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File 124416381721.jpg - (32.68KB , 500x300 , 1240111315283.jpg )
53 No. 53 ID: ebf8f1

I know lots of people who like playing RPGs, but nobody who likes GMing them.

Is this common?
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No. 54 ID: c92984

DMing takes much more work.
No. 56 ID: 58ec8b

I've been a GM for about 90% of the games I've participated in. Basically, I'm the only one masochist enough to spend 10 hours a week writing a game.

But then again, I love writing games and I never seem to be short on ideas.

I'd just... like to play as well... you know, for a change.
No. 58 ID: 87583b

Whenever I try to GM, nobody wants to play. I wind up signing onto games in progress.

Dunno what it is.
No. 67 ID: 3627be

I write lots of random charts for me to roll on and a loose plotline.
No. 68 ID: c92984

And the people that DM tend to end up DMing a lot, so there's also fatigue to consider.
No. 102 ID: f74047
File 12442100876.jpg - (93.95KB , 1022x768 , 1233117978925.jpg )

[Creature table]s are trying to [Evil Deed Table][Creature Table] because [BBEG table] who lives at [Lair Table] told them to.

Eg. [House Cat]s are trying to [Assassinate][Beholder] because [Singing French Nobleman] who lives at [Sewers] told them to.

Expanding this table, we could have infinite creative adventures.
No. 105 ID: 64734e

[Ham Sandwiches]s are trying to [Exfoliate][Centaur Harems] because [Faggy Angel with one wing] who lives at [RIGHT BEHIND YOU] told them to.
No. 106 ID: 8de3c6


This needs to be drawfaged
No. 107 ID: 64734e

[Buffalo]s are trying to [buffalo][buffalo] because [Buffalo] who lives in [Buffalo] told them to.
No. 109 ID: 89ff55

GMing is a pain in the ass. But so rewarding!
No. 303 ID: 7cf5f9

GMing is work.
No. 320 ID: 1afd58
File 124525489527.png - (7.50KB , 196x217 , 1234099032372.png )

[Cutebold]s are trying to [cuddle][dwarves] because [goblins] who live at [JoinedSpider] told them to.
No. 321 ID: 1afd58

Nooo, it's remembering my subject and making me look weird.
No. 326 ID: 7eda8b

Sup drib.

If you think that's weird, wait till you see the ID system in the Quest board.

No more '5 votes by sameguy' stuff.

...but also no more fooling yourself about how many people are actually following, either.
No. 327 ID: 1afd58

>fooling yourself about how many are following

Yeah, I never had that issue. Mostly namefolks commented on my quest, and I knew that only like three people were playing.

Sad times.

That said, I prefer DMing over playing for tabletops. Always have. My group has a reversed problem from the OPs; we have seven people and six people enjoy DMing more than playing.
No. 328 ID: f74047

You live at Opposite land? Awesome.
No. 329 ID: 1afd58
File 124526584649.gif - (6.64KB , 90x50 , 1243591102238.gif )

I wouldn't say that. We still have powergamers and people hollering memes during play. Also Monty Python quoting.

But that said, when a DM steps down after his campaign, we have someone else immediately step up with a different style, sometimes a different system, and certainly a different campaign world. It keeps things from getting dry and it's fun times.
No. 332 ID: f74047

When a GM (ie. me) steps down after a campaign here, the players ask me what system I'll be running next week.
No. 333 ID: 1afd58

My group basically only plays D&D and nWoD. We're slogging through 4e at the moment. I am indifferent to the system, though I preferred 3.5 in some regards, 4e is tolerable in other ways also.

Anyway, I get annoyed because I enjoy DMing but only get to do so once every two years really, since other DMs run their stuff first. Make-a me sad.
No. 462 ID: 7d87d9

Yes because I hate most of the people in my group and they tend to minmax enough to destroy anything I throw at them.

If I throw something at them and they die then they become whiny little bitches
No. 463 ID: f74047

Players are supposed to win encounters, you know.
No. 479 ID: 7d87d9

They eliminate the major enemies in ONE TURN. it doesn't even get a move they go MIXMAX POWERS GOO!!!
No. 480 ID: 3a062a

Then scale it up until they get a challenge.
If there's no clear grey area between "Rape encounter to death" and "Rape party to death", then figure out what they're doing to kill things so fast, scale it back down, and figure out how to counter those tactics specifically.
No. 481 ID: 3a062a

And not with direct counters either.
Sure, you can drop an thing that makes it immune to whatever they're using, but that causes whining.
Go for half damage, or resistance, or just high saves.
No. 590 ID: 27a587

I, for one actually enjoy GMing. Given I have a good group who are willing to try to play along with the story I have come up with and don't running around acting like retards for the sake of acting like a retard.
No. 605 ID: 122bd0

I would like to play RPG's or GM in equal measure, but I know no-one else who plays them. It's about a decade from my last game.

Apart from bawwing, though, I really haven't anything to add.
No. 696 ID: 1d1c93


Alternative solution: If they use something that would normally kill off what would normally be a challenge in one hit, fudge the results. "Your awe-inspiring blow strikes the [Whatever] directly in the chest, sending it hurtling back from the sheer force of [Whatever He Did]. There is a flash of light, a puff of smoke, a roll of thunder, and five trees fall over in rapid succession, though not necessarily in that order... and it appears that [Guy You Intended For Challenge] has had most of his armor blown off of his body. [Guy] speaks, breathing heavily, 'That was a dirty trick. My turn.'"

"Roll initiative."
No. 697 ID: 1d1c93
File 124702774197.jpg - (25.77KB , 500x300 , facepalmfight.jpg )

Hey, sweet. I was the one that made the OP's picture.
No. 6920 ID: 3efa69

>I know lots of people who like playing RPGs, but nobody who likes GMing them.
>Is this common?

Strictly speaking not, there's usually always one or two guys who really dig it, and that's all you need. But people who like to GM are rarer than people who like to play. It takes a certain sort of personality, one that loves to build worlds and embraces the tremendous amount of work involved.
No. 6961 ID: f7aa74

i like DMing, but collecting all the necessary charts/table/books is a lot of work and drains my wallet... that's why i made my own system. So far it works well and everyone enjoys it, but i run into the issue of attempting to take it out of the survival aspect and making it into an actual conqeur thing.
No. 6964 ID: 753cdd

I for one would love to GM, but I am stuck in campaign that will take years to resolve at the current pace (read: our GM kinda of sucks) and living it shitty postcommunist country I am glad that I found at least this group.
No. 7056 ID: 402d3f

i've never done it, or even played a game that had a gm, i think i would like it though, i love storytelling.
No. 7065 ID: f7aa74
File 130634083249.jpg - (33.68KB , 533x452 , monty_python_holy_grail_script_029_dirty_peasants.jpg )


ALMOST, who needs a gm anyway
No. 7076 ID: 61278f

You could take a shot at running something online. Jump on an irc and get some players.
Just don't be shocked if it falls apart, especially if you don't have someone to browbeat people into sticking to a schedule.
Still, I'm in one that's been going a year+ now and there are more longevous ones out there
No. 7113 ID: 402d3f

i haven't had a chance to play an RPG before. only srtaegy games.
No. 7114 ID: cab4cf

I enjoy GMing, but am not very good at it and can never really go through all the trouble to make it work really well. Unfortunately, three more members of the group are too new to the system (AD&D 2nd edition) to come up with anything, and the third is hardly better than myself, meaning there's really nobody there to DM us awesome adventure time.

I've been supposed to try and recruit someone, but other than a half-hearted thread here a bit under this one that hasn't gotten anyone interested, have not yet managed to do so.
No. 7124 ID: 987c92

I enjoy my game and group.

It's really heavily roleplay oriented, though, which I imagine cut down on the min/maxers. Everyone who's there is there to develop their characters and find a way to talk themselves through the plots.

Which can get a bit annoying in its own way. I've been trying to nudge them into this lost city I've designed for the better part of two months, but they've fallen in love with a royal marriage subplot I threw in to facilitate an assassination attempt and have pretty much set up camp at the royal court(s).
No. 7185 ID: 912f8c

GMing is fun; i do it more than i play, most of the time. Not a lot of work, really, if you half ass it and make it up as you go along (they won't realize. Most RPG players, for being so damn 'intelligent' have low goddamn insight scores.)
No. 7191 ID: 55c4cf

I love GMing.
No. 7200 ID: 1dec78

GMing sucks. I'd rather play. Let the GM worry about player idiocy, quest derailment, etc etc.
No. 7214 ID: 70e6ae

I hate GM'ing because I suck at it.

But if I could run a satisfying campaign, I'd enjoy it.
No. 7215 ID: f11446

About half the enjoyment comes from revealing the plot of your own story. I don't believe any published adventure can be exciting enough to motivate you running it from first encounter to last. And of course, players can just read the adventure elsewhere and force you to stray off from the book.
It's the thrill of watching players react to your laid out traps, pulling information from your NPCs, making theories about what's going on and noticing something you'd never think of. Many times I caught myself giggling and rubbing my hands while reading players' posts.
No. 7216 ID: 7a3b1d

> And of course, players can just read the adventure elsewhere and force you to stray off from the book.
Our That Guy from back in the day did the opposite.
Whenever anyone wanted to take a break from creating things from whole cloth and run a premade, he'd go torrent it and read it and metagame the shit out of things.
Then again, this is the same guy that for his first time playing Morrowind went with a speedrun guide so he could 'beat' the other group member that bought it at the same time.
No. 7270 ID: a8a734
File 130851497140.png - (144.58KB , 905x746 , Rarity_Bathrobe.png )

I'm almost a full-time DM in my group. I enjoy DMing a lot, although I would like to be a player in a campaign with a realy good DM at some point. I have a bunch of character ideas I really can't use because I'm almost always behind the DM's seat.

Also, my tastes as a DM and the players' tastes don't completely overlap; I'd say they sort of 70% overlap, but from feedback I've gathered that they like my lighter-hearted, sillier, more escapist scenarios more than my more serious ones. We all like dramatic stuff, so it's good, but sometimes I just want to turn the grimdark meter down from 'platinum' to 'vougishly light grey'. Sigh, the trials and tribulations of a DM...
No. 7290 ID: 8b9dd7

Run dark heresy and turn the grimdark meter to standard Warhammer 40k.

Though I really desire to play, there's none who can DM, I would but I've proven quite horrible at remembering. I was wondering if there was some IRC's I could go to for online play?
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