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File 130853225340.jpg - (65.79KB , 250x326 , 40krp-dark-heresy.jpg )
7279 No. 7279 ID: 598506

How would you feel about modifying Dark Heresy so that it uses a roll over system rather than a roll under system (i.e. you have to roll d100 + your skill and hit 100 to succeed)?
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No. 7280 ID: 049dfa

It would be completely pointless.
No. 7281 ID: 598506

No. 7282 ID: 049dfa


because thanks to the margin-of-success rules you don't lose any amount of complexity by inverting the rolling system.
No. 7284 ID: 598506

Actually, I would say you do--less head math. Subtraction is much harder for most people to do in their heads (in my experience, at least), and if you roll over 100, you simply need to drop 100 from your roll to figure out your degree of success.
No. 10883 ID: 355d5a

best of all
No. 10884 ID: 355d5a
File 144012145605.jpg - (61.87KB , 801x534 , dump.jpg )

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