found there, dealing with violent natives where they’re found, or even reasoning with the more intelligent ones
-Facing off against giant space horrors and beasts the size of a battleship
-Protecting high speed caravan ‘trains’ as they fly through space from bandits and hostile alien races.
-Bringing justice to remote settlements or space-stations.
-Tracking down bounties of known and dangerous criminals that have been wreaking havoc in the area.
-Discover lost planets and civilizations. Exploring them for the sake of science and knowledge rather then simple profit alone... though the profit part is always a plus too.

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No. 7531 ID: 81b3db
File 131302682316.jpg - (161.36KB , 457x600 , spaghetti-space-western.jpg )

-Do not feel the need to design an entire character and set yourself down on one particular concept! Just come up with some basic, one paragraph ideas, and post them here so I know what sort of player I'm looking at.
-The game will likely be taking place on a Weekday somewhere around 8:30PM Eastern time. The actual day being decided once all players are recruited. Make sure you have the time available to play!
-This is not a 'first come first serve' situation. I'm not posting this here because I can't find players; I'm just looking to add some variety to my groups. To bring in new people my players haven't played with before to avoid them falling into the same habits. I'll be choosing based on your ideas, role playing experience, and writing ability. That is assuming I get any responses of course ^_^;;;;;
-Once enough players have been recruited I'll be scheduling a 'discussion' game where players can discuss their character concepts, how they know each other, who's being what, and who's filling what roles both story wise, and mechanics wise. Try to have some ideas already in mind for the discussion game, but be willing to alter them.
-For those who have no experience with the M&M system I'll be helping you through the character creation process. So for now only worry about the core idea you have in mind.
No. 7532 ID: 81b3db
File 131302706855.jpg - (261.32KB , 1000x1000 , Hazel_v2_by_extvia.jpg )

That's about it really. Here's hoping enough people check the /tg/ section to even see this heh. I'm aware plenty of people on #tgchan and #rubyquest would be in to this sort of thing. Hoping to get a few new faces in my campaigns out of this.
No. 7533 ID: b19ffd

Hey, I've been kind of itchy to get back into M&M, and you seem to have a cool, if not a bit unfocused idea. Seems kind of like transformers meets firefly.

What's going to be the channel on IRC? I kinda want to get my character up and going there.
No. 7535 ID: a1de30
File 131308581697.jpg - (96.89KB , 850x625 , robo bruise duo.jpg )

This sounds awesome, and I would totally pitch something if I didn't have piles of time constraints.
I will satisfy myself with nabbing the concept and document you have written up and writing this congratulation.
No. 7538 ID: 81b3db
File 131309628746.jpg - (251.76KB , 1304x844 , desert_convoy_by_studioqube-d3j6q5u.jpg )

Heh transformers meets firefly isn't a bad way to put it. It is a little unfocused sounding now; but that's in part because I like to give players a lot of control over their characters backgrounds, motives, and designs. To let them make up things for the setting to suit their needs rather then having it all defined from the get go. It tends to be how I roll as a GM and it's served me well up until now.

While I have gotten an IRC room lined up for it (#FrontierIC) it really won't serve any purpose until I have my five players and we've all gotten a chance to discuss character concepts together as a group. This is also why I don't want anyone making a full finished concept right away. Just some basic ideas so you have something to say when we all get together.

But hey:If you have any character ideas don't be afraid to post them here! Questions are welcome as well.
No. 7539 ID: a1de30
File 131310267302.jpg - (126.08KB , 800x800 , warboss Coop.jpg )

There's a huge amount of variation in possible characters here.
No. 7540 ID: 81b3db
File 131310786866.jpg - (155.07KB , 522x471 , gits-sac_section9079.jpg )

Oh very much so, though there are some limits. Not strict ones mind you. As I said one of my goals is to give my players some freedom.

When I originally came up frontier I thought of the bio-androids as more towards the humanoid side. Comparable to Reploids/Mavericks. With most looking like humans a few robotic features, while others more mechanized or animal-like to keep things interesting. The scale can be tipped in either direction as long as you don't go too far.
No. 7541 ID: 4c7b39

Alright, I have an idea for a character. I'm going to try to get some pictures commissioned and up by this weekend, but no promises.

Anyway, the way I usually make my characters is that I take a song or a series of songs and try to write a back story around it. In this case, I heard Wild-West and immediately thought of two things; those two being "Wayfaring Stranger" by Johnny Cash, and the Wild Wild West movie.

Of course, the former kinda shoved the latter out of the way, I'm guessing for the betterment of all.

Basically, I want to run a kind of nomadic character. He was an evacuated in a cryostasis pod on a nearby habitable, but rather desolate, planet ignored for it's rather bleak environment and low resource count. The caravan, mid-evacuation, had to FTL jump or lose the entire train. Fifty years later, a cryogenically frozen guy finally gets thawed by a passing ship due to a emergency beacon installed in the pod. He has since been exploring both civilized space and uncivilized space looking for clues or hints of where his derailed train has went, making a quick buck by prospecting harvestable planets along the way.

As for aesthetics, I'm thinking futuristic with a desert-punk/cowboy kind of theme, with hints of exotic knick-knacks picked up in his travels. I'm thinking he's going to act like he has his ear to the ground, friendly enough, but will snap up rumors like freshly baked cupcakes, and, when confronted with a weird, new sight, will say something to the effect of "Wow. I haven't seen something of this marvel since I was prospecting TX-757."

I'm thinking a lot of his abilites are going to be based around free movement and adaptability to odd situations.

No. 7543 ID: 81b3db

Looks good. Gives me plenty to work with as far as adventure hooks go. Leaves plenty of room for places your character might have met the other PCs (or the other PCs parents given the 50+ year time skip) and a basic idea of a power set.

Though he sounds like he'll probably be more skill heavy which is hardly a bad thing. Years of experience as it were over fancy tech. Which I was hoping to get one or two of naturally.

Give me a ring on IRC sometime. I should be lurking on the #tgchan and #RubyQuest channels a decent portion of the time. Not hard to catch.
No. 7550 ID: b19ffd

Hey, a few more questions that I think need to be publicly known, both of which I'm kicking myself for not asking earlier.

First, what's your IRC handle? Just Bribri, or is it different?

Secondly, what edition of the rules are we using? Second? Third? DC reprint?
No. 7551 ID: 81b3db

Yeah just Bribri. Occasionally Anvis or Soleil when I'm IC for other games. I likely won't be on much until late today. Lots to do.

We'll be using 3e for this. I have more experience with 2e granted, but I may as well give the new version a spin.
No. 7554 ID: 81b3db
File 131336007235.jpg - (56.07KB , 810x573 , tempest.jpg )

Right! I'm hoping to see all my players thus far at a discussion session on Tuesday at around 8:30PM Eastern time (-4 GMT).

We'll be talking on IRC Channel: #FrontierIC Server:Rizon Lurkers are allowed within reason.
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