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File 130640755385.jpg - (80.50KB , 392x400 , 1204586685322.jpg )
7084 No. 7084 ID: 49ef08

I'm looking for recommendations for systems to play this.
I've looked at Serenity and it weighs in more on the fluff rather than the rule side of things.
I've also considered Traveller but I want the characters to be able to learn new skills and possibly advance in the old ones.. and that's fine as long as a loooog time occurs in the Traveller ruleset.
I was kinda thinking about Fuzion as well but also don't want to make up a bunch of templates for the characters.
So I'm open to suggestions
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No. 7085 ID: 49ef08
File 130640829460.jpg - (118.84KB , 550x413 , ST.jpg )

No. 7088 ID: 677003

GURPS? I mean, everything from black-powder revolvers to 'blasters'to electrolazers is statted in the core book alone.
No. 7098 ID: 49ef08
File 130645092169.jpg - (97.28KB , 500x558 , 1296725537654.jpg )

I'm not familiar wit GURPS in the least.
how steep a learnign curve is it (for both players and GM)
No. 7099 ID: 49ef08
File 130645118728.jpg - (87.30KB , 200x294 , xenozoic1.jpg )

whoops .. learning.

Also I know Savage Worlds is GURPS - but is it like a different GURPS mechanic?
No. 7100 ID: 323465

How about Alternity?

It's a generic science fiction system which TSR made before they went kaboom. I have yet to play a game using it, but from what I've looked at it doesn't seem half bad. Point buy based without overwhelming the players with options, or odd mechanics. Take out the psionic stuff and the non-humans and it could work Take a look:

No. 7104 ID: 8e18cd


Alternity is pretty much streamlined AD&D in space. But it's great to build things on it (Pretty much like every D&D).
No. 7118 ID: 49ef08

I also looked at Starblazer adventures...

Anyone play this?
No. 7129 ID: 6cb915

GURPS has a learning curve, but it is only as steep as you need it to be. The basics are pretty basic. The good thing about GUrPS is that the splat books, such as Savage Worlds, are add-ons you are not required to have. they may introduce some new rules, but only common sense ones (how to move in zero-G for a space book, for instance, and skils, advantages and disadvantages related specifically to that genre or book. By far the largest part of the splat books is "how to run this game, and good ideas for plots and things to make your life as a GM easier". You can learn more about gamemastering as a whole by reading GURPS splatbooks/worldbooks than any other method known.
No. 7156 ID: 45be60

The Gurps character creation is pretty complicated if you don't have a program to do it for you. Fortunately, there are several good programs to chose from. The difficulty basically comes from the way the skills interconnect as I recall.

Also: The Gurps core book does not really tell you how to really build a space ship very well. Everything looks fine until you sit down to actually try and DO it, then everything goes to hell. The book dedicated to vehicles does not do a complete job either, but it is a vast improvement. On the plus side, gurps IS one of the few systems where hand-held weapons and ship mounted gun are apparently pulled from the same weapon tables, which is exactly what you want in a setting where an assault rifle can kill a space ship.
No. 7252 ID: 49ef08

I found a copy of GURPS Traveller for $3 on e-bay. Do I need the core GURPS book or will this be enough?
No. 7255 ID: a6dd15

Might be an old 3rd edition, I'v heard it was somewhat more... complex in areas (vehicular design in particular.)

4th edition is the newest one, but then I hear these a lot of cross-over (unlike say 4th ed DnD vs 3rd) enough to make porting things over feasible anyhow.
No. 7256 ID: 49ef08

I think it's 3rd.
What I'm wondering id do I need the core GURPS book... or is this a stand alone?
No. 7269 ID: 49ef08

No. 7287 ID: f536f2
File 130861925447.jpg - (737.97KB , 1000x1517 , 1299797709151.jpg )

'fraid I havn't a clue there, I've run Traveller in GURPS, but it was in 4th edition and I didn't bother to get anything outside of the Characters and the Campaigns books.
No. 7310 ID: 30df25

I wonder if Diaspora would work for a Serenity game? FATE system, hard sci-fi instead of fantasy.
No. 7329 ID: ef2279
File 130933216407.jpg - (42.17KB , 380x488 , andromeda.jpg )

you might want a lager cluster if you do so with a linked series of coreworlds.
After a onceover I think the game feels more like Andromeda.

I'd like to find Fuzion templates ANYWHERE for Firefly.
No. 7359 ID: 503132

No. 7398 ID: d8270c

Naw dude, don't play GURPS Traveller, Mongoose Traveller is where it's at. You can die in character creation
No. 7399 ID: 2d430e

- Except for the fact that I'm trying to find a way to best simulate Firefly.
I want to actually see some skills development as the "series" moves along and not have to wait a year or two in game time for that to happen.
I used to play the old Traveller as well as having fleet battles using High Guard.
I would bring in custom carriers with a couple of System defense boats attached .. they had crap weapons but were like bricks to hit.
Turns out I *DO* need the character creation book in addition to the GURPS Traveller book

ANYONE want to weigh in more on Savage Worlds?
No. 7428 ID: 2703d2

okay.. me looking over Savage worlds..
I think due to flexibility it might be better than Traveller (at least for some things) but I have a soft spot for Scouts and the Impereum. I wish my players did.
No. 7473 ID: 30df25
File 131172877066.jpg - (56.92KB , 500x389 , pic508357_md.jpg )

Did I already mention Diaspora? (it's better than Starblazer Adventures) http://www.vsca.ca/Diaspora/diaspora-srd.html

Okay, then how about the "official" Firefly role-playing game? http://rpggeek.com/thread/499237/a-thorough-and-objective-review-serentiy-rpg
No. 7475 ID: b48e91

Serenity was mentioned in the OP.

I don't remember having to have huge amounts of time pass to gain skills in Traveler. I remember huge amounts of time passing in character creation, sure. My character was like 50 when we started. But once we were going I remember rolling dice to see if the skills I used during an adventure got better. That part took no time at all. Sure, if you want to sit around and read a book to learn a new skill, that takes game downtime, but on the job training has no such limitation.
No. 7549 ID: 2703d2

depends if you use GURPS or original rules.
I may go for Savage Worlds in a modified Traveller universe
No. 7603 ID: 2703d2
File 131513200122.gif - (47.23KB , 529x720 , scout111.gif )

Okay I can see how they are designed but how do you take these particular spaces into account when designing floor-plans?
I know in Traveller approx 2 squares are used for each ton of ship. (although that often misses the mark...)- and I don't have campaign Cartographer so I was wondering what recommendations were out there for design?
No. 7604 ID: 2703d2
File 131513207490.gif - (31.31KB , 800x600 , Figure14.gif )

this is the closest to actual given tonnages though a bit bland. (done in CC)
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