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File 130628046082.jpg - (44.18KB , 328x500 , Tau Fire Warrior-328x500.jpg )
7058 No. 7058 ID: 402d3f

40k thread?
40k thread.
Im looking to start a new army. I like Tau a lot because of the whole technology thing so I'm thinking of doing a steam-punk thing (and secretly considering chaos Tau). suggest a color scheme or another army(no smurfs or chaos marines.), but just talk about the game in general.
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No. 7067 ID: ca3eb4

Fluffnazi that I am, I rage at your mention of chaotic Tau.

And steam-punk? With massdriver weapons? What?
No. 7069 ID: f7aa74

kroots suck, period
No. 7075 ID: 402d3f

its OK, i understand.
this is my basic idea, not really part of chaos, just allied with it. by steam punk i meant that i would kind of try to strip back that sleekness the tau have. not actually steam punk, just lots of pipes and cogs.
No. 7077 ID: 694e74
File 130637111464.jpg - (18.66KB , 275x428 , british-officer.jpg )

British Tau?
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