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File 130398098467.jpg - (104.01KB , 1600x666 , 130360641323.jpg )
6653 No. 6653 ID: 995641

So I found the x-com boardgame and I have seen a couple of mini conversions for a bunch of things.
Greys are actually pretty damn common as are moderately well armed and armored response teams.
the problem comes from the other stuff...
currently my quest is for Crysalids.
I was thinking about doing some hack-work on Genestealers but does anyone have any other recommendations?
(possible route...
don't add second arms and gloss a bit with greenstuff or other sculpting material and if I'm really stupid and daring make some mandibles.
I'm also up for suggestions on the other aliens as well Mutons, Etherials and the whole gang.
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No. 6664 ID: 72d523

I'd rather just have working rules and a reliable stock of paper tokens/cutouts before converting models. Unless this is just a "wouldn't this look cool in a boardgame" thread.
No. 6671 ID: 995641

Well We're currently looking at the rules here...
(I hope I can post links here)
if not this then what are suggestions for running an x-com game?
No. 6692 ID: 995641

any thoughts?
No. 6708 ID: 995641
File 130447919364.jpg - (52.09KB , 600x343 , MERC8-600.jpg )

We found these guys who are perfect for snakemen, got a bunch of U.N troops, some 'nids (which we have to repaint and possibly modify) and greys.

on the list now are mainly
and Mutons.
Still looking for suggestions
No. 6709 ID: 995641
File 130449091731.jpg - (28.89KB , 624x250 , REB153USS.jpg )

Here are the grunts. - yes it's a little more than a coverall and anime hair.
No. 6710 ID: 995641
File 130449103621.jpg - (30.57KB , 500x338 , HOF51_1.jpg )

And the Greys .. er Sectoids.
No. 6711 ID: b4f3ac

I was about to say, those guys look way too armored up to be rookies. Unless all that armor is actually detpacks.
No. 6712 ID: 550701

We are working on the (crazy) idea that the rookies are actually recruited form the military or something rather than picked up off the street or in prison jumpsuits.
Hmmmm I dunno is there a 15mm line of "woefully underequiped fighters" ?
No. 6740 ID: 995641
File 130474872274.jpg - (158.03KB , 1319x587 , super.jpg )

There is a guy who is modeling all of x-com and he used some modified supers. I'm currently in contact with the company but all the figures are cast at one time.
No. 6741 ID: 995641
File 130474887160.jpg - (55.22KB , 600x200 , Mutons.jpg )

it could be argued that the caped guy could be modified/ painted to be a "Muton Commander"
No. 6742 ID: 995641
File 130474895388.jpg - (18.89KB , 215x176 , mutonsizecomp.jpg )

This one is next to a human for some idea of scale.
No. 6744 ID: a41aaf

Those looks way too small for Mutons.
No. 6800 ID: 995641
File 130500036918.jpg - (34.47KB , 348x386 , BHMMM009.jpg )

Well this guy is one of the "skinny minis" from
>> 995641
Another alternative is this guy
"The Armordillo" but the fig is 28mm rather than 15mm and also is $4.00 each vrs the price for the Supers. I'm trying to keep costs low...
The Supers will give me a couple of figures I can modify. I would simply cast figures if I had any real knowledge on that subject.
No. 7524 ID: 2f75ba

Hey x-com guy. I know this is months old, but there might be some stuff in here you can use.


Nothing specifically x-com but a bunch of things that come close and have that "feel". Also 15mm xenomorphs.
No. 7548 ID: 2703d2
File 131314164932.jpg - (54.68KB , 569x569 , pla16.jpg )

Thanks.. I actually got a bunch of things here.
I'm waiting till they (hopefully) gear up after their summer slowdown just to get their planet
No. 7605 ID: 2703d2

love these guys!
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