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File 124702976080.png - (126.35KB , 400x400 , adviceelf1.png )
698 No. 698 ID: 678525

What's the most fertile fantasy race?
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No. 699 ID: c3784d

No. 700 ID: 13034c

The followers datbebemoma-as run to show worship. She's a fertility goddess. There you go.
No. 701 ID: 1afd58
File 124703719942.gif - (18.98KB , 457x1192 , cutebold-sex.gif )

Cutebolds. They don't know what sex is, but still exist.
No. 705 ID: 57e50e

Care to be more explict in what you mean by fantasy and race?

If by race you mean, sentient creatures.

In an odd way, I would say MtG's fae of the Lorwyn/Shadowmoor block are most least and most fertile.

All of them come from Oona, their queen, and they die off pretty quickly, (A year-old fae is an old fae).
No. 706 ID: e19968

Do humans count as a fantasy race within their settings? If so: them. They'll fuck anything that moves apparently.
No. 707 ID: e49ef9

So will demons, devils, and dragons.
No. 708 ID: be9b2c

Personally I am kind of curious where this all came from. What led to this question being asked? It has got to be a funny story.
No. 710 ID: e19968

You're on a *chan, that's pretty much all the explanation there is.
No. 715 ID: aaf584
File 124708105668.png - (132.31KB , 400x400 , vampires.png )

This guy I know wants to come up with some mathematical formula on which fantasy race has the highest fertility ratio. It might involve tentacle monsters, I didn't inquire further.

Also, vampires and undead. Fuckers breed like crazy. Inb4 vampires are real.
No. 716 ID: 227d44

>vampires and undead
>breed like crazy

...do want?
No. 719 ID: aaf584
File 124708950189.png - (105.89KB , 400x400 , lawlfulevil.png )

Lawful evil, undead, hot dickings?
No. 722 ID: 6bf890


Wouldn't they be cold dickings?
No. 723 ID: 9cd578


No. 732 ID: aaf584

Do undead even have dicks? Wouldn't they rot off?
No. 734 ID: 227d44

You would think, but some hentai artists...Brr.
No. 749 ID: 2abfb1
File 124711059234.jpg - (272.87KB , 900x652 , family_gathering_colored.jpg )

I don't know what the most fertile fantasy race is, but I certainly know which is the most VIRILE...
No. 753 ID: 227d44

Fuck yeah, humanity. I can just imagine an entirely (male) human party bursting into a room full of (female) monsters and shouting:

"Damn humans--wait, what?

Hilarity (and rape) ensues.
No. 755 ID: aaf584

Alright, I loled. I wish our campaign had monster races.
No. 756 ID: aaf584

-so my character can have an army of half-monster children.
No. 759 ID: e49ef9

There's an idea for a game.
It's entirely about producing armies of monstrous children.
You have a limited supply of SPOO to pass out every round, and overdoing it results in KINKS that limit your options.
The different creatures require different methods of wooing, and several options for additional factors.
No. 761 ID: aaf584

I am ashamed to know this but there was a hentai game with a similar premise. I didn't play it but I think the playere was some overlord and the way he got minions was through impregnating all sorts of women, some of whom were demons, catgirls, etc.

Now, in a traditional game setting...
No. 765 ID: 227d44

"Roll to impregnate."
No. 772 ID: 13034c

Do you by any chance, remember the name of it? Or where it might be found? For purely scientific purposes, you understand.
No. 782 ID: 142d4d

I don't know. Somewhere on /d/ I imagine. You could also ask around some hentai forums, I'm sure someone there knows. For scientific reasons.
No. 788 ID: 142d4d
File 124716618312.jpg - (331.16KB , 600x1000 , roll.jpg )

No. 983 ID: b444db
File 124719779012.jpg - (64.71KB , 504x360 , Girl.jpg )

No. 1580 ID: ba0eee

Dragons. There's a reason you can slap a half-dragon template on anything, up to and including golems and oozes.
No. 1585 ID: 88e337

Probably the best way to restrain a player to play another half dragon is saying something like "Fuck yeah this fuckin' dragons can fuck almost everything" or "I suppose your character mother was a real whore, she liked that massive dragon cock soooooo much!"

And hope that the other players start making fun of him so he'll change his PC after two sessions.
No. 1667 ID: 4902ae

I just started sending dragonslayers after mine...
No. 1668 ID: 4902ae

It was a natural progression.
The people that play half-dragons tend to be the kind of people that care less about collateral damage, and there's already a specialised profession for hunting down that kind of excess.

Granted, the player didn't see it that way...
No. 2907 ID: 42f615

That game you spoke of, if it's not an actual h-game, it sounds like Record of Agarest War.

Apparently you "breed" with different women in order to create your successor with better stats.

Also known as Agarest: Generations of War in some localities.
No. 2908 ID: db2efa


What makes dragonborn players different then half-drag players?

.... I have to develop a half-drag queen.
No. 2909 ID: 73ad2b

Can you have half a drag queen?
No. 2910 ID: a1ac99

It's a tie between Dragons, Fae(specifically nymphs), and Outsiders for most, "fertile."

Only if he feels bad about it.
No. 3001 ID: 2df80d

I would think goblins myself, I got two goblins and two rabbits and put them in a cage, and ended up with 12 billion rabbits, 24 billion goblins, and 36 billion hybrids of the two after 6 months.
No. 3007 ID: af3e6d

But that means goblins aren't the most fertile by themselves. These rabbit/gobbo hybrids are.
No. 3008 ID: 43d730

/tg/chan has found a new monstergirl.
I approve.
No. 3025 ID: bdfa5c
File 125979247452.jpg - (36.80KB , 565x600 , poke3.jpg )


No. 3190 ID: 8590aa

No CCCD plz.
No. 3191 ID: 1afd58

I don't have anything useful to say except that this comic is always so adorable to me.
No. 3356 ID: d31d16

It's really all up to whose 'fantasy' it is.
No. 3389 ID: c3ce7f

Orks (WHFB & WH40K ones atleast, they're fungus!)
No. 3432 ID: 00dea1

Actually... some friends of mine were having some drunken fun with FATAL and they discovered that the most effective party is an orc rape squad. Apparently if you rupture a body part it does a percentage of total hitpoints, instead of a flat rate. They even raped a dragon's nostril, ruptured it, and it bleed to death.
No. 3433 ID: f52552

FATAL has dragons?
I'm almost scared to ask what special abilities they get.
No. 3434 ID: 00dea1

I sort of made a point of not asking to many questions, all I know is what they told me.
It's probably best if we don't know...
No. 3435 ID: f52552

Five interwebnetbucks on semen breath or some kind of magical quality to their sperm.
No. 5121 ID: ae0714

Broo, from RuneQuest. Cross with almost ANYTHING, as long as it has an orifice. Sometimes even a wound.
No. 5122 ID: 3af16b

>From RuneQuest
No. 7211 ID: f0e3ae

Race = race are strains of a sentient species which can crossbreed. Races: Asian, caucasian, latino, african would be human races. Great dane, poodle, etc would be for dogs.

Species = creatures that cannot crossbreed. Humans, horses, rabbits, dogs..

Anyways, of important note are:
Goblins and kobolds: Very small, mature very quickly, reproduce very quickly, die young. Think rabbits... they are most fertile in the term of "have the most children in X years"
Crossbreedability: Low
Rate of reproductin within species: Ridiculously high

Humans: Uniquely able to crossbreed with any other humanoid and some non humanoid species. Breeds fairly quickly but has fewer children and at an older age then goblins/kobolds.
Crossbreedability: Ridiculously High.
Rate of reproduction within species: Above average

Devils, andgels, dragons: Can and do breed with anything and everything that is alive (including non sentient animals). Most breed with members of their own race, very slowly, require many many years to reach sexual maturity. Most breed very little... its presumably the occasional crazy horney male that shapeshifts into animal/humanoid form and impregnates anything moving that causes so much half breeds.

Crossbreedability: Anything alive, no exceptions.
Rate of reproductin within species: Very slow

So... which one of those is the "most fertile"? that depends on how you measure the word "most".
No. 7212 ID: f0e3ae

oh god I am so sorry. I don't know how I missed the date on that one. That confirms it, I need sleep.
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