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File 129722060554.gif - (87.32KB , 500x436 , goblin_engineer.gif )
5946 No. 5946 ID: 2d5a67

Greeting tgchan!

Could we get a plot hook thread going? I specifically need some for Shadowrun but other games are okey as well.

grab one share one perhaps?
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No. 5947 ID: 2d5a67

I'll kick it off with some plot hooks for Rogue Trader

- The Explorers encounter a weak signal coming from a world that's supposed to be dead. What is causing the strange signal?

- A old map has appeared on the black market and now people who have handled it are dying. Why? What dark secret will the map reveal?

- During a routine claim of a uncharted planet the Explorers find a crashed imperial troopship complete with gear and vehicles, but no bodies. Who or what took the bodies?
No. 5951 ID: 8e5432

- The Angels are coming, and they're pissed.
- The Angels are coming, and they're elated.
- A hardboiled cop is on the trail of a serial killer
- A serial killer is on the trail of a hardboiled cop
- A serial killer is on the Oregon trail
- A transvestite wants additional genitals surgically implanted, and is willing to pay huge sums of money to get that.
- The dead are rising
- A hardboiled cop is rising
- A transvestite is rising
- The transvestite fell down
- A traveling wizard is coming to town
- The queen is coming to town
- Santa Claus is coming to town
- everything is on fire
- Some fuckass jacked your money
- Santa Claus jacked your money
- Some fuckass jacked Santa Claus in front of a nine year old
- There are rats in your spaceship/castle/etc
- After recent problems with anorexia, the mayor would like you to do a talk at the local High School
- After recent problems with Anorexia, a prominent supervillainess, the mayor would like you to do a talk at the local High School
- Racist government officials want you to expel all members of a certain minority
- A certain minority wants you to expel all racist government officials
- A goblin stole your lunch money
- A goblin stole your lynch money
No. 5952 ID: 8e5432

- Minstrel declares himself gay, local women heartbroken
- Minstrel declares local man gay, local man incensed
- Minstrel declares self High Lord of Cocks and demands Cock Census, local rulers consider it a threat to their authority
- A band is in town, and mayor wants your help to maximize the boost to the local economy that this brings
- A band is in town, and mayor wants you to run them out
- A band was in town 7 months ago, and Mayor's unmarried daughter is 7 months pregnant
- A band is in town, all the 13-year old girls are doing that really high pitched squeal like they do, and nerves are high
- A band is in town, and they need the party to figure out what happened to their instruments last night
- A band is in town, and they need the party to service their instruments
- Incensed by shitty music, a dragon is attacking
- The star around which a local agrarian world orbits is about to go nova, and evac is needed
- The satyr around which local women orbit is about to die, and a replacement is needed
- A goblin wants to build an AT-AT walker with a silly face, and needs help finding materials
- A goblin is living in the well, and he's making the water taste nasty
- A goblin desperately needs fish eyes
- A goblin who lost all his money gambling is being sold as a slave. He claims he'll tell you where his treasure is buried if you'll free him.
- A dragon wants maidens to eat
- A dragon wants maidens to fuck
- A dragon wants maidens to give him a spongebath
- A dragon wants maidens to give him a Spongebob
- A dragon won't listen when you tell him Spongebob is fictional, and lights things on fire instead
- Spongebob isn't fictional
- Adventurous entrepreneurs are building subaquatic houses from specially engineered giant pineapples
No. 5953 ID: 43d730

Small candy versions of the characters attack, exhorting the party to relax.

All the clocks are off by a few minutes- Time-manipulating wizard or some thorough pranking fey are suspected.

Someone has stolen the road into town- People walking towards it can see it, then are suddenly on the other side. This is highly inconvenient.

Sudden shower falling stars turn out to be pyromaniac goblins in experimental rocket device. Their exposure to the strange energies involved has caused them to change in strange ways...
No. 5964 ID: 2d5a67

No. 5966 ID: a41aaf

What the hell was that?
No. 5969 ID: 28e94e

Can not stop laughing.
No. 5971 ID: 8e5432

If all the clocks are off, how would you even know?
No. 5972 ID: 28e94e

Astronomical/meteorological phenomena occurring at the wrong times.
No. 5973 ID: 8e5432

- Rats, upset with the poor treatment they receive in the homes of others, are building wee little rat-houses on the edge of town.
- Wee little rat-houses are driving down property values.
- The explorers discover a weak signal coming from a world that's supposed to be dead. The signal is being cause by rats in rat houses.
- Astronomical and meteorological phenomena are happening at the wrong times.
- Early morning classes at the wizard's college has lead to a rash of time-magic ruining everyone's schedules.
- Some cyberware has been sold by shady figures that, upon inspcetion, houses rats.
- Mr. Johnson is a homosexual.
- Mr. Johnson's wife just found out that Mr. Johnson is a homosexual.
- Mr. Johnson's more homophobic contacts just found out that Mr. Johnson is a homosexual.
- Mr. Johnson's narced-upon contact discovers that Mr Johnson houses rats.
- A popular roleplaying game casts the players as rats in wee rat-houses, battling rising property values.
- Children are rotting their brains playing roleplaying games about rats.
- It is now the fashion for children to store candy in their socks. The mayor has asked you to speak at the local elementary school about the health risks associated with this.
- It is now the fashion for children to store rats in their socks. The rat has asked you to speak at the local elementary school about the health risks associated with this.
- Through government subsidies and increase in crop yields, High Fructose Corn Syrup has become the major component in most local food, especially in food affordable by the poor.
- Through government subsidies and increase in crop yields, High Fructose Porn Syrup has become the major component in most local food, especially in food affordable by the poor.
- The High Fructose Corn Syrup factory has had technical issues, and the city is flooding.
- Cattle, who are usually forced to eat corn (to the detriment of their health) are dying in record numbers.
- Cattle, who are usually forced to eat corn (to the detriment of their health) rioting in the streets.
- Steak lovers, upset with the rising costs of beef, are rioting in the streets.
- Streets, upset about some damnfool thing involving cows and corn, are rioting.

Also btw bumping here is totally pointless. Threads stay on the first page for months.
No. 5974 ID: 2d5a67

oh sorry didn't know that. I'm used to the /tg/ board on 4chan.
No. 5975 ID: 43d730

They're all off by different amounts. This means, for example, that it takes a good hour for the city bells to chime noon.
No. 5976 ID: 43d730

Anarchist heretics are painting ludicrous moustaches on all the holy symbols in town. The Clergy Council is not pleased.

A demon has been bound to the crossroads outside town- apparently someone put a clause in their contract that it's required to hand out free candy. Two problems- Once everyone in town gets some, it's free to take the person's soul, and the candy is that horrible halloween toffee in the black and orange wrappers.

Molemen. Gangsta Molemen. Gangsta molemen with bling-encrusted drill trains are invading. Help.

A very small and localised plague of serpents has struck the town, making a 4-1/2 by 4-1/2 square portion of the town square unusable. It's kind of gross, too.
No. 5978 ID: 8e5432

>A demon has been bound to the crossroads outside town- apparently someone put a clause in their contract that it's required to hand out free candy. Two problems- Once everyone in town gets some, it's free to take the person's soul, and the candy is that horrible halloween toffee in the black and orange wrappers.
So... people just don't accept the candy from him? Seems like a self-solving problem. If you really want to be safe, just plant a sign next to him that says "don't accept candy from strangers".
No. 5982 ID: 43d730

I was expecting time-delayed demon powers to help both with the handing candy out and the getting people to come through the crossroads.
No. 5992 ID: 8e5432

- The biggest guy around is drunk and smashing shit
- Aliens are doing the final project for there galactic exploration class
- Aliens are doing the final project for there robotics class
- Aliens are doing the final project for there biomodification class
- Aliens are doing the final project for there microbiology class
- Aliens are doing the final project for there sex ed class
- An entrepreneur wants the rights to the parties' likenesses for advertising
- An entrepreneur wants the rights to the parties' likenesses for a sex ed class
- A portal has opened to the Plane of Nazis.
- A portal has opened to the plane of sexual deviants
- A portal has opened to Walmart
- Walmart's suppliers want help breaking the retail monopoly
- Walmart is closing
- Walmart now stocks superpowers
- Walmart now stocks livestock
- Walmart no stocks sexual deviants
- Walmart has formed an army, and has decided to seize control of the nation
- Walmart now has a space program.
- Stephen Colbert becomes a werebear
- A werebear becomes a popular talk show host
- A terrorist organization infiltrate Walmart
- Walmart infiltrates a terrorist organization
- Walmart and a terrorist organization ally, and infiltrate bars.
- A priest, a rabbi, and an elderly Filipino woman walk into a bar. Nobody gets out alive.
- A priest, a rabbi, and an elderly Filipino woman walk into a bar, and are hospitalized. Proposed legislature about bars in public walkways spark concerns over nanny-state mindset.
- Bars turn out to be kind of shitty places to spend an evening. Local townsfolk shocked.
- Drug runners get into a fight, gang war starts.
- Redneck pot farmers and federal agents get in a fight. Feds lose badly and ask party to help save face.
- Marijuana grants increased intelligence and access to broad knowledge base
- All drugs are legalized.
- People become decrepit and die, as they age.
- Nuclear power plants are sabotaged
- Nuclear power plants receive corporate sponsors
- Nuclear power plants are sponsored by hippies
- Solar power becomes economically viable
- Everyone dies. Afterlife is the same as life, except tactile and olfactory senses are gone.
- Your penis can shoot fire
- Texas secedes
- All states secede roughly simultaneously
- United States of Mexico dissolves
- Quebec gains independence
- Pais Vasco gains independence
- Africans stop killing each other
- AIDS is cured
- First International Dick Measuring Contest held, countries recruit contestants from internet arguments
- UN representatives all get totally wasted together, urinate on each other's flags, and freely discuss military secrets, all while televised
- A job is posted, requesting people with the party's specific talents. It's a babysitting gig.
- A friend of one of the party members' family is in jail. The character's aging mother keeps giving him a guilt trip about visiting, until it happens. Then the jail goes into lockdown due to security issues.
- Women begin wearing fishnet body stockings, and very little else. Moral guardians are upset.
- People are being made lighter than air, party are asked to find cause of this
- People are being made lighter than air, party are asked to throw awesome air party
- People are being made lighter than air, party are asked to clean up after awesome air party
- Small child is possessed by demon
- prostitute is possessed by demon
- demon is possessed by prostitute
- pimp-mage wreaks terror with brothel of possessed hellwhores
- Ghosts need help passing on
- Ghosts need help speaking to the living
- Ghosts need help reproducing
- Ghosts need help applying prophylactics
No. 6003 ID: 8e5432

- Local drunkard needs the party's help removing his penis from somewhere it shouldn't be
No. 6004 ID: 28e94e

- Local drunkard needs help removing penis from where it should be.
No. 6005 ID: 43d730

-Local drunkard, female, needs help removing penis.
No. 6006 ID: 28e94e

Local drunkard, female, needs help attaching penis.
No. 6007 ID: 8e5432

- Local penis needs help attaching drunkard
No. 6008 ID: 43d730

Plague of penis-related antics suspected to be the work of misandrist witch.
No. 6009 ID: 8e5432

mysandrist witch is sad due to being alone on valentines
No. 6010 ID: 28e94e

Misandrist witch is being wrongfully accused of being responsible for penis-related antics
No. 6013 ID: 43d730

Swarms of artificially intelligent penises turn out to be the work of >>315952 [spoiler][/spoiler]'s High Lord of Cocks, female adventurers at a premium due to sympathy pains.

Treant bard has finally convinced the Leaf Nations to destroy these new blights upon the earth, villages. He's been arguing for a while...

City turns out to be on back of tarrasque. Convince mayor that buggy magical control system and world domination plans are not the way to go.

Group of adventurers has hijacked village on tarrasque's back and is using buggy magical control system to wreak havoc.
No. 6022 ID: 0c9433

Local Evil Overlord claims to have amended his ways and is now making a super fun carnival. Slowly turns carnival patrons into his slaves.
No. 6023 ID: cf244d

- Local Evil Overlord claims to have amended his ways and is now making a super fun carnival. It is super fun.
- Local Evil Overlord claims to have amended his ways and is now making a super fun carnival. It's kind of lame.
- Local Evil Overlord claims to have amended his ways and needs your help making a super fun carnival.
- Local Evil Overlord claims to have amended his ways and is now making a penis-themed carnival.
- Local Evil Overlord claims to have amended his ways and is attempting to learn to read.
- Local Evil Overlord has new girlfriend, is doing stupid shit to impress her.
- Local Evil Overlord has newish girlfriend, is doing evil stuff with her.
- Local Evil Overlord is finally getting some sex, and has mellowed out.
- Local Evil Overlord claims to have amended his ways. The drinking buddies of Local Evil Overlord want you to break him and his girl up so he'll do evil stuff with them again.
- Local Evil Overlord is pissed as all hell at his old drinking buddies.
- Former girlfriend of Local Evil Overlord has moved back in with her mother and grandmother, meaning the trio of evil witches is complete once more.
- Trio of evil witches raise havok
- Trio of evil witches raise goats
- Trio of evil witches raid local town looking for men for their beds
- Trio of evil witches raid local town looking for icecream to gorge themselves on.
- Trio of evil witches raid local town and take all romance novels from local bookseller.
- Trio of evil witches are drunk and naked on roof of local inn.
- Trio of evil witches have proclaimed that all men are pigs, and are making this statement as literal as they can.
- Trio of evil witches are upset about something to do with pig sex.
- Trio of evil witches need help dislodging their brooms from embarrassing places.
- Local Evil overlord is back together with his girlfriend, and they're having sex everywhere.
- Overlord/witch sex involves volcanic activity.
- local druid is cultivating marjuana.
- Local feds bust local druid.
- Local marijuana shortage drives local teenagers to work harder in school. Local government become worried about possible uprising.
- Local teenagers invent new drug
- New drug gives local teenagers limited magical abilities for the duration of its effect.
- drugged up teen mages trash local city hall.
- Someone makes creature that lactates the mage drug.
- Herds of drugbeasts are being raised all over the place.
- drugbeast stampede.
- local drugbeast develops ability to talk, and wants civil rights.
- local teens get in fight over who is the hottest mom in town.
- drugbeasts attempt to have sex with humans, spark marital debates.
- somebody tries to implement socialized healthcare at the federal level
- somebody tries to implement socialized healthcare at the state level
- local drugbeasts want free healthcare
- local drugbeasts don't want to pay taxes
- local drugbeasts laze around all day selling mage drug.
- local Evil Overlord becomes ruler of the drugbeasts
No. 8579 ID: 72d49b

Some non-violent traveling encounters. These are of a rather different tone that what I've heretofore posted in this thread, but I don't think it's worth making a new thread over or anything.

- The skeleton of a moose is caught in a crevase.
- You come across a small mouse sitting on a stone. He says "Hello, travelers. Please feel free to meditate with me in this place."
- Goblin refugees
- Three dead rabbits carefully arranged in a triangle
- A chair made from elk antlers left unattended
- A large battleaxe stuck in the ground, on closer inspection the handle is charred and the blade is fused to the rock it's stuck into.
- At the edge of a river, a set of clothes neatly folded with a pair of boots resting on top, cobwebs and dust indicate they've been there for some time.
- In the center of a forrect, Animal skeletons have been carefully and meticulously arranged to appear that they are having a tea party like humans, holding carefully whittled cups at a table.
- Two identical huts, perfectly identical, facing each other in the middle of a swamp. Living in the huts are identical twin hags, down to the exact same mole on their cheek. The two are bitter and constantly argue with each other, referring to each other with the same name, when a character says the name, both will turn to look at him.
- A dead body and a scattered coin purse, on closer inspection the coins are actually foil covered chocolates. Apparently someone didn't find humor in the novelty.
- In a tree, you could swear you saw a squirrel wearing a feathered headdress.
- A bear. It doesn't attack or do anything a normal bear wouldn't do.
- A bear. It's wearing reading glasses, and talks amicably to the players.
- A merchant spies the party and pulls rolls of cloth off a donkey, setting up a pavilion quickly. He doesn't have much, but he may have what you need.
- Alchemist
- A powerful elemental demon trapped in the body of a native beast
- Local witches who serve the land itself
- A tribe of wandering demons
- A farm
- a sword in a tree (if you remove the sword, the tree dies)
- a glade of pretty flowers
- a glade of living flowers
- A Weeping Willow whose foliage hangs up instead of down.
- A skull sitting on top of a rock. The jaw chatters as the players get close, they soon realize it's making a song with the chattering, otherwise it's harmless.
- A miniature city in the middle of the forest, complete with lights and smoke drifting from tiny chimneys. There's no people to be seen.
- A tree with singing fruit. They sing in harmony making either a beautiful choir or a barbershop quartet, depending on the tone of your game. Otherwise they can simply argue among themselves and try to plead with the players to eat them, making sure to eat the whole thing.
- A particular area of an open plain is covered by storming clouds, the clouds are black and cackle with static, but they seem to stay in a circle. - In the ground in the center of the clouds is an empty bottle, moving the bottle will cause the clouds to follow.
- In the middle of a swap, in the water, is a table and a couple of chairs. If one were to sit in the chair his lap would be covered by the murky swampwater (teeming with bugs and reptiles, naturally). On the table seems to be an unfinished poker game and a hock of raw gator meat.
- How about an abandoned homestead/shack? Maybe a random animal has made a home in it, maybe it will have a plot hook/side quest hidden within. Maybe there's a nice little item in there, or some left-behind gold for the keen-eyed.
- A cleric asks the party to help him restore a small shrine. It needs to have foliage cleared off of in front of it.
- A nest of feathers in a tree of bone juts out of the landscape. Inside the nest is only the shards of a broken eggshell.
- The party finds a small cave. If they have a decent light, gleaming formations abound within this cave. Sadly, it is only a small space, and the formations are mere calcite.
- A far traveled party of adventurers on an unrelated quest. // You come across a group who seek the touchstone of Shal'breth (or some other suitable fantasy name). What do you do?
- You find a stone archway covered in elaborate carvings. It looks new, and there are no buildings or foundations nearby.
- A wizened old man is sitting beside the path upon a reed mat. He has a small fire under a teapot, which is steaming. He seems to be asleep.
- Deep in the forest, they find a tree much larger than those around it, at least 10 foot wide. In the side of the tree, nestled between large roots, is a simple wooden door, with some runes engraved on the side. It is not locked, but does not open. There are no hinges, but a DC15 perception check ensures it is a door, and not carved into the wood.
- The party comes across an abandoned village in the woods, what looks to be a modest sawmill surrounded by 10 buildings. There is no sign of trouble, no dead bodies, and the streets are littered with the simple refuse of a busy community, but free of wild animals, and the forest doesn't seem to be encroaching the place. Inside a room above the small bar, they find a simple note, "They've come to collect us. We did our part, and now we are free."
- A camp of Robin Hood type brigands hiding in the forest.
- Ancient ruins of a long forgotten temple with hardly readable illustrations on collapsed walls that tell of a time before history.
- A huge circle of mushrooms marking a spot where once a year at the night of the winter solstice amateur witches convene to levitate feathers and read fortunes in tea leaves.
- A pear shaped missile of blue ice, embedded in a fresh crater and melting.
- An unmarked grave.
- The remains of a large bear, ripped to pieces and partly eaten.
- A line of rabbit snares with some funneling out of freshly cut branches.
- An abandoned campsite.
- A stone statue of three arguing trolls.
- A lost purse with some copper coins.
- A pit trap.
- trees that are all red on one side (because of a fire that blew through the area years ago--maybe sorcery or elvish rites in-game)
- a fallen tree that is twisted around (because of lightning IRL--maybe fairies in-game)
- a pretty waterfall with logs coming over in regular intervals... very regular intervals
- a big, round hole in the ground with smooth sides (maybe a lava tube? maybe a kobold den? dorfs?)
- One interesting thing I did see once was a field with all the trees fallen down, so that their tops pointed to the southwest. Don't rightly know why, only thing I could guess is that they got anxious to follow the setting sun that they worked their own roots out of the ground.
a broken altar and ripped apart skeletons in robes - the demon is nowhere to be seen (and no stories of a demon or a cult in the surrounding villages)
- a skeleton with an old flask and an (now empty, of course) food bag. An iron nail lies next to its spine, near where the throat was.
- the old theme of the skeletons of two lovers, embracing each other
an animal skeleton with freakishly twisted bones, killed by a some arrows. It was apparently pregnant, with even more twisted little baby skeletons inside.
- A field stretching hundreds of yards filled with identical daggers sticking blade up from the ground like metal grass. A strong wind blows that seem to make them wave like wheat might.
- A small clay figure sitting alone on a rock, on closer inspection it is an exact replica of one of the players, more clay figures of other group members are found in other places.
- A large construct of wooden timbers and flapping hide sails lumbers across a plain on an army of feet. The hulking "thing" appears to have hundreds of arrows shot into it and blood stains on it's feet. It walks in a straight line, unphased by anything around it. If players block its path, they can stop it with a difficult strength check. It resumes motion as soon as they let it go. If they choose to board it, they eventually discover it turns ninety degrees to the right at uneven intervals.
- A tree has fallen, landing on another tree which has caused it's roots to grow around it. Someone has carved an impressive sculpture of a man holding a lifeless woman, as if catching her from a fall. Fresh sap drips from his eyes.
- A part of a river doesn't seem to obey natural law. For whatever reason, the water goes up a small hill. The area of affect is very small, and it only goes "up" a couple of feet, but the effect is still eye catching.
- An escaped circus bear, walking on top of his giant ball
- A chair has been constructed with several large books. They appear to be religious texts of a deep variety of gods, perhaps the entire pantheon in your game.
- Deep in the forest is a glen where the trees seem to have faces, and the flowers seem to glow ephemerally. Should one creature chase another within this accursed place, the faces on the trees will begin to speak, chanting and cheering for their respective hopes. The trees that cheered the successful party will grow taller and proud, their branches rising into the air, if only just a bit. The trees that cheered the loser, however, will droop and wither just a touch, and they will seem almost to be willows of oak should the trees be particularly unfortunate in their choices.
A construct or animal, standing above an old skeleton, saying "Papa, wake up, papa, wake up..." repeatedly, only stopping to ask for help in 'waking up papa'.
- Your players come across a large rock or cliff face. There is a door painted on.
- The players come across a mattress.
- The players come across an old man who's towing a hefty and dirty sack. The sack smells terrible and flies are frantically buzzing around it. If the sack is examined carefully, the players will notice that the sack occasionally twitches. The Old Man greets the players cheerfully and warmly, and politely inquires about their travels and compliments them on their looks. If asked about the sack, the Old Man laughs and says "it's a long story", then quickly changes the subject. If the sack is opened, the players will find a number of deformed fetus's. The fetus's will twitch, jerk and breathe. The Old Man will not explain how or why he has a sack of living fetus's, and if asked he will continue to simply say "it's a long story". If the Old Man is engaged in combat, the fetus's will begin to scream until the Old Man is killed. If the Old Man is killed, the fetus's will also suddenly die. The Old Man will not defend himself, and will continue to engage in pleasant conversation even while he is being killed. If the players do kill the Old Man, then at random intervals later in the game they will see him watching them in the distance. If they try to approach him, he will disappear.
- You find a tiny village of clockwork gnomes. The gnomes are completely silent but they look happy and go about their day to day business as though you weren't there. Nearby you find a delapidated shack filled with schematics and what looks like gnome components. In the corner of the shack there is a skeleton clutching an adorable female gnome.
- The remains of a potted plant and a whale that both smashed into the ground at terminal velocity.
- A pond sized spot of gray nothing, very slowly spreading.
- A house made of gingerbread with vile smelling black smoke coming out of the chimney. Inspections reveals a humble home recently lived in with a large cage in the corner and some charred bones in the dying oven fire.
- An area with a non mechanical Orrery.
- While the model sun does not actually have the proportionate luminosity of the sun, it is approximately as bright and hot as the flame from a blow torch, and is as such, considerably dangerous. While the closer celestial bodies of the system are within a reasonable distance of the sun, especially distant bodies may be encountered at distances of up to 3/4 of a mile away. These bodies are implacable, and cannot be impeded by any means. Attempts to do so will inevitably end in property damage and or gore. Discerning parties will notice a cordon of regularly spaced plinths of an unidentifiable and obdurite substance, engraved with cryptic warnings in a number of dead languages, or languages that passingly resemble known dead languages.
- A dryad who has taken to gardening and bush sculpting around her tree to draw in more visitors for friendly conversation
- A team of bumbling level 1 adventurers who are treating the area as some sort of haunted nightmare woods.
- A bloated and rotting elf corpse being poked with sticks by some kids from a nearby town
- A clan of druids performing a play for their own entertainment using their animal friends.
- A bag of raccoon baculums just sitting under a tree.
- A friendly kobold with a map. He asks for directions. The map is either not for this area or hundreds of years out of date.
- The royal road builder corps, conquering the wilderness and building a trade road through it.
- several skeletons and rusted armor and weapons from a long forgotten battle
- A crashed ocean going ship, the result of magic gone wrong, crash landing hundreds of miles from the coast
- Gnome biologists, scientifically categorizing all the forest life
- A "young" dragon hobo who can't find a cave or ruin to live in, so is occupying the wilderness for now. He's indignant about it if questioned.
- A trader with a broken down ox cart full of useless stuff is asking for help. Now let the players decide what they expect (don't ask them, they will tell you regardless). Now fulfill that expectation in a reasonable way and keep it going.If they help fix the cart the trader is grateful and pays them a coin or two. Now he can pop up later whenever there's an inn, a market, a farm, or a rocky road, presenting new unsubstantial problems. If they suspect he may be hiding something prove them right and reveal some unknown threat they may want to check out later. If they think he is setting them up to be ambushed, provide an ambush. If they rob him he will run away and start raising officials and guards against them wherever they go. If they kill him he will become a haunting spirit that shows up whenever they cannot afford to be distracted. The idea is to keep the plot string going indefinitely without dominating the plot. It can become a running gag or a sinister conspiracy. Just let the players decide and never tell them that they did.
No. 8580 ID: e7420e

Here, have a few ideas.

*A large clan of hill giants becomes civilized through a mad wizard's ritual that seals away their more bestial tendencies. They seek to help the smaller folk deal with threats such as ogres by bringing them up with the same ritual. The problem is that ogres and many other "monsters" CAN'T be raised, and those who are already intelligent (mind flayers, beholders, rakshasa, etc.) don't care. Sages suspect demonic influence and hire adventurers to gather information and confirm or negate this hypothesis. (Yes, this is inspired partially by Arcana Unearthed/Evolved.)

*A large government performs a ritual to brew a potion in the city water supply. This potion makes people more obedient...in theory. Due to a huge mistake in the ritual, people begin contracting random types of lycanthropy - and yet remain in full control of themselves. The "curse" isn't spread easily, but it is very inconvenient to have to take flea baths every month or so. No one has figured out that the cause is the water supply, and the government. Some young adults have taken a liking to their animal forms and stay in that shape as long as they can; priests begin declaring these "furries" to be driven by unnatural lusts.

*A coalition of multiple tribes of kobolds takes over an elven region. They generally leave the elves alone, but have a few major mandates - mostly taxes that are used to support the Dragon Clergy and the dragon that they serve. The elves hire adventurers to take care of the "menace". It turns out (at least from kobold point of view) that the elves were mercilessly hunting them down as pests. The kobolds banded together only to let the elves know that they were pissed off and willing to kick ass and take names, by taking over their nation. They honestly planned nothing after their occupation and only made the new mandates because they had to do SOMEthing. The elves claim to be unaware of the pogrom, though evidence from spying shows a select few might know about the truth...

*The orcs get sick and tired of being in the crags, badlands, and other areas where nothing can grow and hunting is scarce. They band together, take over several goblin tribes, and cut a deal with the hobgoblins to go out and conquer new lands together. A prophecy speaks of this age and the inevitability of the nation's rise...and fall. The PCs are hired to stop them, but are slaughtered around level 7-8. When they die, they cling to the thoughts of the fates of all who are to die and be enslaved by the monstrous hands. They remember nothing else, and wake up 100 years later in the same spot, with the same gear and appearances as before they died. The PCs are now demigods; however, if they die, they are consigned to oblivion.

*A new type of magic is discovered - the magic of the sword. Warriors can learn to imbue their weapons with magic and even spells from within themselves, though this takes some of their temporary vitality (statuses, hp damage, etc.) or else takes a lot of time (lengthy rituals with incense and runes painted in blood). Sorcerers and wizards begin to learn this magic to better protect themselves, while divine casters are told by their gods not to touch such power. The various clergies begin to worry that the magic in the weapons is not of the warrior, but of demons or devils, and seek to protect the people from evil magics by petitioning the banning of such weapons from their local governments.

*An entire graveyard is cursed to have those buried in it rise as ghosts. The ghosts are bound to their graves, and generally not evil, but they are bored and end up performing many pranks on the people. They cannot pass on, even with clerical help, and whenever the clergy ask their deities, the gods say that these ghosts have a part to play still. The ghosts learn they can possess people to get away from their anchors, and use this to eat food and do other things that living people still enjoy. One person is willingly possessed by a warrior during a raid by evil humanoids, and finds that with them working together, they gain effectively combined strength. Soon, every adventurer is looking to have a ghostly partner. While possessed, they effectively gain the class abilities of the possessing ghost - and keep their own. (Like a gestalt character from Unearthed Arcana 3.5.)
No. 8581 ID: 95c2d7

Crazy cultist minotaurs show up in the nearby wilderness after one of their labyrinth-cities breaches the surface. Fight them back down and either seal off the exit or kill their blind oracle-king.

There's always been ruins visible a ways out into the bay that the city rests on. Recently, a fisherman's boat was blasted into smithereens with golden fire, and now people can see lights at the bottom of the bay... The local wizard has your Water Breathing Masks. Head on out.

A four-legged box stands in a disused dungeon corridor. Fiddling with the buttons on the front or clearing the glass top of dust transports all but one of the party into a subspace. The remaining one must exercise loose control over the others, and lead them past obstacles and dangers... Hey, was that something moving down the hallway?

The king is a doppelganger. The innkeeper is a doppelganger. The party's mentor is a doppelganger. The party is doppelgangers. Wat do?

A flying castle is following the group around. The king wants to know why, and furthermore wants them to get rid of it, it bothers him.

A cake run through a cave of goblins turns up a mysterious box. Fiddling with it transports everyone nearby into a series of large, metal-walled rooms, full of constructs, mutated goblin descendants, and items made of a strange silvery metal...

The nearby forest has gotten dark and creepy. The town drunk just stumbled into town today and exploded into hundreds of spiders. Find out what the fuck's going on. And no, it's too wet to burn down.

Strange lights have been seen circling over the Witch-King's Mountain. Either climb the outside, full of icy hazards and snowfalls, or brave the uncertain maze of passages inside, and the many members of his court, preserved in undeath.

A giant hole drops the inn you're in, and everyone in it, tumbling down a giant shaft into the earth. First order of business is to hang onto something so you don't die! THEN you can think about how to get back out.

Kobolds have burrowed underneath the city, excavating a huge, but unseen web of tunnels.
They just sent a messenger to the king, informing him that they're holding the city hostage unless he hands over rulership to their Dragon.
It's a race through the tunnels to get to the Central Adamant Pillar that holds the whole mess up before the sorcerer in charge of conquest sets off the delayed Disintegrate.
No. 10047 ID: 952246

A man steals your hat
A man steals your cat
A cat steals your hat
Cats wearing hats run rampant
Vikings invite you to raid the Elves with them
Elves invite you to raid the vikings with them
Due to clerical error, the elves invite you to raid the elves with them.
Vikings invite you to drink beer with them as they watch elves raid themselves.
A local inn needs rare ingredients
A local inn needs common ingredients
An inn halfway across the world needs ingredients common in your local area
The Innskeeper's guild is employing adventurers for trivial errands
Adventurers, irate at demeaning "fetch quests" are boycotting inns.
The inns have no money.
The inns have no beer.
Adventurers have gotten sober.
The queen's engagement ring has been stolen by a mouse.
The mouse's engagement ring has been stolen by a queen.
Peasantry are disgusted at the royalty's constant feuding with local rodentry.
There's a cake-baking contest in town.
A band of bards has challenged you to a rock-off.
A band of barbarians has challenged you to a rape-off.
A band of angry peasants has challenged you to fuck off.
Help a witch lose her virginity.
Help a lich lose his virginity.
Help a lich regain his virginity.
An evil cult summons their dark god.
A racist cult summons their light god.
A pacifistic cult summons their peaceful god.
A dark god summons his pacifistic cult.
A naked king claims to be wearing clothes that can only be seen by wise people.
A fully clothed king claims to be wearing clothes that can only be seen by wise people.
A fully clothed king claims to be naked.
A fully clothed king claims the queen is naked.
A fully clothed king claims the queen darn well ought to be naked.
A naked queen claims to be naked.
Rain has continued unabated for months.
Rain has continued unabated all afternoon.
Adventurers, cooped up indoors due to the rain, have gotten very bored.
Local peasants have taken to football, and created teams to play against each other
Local army unit has created a football team to compete in the local league, and commonly neglects to put their weapons down before getting on the field.
Local football team and fans have rioted, smashing everything they can.
Local riot has devolved into a football game.
A cat has fallen out of the sky.
The sky has fallen out of a cat.
A cat is attempting to eat the sky.
You have been asked to steal a specific item.
You have been asked to steal a non-specific item.
A specific item has asked to be stolen.
No. 10048 ID: b4a847

>A specific item has asked to be stolen
A perfectly valid plot hook for a limited-AI-self-ownership Cyberpunk game.
No. 10139 ID: b10286

- A group of lower-level adventurers recently went to a site they discovered after some moderate preparations. They didn't return. Find out what happened to them.

- A crow that looks somewhat ghost-like is following you, and whenever you try to talk to it, it flies off towards a specific landmark. Could this spirit animal know about something you want?

- The king is being held hostage in his own castle. His family has escaped, but he may die if the kidnappers don't get what they want - a fast horse for each ransomer and a pardon for all past and current crimes. The PCs are all ninja/doppelgangers/stealthy-or-skillful types, or at least have one in their party.

- The bakery spontaneously catches fire. After it's put out, the PCs discover that the oven opens to the Elemental Plane of Fire. Who would do something so careless? Why? Or, is it a purposeful portal at all?

- A vampire comes "out of the coffin" and confesses to crimes he has committed in life and unlife. He asks in return that the law enforcement chain him up long enough to find a "cure" for his affliction. He also tells the local constabulary of an associate vampire that's been a thorn in his side...

- A tribe of werewolves has moved into the local area, marks their territory, and expects everyone to know what the markings mean. They're in a special language only therianthropes use, so plenty gets lost in translation, and the result is a war between wolf-men and farmers armed with silvered weaponry.

- A green dragon has made peace with an elven tribe. In return for a single elf woman to sire him children, the dragon proclaims the village and all its lands under his protection. The elves take this chance to take over their own kingdom, the ruler of which they believe is denying them their "rightful place" as rulers of the world.

- The king is replaced by a doppelganger. The doppelganger is actually a kinder ruler than the old king, but the queen wants her husband back at any cost. If denied, she will start a rebellion with the help of a nearby nation. What do?

- Someone has infected the local water supply with a curse that changes all who drink from it the first time to their opposite gender. Go out of town far enough and the curse ends. Who is doing this, why, and what happens if the curse can't be lifted on the pregnant now-man?

- A string of children born around the same time in a small town or large village all have three eyes - the third one is usually in the center of their forehead, or else their chest. They also exhibit strange powers, magical abilities that cause their third eyes to glow. What caused this mutation?
No. 10141 ID: d469ea

Scuse me.

>Go out of town far enough and the curse ends.
should be
>Go out of town far enough and the water isn't cursed.
I'm a derpface D:
No. 10151 ID: e3aff6

- Cultists want to summon an eldritch horror to destroy the world and everyone's souls. They want this because they have convincing evidence that what normally happens to souls is eternal torment from a different eldritch horror. What do?
- The protagonists find a corpse. Nothing unusual can be found by examining it, but they begin repeatedly finding the same corpse in different locations. The corpse seems to be in the same condition the found it in, no matter what is done to it.
- People's memories are being replaced with empty darkness. It starts with older memories, but is getting closer and closer to the present, and a it does strange details start to emerge from the shadows...

- A powerful dragon wants to hire the party to track down the murderers of her son
- ^ but the party were the ones who did it
- An alchemist discovers the secret of creating precious metals for free, and without committing any particular crimes is using it to destroy the kingdom's economy, which includes most of the party's wealth.
No. 11194 ID: 09fa42

It's been too long since this was utilized.

Bump for great justice.
No. 11220 ID: da1652

The AI in charge of running the global defense grid for your planet blatantly oversteps the limits of its programming by announcing its retirement, and a bid for presidency.
No. 11832 ID: 856d22
File 159322921289.png - (55.38KB , 1200x1200 , 1542422141_troutsworth_nightstalkers.png )

- A giant fox (size Large) is stalking a deer drinking at a lake. The majority of the fox's body is on the path. If you get within 10 feet of it before it notices you, you can attempt to scare it off; it'll jump away from you three times and then run full-speed.

- As you're camping for the night, a swarm of bats flies through the camp. Investigation finds a cave nearby, and a bear has just laid down inside, scaring the bats. If you back off, the bear ignores you.
(Potentially Violent)

- You see a dilapidated wizard's tower a good 200 feet off to the left of the path; surrounding the area are lots of small, wolf-like creatures with curious tail-ends. The area is spattered with partially-dissolved rocks, vegetation, and ground. If you get too close, the creatures turn out to be magically created rattlesnake-coyote hybrids, and they have learned to spit their poison like acid. The tower contains notes on how the wizard made them in the one book that is quite purposefully preserved - and covered in specks of acid damage.
(Violent) (pic related)

- As you're camping, a small swarm of moths bigger than your face flutter through. One lands nearby, its wings red and sun-yellow with a big black "eye" in the center of each.

- As you awake the next morning, everything seems to be quite normal, except that after a while you realize that the sky is green instead of blue, and the plants are blue instead of green. As you're packing up camp, you hear something howling through the air; you see a big white sphere surrounded by a purple-pink aura crash onto you like a 200-foot fireball spell. You all wake up in a cold sweat, and everything is back to normal.
(Nonviolent, gag)

- As you're walking in the woods, you discover a plume of smoke in the general direction you're travelling. The next day, the smoke is gone; if you investigate, you come across the charred remains of a house. Inside is a blackened skeleton and a spellbook with (2d3 x 100) + (2d10 x 5) gp of spells inside. Included is a unique spell labeled "Greater Fireball;" it's a Fireball spell with a 60-foot blast radius and a range of 60 feet.

- A wayside shrine to the god of travel lies in disrepair. Upon its steps is an animated skeleton, which only clatters out, "Please donate," in a weak voice. The party can return here routinely, leaving more donations. If gifts of no less than 500 gp are left, the shrine rebuilds itself and the skeleton returns to a living (and clothed) elf, who thanks the party and offers to heal any maladies afflicting them (Level 5 cleric for the purpose of spell slots). If gifts total no less than 2,000 gp, all of their currently-held weapons become masterwork and +1 weapons; if they are of +1 or higher, there is no effect. If the party tries to take anything from the shrine, the skeleton attacks (treat as CR 9 due to divine wrath).
(Potentially Violent)
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