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File 130618021281.jpg - (81.91KB , 459x601 , Forgotten Realms v1 campaign set.jpg )
7042 No. 7042 ID: cab4cf

Does anyone here play AD&D anymore? Because we have a party going on in Forgotten Realms and could use a DM to strap us together on an adventure. We've lost ours and have been forced to run lame stuff for each other, something we really suck at.
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No. 7051 ID: f7aa74

if you only upgraded to at least 2nd ed. then maybe your games wouldn't be as bad?

just a suggestion, cus i love 2nd ed.
No. 7052 ID: cab4cf

But AD&D counts both 1st and 2nd editions under it.

This one's 2e, anyway, though we also use 1e stuff.
No. 7062 ID: 8e18cd

I still play 2nd ED, but I have big hatred towards Forgotten Realms setting...

No if it was Dragonlance, Ravenloft, Planescape or Darksun...
No. 7064 ID: cab4cf

What's wrong with Forgotten Realms? I think Forgotten Realms is good.
No. 7066 ID: 8e18cd


Each to their own. I liked forgotten realms back in the day of Eye of Beholder... then it became crammed with many characters. Wherever you went, there were great heroes, demigods... it lost its charm.
No. 7068 ID: f7aa74

ya know, it's possible to creat a new setting to hold a campaign, just remember to post it here so that we all can use it
No. 7071 ID: cab4cf

Indeed, and like the poster above you said, to each their own. Personally, creating your own campaign is all fine and good, but why should I turn away from Forgotten Realms when it really is rather awesome and holds anything we might want? It is ridiculously detailed: with years of dedicated homebrewing we probably wouldn't come even close to what it has.

And if we ever get bored to it, then what? Oh, I dunno... how about we take a hike to Zakhara? Or Kara-Tur? Or even jump on a ship heading to the distant land of Maztica? So many places to explore!

That's mostly what this campaign is. Exploration and adventure.
No. 7072 ID: cab4cf

Also I love Eye of the Beholder. Especially the second one.
No. 7073 ID: 1f2692


you know that people put time into it... if you want an ever expanding world of intrigue and whatnot, take the time to make one.
No. 7074 ID: cab4cf

I do not like where this discussion is going. I feel like whatever I say next will lead into you insulting me.

I just really like Forgotten Realms. All right?
No. 7079 ID: 8e18cd


Different strokes for different guys. That's why AD&D pretty much covered all the bases: Multiverse (Planescape), Post-Apocalytic (Darksun), Horror (Ravenloft), Nobility wars (Birthright), High Fantasy (Al-Quadim), Romantic Fantasy (Dragonlance) and Heroic Fantasy (Forgotten Realms).

One might like few from the bunch and dislike the others, but hell... it's just a different setting and no-one has to be upset about it. If you have many flavors, you have your favorite ones and disliked ones, so no reason to objective say "HURF DURF this setting PS3sux becuz", it's just a matter of opinion.

Even I don't like it, you like it? Cool. I'm not bashing you for it. I prefer other things and let's follow that.
No. 7082 ID: cab4cf

Al-Qadim is another favourite setting of mine. And as I've already said, the one we've picked is also great because we can pretty easily move the same guys to a completely different setting when we've done.

The adventure started from Zakhara, in fact. We'll probably return there eventually: my character left a girl there.
No. 7091 ID: f7aa74


No no, i'm just trying to say if you think that forgotten realms is the only neat setting you deffinitelly haven't tried player made settings. google some up, thier outrageous
No. 7092 ID: bf1e7e


He didn't say that he thinks that it's the only neat setting, he said that it is his favorite. I hate the forgotten realms but even I can see that you're being a fag about this, bamump.
No. 7097 ID: cab4cf

There are a whole lot of settings out there that I like, and hardly any that I would outright hate. If I had to pick, I'd say that Toril in general is my favourite, but I guess that'd be a bit of cheating for reasons already stated, so I'm gonna have to go with Forgotten Realms.
No. 7360 ID: 62b1b2
File 131014160633.jpg - (89.46KB , 520x572 , cantdictionary.jpg )

All of you, come to #oldfagsunite on the suptg server (irc.thisisnotatrueending.com, 6667 or whatever port).
We play AD&D 2e almost exclusively, though I am not sure if I can promise anyone is going to want to pick up where your old DM left off.
No. 7361 ID: f5fe2f

I'm not from the old days, but some of those definitions seem a bit sarcastic to me.
No. 7372 ID: 62b1b2

They are SO sarcastic; cony-catcher, for instance, means thief. It is like an in-joke for planars, who love to fuck with primes, in general.
No. 7391 ID: ab6eee

From what I've learned of your little place, you have too much "2e = gritty and deadly" -attitude, as well as some people I dislike to be around with. But thanks.
No. 7450 ID: 62b1b2
File 131148314682.jpg - (147.18KB , 391x517 , Eduard_von_Gr├╝tzner_Falstaff.jpg )

This board is super duper slow.
Which person were you?
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