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File 129679501568.jpg - (99.50KB , 453x604 , CharacterSheet.jpg )
5848 No. 5848 ID: f88f02


Fled /tg/ thanks to fucking assholes. Continuing discussion here until tomorrow.

This is the current character sheet, not including Popularity and Inventory, which are on a second page.

Grades and Popularity generated by rolling 2d6:

2- F
3- F+

4- D
5- D+

6- C
7- C+

8- B
9- B+

10- A -
11- A
12- A+

So far, we don't have Teacher Notes ironed out, which is pretty much the last step in character creation.
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No. 5849 ID: f88f02
File 129680646665.png - (474.03KB , 612x800 , Charactersheetpage2.png )

So I took the "Little girls" idea and ran with it. So sue me.

The Diary is meant to encapsulate the Popularity stat. This is created with a d6. My earlier mention of it being generated with 2d6 is erroneous.

Popularity affects interactions with other students. 1 heart confers a -2 penalty, whereas 5 nets you a +2. a 6 means the school is in the palm of your hand, before the Darkness: you can fail a test and reroll once, each test. If you succeed on the reroll, it is like you didn't even fail!

School supplies are pretty much what any student would have on them. Some Notes will grant extra supplies. This page is written in character, by the way.

Gel pen is encouraged.

These are the Notes that a teacher can leave on your report card, with effects. Two are jokes, not meant to be taken, at the bottom. You can choose two at creation.

No. 5850 ID: f88f02
File 129680689010.jpg - (61.08KB , 612x800 , Propersheet.jpg )

Accidentally ommitted a minor detail.
No. 5884 ID: f88f02


THese are the Phobias, generated as part of the character.
No. 5886 ID: 693d88

>until tomorrow
tgchan's time scale isn't best measured in days.
No. 5889 ID: 1854db

Especially on this board. Hoo boy is it slow here.
No. 5894 ID: f88f02
File 129692256322.png - (55.37KB , 600x300 , SESSIONONE.png )


Session one of the playtest, in glorious untrimmed IRC log.

Attatched is the map for the first session. The path the players took is in gray, with barricades marked in red x and Horrors in purple circles.
No. 5950 ID: 45be60

holy shit content.

Hmm, this actually sort of reminds me of an All Flesh Must Be Eaten game I played a while back in a school. Granted, in that game the threat was pretty quickly identified as zombies, but the set pieces are pretty similar. Schools make great locations for horror stories if you can keep the players there. I approve.
No. 6011 ID: f88f02

Just wanted to let people know that we're looking for a person for another test run with the full rules.

Come to #afterschoolactivities on Rizon to learn more!
No. 6012 ID: 1963d1

Hey OP! I saw that first thread of yours! Great stuff, how's it coming?

It sure is weird you wound up around these parts though. Not many people pass through here these days...
No. 6014 ID: f88f02

Things are going well. We have a more complete set of rules now, and I've been working on fluff a lot for the main rulebook, considering how small the actual rules are.
No. 6016 ID: f88f02
File 129800556772.png - (197.82KB , 1000x500 , Playtest2.png )

No. 6019 ID: f88f02


Please enjoy the preferred music to play while running the game.
No. 6026 ID: 4bf843

I don't normally post, or even read threads, but shut the god damn fuck up you whiny piece of shit.

"fled" /tg/?

You better not be starting a new sub-culture to complete the syllogism emo:hipster::hipster:you.
No. 6028 ID: b2767a


No. 6029 ID: 56b86c


This post was made a month ago, they had problem with people posting fetish images on their thread of girls sleeping.

The idea was generally well accepted, until a certain crowd saw the fetish fuel for what it was, little girls running around falling asleep. I don't think there has been any progress made, and I am uncertain as to why you had to call out the OP on this, without knowledge of what actually happened.
No. 6031 ID: f88f02

While you're mostly right, you should read the logs I've been posting. The rules have been refined over time and we are approaching the point where we can release a pdf. So yeah, there's been progress! It's just not readily appaerent.
No. 6033 ID: d4f82f

So OP, you gonna post a link to that PDF here when your through with it? Saw the original thread and was joyous to find this one here, where there's no chance of losing it due to other-traffic.
No. 6034 ID: f88f02

Here and in 4chan's /tg/. I promise it by the end of this year!
No. 6178 ID: d4f82f
File 130064954358.png - (28.29KB , 426x324 , 1298175787754.png )

awesome, I eagerly await it.
No. 6203 ID: e10ce4

Note to self: If character has tits...

Suddenly... In the darkness. LESBIANS.
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