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File 12968410078.png - (37.94KB , 352x327 , croppin.png )
5851 No. 5851 ID: acb813

Since /d/ over on 4chan pitched a fit and deleted it, I figure you guys may enjoy this.
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No. 5852 ID: acb813
File 12968410516.jpg - (407.37KB , 1000x1396 , The Local Brew (1).jpg )

The Forest Rose Tavern was quite out of the way, really. Its original function, as a safe place for travellers in the nearby mountain pass, had long since been usurped by villages to the south, whose landowners had wisely invested in guards and cobbled roads. Merchants went the longer, southerly route; and the Tavern was in trouble.

Or, it had been; the elderly owner had recently retired, and sold the business to a group from somewhere to the East, hoping to rebuild the place's reputation. Nobody seemed to know much about the fellow; but, tavern owners were not always the most scrupulous of people, especially when so far removed from law and order as this place was.

But then, rumours of a dragon in the mountains started to circulate, and before long, several groups of novice adventurers had descended on the area, intent on slaying the beast and claiming its hoard.

But, of course, tradition demanded they spend the night at the local tavern, swapping notes, sizing up the competition, and checking to see if there were any side quests that needed doing.

It was going so well, until the owner offered them all a round of the new local brew, on the house, in celebration of their imminent victories...
No. 5853 ID: acb813
File 129684106817.jpg - (371.98KB , 1000x1396 , The Local Brew (2).jpg )

The drinks flowed freely, and in the end, the owner and staff retired for the night, leaving the assorted travellers and adventurers to keep their party going through the night, if necessary - making sure to note it'd cost them extra!

It wasn't long after that, when the grizzled old wizard's apprentice - a suspiciously pretty young woman, whose looks cast great doubts on the man's professionalism - started to notice something wrong. At first, she thought it must just be the alcohol; but, she felt surprisingly horny.

It wasn't until the pain started that she began to worry. Cluthing at her groin, which was burning, agonising, she cried out and collapsed to the table. Only her immediate companions noticed, amidst the general hubbub in the room, but they were very concerned for her wellbeing.

"What? What is it?" asked her mentor, his tone unworried. He'd had hopes for this evening, after the amount of ale she'd been quaffing, but if she were sick, his prospects looked rather bleak. Served her right for overindulging, though.

He was about to say something to that effect when without warning, she hiked her skirt up, and stared at her crotch. His first thought was that he must have had too much, as well - that penis had never been there before!
No. 5854 ID: acb813
File 129684108559.jpg - (311.84KB , 1000x1396 , The Local Brew (3).jpg )

He blinked, several times, rendered speechless. This was quite mad, this just didn't happen, even with the magic he commanded! Pretty young girls didn't just suddenly grow bizarre, inhuman cocks in the middle of the...

A sudden headache struck him, and he groaned. Was that a lump he could feel on his head? No, wait, it was several!

His magical expertise triggered an alarm bell, amidst his inebriated confusion. There was magic at work here, powerful magic... but, drunk, there was little he could do but pray as sharp teeth filled his growing muzzle, his hair dropped from his face, talons grew from his fingers and through the leather of his gloves, and his skin started to sprout scales.

He started to turn back to his apprentice, to tell her what he'd deduced about what was happening, but was suddenly struck by how alluring her new organ was... nonplussed, he hardly even noticed as the first yell of shock went up from the tables nearby, as his condition became clear for all to see.
No. 5855 ID: acb813
File 129684110376.jpg - (259.62KB , 917x1280 , The Local Brew (4).jpg )

But those nearby were also starting to have problems of their own. The one-eyed swashbuckler, and the pretty young thief he was sharing a table with, both leapt to their feet.

"Kobolds!" the thief cried, remembering their last quest. "Kobolds in disguise as... ack!" she said, as a sudden pain gripped her, and her friend as he turned to grab his sword.

In moments, claws had torn through her delicate leather gloves and sturdy boots, and she could only grimace in pain as transformative fire rushed through her body. She was vaguely aware that her clothes seemed to be growing, but it was the least of her worries. Some horrible magic was turning her, turning all of them, into kobolds! Horrible, scaly, loathesome, sexy kobolds!

Whuh? That wasn't anything she'd thought before! Kobolds weren't sexy, not in the least, with their delicate scales, lithe tails, shining eyes, jutting shafts...

As her change finished, she noticed something unusual... or rather, even more unusual than before. In the midst of her slightly unusual arousal at the thought of kobolds, her vagina seemed to have parted, and a very unusual slick, tapered rod was rapidly hardening from it. No, she - he - realised, not vagina, but a genital slit. Basic kobold anatomy. Normal. For a male, like him.

He exchanged a momentarily confused look with his companion, noting that his handsome eye had grown back during his change, and how handsome, how dashing that scar made him look.

Then, they turned to watch the fun in the rest of the room. This would be good...
No. 5856 ID: acb813
File 129684112379.jpg - (310.33KB , 917x1280 , The Local Brew (5).jpg )

Indeed, few of the remaining patrons were unaffected! The transformation wasn't affecting them all equally; some changed in a matter of seconds, a sudden and explosive change. Others took longer, approaching a minute to finish their slow, painful change; but the result was the same, a male kobold, evidently aroused by the change, and by their companions' new forms.

The last group to be affected was the four, more experienced adventurers in one far corner, almost forgotten. Brother Thomas, their priest, had drunk plenty, as was his habit; Leon, the paladin, had been persuaded into a single tankard. But Robert, the Knight-Errant, and Callum, the Bard, had resisted temptation. The knight was an infamous killjoy; the bard, a recovering alcoholic who bravely stayed but declined to have a drink of anything save water.

Their abstinence proved prescient as they incredulously watched Brother Thomas writhing and shrieking in pain, as his hair fell from his scalp, and his face stretched out into a kobold's muzzle.

"That'll teach him to boast about how his potions can cure hangovers", thought Callum, "although I may have to leave out some parts when I write the epic tale of this adventure..." he pondered, still in shock, as he saw Brother Thomas' shrinking form grin excitedly and fondle its growing erection.
No. 5857 ID: acb813
File 129684114245.jpg - (332.76KB , 917x1280 , The Local Brew (6).jpg )

Leon stood and stepped away from his two remaining unchanged compatriots, watching in horror at the dreadful perversions of the innocent people around him.

"What in the name of..?!" he began. "What fell sorcery is this? Was it soARGH!"

He broke off, bending nearly double over a nearby table as his face started to extend into a muzzle of its own, and he felt the growing pressure of a tail growing inside his sturdy leather greaves.

"N..no... not me... too! Must... resist...!" he started to say, as talons tore through his gloves.

He felt, through the pain, a growing sense of arousal at what was happening to him, and knew he was succumbing to the same force as everyone else, losing the battle of will against the magic here, and he let out a bestial, bitter roar as he realised he couldn't resist it.

But, maybe, he shouldn't want to? The small, scaly men around him looked so appealing... and if he was under some sort of magical curse, it wouldn't be *irredeemable* if he broke his vow of chastity, would it? No, definitely not, he thought, as he took a step toward the confused but very aroused kobold that had been Brother Thomas. He'd do...
No. 5858 ID: acb813
File 129684115739.jpg - (328.08KB , 917x1280 , The Local Brew (7).jpg )

The freshly transformed kobolds were still somewhat confused by their unexpected predicament. What had just happened? Why had they just turned into kobolds? Why hadn't they been kobolds before? This felt great!

Sir Robert and Callum finally overcame their shocked paralysis.

"Quickly boy! To arms! While they're distracted, before they can ready their attack!" said Sir Robert, standing and drawing his enchanted longsword, muttering a quick curse that he hadn't brought his suit of armour to the bar.

Callum stood too. "Wait! You can't use that sword! Those are - er, were, innocent people! You could kill Thomas and Leon!"

Sir Robert, never the best at quick wits, realised the bard had a point. "Well, what do we..?" he started, before the pair realised that the room had fallen completely, ominously silent.

They looked up, and noticed that the entire roomful of kobolds was staring at them, as if seeing them for the first time; each one had a worrying, knowing glint in their wide, yellowish eyes...

"Well... shit", Callum said, simply, grabbing an empty tankard from the table. It wasn't much of a weapon, but it might help a bit...
No. 5859 ID: acb813
File 129684117733.jpg - (304.29KB , 917x1280 , The Local Brew (8).jpg )

The kobolds rushed at them, and despite their small size and total lack of armaments, they had the advantage of numbers.

Callum, trained only in emergency self-defence and not in full-on martial combat, was rapidly disarmed and knocked over, heavily, onto one of the low but sturdy tables; his head connected, and he saw stars. Before he could recover, the weight of no less than four scaly bodies was pinning him down, helplessly.

His vision unblurred just in time to see one of his captors skittering over to him across the tabletop; it carried an ale-mug in its claws, and sported a straining, dripping erection, as did they all.

"Here, have a drink, join the party..." the kobold said, slyly, and Callum realised with a shock that it was Borther Thomas's voice. He tried to struggle, but before he could react, half the tankard was draining down his throat, and an uncomfortable burning sensation started in the pit of his stomach.

Sir Robert, meanwhile, had lost his sword in the first rush of scaly bodies; the weapon had flown from his hand to land with a useless clatter on the far side of the table. Drawing his small flick-blade instead, he fully intended to fight for his life, and draw blood if necessary - if the kobold who used to be a wizard hadn't broken off from ravishing his newly-masculine apprentice nearby, and sent a spell flying into the fray.

Robert's limbs suddenly seized up; a Hold Person spell! He struggled and fought, but his movements were horribly slow, and dreadfully ineffective. He was unable to respond as one of the kobolds scampered up his clothes, perching itself on his shoulder, stroking its ragingly hard shaft inches from his face.

"Mmmm... you never did know how to have fun, Rob!" said a voice that sounded for all the world like a caricature of the paladin, Leon's!
No. 5860 ID: acb813

As the freshly-sighted swashbuckler and his thieving companion eagerly tore at his clothes, unbuckling his belt ripping his shirt away and wantonly fondling his flaccid cock, the Leon-kobold turned so that his shaft was brushing against the helpless knight's lips.

"Let... me do you... a favour... so you can... join in too! " he panted, before with an excited yip, his cock erupted in climax, spraying Robert's face and mouth with the virgin paladin's reptillian cum.

Callum's muscles had long since relinquished their proper function as scales started to spread across the bard's body, a fact noted by the pair of kobolds that had pulled his pants down to expose his rear end. Without warning, the Thomas-kobold dropped to his knees in front of Callum, and forced his precum-soaked cock into the bard's surprised mouth!

Callum's first reaction was to gag... but then something about the proximity of the warm, scaly chest, the musky taste, the shivers and yips as the kobold thrust into his mouth...

He felt his cock begin to stir as his own arousal grew, and in only moments, he was licking and lapping at the cock in his mouth. He'd drunk the ale... so, he might as well enjoy this!

"No fair!" said the kobold on his back. "I want a turn, too!" and so saying, the frustrated reptile forced the human's butt-cheeks apart, and pressed its short length against the bard's pucker. Callum, who would have been revolted only seconds before, was in heaven.

Sir Robert, too, was finding the situation less and less dire, as Leon, still on his shoulder, continued stroking at the stubbornly erect length. "Wow, this feels sooo great... I wonder what you'll feel like...?" he said, while the paralysed knight grunted helplessly while the pair around his feet toyed with his erect cock, and he felt the ex-thief ineffectively trying to climb his bare body to reach his backside; he wasn't sure whether to hope she - er, he - made it, or not...
No. 5861 ID: acb813
File 129684122087.jpg - (275.84KB , 917x1280 , The Local Brew (9).jpg )

All around the two mostly-unchanged men, the freshly changed kobolds were busily exploring each others' bodies. The explorations started out curious and nervous, but the lust they could all feel was overpowering, and curiosity soon turned to experimenting, and then to stimulating, and finally to outright sex.

The wizard and his apprentice had started first, in fact before either had completely finished changing, and certainly before anyone else had completed the transformation. Perhaps they were already lovers, without the inhibitions their fellows felt... or perhaps they just had fewer inhibitions between them.

Both Callum and Sir Robert started finding the sounds, the scents, and the sights of the kobolds around them to be enticing, interesting... erotic, even. Each felt their own bodies start to contort and twist, and both, engaged against their will (well, to begin with) in similar acts of wanton sex, wanting to change more and join their new Clan.

The freshly changed reptiles had hair-triggers, and most reached orgasm very quickly as their new lovers toyed with them; but whether through an innate kobold trait, or through the magic that was changing them, none felt satisfied. Partners eagerly switched places, swapped around between pairs and trios, and went straight back to ravishing each others' scaly bodies, with barely a pause for breath.
No. 5862 ID: acb813
File 129684123089.jpg - (223.73KB , 917x1280 , The Local Brew (10).jpg )

Robert regained control over his movements as his form started to shrink down towards more kobold proportions; as he unclenched his fingers, his gloves fell loosely from them, and the knife bounced away over the stone floor. But, he didn't need or want the thing right now.

He felt Leon overbalance off his shoulders, and before he could do anything, the kobold had slid down his back, coming to rest hanging a foot off the floor, hanging onto Robert's hips with a grip that was momentarily painful, before scales grew in and hardened the skin.

The pair of kobolds that had been swashbuckler and thief skittered away as he moved, suddenly scared, but, he wished them no harm, not now. He squatted down slightly, letting Leon get his feet on the floor, expecting the kobold to climb down and leave.

Instead, Leon hugged Robert's large half-human form closer, and reached around to stroke Robert's increasingly inhuman cock. "Feels good, doesn't it, Rob? Think how good one would feel *in* you... teasing and spearing your tailhole, cumming inside you..."

Robert hadn't really thought about sex between men before, except as an abstraction. It had always struck him as a bit pointless, even disgusting... but not any more, the thought of the kobold, Leon, ramming that wonderful-tasting cock deep into his anus, squirting him full of potent seed...
No. 5863 ID: acb813

He realised suddenly that Leon was almost the same size as him, and that he didn't need to squat quite so much. On the other hand, he thought, tongue lolling in pleasure as Leon's strokes increased their pace, this would do...

No, it wouldn't! He leaned forward, overbalancing deliberately, kicking off the remains of his boots, and resting on hands and knees. He raised his tail, and it wriggled invitingly.

"Fill me, Leon, please, fuck me!" he said, surprising himself with his eagerness. But, as he saw Leon take hold his his cock, and start to position himself to enter, he knew that he'd never been happier.

Leon only managed a few thrusts before he came, again, and Robert moaned happily, but unsatisfied - that was far too short, damn the paladin's abstinence!

Leon panted and withdrew. "Sorry... just need a moment, second wind, and then I'll give you a proper pounding!" Leon promised, as the forgotten swashbuckler and thief walked closer, grinning manically.

Robert didn't have to be told twice, and grasped both their shafts at once, stroking and licking at them wildly, having the time of his life, while just behind him, Leon's erection grew back to full hardness at the sight...
No. 5864 ID: acb813
File 129684125594.jpg - (165.21KB , 917x1280 , The Local Brew (11).jpg )

Callum, meanwhile, was finding more problems: namely, as he shrank down into his new, sexy kobold body, he was finding his position, sandwiched between two lusty males slaking their lusts on him, hard to keep steady. He kept sliding down off the table, away from the cock in his mouth; or, sliding up the table, pulling away from the increasingly tight penetration his new tailhole was getting.

Finally, Thomas tired of it, and grabbing Callum's arms, pulled him bodily up onto the table, away from the remains of his clothes, and gestured to the other kobold. "Let's try this a different way..." he began, as Callum's spindly kobold form was grabbed from behind, and lifted bodily into the air. Before Callum could question what was happening, he was lowered swiftly onto the kobold cock again, and he groaned at the feeling, understanding the plan.

"Hmm," said Thomas, looking down at his saliva-slickened rod, "I can't reach your mouth... never mind, fair's fair, after all!"

So saying, the former priest bent down, and started suckling on the delighted new kobold's cock, grinning up at him all the while.

The fucking continued for some minutes, the trio better paced than many of their colleagues. But, inevitably, the unbearably arousing situation got the better of Callum, and with a shudder and a yip, he climaxed, filling Thomas' muzzle in seconds, and a moment later his spasming tailhole coaxed the seed from the rod pounding away at him.

"Thomas? You've not cum yet?" asked Callum, curious and aghast at his friend being left out of the action, after going to such great lengths to make sure Callum didn't miss this wonderful party!

"Not yet... I've sucked your cock, so now, I think it's only fair, you fill the other end too..." said the kobold, grinning, and turning to present his tailhole to Callum, the intent obvious. Callum felt his softening cock spring back to full hardness instantly, as he grasped the ex-priest's hips, and thrust in...
No. 5865 ID: acb813
File 12968412703.jpg - (350.06KB , 917x1280 , The Local Brew (12).jpg )

The orgy continued for several hours, each kobold regularly swapping with their neighbours, until all comers had filled, and been filled thoroughly. The air was thick with the musk of kobold sex, and all those present were covered in juices, both their own and each others'.

They were not quite alone with each other, though; from an unseen hidey-hole in a false wall, a larger draconic creature watched avidly. The blue-scaled dragon stayed remarkably quiet, despite the continual stroking of its own large erection, and the puddles of dragon seed that showed he, too, had had his share of enjoyment - as had the diminutive kobold who was covered in the stuff, too, and added his own contribution to the mixture.

"Thank you, Master, for choosing me..." it said, again.

"There'll be plenty for everyone soon enough", rumbled the dragon, quietly. "I think we can say that the focus group enjoyed their drinks... time to start shipping the rest, I think."

He carefully, and quietly, picked up an open barrel from nearby, and placed his cock over the opening. There was a slight splash as a droplet of precum fell into the ale that half-filled the casket.

"Just add the 'secret ingredient' to one more case for tonight, I think. Would you care to assist... again?"

The kobold didn't reply, instead leaping eagerly up and climbing the side of the barrel, tentatively reaching out to touch the dragon's majestic shaft.

The dragon chuckled. "I ask only out of politeness... you *never* seem to need encouragement!"
No. 5866 ID: acb813

Credit goes: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4946823/
No. 5867 ID: 1854db


No. 5868 ID: abb30a

I think you mostly figured wrong?
No. 5869 ID: 87da14

It's not the worst story I've read on the internet, but I don't know why you felt the need to show us.
No. 5870 ID: bffa2a

Wow... Wow. I- Just wow. I'm guessing this is the reaction that is sought so good job?
No. 5871 ID: acb813
File 129684347210.jpg - (4.18KB , 93x120 , koboldglasses.jpg )

I posted it for those who would enjoy it, and tried to make sure the thread title gave a general idea of what the contents of the thread would be.
No. 5872 ID: 70d9eb

/tg/-related, carry on.
No. 5873 ID: 1854db

Bullshit. Kobold porn is not tg-related, it's just PORN. 4chan's /tg/ is a worksafe board, why should ours be different?
No. 5874 ID: 70d9eb

Because we are not 4chan's /tg/. The precedent is set for all of tgchan being NSFW, and there's even a precedent set for kobold porn being allowed on tgchan's /tg/.
No. 5875 ID: 467ecc

There's also a bunch of kobold-on-dragonborn action a bit under this one, that never got any slack of anything.

Saging not because this wouldn't be related, but rather because this is just... ew.
No. 5876 ID: acb813
File 129684598556.jpg - (10.22KB , 93x120 , koboldglasses2.jpg )

Eh, it's definitely not for everyone. I can't blame you.
No. 5877 ID: 4812df

Everyone already thinks we are yifftastic yiffin' yiffers

This thread just proves them right. Get the fuck out.
No. 5879 ID: 252e1b


The truth hurts?
No. 5880 ID: acb813
File 129686293637.jpg - (34.10KB , 175x239 , lol.jpg )

Who gives a fuck what they think?
No. 5882 ID: 2563d4

>This submission is copyright © 2010 Sovandar

You're a dense motherfucker, aren't you?
No. 5883 ID: acb813
File 129686917646.jpg - (9.23KB , 93x120 , koboldglasses3.jpg )

I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to imply there.
No. 5885 ID: 693d88

Well, this is interesting, at least. Thanks for sharing it, OP.

Fuck off, kid. tgchan is explicitly for things that can't be on regular /tg/ for whatever reason. This is exactly where this belongs.

Kobolds aren't furry. If some one was looking for evidence that tgchan is furry shit, they would find much better evidence of this in other threads.
No. 5887 ID: 467ecc

The whole notion of "furry" is just retarded anyway and should be ignored.
No. 5888 ID: 1854db

>kobolds aren't furry
That's not the definition in question here. BODY HAIR has nothing to do with people who draw humans transforming into fantasy creatures then have gay orgies for no reason other than to indulge their own perverted fantasies.

This is just pathetic. Filthy. Without artistic merit. I'm going to reiterate what the previous poster said now... GTFO, OP. This isn't a place to dump your OWN shitty porn much less someone ELSE's. The writefaggory porn further down has been fairly well received mainly because it's well written. This crap is not. This crap is just lame.

Also text porn is generally less... well, in-your-face about being porn. It can fly under the radar. Click on this thread and SUDDENLY KOBOLD ASSHUMPING!
No. 5890 ID: bffa2a

Okay, we've all expressed our horror already, good job. The world is a better place. Now let it sink off the front page. Should be just six months at the rate we move.
No. 5891 ID: 8e18cd

> Furry or not furry argument on tgchan

You're all bustas
No. 5892 ID: 2563d4

>things that can't be on regular /tg/ for whatever reason. This is exactly where this belongs.

Oh right I'll start up a thread full of regular porn imagedumps then! It'd get deleted on /tg/ so this is exactly where it belongs! Actually people might like that so let's make sure it's all scat of old, fat people.

>Kobolds aren't furry

HAHAHAHAHAH right the lizard fuckfest isn't furry. Oh Cruxador you really are full of shit.
No. 5893 ID: 467ecc

See >>315887. Whether something is "furry" or not is retarded.

"Furry" is just another fetish - an incredibly obscure one, at that, that may count under it stuff like "whatever ain't human" or "whatever I don't like" or anything else. There are shitloads of fetishes that some people like and others don't, but most of them are better defined: "futa" means girls with penises, that's easy. "Furry" is just weird.

So whatever. I don't even care. Far as I'm concerned, there's no "furry": there's only porn I like, and porn I don't like. This stuff belongs to the latter.
No. 5895 ID: 4812df

seriously it's not about policy or what constitutes what

this is just completely shitty, we are not "enjoying this", and I'm tired of /tg/ calling us a nest of porn and faggotry because THEY dump all their porn and faggots on us
No. 5896 ID: acb813
File 129693236332.jpg - (10.42KB , 93x120 , koboldglasses4.jpg )

Furry is something I can define.

A lot of it is often xenophilia being expressed in one of the simplest fashions available. The person who has a hard-on for Liara in Mass Effect is in the same broad category as the majority of furries. It's part of our very biology to love the strange and exotic. This can be physical or mental and stretches to the abstracts.

Then you have the people from various other fetish groups who cling to the furry name primarily because the things they have an interest in make them pariahs pretty much everywhere else. These people are often pariahs even among furries.
No. 5897 ID: 2563d4

>I'm tired of /tg/ calling us a nest of porn and faggotry because THEY dump all their porn and faggots on us
This so very hard.
No. 5898 ID: 4812df

Srsly. Go away, THB.
No. 5902 ID: acb813

Most people on /tg/ don't even know of this place or care about it. Also, don't be so affected by the opinions of others.
No. 5904 ID: 4812df

1) Yes they do. It has become a byword for all the worst parts of /tg/. Hence, you.

2) I'm not being influenced by other people saying this is terrible. I think it is terrible also.
No. 5905 ID: fac4b7

furrdom = sadness

Some kind of warm, wet hole AND/OR dick AND/OR tits. The rest is just there to hold these things together.

It's basically a human reduced to his genitalia with a "costume" put around the whole thing, often with horribly maimed anatomy to achieve a human-animal-hybrid.
The basic human form doesn't seem to be enough for furries?

Anyway, /tg/ thinks tgchan is like aids or something. At east that's the vibe I'm getting.
No. 5906 ID: bffa2a

You're all terrible.
No. 5907 ID: 693d88

>Oh right I'll start up a thread full of regular porn imagedumps then!
Sure, we can have a thread of /tg/-related porn here.

>HAHAHAHAHAH right the lizard fuckfest isn't furry.
Are you really going to contest this? You can play definition games if you want, but the fact is, this is not even the best thing to point to if you want to call tgchan furry. And if we were to get real technical about it, I'd still be right.

>us vs. them
tgchan and 4chan/tg/ are mostly the same folks. tgchan just holds stuff that doesn't work as well on /tg/. The quests are here due to inherent issues with post rates. But tgchan/tg/ exists for things that are essentially forced off of 4chan/tg/ by people who deem it faggotry. Including shit like this. In recent times, porn tends not to be well tolerated on /tg/, so it comes here. And at the heart of it, whatever you're here for is something that many would consider faggotry too. tgchan/tg/'s whole purpose is to serve as a haven for faggotry, and it serves that purpose well. With the recent moderation, 4chan/tg/ has been cleansed quite thoroughly of anything that could possibly be considered unpleasant by even the most puritanical of soccer moms. If that's what you want, then go there.

People know about it. I don't think people care about it.
No. 5908 ID: 360f1d

Wow, this was bad. As in, really bad. I've seen good kobold porn, and even on occasion decent furry fapfic.

But this shit was just dumb.
No. 5909 ID: 1854db

>Sure, we can have a thread of /tg/-related porn here.
He said REGULAR porn you dumbfuck. NOT /tg/ related.

>this not being the most furry shit here
Bullshit. This is worse than Pink Dragon.

>would still win in a technical fight
Bullshit. Scalies are furries, in the general sense of the term. You cannot deny that, and that is the entire point.

>tgchan and 4chan being mostly the same folks
4chan has millions of posters. tgchan has like, a thousand I'm guessing? It's simply impossible for your statement to be true.

>The quests are here due to inherent issues with post rates.
Nope. The quests are here because 4chan trolls quests a bunch, and for a while 4chan/tg/ deleted quests a bunch. In fact, post rates are WAAAAAY higher on 4chan's /tg/. If you just want posts, doing a quest there is a good idea!

>this board being a haven for faggotry
Again, bullshit. You are delusional, as should be obvious from the negative reaction that ALMOST EVERYONE ELSE has to this thread.

>puritan soccer moms
Seriously? No, you can't be serious. Can't be.

>people don't care about tgchan
How about you start a thread on 4chan/tg/ asking their opinion then, instead of assuming they're ok with us based on absolutely no evidence?

You know what, you're contradicting yourself anyway. You said this is a haven for shit that 4chan considers faggotry, then you say they don't care about us. If they care about faggotry, and we are faggotry, then by PURE LOGIC they care about us.

Fucking hell. Would a mod please just delete this thread?
No. 5911 ID: acb813

Your lot has continually come into this thread to complain about how much it bothers you. If it bothers you so much, one would think you should stop clicking on it.

The thread title and description stated what could be expected in the thread. When I posted it I checked the rules. However, you're coming in here and stirring things up. You're contributing nothing.

Don't be an asshole.
No. 5912 ID: 360f1d


I clicked expecting Kobold porn. Not poorly written and drawn transformation fetish shit from a completely different artist than used by the OP who posted the story to begin with and has nothing else related to the topic to add.
No. 5913 ID: acb813
File 129696795930.png - (350.73KB , 700x933 , 555291 - Dungeons_and_Dragons Quixotically_Erotic .png )

So you clicked expecting kobold porn, and instead found kobold porn that didn't exactly suit your tastes.

Sir, I can completely understand your issue here. Let me get out the tongs and we'll have that bug out of your ass in a jiffy.
No. 5914 ID: 70d9eb

Well this is much better.
No. 5915 ID: 693d88

>He said REGULAR porn you dumbfuck. NOT /tg/ related.
Well, I guess we could have a regular porn thread on /meep/. In fact, I'd guess that the only reason we don't is because there are tons of places for "regular" porn on the internet. I'm not exactly sure what "regular" means in this case, but I doubt it truly matters.

>Bullshit. This is worse than Pink Dragon.
That's a subjective opinion. Unless you mean this is more furry, in which case you are wrong.

>that is the entire point.
It was not my point. If it was your point, the manner in which you were going about expressing it was hugely circuitous and not at all effective.

>instead of assuming they're ok with us based on absolutely no evidence?
I made no such assumptions. My understanding is that people on /tg/ who are not also on tgchan generally don't give a rat's ass about /tg/. Except on those very rare occasions when some amount of tgchan drama spills into a 4chan thread, in which case the general reaction is pretty much the same as the reaction most people have to drama here.

>If they care about faggotry, and we are faggotry, then by PURE LOGIC they care about us.
False. A small portion care about faggotry on 4chan/tg/. Even those give no shit about faggotry on tgchan. Your PURE LOGIC in fact contains a common logical error; you neglected to consider other factors. I apologize that I had not made that clear, since apparently it was not as obvious as I had assumed.
No. 5916 ID: 467ecc

Well, nice to see you guys giving this story a lot more attention than it deserves. Pip pip.
No. 5917 ID: acb813
File 12969837883.jpg - (341.19KB , 837x1000 , 78141 - Dungeons_and_Dragons Forgotten_Realms Half.jpg )

No. 5918 ID: bffa2a

No. 5926 ID: 1963d1
File 129704954630.jpg - (61.37KB , 720x480 , earth_explode.jpg )

Holy shit what a story. Hold on, I think I have a better ending:

Suddenly, from miles away, there was a sound. A tremendous, awful sound unlike anything ever heard before. The dragon reared up suddenly, inadvertently smashing his kobold apprentice with his tremendous dick, sending the acolyte flying across the room. The dragon was terrified, for he knew that sound could mean only one thing. And yet, he allowed himself to hope against all hopes that there was some mistake, that what he had heard was merely several volcanoes erupting, or some large meteoric impact. But no, there it came again! He could hear it even more clearly now. The bolds on the bottom floor couldn't hear it, their ears were not developed enough, and they were currently preoccupied with their tremendous gay orgy. With equal parts terror and resignation, the dragon curled up and put his massive claws over his head, as if to somehow shield himself.

The kobold assistant finally managed to extract himself from the barrel he had been flung into and returned, ready to service his master, only to find the majestic blue dragon whimpering on the floor like an abused puppy in a puddle of his own urine.

"Master!" exclaimed the kobold "What is the meaning of thi-"

Suddenly a massive sound rocked the tavern. The building shook and quaked, threatening to collapse upon itself from the vibrations in the air. The acolyte was thrown off his feet onto the floor. The mass of bolds on the bottom floor stopped their wild fucking and looked up, wide eyed and afraid. The kobold assistant, too, was uneasy, and regained his balance as best he could. "Master?" he asked. "What was that?"

The dragon peeped out at his slave from behind his claws. The dragon wondered wether he should burden the mind of his faithful servant with the terrible truth of their situation, but after a panicked moment's deliberation, he decided that the bold had a right to know.

"That" squeaked the once proud dragon, "was the sound of our judgement day."

"But Master," inquired the kobold as he quaked with fear, "what exactly was that?"

The dragon had no time to answer his poor companion's question. the next moment, both of them, along with the tavern, and indeed, the entire population of the planet, were engulfed in a wave of hellfire that boiled away their skins and bones and left nothing but ashes in its wake. Then, with a mighty boom, the planet's very surface blasted apart; with a large empty pocket of space where their world once was.

"So... the dark wizard tried to cast a spell of bladder release on a peasant woman, but he failed and accidentally cast FATAL instead, destroying the entire planet. Game over." The Maim Master looked up from his rule-book. His players were all in a state of shock over what had just transpired. After taking the time to roll literally thousands of dice to generate their characters, they had all been made unwilling participants in a kobold rape orgy and then been killed. Slowly, they began to direct their attention to the Maim Master, who shrunk back in his seat.

"What the fuck was that?" Said the man who'd played the wizard's-apprentice-turned-assrape-monster. A chorus of similar questions sounded from the others gathered around the game table. The Maim Master was unable to respond with anything but mortified silence.

He had never known the day would have turned out like this. He regretted that he had he had arranged this game under the pretense that 'playing an RPG will be fun guys'. He regretted that he had just bought the first book he came across at the really weird hobby shop near where he lived. He regretted that he had vowed not to look in the book until the day of the game. He regretted that he hadn't stopped the game when the gay kobolds started popping up. But most of all, he regretted that he had delved into the world of Fantasy Adventure To Adult Lechery.
No. 5927 ID: 72d523

Oh god, you deserve a fucking medal.

Also, OP, when /d/ throws you out there's a problem.
No. 5930 ID: 5af84d
File 129706885512.jpg - (56.12KB , 500x332 , seal-of-approval.jpg )

No. 5931 ID: 2563d4
File 12970864815.jpg - (19.67KB , 536x402 , 1268342174294.jpg )

+1, this is actually fairly well-written!
No. 5934 ID: acb813
File 129710776529.jpg - (137.08KB , 900x685 , koboldbard.jpg )

You actually wasted the time to write that? For no purpose other than to troll me? I'm flattered! :D
No. 5935 ID: 4812df

Oh fuck off, THB, he's a better writer than you.
No. 5936 ID: acb813
File 129711098731.jpg - (306.59KB , 978x850 , 1166347238_nek0gami_dn_deekin.jpg )

You've never seen my writing.
No. 5937 ID: 28e94e

You're hilarious.

Also, no avatars please.
No. 5940 ID: 1963d1

"Troll" is not the word I'd use, buddy.
No. 5942 ID: 383006

OP: To be fair, you did say "I figure you guys may enjoy this."

And we did not. So much so that many of us felt the need to disabuse you of any notions you may have had about us enjoying this.

Also, most certainly not clearly labeled. "Shitty transformation fetish crap with kobolds" would have been a lot more appropriate.

Just because you're allowed to post this godawful garbage does not mean any of us actually want to see this godawful garbage, and we are more than free to tell you so.
No. 5948 ID: f16b80
File 129722234379.gif - (28.29KB , 125x125 , fvxFj.gif )

I read this entire thread on my netbook (save for the story that was posted by OP, it was pretty tl;dr with the images)

Wanna know why I read it on my netbook? Because I'm sitting here on the toilet shitting, and this whole thread made my anus spread apart so fucking wide I shit one hundred million K miles of butt jerky of a size and texture unknown to man.

Thank, fucking, you.

Also, pic related.
No. 5949 ID: 4812df

jesus h. christ will you all please get the fuck out
No. 5955 ID: fba1c4


How about you don't put words into other peoples mouths, ok?
No. 5956 ID: 1854db

Stop bumping this goddamn thread. Especially with posts that don't even make sense.

(he actually did say that, poster above me)
No. 5958 ID: f16b80
File 129730332239.gif - (22.13KB , 645x449 , Mega deal with it.gif )

Holy shit I'm reading this thread once again while posting from my netbook. I was feeling extremely constipated today and almost like I wouldn't be able to let loose my mammoth load salty torpedoes, but once again this thread springs to my aid!

With the power of anus stretching plus the amount of rage inducing content, I was able to reach down and pull apart my ass cheeks so amazingly wide that the intense amount of waste just simply fell out of my ass. The anger of the people in this thread made my colon burn with the force of a thousand neckbeards, causing all of the hard molting goo monster shits inside me just melt into a nice easy creamy nectar of fecal fun.

Once again I thank OP.
No. 5960 ID: acb813

See, I would've deleted this thread ages ago, but the chan reset my deletion password. I'm locked out. People have taken to trolling the entire board just because they dislike the content of this thread. If they had ignored it, it would've dropped from the front page ages ago. Instead they try to troll and act like dumbasses in an attempt to get the same rules from /tg/ enacted here. You see, it's all okay because it serves their interests.
No. 5961 ID: f16b80


I was serious.
No. 5962 ID: 4812df

Who's trolling the entire board? We're just trolling this thread.
No. 5963 ID: f16b80

Ya know, I don't think sage works on this board.
No. 5967 ID: fba1c4


He said "We" implying everybody agrees with him. I'm not part of this "We" and I enjoyed the original premise of the thread.
No. 5968 ID: 28e94e

you what
No. 5970 ID: eec6b7

Okay, everyone just shut up? Can we agree to shut up?
No. 5977 ID: 55bd47

It doesn't work because some dumb fuck either:
A) Revives a dead thread that should have remained dead, or
B) Keeps threads like this alive by not saging.
No. 5979 ID: eec6b7

Well then don't respond if he does so. It'll just give him fuel for another bump.

Let him bump in peace. Don't care.
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