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File 128100784884.jpg - (57.42KB , 500x372 , kamina.jpg )
4138 No. 4138 ID: e31d52

Crosspostan from 4chan :V

I come to you because I am in an interesting situation, with an opportunity. You see, in my 4e game, normally, I play a Seeker. When the player who is often away, is, I play her Archer warlord as well.

Well, the DM finally got tired of her shit, and kicked her from the group. So I thought, rather than continue playing her character, I'd make my own Warlord/other leader, and have some fun of my own!

The group currently is a Centered Breath Monk, a Fighter that generates temporary hit points like crazy, a Seeker, and an archer warlord. My current plan is pic related, especially since we're about to go and fight us some Drow. We're lvl 4.

tl;dr, what leader role character should I make to replace a absentee player?

inb4 4e, etc
No. 4139 ID: 620bfb

Obviously stick with pic related. Bravura Warlord is basically Kamina.
No. 4237 ID: 3f298f

I'm actually playing a Kamina-style inspiring warlord. He may not go full retard in combat as much, but he heals and buffs the fuck out of his friends with manly speeches.
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