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File 130554182832.jpg - (199.43KB , 509x534 , hobbit.jpg )
6940 No. 6940 ID: 753cdd

Are hobbits (halflings etc.) separate species or just a subspecies of homo sapiens?

Half-hobbits were never mentioned in LoTR or any other notable fantasy work featuring them, but it was never said that they can't produce fertile offspring with common humans.
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No. 6942 ID: 544dd4
File 130556826267.jpg - (112.14KB , 453x900 , 1292755367857.jpg )

Manishness is apparently a dominate trait is LoTR. Well, Aside from elves where the child just got a choice to persue either heritage (Elrond was Half-Elven and immortal, his twin Elros chose the human path.)

If I remember there were hints that hobbits would eventually be absorbed into the general human population and culture after the end of the 3rd age. Most of the fantasy critters were on the decline and the elves leaving, this amusingly implies that orcs too were doomed to either dwindle (unlikely for goblins), or be absorbed as well (remember that fellow Bill Ferny at Bree?)

Then I really suppose this depends on how open they were to outsiders (in more ways than one, dur hurr hurr.) It's likely that many of the more reclusive and traditional hobbits simply dug themselves deeper and deeper into obscurity. Avoiding the prying eyes of the world at large.
No. 6971 ID: 45be60

A half-hobbit is a short man with slightly elevated levels of body hair and an expected lifespan increase of something like ten percent. They are wholly indistinguishable from many humans, and due to complete reproductive compatibility, the distinction does not matter anyway.
No. 6975 ID: 120db2

>Slightly extended lifespan
>Extra hair
Apparently they inherit the sedentary nature, too...
No. 6976 ID: 753cdd

>due to complete reproductive compatibility

Should half elves and half orcs be infertile and only able to breed with help of magic?
No. 6978 ID: 120db2

Muls are infertile, but there also from Dark Sun and not tolkien.
Not that Elrond and whatever his brother was were typical to D&D anyway.
I've always liked the fluff idea that ELF stands for Engineered Life Form...
No. 6979 ID: 45fac3

Hobbits were just a group of human people I think.
No. 6983 ID: 753cdd


So, making them separte race was just Gygax being derpy?
No. 6987 ID: 1854db

How do you figure?
No. 6989 ID: 753cdd


Dunno aboout that anona, but I'd say hobbits are pretty much just white pygmies.
No. 6995 ID: 45fac3

No special mention was given for their origin in the Silmarillion and
>"It is plain indeed that in spite of later estrangement Hobbits are relatives of ours: far nearer to us than Elves, or even than Dwarves. [...] But what exactly our relationship is can no longer be discovered."
No. 6997 ID: 753cdd


It could mean that they are geneticaly divergent from other humans and on their way to become separate species, because no crossbreeding with mainstream human population occurs. "Us" could mean "white people of Middle earth."
No. 7013 ID: 72d523

So to sum up what you're saying, Tolkien's Hobbits where just an ethnicity, not a separate species from mankind?
No. 7014 ID: f5fe2f

Tolkien did call them different races rather than different species, you know.
No. 7033 ID: 753cdd

Yeah but in Startrek even creatures from different planets, even no humanoids are "race".

In fiction "race" == "species"
No. 7035 ID: 2563d4

Tolkien could be a complete hack and still abuse less terminology than the Star Trek writers. Also, sci-fi, and ISTR it's actually stated in-universe that they have to use their fancy future medical science to allow crossbreed freaks.
No. 7036 ID: bf1e7e


>Yeah but in Startrek even creatures from different planets, even no humanoids are "race".

All of the primary aliens in Star Trek were created by the same alien super-species that came through the universe and made all of their genetic codes fit together to spell out a 'good job!' message.
No. 7037 ID: bf6085
File 130617104212.jpg - (30.75KB , 600x340 , shatner1.jpg )

Also, hot alien sex - wait...
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