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File 129024659685.jpg - (10.76KB , 450x236 , Maynooth36a.jpg )
5535 No. 5535 ID: f16b80

What does TG think about glass cannons? Better yet, what is the biggest glass cannons in Table tops or video games otherwise?
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No. 5537 ID: d8cbe7

Character wise, or weapon/ability wise?
Also, I submit Every Extend as biggest glass cannon in every sense ever (though I doubt that was what you were looking for).

Personally, I think glass cannons can be fun, so long as they aren't literally one-shot things. So I like glass cannon characters, but dislike glass cannon weapons.
No. 5538 ID: f16b80
File 129027657410.png - (311.32KB , 462x567 , Amazon.png )


Well, honestly anything-wise. Like, maybe some character/weapon/equipment or various builds maybe? Glass cannon characters are pretty fun, I'm not so sure about weapons, considering you need someone to use them after all.

No. 5539 ID: 197650

in real life im tempted to say the flamberge, a zweihander with a wavey blade, designed to reduce friction and allow for far deeper penetration.

They were known to stab through a man's torso and get stuck. You'll be sure anything you stab with it dies, but your sword will probbably get stuck in the process, which isnt something you want on the middle of a battlefield.
No. 5540 ID: f16b80
File 129033464968.jpg - (98.11KB , 640x323 , archimedes_death_ray.jpg )


That sounds pretty brutal, but if we're talkin' old and overpowered I'm going with Archimedes Death Ray.
No. 5542 ID: c99f30
File 129035764222.jpg - (557.31KB , 1600x1200 , Great_Turkish_Bombard_at_Fort_Nelson.jpg )

The Dardanelles Gun, technically a XBAWKSHEUG Bronze Cannon. Designed by a Hungarian, first marketed to the East Roman Empire, eventually built and used by their mortal enemies, the Turks, to lay siege to the final 'impregnable' bastion of this empire, Constantinople.

It was last used in the early 1800s as coastal defense when the British tried to harass the Ottoman Empire. It successfully killed at least 28 soldiers in this final operation, despite having been forged over 300 years ago.

Was later gifted to the Queen Victoria for some reason, perhaps just to rub it in.
No. 5543 ID: f16b80

No. 5551 ID: 5ba6bb
File 129055477964.jpg - (59.19KB , 230x230 , glass_cannon.jpg )

Did somebody said Glass Cannon?

Damn, that game needs some love...
No. 5726 ID: 2ee9d8

Yeah, Rise of Legends was the best. Three, interestingly distinctive 'fantasy' sides (even tho each was a different genre really), and overworld campaign maps! Pretty sweet.
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