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File 130817749790.jpg - (21.83KB , 263x342 , Deadlands.jpg )
7227 No. 7227 ID: 6f1545

I've been looking into this game called Deadlands. I've had an off and on relationship with this game but a recent binge on the game Red Dead Redemption has put the wild west back in my blood. Has anyone here actually played this game before? What's it like? Is the system any good?

I think I might pick up the core book for this at my LGS if it's any good. I have a few ideas for a campaign. One includes helping a black ranch owner who's moving out west fight off zombies and racists and the other one includes Louisiana and a lot of vampires.

So, any stories, plot hooks, or anything at all?

On another note, /b/ fucked up and got all of 4chan down, including /tg/.
No. 7230 ID: 8e18cd

I actually heard of the game and glanced over it. It's VERY Steampunkish so beware, if you want a RDR experience pick up some stuff for oWoD concerning wild west (Werewolf: Wild West).

As for Deadlands... I dunno which system they're using but back in a day it was a little bit convoluted, but stylish. I'm kind of afraid they might've jumped on the D20 bandwagon now.
No. 7233 ID: 6f1545

I was looking at the new Savage Worlds book for it and liked what I saw. It was pretty good for what I wanted. The only steam punk part of it that really gets in the way are the robots. The wild west is probably the only setting I can't stand robots in.

Rules looked pretty cool. The option of using a poker set for spell casting looked pretty cool.
No. 7234 ID: 8e18cd


Oh so they're still using the poker set for spells? Awesome. What about the chips, are they still in?
No. 7235 ID: 6f1545

I haven't read through it all yet, but from what I've gotten out of it the poker set thing is entirely optional. The chips are still there for good I think. They adapted the 52 card thing into the existing magic system for Savage Worlds in a way that it can be entirely ignored unless you're bored of rolling. Then again, I haven't flipped through the Savage Worlds main book or read the entire Deadlands book so I'm probably entirely wrong.
No. 7330 ID: 45be60

My recollection of Deadlands is that the steampunk components were pretty minimal unless you went out of your way to include them. But our group had someone intending to eventually become a mad scientist, so experience probably not typical. It never overpowers the western feel though.

And using poker supplies for combat never gets old. Wear a cowboy hat if at all possible.
No. 7376 ID: b9bd4f

My DM is an insane genius. The first town we wnet to turned out to be alive and trying to kill us. Eventually it got fed up, summoned a bunch of undead soldiers from the civil war, and then sprouted a bunch of FUCKING SPIDER LEGS out of the bottom of a clocktower and chased us down. We fought and killed a clocktower with spiderlegs. We now hate clocktowers with a passion.

Some people in the group also run thier own Deadlands games, where the REAL weird shit happens, including a town beset by EVIL CLOWNS and killing the angel of death by dropping a zepplin full of nitroglycerin on him.

tl;dr play deadlands, you will like it
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