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File 129230571758.jpg - (434.10KB , 1099x699 , 1248408102594.jpg )
5606 No. 5606 ID: 0405f3

Since TES:V Skyrim has been announced, decided I would dump some Elder Scrolls art I'v collected. Given that it's one of my favorite settings.

I just hope they decide not to abandon the lore like they have been know to... at times *coughObvlivioncough*
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No. 5607 ID: 0405f3
File 129230595956.jpg - (1.98MB , 3270x1360 , Cyridilic Centre.jpg )

The older concept of Cyradil as 'Rome meets Imperial China in the Yucatan jungle" fascinated me in the books from Morrowind. An unforgivable travesty that they retconned it.
No. 5608 ID: 0405f3
File 129230600136.jpg - (133.09KB , 598x902 , 1248118395183.jpg )

No. 5609 ID: 0405f3
File 129230617532.jpg - (530.24KB , 615x1000 , 1237345379251.jpg )

No. 5610 ID: 0405f3
File 129230624545.jpg - (491.81KB , 778x996 , 1250360286888.jpg )

No. 5611 ID: 0405f3
File 129230630257.jpg - (98.24KB , 599x1000 , 1262813517571.jpg )

No. 5612 ID: 0405f3
File 129230649095.jpg - (237.03KB , 800x800 , 1244488931294.jpg )

No. 5613 ID: 0405f3
File 12923065194.jpg - (90.63KB , 800x553 , Silt Striding.jpg )

No. 5614 ID: 0405f3
File 129230657266.jpg - (594.68KB , 744x1146 , 1262813953875.jpg )

No. 5615 ID: 0405f3
File 129230672673.jpg - (116.91KB , 590x902 , 1273091244333.jpg )

No. 5616 ID: 0405f3
File 129230679733.jpg - (52.31KB , 600x868 , 1276288642537.jpg )

No. 5617 ID: 0405f3
File 129230683838.jpg - (327.36KB , 732x1070 , 1281140816074.jpg )

No. 5618 ID: 0405f3
File 12923069095.jpg - (278.69KB , 741x799 , 1282335723074.jpg )

No. 5619 ID: 0405f3
File 12923069516.jpg - (186.79KB , 900x656 , 1282336620646.jpg )

No. 5620 ID: 0405f3
File 129230700255.png - (203.09KB , 451x631 , 1282337105960.png )

No. 5621 ID: 0405f3
File 129230706561.jpg - (634.70KB , 1200x700 , 1283761901753.jpg )

No. 5622 ID: 0405f3
File 129230709164.jpg - (136.41KB , 558x800 , 1292264592183.jpg )

No. 5623 ID: 0405f3
File 12923071502.jpg - (208.80KB , 1280x931 , 1287327349676.jpg )

No. 5624 ID: 0405f3
File 129230717862.jpg - (249.63KB , 707x1000 , 1291136366619.jpg )

No. 5625 ID: 0405f3
File 129230733028.jpg - (534.57KB , 1024x768 , Redorian Crab Battle.jpg )

Apparently when the Oblivion Gates opened the Redorian decided to necromaticly turn their town into a giant battlecrab mecha fortress and go out with a fight.
No. 5627 ID: 0405f3
File 129230768792.jpg - (298.63KB , 610x699 , Barenziah.jpg )

Queen Barenziah, whose real biography I have to thank for a rather deeper knowledge of kahjit physiology than I ever desired to gain.

Ironicly... I've always wondered, she nearly bore Tiber Septum an heir didn't she? If I was the mage who had been ordered to remove the child (as was forcible done against her will) I would have seen if I couldn't have kept it alive. If only as a threat/insurance against my employer.
No. 5628 ID: 0405f3
File 129230773819.jpg - (146.96KB , 914x1542 , Dunmer Warrior.jpg )

No. 5630 ID: 0405f3
File 129230813273.jpg - (470.03KB , 800x889 , Indoril Nerevar.jpg )

Interesting note, Indoril helms were apparently based on the origional Nerevar's face...

So that mask you learn to hate as it sneers "We're watching you... Scum." is that of your origional incarnation Lord Indoril Nerevar.

Vivec's just a troll like that.
No. 5631 ID: 0405f3
File 129230840748.jpg - (199.58KB , 550x413 , 1249493137872.jpg )

I mean look at that smug expression 100% troll material.

Also, I think the other guy is the hero of the lesser known game 'Redguard.'
No. 5632 ID: 0405f3
File 129230871350.jpg - (645.45KB , 600x800 , 1283730685992.jpg )

Think the big guy's a Sload, one of the NPC races, necromantic slaver slug guys, also the source of Sload Soap and handy alchemical ingredient.
No. 5633 ID: 0405f3
File 129230906044.jpg - (431.86KB , 652x700 , 1291091034084.jpg )

No. 5634 ID: 0405f3
File 129230930533.jpg - (355.64KB , 756x834 , 1274975688788.jpg )

Kahjit apparently are anything from 10% catgirl/boys to Morrowind digitgrade and on to 'ohshit! it's a lion get back on the horse!', hell I think they even have something that looks like an ordinary housecat until it starts casting spells.
No. 5635 ID: 0405f3
File 129230944924.jpg - (829.19KB , 880x1100 , 1291091311819.jpg )

One of those shrine-bound Dremora, just sitting... waiting.
No. 5636 ID: 0405f3
File 129230975179.jpg - (351.61KB , 753x1000 , Silt Strider.jpg )

No. 5637 ID: 0405f3
File 129231334348.jpg - (222.16KB , 700x470 , 1249173935068.jpg )

some funny stuff too.
No. 5638 ID: 0405f3
File 129231339439.gif - (26.20KB , 902x325 , 1273552014265.gif )

(now I wonder who drew this!?)
No. 5639 ID: 0405f3
File 129231345385.gif - (75.15KB , 1003x717 , Meet Sheograth.gif )

(surely nobody we know...)
No. 5640 ID: 0405f3
File 129231349746.gif - (29.63KB , 881x376 , 1273553134057.gif )

No. 5641 ID: 0405f3
File 129231360660.jpg - (34.45KB , 500x500 , The Argonian Maid.jpg )

While I'm on the topic of 'Maids of the Argonian persuasion.'
No. 5642 ID: 0405f3
File 129231366478.jpg - (40.44KB , 800x600 , 1273551739172.jpg )

(obviously found on /tg/)
No. 5643 ID: 0405f3
File 129231371280.jpg - (32.86KB , 500x500 , 1273552207332.jpg )

No. 5644 ID: 0405f3
File 129231383061.jpg - (358.62KB , 800x974 , 1282336582673.jpg )

...and now for something of a completely different tone. (sadly, I lack the complete colection of:
>>315640 )
No. 5645 ID: 0405f3
File 129231395862.jpg - (559.77KB , 800x1107 , Akatosh.jpg )

Akatosh, the Dragon of Time, a prime Imperial Deity, had a role in Daggerfall (the Dragonbreak) and likely to have a role in the upcoming Skyrim.
No. 5646 ID: 0405f3
File 129231432874.jpg - (192.57KB , 847x906 , Dar-ma Initiative.jpg )

whoops forgot I had this one.
No. 5647 ID: 2563d4
File 129232750993.png - (268.04KB , 532x396 , silver.png )

Didn't take long for this to get furry.
Here, haven an anti-walkthrough. Not one of his best: http://it-he.org/oblivion.htm
No. 5648 ID: 0405f3
File 129235035968.jpg - (133.19KB , 200x1358 , 1292192610875.jpg )

The Elder Scrolls has a tendency to do that, what with all the beastman. Hell I think there was only one romance sidequest in Morrowind, Ahnassi.

My somewhat conservative Dunmer Conjurer only figured out he had "accidentally a whole a Kahjit girlfriend" by reading back through his journal. Although I probably should have noticed the fact that my Athletics and Hand-to-Hand kept advancing after she offered to 'dance with me.'

Anyhow, I think this is some early concept art of what various Imperials 'would' have looked like.
No. 5649 ID: a988eb

Almost all of the older artwork have a much more exotic "feel" to them than the newer stuff. Buildings, clothes, armor...
I miss Silt Striders.

>Hand-to-Hand kept advancing after she offered to 'dance with me.'
That's how a real Dunmer treats a beastwoman!
No. 5658 ID: 2f55cf
File 129259936632.gif - (455.76KB , 320x200 , nocturnal.gif )

Some of the TES2: Daggerfall sprites are downright artful. Especially the Daedra ones.
No. 5747 ID: e20032
File 129383202786.jpg - (28.79KB , 200x262 , Almalexia.jpg )


Here's one of Almalexia.


Yeah, that's definately Imperials. Looks like Michael Kirkbridge's drawings. He's the guy responsible for a good chunk of Morrowind's balls to the wall weirdness, and helmed Redguard.
No. 5748 ID: e20032
File 129383210173.gif - (427.49KB , 320x200 , ani_hircine.gif )

Also because someone posted a DF sprite, have a Hircine.
No. 5749 ID: e20032
File 129383211349.jpg - (75.46KB , 600x360 , Argonian.jpg )

No. 5751 ID: e20032
File 129383223798.jpg - (325.91KB , 602x913 , Argonian Assassin.jpg )

No. 5780 ID: 1729f3

Who did those argonians and how recently? If we have any chance of them getting their better feet back for Skyrim I want to know!
No. 5782 ID: 4bdb13

The Tale of the History of the Shout-Mages of Skyrim
as told by me, informed by my rough memory and perhaps embellished my imagination
In the old days, before the empire was an empire, and before Skyrim was anything more than a region, the chiefs of the Nords knew well the tongue of the dragons, and employed it in war. In those days, no engines were brought to a siege, for the chieftains would bring down the walls of their enemies with their voices alone.
But there came a man who was great in voice, and called all warmaking evil. And twelve great chiefs came before him, and they shouted at him words in the dragon's tongue. But for twelve days and twelve nights, the pacifist ate all of their shouts, until they had none left. And when all twelve of the chiefs were exhausted, they became the followers of that man, and they taught the language of the dragons in a place in the mountains and did not make war. Thus, the language of the dragons for many centuries was used only peacefully in Tamriel.
But after this time a man came to Skyrim, and he was name was Tiber Septim, though he now is called Ysmir in Skyrim, and in Cyrodiil he is called Talos.
And he did many things in Skyrim, and one thing he did was form a school wherein the tongue of the dragon was taught, and it was taught to many people and some were not pacifists, and so that speech is used now for war once more.
No. 5788 ID: 90f05e

So I managed to find a copy of Morrowind that worked for me. I've ended up with an argonian spellsword, if that's the right name, and cleared that little cave next to the thingy.

Anything I should know before I go on?
No. 5789 ID: c9aa87

Beware the cliff racer. It spells doom for the empire.
No. 5790 ID: 7e110b
File 129471198227.gif - (24.74KB , 965x443 , 127501772345.gif )

Your 'to-hit' chance is low the first few levels (but you probably know that already) so don't get too frustrated when your weapon keeps passing through their bodies. But that tends to go away at fairly soon. Especially if you remember to use a weapon you are actually good with (stacken them bonuses.)

What birthsign are you?
No. 5797 ID: 12bde4


The Lady, if I recall.
No. 5808 ID: d50288
File 129513623299.jpg - (129.79KB , 590x902 , 1295064252194.jpg )

Dunmer Saints
No. 5814 ID: 283fa9

I swear, each time I glance at it, I read 'Drummer Saints'. And I wonder why people are forgetting the Guitarists.
No. 5829 ID: 92b648
File 129581192874.png - (1.19MB , 2833x4062 , 1295064521812.png )

Either the Anticipations, or the Tribunal themselves.
No. 5834 ID: 8039c3

Was this continued? Hilarious.
No. 6933 ID: 544dd4
File 130551854996.jpg - (93.25KB , 503x650 , Ascended_Sleeper_by_chrisbeaver.jpg )

"Horribly news everyone! They cut Mysticism, Athletics and Acrobatics, albeit I would have been fine with them simply merging the latter two."
No. 6938 ID: 63401d



Newfag to Elder Scrolls here. Bought Obliv on steam, suggestions as to what required mods/ect I should get/use/need/want/help computah?
No. 6943 ID: ef90b9

At first: Try to get the addon, Shivering Isles, if possible. Should be rather cheap now, but is actually better than the main game (personal oppinion).
But avoid Knights of the Nine and other DLC like a plagued peasent.

Refrain from using major game changing if you want the original experience (You can try out one of the many overhauls for a second run).

Look for a mod which squishes out the last bugs and inconsistencies.

Depending on the PC you use, you might want one of the performance optimisers, since due to a bug Oblivion slugs down your RAM and/or graphic card memory after a while.

I personally would recommend a mod like "Natural Environment", which changes lightning conditions and adds weather effects (which are a bit broken in vanilla). It doesn't affect gameplay, doesn't cost FPS and only adds to the atmosphere imho.

There are tons of mods which only change aesthetics. I like the one which lights up the citie's windows at night and the "Better Landscapes" series, which have done a great job on the variety of the landscape, but the drastic changes might be a turn-off for a first time player. Also the mod which adds a few travelers on the road (but that one was a bit buggy last time I checked, so caution).

Lastly, depending on the type of player you are, you might try on of the mods which change the trading system (which is not that great in vanilla), the leveling system (which could definitly need some improvement) and the need to sleep and/or eat once a day.

But again, for the first time, try it with just a bug-patch mod and maybe the weather mod. You can experiment later on.

Again, depending on your PC, look for one of the excellent texture packs with normal mapping. Some textures really paid a lot of attention to details and keeping consistencies withig their packs. Lock at screenshots to fulfill your personal preferences.

The overhauls are major game changers, which mostly try to deal with Oblivion's shitty item management and creature leveling scripts, which are serious boundaries for modders. Some overhauls managed to do a good job and add tons of equipment, enemies and gimmicks like better AI and quest behaviour without totally breaking the main game.

When I think about the modabbility of older games I can just shake my head, but ah well... I should rather not rant.
No. 6963 ID: 63401d


Thanks for the information. As far as the DLC goes...well, I got all of it gifted, so its not like I paid for KoT9 at least. :P
No. 7057 ID: 402d3f

nice flea
ordinators are assholes.
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