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File 129075990034.jpg - (69.17KB , 1024x683 , Sarah1_by_Smeel.jpg )
5567 No. 5567 ID: f138b3

So, I made a thing, and I decided to make a thread here instead of regularchan, because you seem decent enough, and also because I won't have to make no-content bump posts.

Imagine the Warriors, but set in the prison from Escape from New York. Make it a women's prison. Make all of that a small skirmish wargame for the resulting stylized absurd gang fights, with additional rules for XP, looting, dumping the loot into your hideout, and various non-combat activities that take place between fights. This is essentially what Catfight: Tactics is shaping up to be.

Anyway, a lot of it is extremely unpolished or even broken at this point, so any comments, suggestions, offers to help run test campaigns, and attempts to break it are welcome.

The latest ruleset will always be here: http://cftactics.blogspot.com

Pic related: it's a chick with ridiculous accessories punching, a common in-game event.
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No. 5650 ID: c2d156

I'd be more interested if it had more fluff. Does this latest version have fluff?
No. 5654 ID: 2f55cf
File 129257918955.gif - (0.97MB , 310x233 , airmaster.gif )

Oh, tactics guy. Didn't know you hauled ass over here.

It's good though. I'd like to have a go at a playtest, if you're running anytime soon.
No. 5660 ID: 2f55cf
File 129260829518.jpg - (98.59KB , 800x800 , choke.jpg )

Hm... eh, nothing to add, just throwing around pictures.
No. 5666 ID: 2f55cf
File 129262194721.jpg - (246.36KB , 800x700 , pawnch.jpg )

No. 5669 ID: 4e289a

Much more in comparison to the original, less than I intend to have in the final. There's a semi-detailed setting, and we're probably going to have a dramatis personae of sorts. If that's your specialty I could definitely use a bit of help on getting the fluff bits better, and adding some new ones.

Not really migrated, I just made a thread here to see what would happen.

Are you one of the people who e-mailed me? If not, do that. If yes, I guess it's time to get back to you.
No. 5670 ID: 4e289a
File 129263139736.png - (71.34KB , 540x432 , infographic.png )

For the fluff requester: here's the basic history (I'm probably going to shift it back about 10 years) that I want to expand on a bit. The short version is that it's the early 90s and every late 80s/early 90s bad guy except for possibly the Soviet Union always wins.
No. 5672 ID: 2f55cf
File 12926556428.jpg - (56.60KB , 570x509 , mariowned.jpg )

Naw, I'm not one of the people who mailed. But I'm doing that now.
No. 5673 ID: 2f55cf
File 129265697678.jpg - (57.16KB , 443x640 , fuckit.jpg )

No. 5674 ID: 4e289a
File 129265748493.jpg - (150.34KB , 792x634 , Youth_Runs_Wild_by_leighyoung.jpg )

Enough people said that for me to switch. I forgot to post the new link because it contained no new content.


Ah awesome. Responded.

Stream of consciousness bullshit because I don't feel like making a proper post, but my original feeling on fluff was that, while it's kind of great, it's really awful having to wade through it when you're trying to reference rules in the middle of a game. That made me want to keep it kind of minimal and loose, but I've had a bunch of requests for more. Does an extended beginning and end section composed entirely of fluff sound good? It would be skippable for reference purposes, so I wouldn't have any problem including a shitload.
No. 5675 ID: 2f55cf
File 129265936217.jpg - (113.13KB , 800x911 , boxing sketch.jpg )

Maybe separate rules and fluff into different files? On one pdf, Catfight: Tactics, one the other, Hitchhiker's Guide to Florida, 2010 edition?

Also, I can throw out bits of fluff if you don't mind. Out of sheer curiosity, I started thinking about what the social structure and infrastructure of Florida Island would look like, in a gangland versus Snake Plissken context, and came up with a few intriguing ideas already.

But then again, I'm a RP-faggot of the worst order, so I tend to think of the game more as a normal RPG campaign template rather than a wargame. Not that the two are mutually exclusive.
No. 5676 ID: 4e289a
File 129265978939.jpg - (172.72KB , 900x742 , The_Trihawks_by_violatekate.jpg )

>On one pdf, Catfight: Tactics, one the other, Hitchhiker's Guide to Florida, 2010 edition?
I'd lean towards no instinctively, but if this is what people prefer to a one-file fluff-rules-fluff sandwich, I'd do it instead with no complaints.

>throw out bits of fluff if you don't mind.
Post every idea no matter how terrible, I'm curious.
No. 5677 ID: 2f55cf
File 129266290340.jpg - (159.70KB , 850x822 , yotsuboxing.jpg )

>fluff bits
Well, about the social structure of the island, with no actual regulation, there'd likely be a sort of a "modern feudal system" in place, comparable to the structure of modern day real-world outfits such as South-American cartels, Yakuza, Triads and whatnot.

At the bottom rung are the prisoners who are either too weak, scared or apathetic to fight for themselves, or those with skills valuable enough to receive protection. These people provide services; scavenging, growing, crafting, brewing, drug labs and pleasure services. At street level are layers of unproven entry-level gangs trying to muscle in for a life better than that of a slave. Then there are the footsoldiers, established street gangs with enough name to run rackets and hold turf, and useful enough to carry colors. Above these gangbangers are the really dangerous groups, sort of "roof organizations", who collect the proceedings, settle disputes, hold monopolies, and compete with eachother like mob groups usually do. Here we have the Bloods and the Crips, the Bandidos and the Hell's Angels, the Kkangpae and the Yamaguchi-gumi, the Latin Kings and the Surenos, Aryans, Black Panthers, the Bratva, Nasa Strav, the Tongs, you name it.

And on the top of the pyramid would be the "original gangsters", founding and/or ruling members of each group, in their own neat little gang above all gangs of their own organization. Every gang wants to be them, either by founding their own organization, or usurping another. Fighting is still constant, as the only way to be promoted inside an organization is to be stronger, more agressive and ambitious than the group above you. And same applies to organizations; whatever the official status of relations, there will always be liberal application of boot to the head.
No. 5678 ID: 2f55cf
File 129266297025.jpg - (210.65KB , 1350x1500 , fighto.jpg )

Uh, hope the tone isn't too imposing. I tend to forget what I'm doing and get completely carried away when I start writing.
No. 5680 ID: c2d156
File 12926652017.jpg - (30.51KB , 290x444 , 14800197_01_b.jpg )

Brutally violent and impeccably stylish (as much as one can be in prison, at any rate), the BK Irregulars are a force to be reckoned with. Nobody else is quite sure where they get those bowler hats from, but they all fear the distinctive profile it creates. When the BK Irregulars are on the prowl, they show no mercy.

Their detractors say they've watched A Clockwork Orange one too many times. Their victims just wish someone would hurry up and Ludovico the sick fucks.


So, yeah, I was thinking maybe there could be little sidebars detailing a few gangs, to give players inspiration for their own? Is this a terrible idea Y/N
No. 5683 ID: 2f55cf
File 129266713571.gif - (135.02KB , 480x376 , kgne.gif )

In a prison the size of Florida, there's room for all kinds.

Um, what I wrote about the social structure, I was kind of assuming that Florida was more or less cleared out of inhabitants and property, and the prisoners were dumped in to fend for themselves. I didn't think I might be misinterpreting the setting when I wrote the article, so, uh... do tell how hard I derped.

Also, are foodstuffs, medicine or other amenities dumped on the island by Apex, or are they completely isolated?
No. 5686 ID: 4e289a
File 129269184323.jpg - (107.49KB , 565x832 , the_fighter_i_by_davidlees-d315m1l.jpg )

Yeah, this is how I pictured things working. Things would probably be weirdly stable, just because each large gang would run into the "I'm ancient Rome, oops my borders lol" problem.

I'm also going to add mechanics for territory that strongly imply a nebulous blob of lesser affiliates supplying the core gang, so I'm glad you brought that up.

>So, yeah, I was thinking maybe there could be little sidebars detailing a few gangs, to give players inspiration for their own? Is this a terrible idea Y/N

>Um, what I wrote about the social structure, I was kind of assuming that Florida was more or less cleared out of inhabitants and property, and the prisoners were dumped in to fend for themselves.
Pretty much. That means that it's fine to put people in abandoned houses, abandoned businesses, undeveloped areas, the prison itself, sewers, forts of their own construction, and anything else really, but it's not ok to give them laser guns and tanks.

>Also, are foodstuffs, medicine or other amenities dumped on the island by Apex, or are they completely isolated?
I've mentioned supply drops as a resource the larger gangs fight over (that is, they fight over the territory a regular supply drop happens on), which I meant as food, but could easily include medicine (and that would make sense)
No. 5687 ID: 2f55cf
File 129269391678.gif - (80.61KB , 765x563 , National-Atlas-Florida-major-road-map.gif )

Yanno, I thought of a somewhat fluffy way of making a map of the "setting". Maybe we could take an old Florida road map from the interbutts, open it in what-have-you image molesting application, and scribble new borders, water areas, settlements, political borders et cetera in a font and brush that resemble a felt tip pen. The slipshod style would fit the setting too, methinks; a prisoner's self-made map of the enviroment.
No. 5688 ID: 4e289a
File 12926950008.jpg - (133.99KB , 928x827 , fl-state-routes-1946.jpg )

I like the idea of all of the fluff being from an in-universe perspective, so that would be kind of great. The trick would be getting a map that's not very cluttered. Also, scribbling out large sections as "under water now." It would be funny to have prisoners just working with out of date maps, though.
No. 5689 ID: 2f55cf

Hmm. Yeah. Assuming the starting situation is that of a new batch of prisoners being dropped on the island, maybe they'd just be handed a blank copy of an old road map and a pencil. They could of course loot or barter for new maps, but as they are also made by inmates, their reliability would be something to wonder about.
No. 5691 ID: 4e289a
File 129270094960.jpg - (196.68KB , 994x754 , The_Dancer_vs_The_Underdog__by_AlexCya.jpg )

So, we need to detail some politics, I guess. I'm open to more or less anything as long as it doesn't render the core gameplay (small warbands exist, and they have an excuse to fight each other) nonsensical. It's fine if the characters the players manage aren't the average prisoner, though, so having somewhat stable large groups in the fluff is good too.

And a little bit of geography, but that's basically just moving the coasts in a bit and crossing out the connection to the mainland, unless I'm missing something.

I'll make a detailed post about any ideas I have that are worthwhile sometime today.

Oh, one request: stay away from copy-pasted real world people and groups, as I think they kind of kill the feeling I'm going for (the feeling of it being a big pile of outdated cliches). Obvious references are fine, though.
No. 5692 ID: 2f55cf
File 129270166954.jpg - (249.33KB , 900x778 , Sasha_Cagefighting_by_Shabazik.jpg )

So, basically, the whole "society" of the prison would consist of small gangs. Gangs would form larger gangs through very, very loose alliances while still remaining independent. And within these gang networks authority goes pretty much to the gang who can kick the asses of any other that tries to tell them what to do, or refuse being told?

And I guess the whole politics would be based on, as usual, distribution of wealth. Slaves, cribs, food, booze, dope, meds, and whatever other services they can think of.

Aka. nothing but a bunch of excuses to have hilarious knucklefests over.

So, excluding real world crime groups in >>315677, fluffing up the gangs and the networks would be on the table. Also, one thing I thought about was Running Man/MadWorld style gang-based bloodsport gambling for rich spectators. The prison corporation making a quick buck on the side, 'n all. "Tournament arcs" might be either funny, or even more cliche than the cliche you're shooting for. Depends on execution though, I guess.
No. 5698 ID: 4e289a
File 129270983159.jpg - (69.17KB , 320x481 , switchbladekitty_girls.jpg )

>fluffing up the gangs and the networks would be on the table.
Everything is up for discussion. I'm only going to say no to a few specific things ("hey, add a bunch of rules to the core combat system"), so just bring up whatever. Fluff is especially good to talk about because the setting is supposed to be open, so I have a "If it doesn't contradict basic assumptions or other fluff and meets a certain baseline quality level, it's officially canon immediately" policy. Rules are a little bit harder, but I do talk about them and make changes based on suggestions all the time.

>Running Man
Someone else brought this up so it's probably a good idea. I actually thought of a good alternate explanation for it, though. Speaking of which, here are my large group ideas.

Politial Prisoners, aka Switzerland
Political prisoners make up a small minority of the population. However, they are also the largest group without any tendency to start punching the fuck out of each other for no reason, which puts them on the lower rung of the major powers list. The political prisoners control a small, clearly marked chunk of territory, and make no claims on anything outside of it. They have a reputation for responding with overwhelming force to any intrusion (mostly because what they lack in power, they make up for in infrastructure and ability to relay messages quickly).

Bartertown/Ancient Rome/Glorious Libertopia
The Trade Commission enforces three laws.
1. All trades must use Trade Commission currency and are subject to a 5% tax.
2. All voluntary agreements are binding.
3. It is forbidden to attempt to gain any of the effects of an agreement by coercion.

The Trade Commission claims a sprawling, constantly fluctuating, poorly defined amount of territory. Within its nebulous boundaries, locals and representatives from all groups trade vital and luxury goods, as well as services ranging from mercenary work to extravagant live entertainment (Running Man games go here).

While most people within the area are not actually part of the Trade Commission, they enjoy a certain amount of stability from the laws it enforces, either directly, or in the case of foreign attacks or fleeing criminals, indirectly by offering bounties.

Anyway, slap some names and details on those, and come up with a few other large groups, and we should be getting somewhere. I think two or three groups under the "[Mafia clone/dictatorship clone/] controls [luxury food/tobacco/marijuana/booze production] by [lesser proxies/mercs/direct asskickings/money] and has [special feature]" format should do it. Just those two groups open up a bunch of obvious conflicts and plot lines, though.
No. 5699 ID: 4e289a
File 129271007476.jpg - (108.46KB , 800x849 , sweet_chin_music_by_missteaspoon-d31weu5.jpg )

Oh, and I have to add [plant fiber/thread/cloth/textile production/dying] to the list of possible goods. All of these goofy costumes have to actually come from somewhere.
No. 5700 ID: 2f55cf
File 129271360661.jpg - (101.70KB , 600x800 , cuntpunt.jpg )

Hey, uh, a somewhat interesting and stupid idea came to me after the 9th pint.

How about we swat two flies in one go? Let's start playtesting like the fist of the north star, but also always fluff our playtest gangs?

Just a few lines of descriptive text would be enough. Stats, and "latino bitches in tank tops and khaki jeans from California" or "buzzcut Boston ballbusters" would be enough individually. Descriptions can be escalated beyond that, but statting and fluffing the gangs and throwing them against eachother through playtesting could yield both rule adjustments and fluffy political hierarchy in this fashion. Playtest winners get to be big players, losers get to be... well, not big players.
No. 5701 ID: 4e289a
File 129271417479.jpg - (36.43KB , 300x450 , skinheadKarin.jpg )

Yeah, ok. Post a list (200 XP, I think 150 is kind of skimpy), I'll get to work on mine. You're using rules8.pdf, right?
No. 5703 ID: 4e289a
File 129271858470.jpg - (21.83KB , 272x320 , SkinheadGirl.jpg )

In retrospect, I may have written a bit much.

Thug x2 (34x2=68)
10 ATK 18 DEF
1 PHY 7 RES 3/3 HP
1 INT 3/3 WP
Trip, Jab

Grunt (34)
10 PHY 16 RES 30/30 HP
1 INT 3/3 WP
Push, Grapple

Vicki (102)
12 ATK 18 DEF
12 PHY 18 RES 36/36 HP
8 INT 4/4 WP
10 SPD
Opportunity Grab, Push, Opportunity Strike, (1)Strike-->(2)Backhand-->(3)Comeback/Sweep Kick (or 2)Skirmish-->(3)Comeback/Sweep Kick

-black beanies, denim vests, gloves (often studded or weighted)
-chains as decoration and weapons
-logo: a simple, stylized black bat with its wings spread, usually against an upper half black/lower half leopard print background

Organizational Features of Note:
-hirable as mercenaries, but (unofficially) only do jobs that don't effect their agenda or (for a discount) advance it
-no member directly commands more than 10 other members
-officers are given a large degree of freedom in how they accomplish the goals handed down by superiors
-"hire everyone, promote the ones that aren't terrible"

persons of note
-Vicki "Knuckles" Silva: a former member of the (now defunct) Highway Hunters who seized power during a period of upheaval, driving out the former leader, exiling loyalists, and absorbing former members willing to side with her after the dust settled.
No. 5704 ID: 4e289a
File 129273070044.jpg - (75.37KB , 399x800 , she_will_punch_you_by_XiaMan.jpg )

Sage for double post (even though I'm pretty sure this thread is still at the top of page 1).

I fucked up. Actual map url (editable):

Password is the same. Once you stat up your team, use the Place Marker (top of the screen, second from the right in the row of squarish buttons) button to make some tokens, and edit them to have the right stats for quick reference purposes. You can use my pile of Frank Frazetta tokens (http://s1107.photobucket.com/albums/h381/anononononononono/?start=all), make your own, or just use the generic flags. And, you know, place them on the map. Feel free to do the initiative tie breaker rolls and do whatever opening moves you have available.
No. 5705 ID: 4e289a
File 129273086153.jpg - (91.07KB , 660x506 , she_devil.jpg )

Triplepost sage, forgot to mention that you should set the map to 200% zoom or the tokens I put down don't fit. If this is a problem let me know and I'll make smaller tokens, but I can fit the whole map in my tiny screen at 200% so I suspect it's fine.
No. 5708 ID: f138b3
File 129290368351.jpg - (1.98MB , 2480x3508 , catfight04.jpg )

Couple of things. Scribblemaps is being kind of unworkable (won't save the hex background for me) so I guess if any part of the test squad is still down we're going to have to use gametable or something.

Second, the post-combat phase is now basically RISK, except your armies are your vaguely affiliated unreliable civilians, and your gang members have to yell at them in order to get them to do anything. New rules that replace everything but winning the game, healing, and reputation follow. Not shown: the territory map. Each player gets one, and it's basically going to be a set of 3-4 territories and a hideout in a line (each one adjacent to the one above and below) and one contested one on the end opposite the hideout, which is considered adjacent to all of the other contested ones. You could houserule in a proper RISK board pretty easily, but for the type of game I want to encourage I feel that Asia in the middle, Australia at your hideout is best. Anyway, the post-combat phase instructions. I'm posting these because I want you to point out what is wrong with them, by the way.

Collect Resources
Check your gang sheet. For each territory you control, collect the listed amount of LP and Reputation. If this is the first fight, you control all territories on your sheet other than the one labelled "contested." Mark them down as such, and set the strength of each territory as 10.

At this time you may purchase upgrades from the following list (not resposting, it's long and the only edit is taking out build points and making them loot points. Oh, and I'm going to put in a hideout facility that characters who lost can use to gain XP, what's a good idea for the fluff behind that? What do genre-obeying gang girls do when they lose?). If they are hideout upgrades, take note of them and place them on a hex map of your hideout, which you will play on if you roll the hideout defense scenario.

Declare Actions
Characters that meet the listed prerequisites can declare one of these actions in their post-combat phase. Do so secretly, then reveal them simultaneously and resolve them for all players.

Prerequisite: Not Out
Action: Choose a territory you control. The character spends the post-combat phase in this territory.
Effect: Add d6 strength to the territory for every 50 XP of recruiting characters present (for multiple recruiting characters, add their XP values and base the number of d6s on the total value), with a minimum of 1d6.

Prerequisite: Not Out
Action: Choose a territory you control. The character spends the post-combat phase in this territory.
Effect: Move an amount of strength of your choice from the territory to an adjacent one. If this takes them into territory you do not control, add d6 to the amount of strength moved (for multiple leading characters, add their XP values and base the number of d6s on the total value) for the duration of the attack.

Prerequisite: Not Out
Action: Choose a territory you control. The character spends the post-combat phase in this territory.
Effect: If the territory is attacked, add d6 to the territory's strength for every 50XP of patrolling characters present (for multiple patrolling characters, add their XP values and base the number of d6s on the total value) for the duration of the attack.

Use Facility:
Prerequisite: None
Action: Choose a facility you have installed in your hideout. The character spends the post-combat phase in this facility.
Effect: Varies. See the hideout facility list for specific effects.

Resolve Attacks
If any territory contains strength from multiple gangs (including the starting neutral strength of contested territories), resolve the attack accordingly. Take away one strength from each gang present. Repeat until one gang has at least double the combined strength of all opponents present. This gang captures all strength present and adds it to its total for the territory, and captures the territory as well.

Any territories at 0 strength become neutral and do not provide LP or Rep.

If any territory has more than 20 strength, reduce its strength to 20.
No. 5709 ID: 2f55cf
File 129292381127.jpg - (71.91KB , 734x404 , glorious.jpg )

That cover... it's beautiful!
No. 5710 ID: f138b3
File 129292791382.png - (327.70KB , 1560x1012 , ladies01.png )

Drawfag Of Note B&hammer volunteered to do a shitload of art for it. Here are some designs.
No. 5712 ID: f138b3
File 129301083156.jpg - (45.45KB , 243x378 , Gang girls.jpg )

Ok, so there are a few relevant fluff summary updates, mostly the two new groups I came up with. The first I'm temporarily referring to as the confederacy. It's gigantic and disorganized - essentially New York in The Warriors, if the big meeting had worked as planned and the gangs had a semi-functional truce while retaining their individual autonomy. In the confederacy, the largest and most powerful gangs send representatives to regular meetings, and in the unlikely event of a consensus, they go back to the areas they control and make shit happen. Of course, the exact methods of deciding which gangs are important enough to get representation are not particularly clear, and lots of smaller gangs just want freedom to fuck around, so the confederacy remains full of terrifying potential while getting very little done.

The second group, temporarily named the dictatorship, is a little bit smaller, but much more organized. Members of this group (the vast majority of the people within its borders are proper members, if low ranking) have almost complete freedom in how they choose to accomplish the goals given to them by their superiors. Each member who is above the bottom rank oversees a small group of subordinates, and answers to one superior, all the way up to the glorious leader at the top.

With that, I am done coming up with vague ideas for major players, though if someone has an idea that's fine. I'm mostly trying to flesh out the groups - come up with some character bios, proper names, locations, and details - but I'm rather crap at it.

What I am getting at here is go go that one rpfag who wrote paragraphs
No. 5737 ID: c00b0d
File 129359047476.jpg - (260.97KB , 527x900 , Gang_Girl_by_Hyptosis.jpg )

Ok, so latest rule set is up, but it's not substantially different than what I've posted - it's just compiled in one place. The only differences are the post-combat phase and the cover.

Good news is that any playtest attempts that don't uncover game-ruining flaws in the fighting part can continue on to the post-fighting part. Bad news is the tester blob appears to have evaporated a bit.

Link (same as previous link thanks to the magic of mediafire) to rules9.pdf: http://www.mediafire.com/?aymahr635zrgwie

Also, on the subject of fluff, I've scaled back my concept of the intro a bit to about one page per major faction and one or two pages to the main setting, which is limited enough that I can probably do it myself assuming nobody volunteers. The epilogue can be composed entirely of miscellaneous writefaggotry, and is therefore entirely optional and will only happen if people submit things. That should keep the fluff proportional to the interest in fluff and keep me from going crazy.
No. 5763 ID: c00b0d
File 129401874124.jpg - (194.94KB , 792x1224 , Girl_Pile_Derby_Art_Final_by_magnetic_eye.jpg )

The year is 1992. Massive debt has forced the federal government to sell off public property, allowing the new private owners to convert government programs into for-profit operations.

Florida - cut off from the mainland since the polar icecap melt of 1989 - has been particularly impacted by these new policies. As the island's surface area gradually shrank, property values dropped dramatically. It was clear that the only thing keeping the island afloat economically was the formerly federal, now privately-owned women's prison that supplied the area with jobs. The solution that Apex Unlimited - the owner of the prison - implemented solved Florida's problems while cutting the prison's costs drastically.

By buying up the surrounding area, Apex Unlimited was able to open the prison's cell doors and accommodate a much larger population of prisoners. At the same time, AU replaced the site's human personnel with airborne drones. These drones, armed with stun rays, were more than capable of preventing inmate escapes and deaths, and making regular supply drops as well. In addition, they could do it at a fraction of the cost.

While the prison's expansion was controversial at first, the results have spoken for themselves. The system - despite its irregularities - works.
No. 5776 ID: c00b0d
File 129437001948.jpg - (359.50KB , 900x1255 , Hathaway_Demerest_Comission_by_paulorocker.jpg )

Not working on this too actively, but I found out that Google Docs is basically the map thing I was using, but perfect. Well, no dice roll, but it's a shared thing that lets you save documents with movable graphics that are easy to upload and edit. Go to docs.google.com and make a powerpoint document (you can do this in the browser) if you want to try it out.

Actually, you can fuck around with mine if you want, since I made it public.


So yeah, should I acquire a tester blob, fixing up the final stuff just got a lot easier. No more leaving a gametable server up 24/7 for me.
No. 5792 ID: c00b0d
File 129471850242.jpg - (87.04KB , 496x800 , hells_yeeeh_by_freakstatic.jpg )

While the Socialist Republic of Fairway Park is currently one of the most powerful groups on Florida Island, its origin was less than impressive. Roxie Segrest, the group's de-facto leader, had decided to hole up in a remote warehouse. It was a reasonable choice; her group of political dissidents were not fighters, and were vulnerable to the experienced criminal groups that controlled the area. Unfortunately, the group had to leave the hideout to gather supplies regularly, eventually resulting in a local warlord's scouts tracking them back.

Segrest knew that her group had a limited amount of time to act. The group agreed that the best option among the bad ones available was to fight, rather than organizing a hasty mass-evacuation to a place that might be even more dangerous. Everyone contributed to the defense. There were fortifications to be built, signal systems to be set up, weapons to be scavenged and built, and plans to be made. Segrest herself negotiated with other, smaller groups of the area who had reason to oppose the warlord, offering them products manufactured by her group's workforce in exchange for help against their common enemy.

When the attack came, Segrest's group was ready. Her own inexperienced but organized fighters held their ground, aided by their coordination and planning, and her hired guns were worth their pay, sending the warlord's forces fleeing with a well-timed charge. News of the battle of Fairway Park travelled quickly, and within months the warlord found her territory picked apart by various gangs who sensed her vulnerability, and was eventually driven into the wastes with a small band of followers.

Meanwhile, Segrest was learning to deal with an expanding group. A steady trickle of desperate political prisoners sent their population steadily higher. There were even some unaffiliated locals who were willing to join up, whether they were interested in politics or better treatment. The system of consensus that had governed the group so far grew increasingly strained as the group got bigger. The result was a constitution, a parliament, and the founding of the Socialist Republic of Fairway Park.

The SFRP has strong isolationist tendencies - partially for political reasons, but also for practical ones. All of the other three major powers of Florida Island are larger and better suited for fighting than the SFRP, which only maintains its stability if it is not worth the effort to invade. The SFRP controls a limited amount of territory, and because of this must trade - mostly vodka, which it produces from scratch at every step of the process - to gain resources that it does not control.

Citizens of the SFRP are free to go about their own business freely, and even criticize those in power - something out of the question almost anywhere else. While they often do so, support for the overall election system and the existence of the parliament remain high. They are also free to organize themselves into groups - often called cells - as they wish.

When traveling outside of the Republic's highly fortified borders, even the more scrupulous Republic cells often find themselves in the awkward position of having to repeatedly punch the faces of the downtrodden commoners that they sought to help before they were arrested for their activism. Others embrace the chaotic nature of the prison, traveling from place to place with pamphlets in one hand and clubs in the other, hoping to sell the locals they encounter on the righteousness of their cause.
No. 5794 ID: c00b0d
File 129480416299.jpg - (504.55KB , 470x658 , hentai--bad-girl--baseball-bat--blonde-hair--blood.jpg )

In the early, chaotic days of Florida Island Prison, there were few safe areas. However, on the edge of the wastes, in a plot of land that was not particularly valuable to anyone, an unofficial truce was taking place. In this secluded location, representatives from many groups met to trade their surplus resources. While negotiations were often tense, they rarely broke down - all sides benefitted from the ability to make a deal.

Erin Squires knew an opportunity when she saw one.

With a little bit of hired help, she began to make sure things ran smoothly. People who went back on their deals rarely did so a second time after Squires' gang paid them a visit. Eventually, when she was well known enough to get away with it, Squires started collecting money to cover business expenses. This was the beginning of the Trade Regulation Committee.

Within a few years, the TRC's territory had grown exponentially, covering miles and miles of ground. Its operating methods were almost exactly the same, though more formal. The Committee enforced three laws, which it publicized very well. All trades are to use TRC currency and pay a 5% tax. No trade, contract, exchange, or service can be acquired by coercion. All contracts are binding and enforced by the TRC's security.

Most people within the TRC's borders are happy to obey these laws. Independent traveling merchants needed the stability that the TRC's security could bring. Representatives of larger groups needed a market to offload large quantities of goods quickly. And the permanent residents? Well, there was nowhere else that they could make a living in their line of work.

Given the relative safety and wealth of the neutral market, a niche for extravagant live entertainment quickly sprang up - and was filled just as quickly. In particular, a great deal of money changed hands betting on the fighting pits. While anyone who could come up with two volunteers could organize a pit, the most outrageous events were always thrown by the Princesses - a mysterious and flamboyant group known for their over-the-top formal attire and brutal business practices.

The TRC has stopped expanding, but it shows no sign of going anywhere. Its vast holdings and buying power seem to prove that it will remain a major player on Florida Island for many years to come.
No. 5795 ID: 08bf42

I don't really do fluff, but I have some thoughts about the supply drops:

- No crates or tins, because that's just giving the prisoners weapons. Instead, everything is sent in sacks, plastic bags, leather pouches, etc. - which could be where most of the clothing is sourced from.
- Since you can't really do bulk deliveries like that, the auto-warden thingies are constantly flying all over the place to drop off supplies, which also means there's a pretty good chance that wherever a fight is happening a drone can step in to prevent killings.

I might some more ideas later.
No. 5798 ID: c00b0d
File 129488311191.jpg - (530.60KB , 600x900 , I_always_stand_my_ground_by_mat3jko.jpg )

>- No crates or tins, because that's just giving the prisoners weapons. Instead, everything is sent in sacks, plastic bags, leather pouches, etc. - which could be where most of the clothing is sourced from.
Oh, this is clever. I'd planned on having them grow cotton and dyes, but this helps keep things a bit more explainable. I mean, it's not like I'm NOT going to have every low level thug in an elaborate costume.

>auto-warden thingies
Yeah, I'd definitely planned a quantity over quality approach with them.

>I don't really do fluff
I need testers more than anything, if you're more into the numbers side of things, not that I don't find story-side contributions really helpful.
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