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File 130373488110.jpg - (155.61KB , 1024x768 , a3f1f102dd04db8c9c3a6c7a6794f33029590b31.jpg )
6606 No. 6606 ID: 360b06

Heya folks,
In an attempt to get myself to actually organize my /tg/-RPG picture collection, I've decided to use you guys as an incentive; hopefully your anticipated clamoring for pics will spur me to actually finish the damn project.

Every time I complete a sub-folder, I'm going to upload it to Mediafire and post it here, this'll also help me in that there's no way I can load my entire folder at once, so it gives me an extra push to be specific with my organization.
Every time I add 50 more pictures to a particular folder I will update the corresponding upload so ya'll can keep apace.

And, oh yeah, I hope ya'll enjoy them!

Folders Below:
Expand all images
No. 6607 ID: 360b06
File 130373501747.png - (416.83KB , 443x779 , 1258734841391.png )

No. 6608 ID: 360b06
File 130373516232.jpg - (98.88KB , 704x1072 , Raptor.jpg )

No. 6609 ID: 360b06
File 130373526772.jpg - (75.75KB , 350x464 , 1290775778093.jpg )

No. 6610 ID: 360b06
File 130373534631.jpg - (147.43KB , 900x621 , 1292280712297.jpg )

No. 6613 ID: 360b06

That's it for now; current totals:




Weapons- 118


Unsorted Pics- 6000~
No. 6615 ID: 28e94e

Wrong link.
No. 6620 ID: 3b45c5

Ahah oh wow, is.. is that a submersible gunboat? Has to be a Nazi design right? Those guys loved subs.
No. 6621 ID: 810e41
File 130377385518.jpg - (168.38KB , 1632x619 , 1299016341314.jpg )

It's actually French. Called the Surcouf.

I think this one's also French; they had their own taste for the stupidly awesome.
No. 6623 ID: 314aaa

>Dem numbers
DAAAAAAAM. Thanks Russ
No. 6624 ID: f5fe2f

oh holy fuck

Also, folks feel free to request any of my stuff. I have:
Unsorted: 1177
Arms: 89
- Armor: 53
cards: 206 (this is custom magic cards)
dorfort: 126
Entities: 15
- Character: 178
- Monster: 161
- PCs: 97 ("real life PC" stuff)
Setting: 48 (this is stuff from /tg/'s assorted projects)

That's about it for /tg/-related stuff.
These numbers subject to sudden and dramatic increase
No. 6628 ID: 360b06
File 130382797420.jpg - (25.44KB , 614x461 , 1208208201191.jpg )


Found a lot of my old gun pics and added them to the folder.

New Weapons count- 289
No. 6652 ID: 360b06
File 130397696355.png - (22.75KB , 700x400 , 1258455097032.png )


Kobolds- 107
No. 6659 ID: e0c719

Russ you are the best and I love you, never change.
No. 6660 ID: 810e41

Heh, you guys can thank me when I'm done.
No. 6661 ID: e0c719

No, I'm gonna thank you now~ <3
No. 6662 ID: e0950d

That's an airsoft gun. See the holes in the front of the cartridges? lots of bbs go in those, compressed gas goes down the bright coppery valve in the middle, when you pull ye trigger ye compressed gas is teh expands and ye bbs all come out the business end in a cloud, causing ye other-team-players to scream like ye bitches.
No. 6672 ID: 360b06

I know it's fake, but isn't it based on a hornet's nest shell?
No. 6675 ID: a41aaf

They could also be .22 shotshells. Without a size reference it's hard to be sure.
No. 6714 ID: 43c1d5

This is where reverse image searching becomes useful.


It's airsoft but I could easily see something like this being made to fire .22 rounds.
No. 6792 ID: b64bc6
File 130496994675.jpg - (19.00KB , 313x233 , whoa.jpg )

Holy pictures batman, that is crazy many. How do you sort them all? I just use picasa.
No. 6793 ID: 2fdd44

Thanks Russ.
No. 6806 ID: 360b06

>How do you sort them all?

Very slowly.
Damn Finals week and a proliferation of character portrait threads on /tg/ recently makes my job a bit harder. Almost a thousand new pics and I curse DLFG and Anonymous beneath my breath as I praise them openly...
No. 6881 ID: 63401d
File 130522250724.jpg - (111.60KB , 600x341 , 1304468786666.jpg )


>Deringer-style shotpistol
>Based on a real design
>.22cal shot shells? New to me!
>New weapon idea to suggest to DH DM
No. 6901 ID: b5ebec
File 130530710205.jpg - (126.44KB , 994x762 , Hornet\'s Nest.jpg )

.22 rounds you say. Funny you should mention that.
No. 6909 ID: 63401d
File 130534581513.jpg - (116.31KB , 600x600 , do want.jpg )


No. 7007 ID: 360b06
File 130588076832.jpg - (192.25KB , 825x550 , seriously, thats cool.jpg )


Cyborgs-Robots-Androids-Power Armor- 220
No. 7008 ID: 176570

Goddamn, I've GOT to see if the Marshal will stat this out in Deadlands now.
My thoughts exactly, compadre.
No. 7471 ID: d9246e


I'll keep the folders up until I can do this shit properly.

And I've had some complaints; there will be less borderline Gnoll porn in the next collection...
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