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File 130389001859.jpg - (48.78KB , 575x800 , 1252435047900.jpg )
6637 No. 6637 ID: 5bada8

A few days ago I went down to my lgs to play a game of 40k. I had taken a break until the knights got redone and I came to play with the new dex. Immediately I was greated by the sight of well two that guys. Both always get the newest dex to munchkin. Both were playing paladin lists with proxies. ugh. Anyway I found a new eldar player to battle. I have a history of fighting the local clubs eldar champion and so it would allow me to compare the new dex and the old against an army I knew well.
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No. 6641 ID: 911e41

>Cool story, bro.
No. 6841 ID: 97c16a

And it was just one little fight but your mom got scared? And maybe said "You're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel Aire?"
No. 6880 ID: 63401d
File 130522187919.jpg - (61.67KB , 294x294 , e_i_eiqphpurytxvtsaqbpizlliwvvuublkdxkysdeappdypgc.jpg )

No. 11510 ID: 7fad5d

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