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File 124578287079.jpg - (186.14KB , 1440x900 , 1235941182933.jpg )
447 No. 447 ID: c611c3

This thread is for Abandonbrew: Things you thought up once and never followed through on.
I propose a kind of commiseration/exchange of ideas based around them.
Ideas in this thread are fair game for developing on your own.
Pic unrelated.
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No. 448 ID: c611c3
File 124578303038.png - (416.22KB , 1024x768 , alucard1024x2bn4.png )

To start things off:
Infinite Carnelian Tomb of Heroes Body, an Abyssal martial art for Exalted.
Pic related.
No. 2551 ID: 3d8798

Oog, I have too much Abandonbrew to list. Mostly with trying to make better grafts for 3.5, or some craziness like that. Most of my Abandonbrew is in half-finished game system, not just homebrew stuff for existing games, tho.
No. 2580 ID: 96dedb

A fantasy/steam punk setting comprised of island nations. Normal and airship pirates abound.

Never got it to far, mostly had trouble fleshing out the major nations.
No. 2582 ID: d2ec7d

I had something like that too, though i was thinking about a MMO mostly. Ground is full of nasties, magocracies get floating cities and create a "magic sea" up there for floating ships.

Magic is so widespread there's no such thing as races anymore, pretty much everybody alters himself in some way, but the cultures remain. Elves are the most magical, and most of them ignore gunpowder, humans tend to use both gunpowder and direct magic and dwarves only use magic to enhance the cannons and ammunition, pretty much ignoring direct spells.

This was inspired by Pirates of the Burning Sea, so there'd also be sails and winds, which i felt made things more interesting. The basic idea of this was making a setting where the option of nimble vs heavy ship was actually there at all levels (thanks to magic mostly).
No. 2583 ID: 43d730

A fragment of a steampunk game:
Giant walking cities because I liked that one series.
However, you need people that can attack them directly, not just boarders.
And so I thought up clockwork knights.
Power armor of any stripe makes you stronger, yes?
Usually just to make the armor bearable to move in, but occasionally for other reasons.
So boost up the strength a great deal, and give them OMG ANIME SIZED swords.
They'd be a little clumsy and slow, but they also kill giants.
No. 3910 ID: f98e0b
File 127584909241.png - (234.01KB , 800x600 , 11.png )

That’s not to say that they haven’t been keeping busy, of course. The commandant has been keeping his Qal drilling and on their toes almost incessantly. They’ve been patching up holes in the walls and defenses and scouting the area’s soil quality and grass coverage for potential pit traps/ambushes, and setting up contingency plans for a potential grass fire, which is a very real possibility in the dry seasons.
Jai is feeling better about the entire thing after their talk and seeing all the professional activity, and has been drowning her doubts in sparring sessions with Dio and fierce practice every morning. The younger Qal in the barracks like to hang around and watch, as much for the outstanding pyrotechnics displays as for the fact that her workout outfit looks like
No. 11722 ID: f62682

I thought of some sort of Underworld Sentai team. It would be like Power Rangers meets Waith: the Oblivion and Geist: the Sin-Eaters.
No. 11730 ID: 688dd6

Goddamn, this brings me back.
No. 11734 ID: f57349

https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/96871.html A more recent attempt to address the same topic.
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