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File 130519940475.jpg - (158.07KB , 1600x1067 , 1257470338324.jpg )
6870 No. 6870 ID: 77a042

Well /tg/chan you certainly seem alright. Slower than regular /tg/ and with a healthier concentration of name/tripfaggotry but I don't see the unwarranted self importance or elitism seen in other, smaller chans (ex. 7chan).

But I can't help but feel like this isn't /tg/ enough. So, let's fix that with one of the most generic things one can ask on /tg/,

What If the the Emperor woke up? Do you REALLY think he would do away with a 10,000 year old government right off the bat and try and start from scratch, is there any real chance he would negotiate with the xenos, and just how fucked is everyone else?
No. 6872 ID: 1578e2

If the emperor woke up? Civil war.

There are supposed reincarnations of the emperor in 40k all the time, and they just get shut down. There would be no way to prove it was really the emperor.

Plus the astronomicon would stop, which stops all ship movements. Tremendous problem!
No. 6877 ID: bce662

The astronomicon is a big problem. If the emp dies, it goes out. If the emp wakes up, it goes out. Maybe the Emperor is able to get it back up in time, maybe not. If not then there's going to be a serious collapse and I could see distance places like Ultramar being completely overrun. Hostile xenos begin encroaching dramatically, especially the ones that don't use the astronomicon for warp navigation like tyranids. Chaos legions might make a major run at fortress Cadia since any fleet support will be limited for the imperials (can the chaos forces navigate without it?). Once Cadia falls I could see them going straight for Terra.

Even if the Emperor awake becomes huge boon, losing the astronomicon puts incredible pressure on the Imperium itself.
No. 6879 ID: 63401d


From the Lexicanum wiki, the Astronomican is what's drawing the 'Nids to the galaxy as it is. Perhaps it's going out would grant a small reprieve from the encroaching swarm. Perhaps it might confuse them. No idea!



http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Eye_of_Terror They just surf the Warp and hope for the best, it seems.
No. 6889 ID: 72d523

Emperor wakes, everyone dies?
No. 6890 ID: 63401d


I laughed harder at this than I should have.
No. 7009 ID: 176570

Wait, doesn't the astronomicon keep going as long as there is a sufficiently powerful psyker sitting on the throne? I remember somewhere that for a short time the Emperor had some Alpha minus grade psyker (or something to that effect, pretty powerful but not as much as him) sit on the throne to maintain the Astronomicon because he had to go face down Horus. Following that course of logic if the Emperor woke up the Astronomicon wouldn't go out unless he actually left the Golden Throne. In fact, if he regained enough strength to wake up then the Astronomicon would probably get BRIGHTER.

But that's just my take on the situation.
No. 7010 ID: 176570

Oh yeah, and if the Emp' dies, the universe is still fucked.
No. 7028 ID: 45be60

Nah, if the emp dies, the Imperium and Tau are fucked. The Eldar (fucked anyway) retreat into the Webway, the Dark Eldar do absolutely nothing different, the Orks enjoy the new status quo quite a bit, and the Necros just stay in bed.
No. 7029 ID: 35e1a0

uhhh, pretty sure the necrons are going to wake all the way up. and set up that great warding stuff everywhere making any warp based travel impossible and the nids can't fight them cause their weapons leave no biomass to re-eat and they aren't made of biomass at all.
No. 7030 ID: f5fe2f

The Emperor is in no way hindering the Necrons from waking up. They're just taking their own sweet time.

In the long run we're looking at Necrons v Orks v Tyranids
My money's on the Orks.
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