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File 131044756363.jpg - (348.28KB , 1161x984 , 1288747784311.jpg )
7381 No. 7381 ID: d5ae2a

I'm looking to incorporate Sergals into D&D 4th edition.

Now that you are done laughing, I felt like the approach I took in crafting them as a PC race went over pretty well, but I would like a second opinion and I can't think of any other place where I can find what I am after in that regard. I am very serious about this and positive feedback and constructive criticism would be very much appreciated

Info is found here:
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No. 7385 ID: f5fe2f
File 131046403055.png - (818.37KB , 973x1261 , Sergal_4e.png )

Uploading the old 4e thing because why not. Yours looks like it's basically this but updated to the newer 4e. Except the skills are different, but yours seem like they work just as well to me. I see no problems.
No. 7387 ID: 049dfa

>Unnerving Presence - Sergals confer a +2 Racial bonus to intimidation during combat encounters. Sergals also confer a +2 Racial bonus to intimidation while bloodied.

Kind of ridiculous, but intimidating in combat is basically useless anyway so it's not overpowered or anything, just silly.

>Sly Tongue
>Because you choose to converse in a witty and coniving manner, you are typically sly in your approach to life. You gain the Sergal "Sly Tail" style feat and +1 to Stealth. (And the other parts of this feature)

If anything you should gain -access- to a style feat based on it, not just straight up get a bonus feat. Also Sergals aren't losing enough for all of these free bonus skills compared to other races.

>Ferocious Charge

Okay there are a ton of things that are shady here.

Most racial attack powers, while they generally let you choose the stat with which to attack, they still lock you into one on damage (See: Dragon Breath).

Second: Charge with Bonus damage (which is a racial power on its own), AND damage against enemies on attacks of opportunity, AND a stance on an encounter power, AND a miss effect on an encounter power. Either of the first two is fine. The other two are not, even though the stance is kind of meh. It's still half of a barbarian class feature available to any class with one of three very, VERY common attacking stats. Though it's worth noting that there's no reason for the 'miss' effect at all, since the stance is under an 'effect' tag and those trigger whether or not you hit.

>Sergal "Sly Tongue" style
>Prerequisite: Sergal
>When making an attack with the Arcane or Devine keywords and behind cover, add +3 to the attack roll.

+3 to attack with a specific type of weapon is an epic-tier feat, and it's a typed bonus. +1 to attack with a specific type of low-damage weapon and a specific situation AND a stat requirement is a heroic tier feat. Even as a feat on its own this is hilariously overpowered, and single-handedly obsoletes any other choice for a divine character than Sergal. Cover is not that hard to get. And even worse, Sergals can take this as a racial feature by these rules.

>Sergal "Far Tail" style
>Prerequisite: Sergal
>Confer a +2 to attack and damage rolls when making an attack with a ranged weapon and the target has cover and/or concealment of any kind.

This turns concealment into a +2 damage bonus to you, period. Even worse when you get access to ways to ignore cover or concealment, which is pretty goddamn early. Sure, the enemies can avoid it by getting out in the open, but this is essentially a -2 to all defenses for a ton of enemies for your entire party. As a class feature. It's even too much for a racial feat, as now the ONLY other choice for a ranged character is an elf for their reroll.

>Sergal "Twin Claw" style
>Gain proficiency with double weapons, including the urgrosh.

I don't know why you would feel to need to note the Urgosh specifically. This would be fine for a racial feat, though.
No. 7389 ID: 9cb4b3

The 4e thing is not balanced at all, and was done based on what the late-night /tg/ folks were saying was balanced. I've never really run D&D games, I've always played Rifts/Gurps/World of Darkness instead, so I just trusted them on both the 3.5 and 4e stats.

Turns out, they were way wrong on both, and I've just never bothered to fix them because I don't really have experience statting things for D&D. I have the original .pdf files for both still, I think, if you guys can come up with something better than what is posted here.
No. 7390 ID: d5ae2a

thank god I asked then, jesus this needs work.
No. 7522 ID: 9b0836

You're going to have to repost this if you want us to read it again.

The pastebin is not there anymore
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