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File 130362254144.jpg - (91.57KB , 556x700 , 1294398464155.jpg )
6585 No. 6585 ID: bb2d23

I have a question, could anyone direct me to some Drow Fluff? believe it or not, Google doesnt hold a lot, and the one site I did find useful told me about 5 novels to read in order to have Drow Fluff. Is there a streamline version, and where would I find it? Picture Related, its my face when I made a Drow thanks to my DM's homebrew on Swordmages and limited races. (Ganasi were not allowed) Also, I have been told by my DM to steer clear of Drizt, or else I will be reading Mary Sue escapades 9.0 In the mean time, Ill find what little Drow pics I have.
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No. 6586 ID: bb2d23
File 130362263536.jpg - (345.43KB , 1195x1600 , a012G8KGP.jpg )

Ok so its a Dark Eldar..... I dont have alot of materials exactly ._.
No. 6587 ID: bb2d23
File 130362272914.jpg - (98.50KB , 541x700 , a8938b18b2993282bae97b4b2b920f97.jpg )

No. 6588 ID: bb2d23
File 130362286058.jpg - (109.55KB , 1041x1500 , Drow.jpg )

No. 6589 ID: bb2d23
File 130362295004.jpg - (59.31KB , 424x462 , Lone_drow_det01.jpg )

Also what I do know is

There skin is Dark, Their major religion involves praising Lolth, and thats about it.
No. 6590 ID: bb2d23
File 130362328732.jpg - (51.00KB , 400x563 , Lolth.jpg )

No. 6591 ID: bb2d23
File 130362330007.jpg - (121.76KB , 400x620 , Queen_of_the_Demonweb_Pits.jpg )

No. 6595 ID: 6cb915

3.5 had a splatbook, Drow of the Underdark.

It is the quintessential essence of Drow fluff, and it does mention their other goddess as well. The problem with it is that it is a factual representation of drow as they are - evil, religion driven monsters who revere no life save their own and those that can be of use to them. They are painted in the darkest of colors, because they are an absolutely evil race of monstrously deceitful and destructive people. Other than that, have fun with them.

No. 6597 ID: bb2d23

Thankyou very much, and Ill try.
No. 6631 ID: bb2d23

Got done reading it all, Thanks very much, and I sadly made the mistake of being a male character. Oh well ya live and learn. (then again its all homebrew so idk, by fluff standards, I'm technically a deserter.
No. 6639 ID: c36069

Glad I could help.
No. 6640 ID: 8c73c8

just so you know, this is a picture of drizzit. he is a drow ranger that was disgusted by his people's ways and managed to leave menzobarran. he is neutral good. has a magical panther statue that summons a intelligent magical giant panther from another plane. not entirely sure how he a mary sue, he sometimes got his ASS KICKED, and everyone distrusting him makes sense because trusting a normal drow is a good way to end up dead. those that do trust him were hard fought victories. only person who trusted him right off the bat was a little girl who didn't know you were supposed to be afraid of drow.
No. 6649 ID: 43d730

I believe one of the reasons most people have a low opinion of him is the piles of philosophical interludes where he angsts about whether he's worthwhile to the world while casually slaughtering hundreds of giants and orcs.
No. 6770 ID: bf1e7e


his pre-3e stats also have him having outrageously high stats and a drow CAN NOT have the levels he has in the classes he has. So there's that too.
No. 6859 ID: 734f64

Not sure if you already read something pointing out that drow have litters of children, and they fight to the death in womb.
No. 6912 ID: 73d9a7
File 130535710888.jpg - (106.98KB , 1576x569 , 1305898234624.jpg )

Speak of the devil I have actually.....

Pic Related.
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