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File 130559782883.jpg - (115.68KB , 1024x748 , elesh-norn-grand-cenobite.jpg )
6949 No. 6949 ID: 6930ef

We need a Magic General.
Talk about cards here. Standard, casual play, whatever.
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No. 6951 ID: 0db789
File 130560209919.jpg - (362.58KB , 2010x1200 , MtG Rip up your deck 2.jpg )

No. 6980 ID: 4485bb

Herp derp conceding does not use the stack.
Yes, you can even do it while mindslavered or while a split-second spell is on the stack.

Points for creativity, though.
No. 6988 ID: b21009

>Chaos Confetti
Hah, this game has a card which lets you cover the gaming table with confetti? I'd expect a game of this level to be more conservative, but that must be a fun card to play.
No. 6991 ID: 2563d4

If memory serves, you make that confetti out of a card. A card that people paid money for and covet as if they were made from shavings of the True Cross.

There's a copypasta that lurks about of someone using it to teach a That Guy a lesson. (So is, naturally, probably a complete fabrication.)
No. 6994 ID: 120db2

It itself refers to an old, old card called Chaos Orb, which you didn't tear up, just dropped onto the field from at least three feet to destroy something.
The story goes that in the early days, at a tourney, a desperate dude tore his into little pieces to scatter all over his opponent's side of the field, thus 'touching' most of his permanents and destroying them.
They don't make cards like that anymore, sadly.
No. 7143 ID: f5fe2f

It's silver-bordered. It's not a "game of this level" thing. Silver bordered cards can have whatever rules the designers please, and are intended to be silly. Off the top of my head, Blacker Lotus also requires you to tear the card up.
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