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File 130256983884.jpg - (224.32KB , 700x563 , 1302482383570.jpg )
6319 No. 6319 ID: 13b3e1

Hi I'm making a modern-day GURPS game that's like a cross between STALKER and Just Cause 2. Here's some backstory!

The spacious island of Hatai is hotly contested between the Human and Hyaenid factions for its strategic value as well as rich deposits of oil and metals. It is host to a long-dormant volcano, long strips of forest, and large, beautiful beaches. The two warring factions struggle to set up air bases, bunkers, and military bases, each attempting to gain the upper hand on their opponent. However, scattered around the island are ruins of buildings that suggest something was there before either of them. Abandoned bunkers, power plants, even the destroyed tops of skyscrapers lie defeated on the ground in places. A massive road and bridge system was already in place when they arrived. As the party fights in the struggle for power, they may uncover some of the mysteries of the island, perhaps even solve where the previous inhabitants went, and why.

Please note that despite all the Hyaenid propaganda, you will probably be playing as a human soldier unless you have a really good reason!

This is a 100 point, -40 disad, -5 quirk, TL8 game. There is a 5-player cap.

In: Raycaster
Interested: starburst98, Emzee
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No. 6321 ID: 13b3e1
File 130256999552.png - (251.20KB , 597x800 , 1302482320751.png )

Here is a nice link with all the files!


Here is a nice character sheet generator.


Please send your files to me! Use export as HTML or something. You could even export as PNG and host them here!
No. 6322 ID: 13b3e1
File 130257006881.jpg - (434.52KB , 800x1106 , 1302477333361.jpg )

The IRC is #gnoll on irc.rizon.net. Come check it out!
No. 6329 ID: 30df25
File 130258231509.png - (20.36KB , 135x135 , ruby_d4.png )

1d4chan.org is a decent place to be the whiteboard for a *chan RP game.

"If you intend to use the wiki as storage for pages about your campaign, your main page should be at Campaign:Name and other related pages should be at Campaign:Name/Stuff. Your pages should also link to each other to avoid them appearing on the orphaned pages list."

Dunno if there's anything like a GURPS template for characters. Maybe there should be.
No. 6346 ID: e0c719

I'm just posting this here so I have something to reference and so people can see it and maybe get interested. 1d4chan is more for chronicling it after it's started, ya?
No. 6351 ID: 13b3e1

Okay, there has been so much interest in this game I have actually had to split it in two! The two campaigns will take place on the same island but will likely meet at different times. I have yet to finalize the player groups.

Current player pool:
No. 6356 ID: bdaaa8

If it's a weekday evening thing if like to give it a shot. Room for another in group two?
No. 6367 ID: 824d06

POTENTIAL PLAYERS PLEASE POST POSSIBLE PLAYING HOURS. (for the gnolls with guns GURPS game). I will start:

Friday (5PM PST-10/11 PM)
Saturday and Sunday (all day)

Monday thru Thursday
Ideal: 5PM-9PM PST
Possible: 3:40PM (on-phone GMing) -9PM PST
oh god why I won't sleep or get anything done I have school you monsters: 7 AM (on-phone GMing, slow and spotty connectivity) -9PM PST
No. 6368 ID: 4c7b39

I'm good for Sunday whenever. Saturday is cool too, just not this one. If you really need it to happen this saturday, I can get free at 6:30 PM.
No. 6369 ID: ee1442

Friday (10AM PST - 7PM PST)
Saturday and Sunday (Whenever-I-Get-Up o'clock to 7PM PST)

Monday - Thursday (3PM PST - 7PM PST)

I assume we'd be Skyping this all, so I can't stay up too late talking my mouth off. I live in a house with practically paper-thin walls and other people go to sleep much earlier than me.
No. 6370 ID: 2f6d22
File 130283061486.png - (1.23KB , 160x59 , dtm.png )

I am generally available from 12PM to 12AM every day.

Please contact me at least a day in advance through MSN, IRC, Skype or Steam in order of what will get my attention the best.
No. 6371 ID: e2bbdd

I'm currently good any day of the week and any time, although I would prefer the games to start earlier in the day, around 3-5 PST
No. 6379 ID: e0c719

I probably won't be on IRC for a while, so please post your questions here.

Skyping had not even occurred to me! It sounds fun, but I don't know if it's convenient for the other players,
No. 6381 ID: ee1442

How were you planning on having it done otherwise?
No. 6398 ID: 17a1b0

Through IRC chat.
No. 6414 ID: ee1442
File 130318641999.png - (240.73KB , 1700x2200 , Danny Hammerly.png )

No. 6416 ID: ee1442
File 130318646296.png - (215.94KB , 1700x2200 , Danny Hammerly 2.png )

No. 6449 ID: 4c7b39


Here's my character. Sorry I went a little overboard.
No. 6450 ID: 543aa6

I have no fucking clue how to make a character but I can draw one <:3c
No. 6451 ID: 543aa6
File 130335372438.png - (147.76KB , 700x900 , nursethreep.png )

> <Squeegy> You are a US field medic, for reference, please post your timezone and hours available for games in the thread
I am no good with those table thingies but I can sure draw me! my timezone is PST and my hours are anything but Mondays and Wednesdays before 6pm PST
No. 6460 ID: 3416ec
File 130336552413.jpg - (68.10KB , 407x405 , furries_bayonet.jpg )

No. 6526 ID: cc04a7
File 130344993767.jpg - (232.89KB , 1224x1584 , Cletus.jpg )

So apparently was supposed to put this here a long time ago.
No. 6537 ID: e0c719

You have no equipment!
No. 6557 ID: 1c952a
File 130352693488.png - (258.41KB , 1700x2200 , Riley Andrews.png )

No. 6558 ID: 1c952a
File 130352705928.png - (156.55KB , 1700x2200 , Riley Andrews 2.png )

No. 6560 ID: cc04a7
File 130353637205.png - (315.52KB , 1700x2200 , Cletus Joint.png )

Aaaaand redone with the same chargen system as everyone else. just to fit in and stuff.
No. 6614 ID: 543aa6

um um um I don't have a sheeeeeeeeeet. I really don't know what to put 8<
No. 6683 ID: f123de
File 130412714082.png - (327.04KB , 1700x2200 , Roland Lahue.png )

No. 7403 ID: 10d022


Assuming all of the people previously signed up are gone, need some more!
No. 7404 ID: 7aedd2
File 131111194902.png - (302.77KB , 1700x2200 , Louis Craig.png )

No. 7405 ID: 7aedd2
File 131111203718.png - (172.10KB , 1700x2200 , Louis Craig 2.png )

No. 7406 ID: 10d022
File 131111646568.png - (277.22KB , 1700x2200 , Ivana Derule.png )

Prospective LonelyWorld character.
No. 7408 ID: 10d022
File 131111653844.png - (212.61KB , 1700x2200 , Ivana Derule 2.png )

Prospective LonelyWorld character.
No. 7409 ID: 10d022
File 131111685630.png - (277.05KB , 1700x2200 , Ivana Derule.png )

No. 7410 ID: 10d022
File 131111739198.png - (270.00KB , 1700x2200 , Ivana Derule.png )

Fiiine, y'whiners, toned down.
No. 7411 ID: ce4a4d

Why not just ask if any previous players are still available?
I'm ready to roll.
No. 7412 ID: 10d022

Then stop being anonymous and join the IRC, silly!
No. 7413 ID: ce4a4d

Whoops that was me. Can't until tomorrow or thereabouts, but Roland is still ready to roll.
No. 7414 ID: a5ce69
File 131122278808.png - (252.65KB , 1700x2200 , Garr Bullettooth.png )

No. 7415 ID: a5ce69
File 131122284727.png - (188.42KB , 1700x2200 , Garr Bullettooth 2.png )

No. 7416 ID: 10d022
File 131122703307.png - (268.43KB , 1700x2200 , Sidney Gudis.png )

'nother character I made randomly. Generic soldier.
No. 7417 ID: 10d022
File 131122706711.png - (168.65KB , 1700x2200 , Sidney Gudis 2.png )

No. 7419 ID: 10d022
File 131122750320.png - (268.64KB , 1700x2200 , Sidney Gudis.png )

Forgot armor, fixed.
No. 7421 ID: 10d022
File 131122751953.png - (213.91KB , 1700x2200 , Sidney Gudis 2.png )

No. 7427 ID: 10d022
File 131123125459.png - (22.10KB , 800x600 , map.png )

Geographical + military map of the island. Triangles are outposts, X's are forts, which are much better defended. Thin lines are roads. Squares are ports. Rectangle is an air strip.
No. 7429 ID: 00f7d9
File 131129797478.png - (429.17KB , 1700x2200 , Ritchtar Webber.png )

Edited some things, an re-uploaded.
No. 7431 ID: 00f7d9
File 131129837379.png - (259.42KB , 1700x2200 , Ritchtar Webber 2.png )

No. 7432 ID: 146bca

I just have to note. Hatai sounds a lot like Haiti.

Don't give any characters the Earthquake spell, or the game will be over real quick.
No. 7433 ID: 7aedd2
File 131139181517.png - (318.70KB , 1700x2200 , Cletus Joint.png )

since people were mad jealous of my Luck...
No. 7435 ID: 7aedd2
File 131139249455.png - (104.14KB , 1700x2200 , Cletus Joint 2.png )

No. 7438 ID: 10d022

Goddammit Ace get out of here you're two months too late with that joke

Also there's no magic

(also you're not funny)
No. 7439 ID: 1c952a
File 131144573733.png - (269.74KB , 1700x2200 , Kevin Jackson.png )

No. 7440 ID: 1c952a
File 131144576419.png - (220.29KB , 1700x2200 , Kevin Jackson 2.png )

No. 7441 ID: 1c952a
File 131144580562.png - (79.17KB , 1700x2200 , Kevin Jackson 3.png )

No. 7563 ID: 05514e
File 131380579958.png - (295.08KB , 1700x2200 , James Duncan.png )

No. 7564 ID: 05514e
File 131380589297.png - (224.73KB , 1700x2200 , James Duncan 2.png )

No. 7565 ID: 05514e
File 131380606808.png - (96.23KB , 1700x2200 , James Duncan 3.png )

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