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File 130126045815.png - (113.08KB , 750x2210 , 11bans.png )
6190 No. 6190 ID: 33ab71

Apparently /tg/ is currently being moderated by 11 different mods.
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No. 6191 ID: 07416a

What the fuck kind of trolling did you do?
No. 6192 ID: 28e94e

The normal kind, he just had really bad timing.
No. 6193 ID: cf244d

I'd like to hear this too.

You weren't that guy with all the /v/ and /r9k/ style troll threads were you?
No. 6194 ID: ea1884

OP here, I was sergalfagging.

Basically earlier today I trolled two metathreads.

They can be viewed here:

And here:

I occasionally sergalfagged here and there, and was curious of how tightly moderated /tg/ had became in these past months, so I basically trolled with the same level of obnoxiousness and pretentiousness as demostrated by the pre-moderation sergalfags.

To test two premises:

1. How fast is the moderator's response time.
2. How many mods are there in total.

And that ban page was the result.
No. 6196 ID: 08a5f4

No. 6198 ID: 2563d4

Unfortunately, your result is indistinguishable from one mod being really, really bad at resubmitting forms using the back button.
No. 6201 ID: ea1884
File 130135042933.png - (135.49KB , 1024x768 , Marshviperdoubleban.png )

True. In my defense, according to this article:

It is possible for more then one mod to ban you simultaneously.

But you're probably more right in most circumstance.

I'll probably Sergalfag again during the peak of summer to find out more.
No. 6238 ID: 900c9c

It's sad since


seems to be so out of date now...
No. 6248 ID: 900c9c

I remember the days ( a year ago) when /tg/ was unmoderated and awesome
No. 6258 ID: 900c9c

Yeah, I don't know why people copmplain about those days, /tg/ was actually amazing. Trolls simply didn't work since we'd turn it into a relevant discussion within the first 30 posts.
No. 6279 ID: 2563d4

Well, last I saw, /tg/ was still doing that.

Then some half-assing jackass janitor would only look at the first thirty posts and delete the thread.
No. 6281 ID: 8c73c8

BLUH, was just banned from /tg/ for asking why something was deleted. then was banned for 'complaining', seems mods are paranoid and questioning them leads to ban.
No. 6291 ID: 34917c

It is pretty bullshit.

Ribbonfag (who created a ridiculous number of great /tg/ threads and memes, including "Noh", the original "I received from a giant a sword that was forged" post, that frequently reposted LARP story everyone loves (http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/11295346/) and shit-tons of other great and occasionally awful stuff) finally quit posting after being perma-banned by some mod a week or so back.

The ban didn't even give a reason other than vague accusations of shitposting. Apparently that's worth perma-banning someone who's been contributing to /tg/ for fucking years nowdays.
No. 6295 ID: 6cb915
File 130235099439.jpg - (117.22KB , 375x500 , 3767711334_64c457af46.jpg )

I was banned for asking someone to stop shitposting because that was the reason we had mods now.

So they banned me for mentioning the mods. The thread was still there, mind you, but they banned me.

Cool, huh?
No. 6297 ID: 8c73c8

oh, so saying 'mods' results in banning? wow they are high with power. 'HOW DARE YOU SPEAK THE NAME OF YOUR LORDS!! I PUNISH THEE!"
No. 6298 ID: 30df25

OP was asking a D&D 4e question about healing surges. I said "4e is a skirmish game; why would you care how many healing surges you have since you can only use one during combat?"

Got a many-day ban for "nice edition war; here's your ban." Edition war, what? I didn't say "4e is shit," nor did I promote any other game. Still, my post was deleted, no "user was banned for this post" to tell others not to do what I did. Furthermore, posts before mine and after mine which were pretty much "4e sux shit, switch to Pathfinder already" still stood there.

So, yeah, not consistent behaviour, and kinda nonsensical. I think I'll take a vacation from /tg/ until things die down.
No. 6300 ID: 41f341

They aren't dying down.

This guy was probably the janitor we had just after summer ended. A few months ago all [most?] of the current janitors were made moderators.

So we've got at least one, and probably several, incredibly shit mods running around fucking 4chan over. One mod was going around searching all posts for the word nigger and banning anyone who used it. Context didn't matter, if you said nigger you got banned.

4chan is being strangled by inconsistent and frankly stupid moderation and moot is to busy with fucking canv.as to give a shit.
No. 6301 ID: 30df25

That actually provides an explanation for my event; I may have been banzored because of a substring in my post, whereas the "your an idiort quit that n play Pathfinder already u fagget" posts didn't have the substring '4e' in it.

Kinda like when I got banned from another Kusaba chan for "drug spam," because I said the word 'socialist' and 'cialIs' is a substring. (is this new janitor a zombie robot?)
No. 6310 ID: 2590d3

I just got a ban for "trolling" when I had simply cited an internet meme as a joking part of my post.
No fun allowed, apparantly. Whatever, I'm done with 4chan now.
No. 6311 ID: 5adfd0

And don't forget kids, you can also get banned, for 3 days, for saying "nigger" on 4chan. Whatever context you used it in, it's still racist to the mods over there. Even saying, "yo nigger" as a greeting. Even when you're black yourself. Whelp.
No. 6312 ID: c5323a

Just say "nyg" line they do down at the 711.
No. 6314 ID: 30df25

When I connect to http://boards.4chan.org/tg/ all I get is:
<html><head><title>302 Found</title></head>
<body bgcolor="white"><center><h1>302 Found</h1></center><hr><center>nginx</center></body></html>

I know that my 3-day ban was renewed, but I never found out why, because the ban message forwards you to 'www.4chan.org,' but i can't talk to that machine. Traceroute stop just one hop away from the host (at the amusingly-named "series.of.tubes" machine).

When I try /a/ or /v/, I get the normal pages. It's just /tg/ that's giving me this weird generic message from the Nginx software. Maybe I've been uber-banned or something?
No. 6316 ID: c5323a

Try asking about it on #4chan. That doesn't sound like how the software is supposed to work.
No. 6326 ID: 45fac3

moot is trying to clean the place up for some damn reason. Probably relating to canvas.
No. 6330 ID: 30df25

Hanlan's Razor: "Do not attribute to malice what can be sufficiently explained by ignorance or stupidity."

It's more likely that moot is pulling a Gary Gygax: leaving the company in "capable hands" while he takes care of new business elsewhere... and the "capable hands" are making mistakes. It's more likely that these new mods are overzealous and there isn't an adult around to check up on them.

4chan's been around for years, and these kids playing with banhammers have only been around for weeks. Too early to say whether Christmas has been ruined forever.
No. 6337 ID: 5adfd0


Is it really connected to him or was that just started by the posters from /r9k/ and /new/ when their boards got deleted? Either way, this one mod has been banning for the last week or so, and while the other mods don't agree with him they don't revoke his bans. Which is absolutely stupid, as 4chan is becoming a place of serious oppression opposed to what it once was: freedom of speech and thought. Sure it has some rules, but this is getting out of hand.
No. 6338 ID: 2563d4

Using "freedom of speech" when talking about internet discussion is an automatic forfeit.
No. 6340 ID: 5adfd0


You know what I meant by it.
No. 6342 ID: cf244d

Assuming one has the right to unlimited freedom of speech on a private website is erroneous. Mentioning it is not. 4chan did enjoy considerable freedom of speech prior to the mod's faggotry.
No. 6388 ID: 6cb915

I'm willing to bet the mods and janitors are the shitspammers who caused /tg/ to need mods in the first place.
No. 6464 ID: 35ae80


No. 6465 ID: 35ae80

>these kids playing with banhammers have only been around for weeks.

Several months at least.
No. 6530 ID: 41f341
File 130347236463.png - (61.88KB , 800x600 , tgkarma.png )

Related image, you can see here how long the mod we have has been around.
No. 7308 ID: c128ad

the current mod is hilarious at how bad he is

he leaves ban messages up instead of just deleting the posts and banning them so threads derail into nothing but


Hell, I just got a warning for saying "I'd rather see Verity come back, at least she was entertaining" in a thread that was about posters that were gone, the reason I got was "that furshit will stay out, the banhammer is out and ready if you try me"
No. 7309 ID: 0cb05b

I just hope that you're as stupid on 4chan's /tg/, because I'd LOVE to see your brainless carcass permabanned. Sage, because this thread has NOTHING AT ALL to do with traditional games, and would be deleted with several bans if /tg/ had good mods.
No. 7321 ID: 049dfa

Seriously? It had been two months, this thread was long dead, why the fuck would some dumb shit post in it now?

If you want to bitch about 4chan's /tg/, go do it on the general board in the topic set aside for the purpose. This is /tg/ - Traditional Games, not /tg/ - 4chan whining.
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