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File 127467548155.png - (5.09KB , 586x148 , tgmud.png )
3782 No. 3782 ID: e513f1

Okay, since the main post was massively outdated and it was filled with unpleasant things that could drive a newbie away, I've decided to just go ahead and start a new one.

TGMUD is a Multi User Dungeon created for /tg/chan, with mostly /quest/ content, based off the CoffeeMUD engine (which is really fantastic, if a bit buggy). It is now graciously hosted by Dylan, possibly until TLE reappears if he is willing to host it again.

The channel is #tgmud on irc.rizom.net. The MUD is hosted on www4.tgchan.org temporarily, on port 5555.

If you were a member of the old tgMUD, I sincerely apologize. It is difficult to run a project, and I definitely did not handle it the right way. If you felt insulted or wronged by my behavior, I am sorry for it, and I would like to welcome you back to the reboot with no hard feelings. I promise to be less of a dick this time.
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No. 3783 ID: 8dc333

Ok, what is this and how do I get in on it.
No. 3784 ID: 5dec64

>I promise to be less of a dick this time.

Oh, you mean, like when you started to harass people in the channel to make characters or get the fuck out and, you know, acting like a dick?

Yeah, not going to fool me again.
No. 3785 ID: f95872

>I promise to be less of a dick this time.
Well, I'll give you another chance!

Even though I basically just left because I stopped caring, and have what is apparently an unusually high tolerance for dickery.
No. 3786 ID: f95872

It's a MUD, which is a type of game, and you get in on it by going to irc://irc.rizon.net/tgmud.

Even though Squeegy said it was rizom in the OP. That was a typo, presumably.
No. 3787 ID: 201337
File 127469592665.jpg - (19.07KB , 511x247 , Clip.jpg )

Not exactly, rizon is the channel. Which you should probably log on anyways.

But for the actual mud you need a client, like http://www.mushclient.com/downloads/dlmushclient.htm
go connection > quick connect and fill the info in like this.
No. 3788 ID: f95872

Going to the channel would be the recommended course of action for anyone looking to "get in on it". You should do that before trying to actually play, to have some idea of what's going on.
No. 3789 ID: e513f1


No, you misunderstood. I wasn't even telling them to get out. I was asking one person why he was there if he wasn't planning on ever contributing. Apparently it turned into a mini-fight, I assume you are Flynx, so after you left he decided to make a character and the whole issue was solved.
No. 3791 ID: f08df9

Oh no, that wasn't me; this is me :D
"Asking" is also a huge understatement as even when he offered to contribute without taking part in the actual game you saw no justification for him to be in the channel.
No. 3792 ID: f95872
File 127473390268.jpg - (251.53KB , 600x600 , WHfacepalm.jpg )

Stop bringing up old drama guys.
No. 3793 ID: 5dec64


>Old drama

It happened yesterday.
No. 3794 ID: e513f1

Yes, I can see where he could contribute now. I was not entirely clear-headed because I was frustrated by the general lack of interest there seemed to be, and wrongly took it out on him.

Also, whoops, it was irc.rizon.net. :V
No. 3797 ID: e513f1

The server is now hosted on www5.tgchan.org, same port. Hopefully a lot more stable, more permanent hosting.
No. 3939 ID: 7ea95e

Up to five or six different areas.

Phantom Star, by me
The Pyramid, by Freis
Turning Sands, by Rosque
Twilight City, by Numbers
Suburbia, by me
and the Quake Dungeon, which is just a mish-mash of games in a series of levels

And, playable races:
No. 3940 ID: 7ea95e

Also Flatwood, by Raycaster.
No. 3956 ID: b855ca

I tried this out.

It was pretty cool.

I like dancers so far, but it costs a lot of movement to keep up a dance. Maybe that'll get better as I level....
No. 3960 ID: a594b9

Don't mess with Squeegy's archon while he's idle.
No. 3961 ID: 412279
File 127717377237.jpg - (54.38KB , 513x448 , Kobold skull.jpg )


And for the love of god don't touch his staff if he ever puts it down. Someone did that a few days ago.

Staff explodes, some of the higher-level (And with sturdier race/class combo) players are severely injured. A cutebold or two gets turned to confetti.
No. 3964 ID: e513f1

And I'm down a staff!

No. 3986 ID: fcd9f5

/r/ing more combat classes.

I'm sick of partying with people who can't take a damn hit.
No. 3994 ID: 19e705

This instills more desire in me to try the MUD out than anything else I have ever heard about it.
No. 3996 ID: fcd9f5

Please do!

I promise I'll be nice =3c
No. 3997 ID: 383547


There's lots of fighty classes from what I've seen. Or at least people with fighty alts, anyways.


It's not something that happens every day (luckily) though shenanigans of one stripe or another aren't uncommon. Like Raycaster setting up a bodyshop in the underground tunnels.

Bodyshop in this case not having anything to do with cars and everything to do with "piling the bodies of machina fighters as high as the ceiling and crafting a shit load of iron stuff from their corpses."

Or the fact that if your first death is around an Artisan you're all but guaranteed to get a free item made out of your corpse.
No. 3998 ID: fcd9f5

I wonder if anyone's a drawfag and would draw my character for me =3

I'd love to have a portrait of her.
No. 3999 ID: 19e705

Well, that does sound fairly awesome. I reckon I'll probably give it a try when I'm back at my main computer.

Post a proper description. There are plenty of folks around who draw stuff sometimes.
No. 4010 ID: b0ab2e


I'd give it a try if you post a detailed description. The in-game description space is kinda small :V
No. 4011 ID: 7a28df

Breaking news! The Soldier and Engineer classes are both mostly finished. The Soldier is a Ranged/Hand-to-Hand class, with most of the monk's abilities, most of the fighter's abilities, and a bunch of others sprinkled in, but all of these are only skills you are qualified for. Mostly the soldier's skills involve guns. He gets far shot and point blank shot immediately, crit shot and rapid shot soon after, two weapon fighting, dodge, shield block for the riot soldier, etc. He requires massive upkeep due to the fact that guns are giant ammo black holes, but since he can always resort to his fists it's not that much of a problem.

The Engineer is a high-tech artisan. He qualifies for some of the artisan's skills and can always learn any two crafting skills he wants, but mostly he makes guns. A whole shitload of guns. Starting off with pistols, working his way into rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, machine pistols, machine guns, explosive weapons and finally the very high-tech experimental weapons. He is also capable of making armor, mostly high-tech exosuits and the like, but also mechs and much later on robots that can act as followers and sentries. Also cars sometimes.

There's also the quake dungeon, the premise of which being that it's a mashup of all the different FPS-style games thrown into a series of dungeons. You enter a level and must finish the level or die to escape, and you must do all the levels in sequential order. Inbetween levels you can rest and possibly leave, but to get back to the later levels you must complete them all over again. Levels will scale in difficulty.

Be warned we have mostly dropped the /tg/chan premise since /tg/chan has shown very little interest and the majority of our players are no longer from /tg/chan. We still only have /tg/chan races, but our areas are not exclusively from quests, nor are our classes. There could still be a few references in the MUD, though.

Overall we have grown a lot and I invite you to give it a try. We regularly have 10 or so people on so there is plenty of chance for interaction. Worldbuilding has been slow recently but new areas will probably open up soon.
No. 4012 ID: 40cb26

Well I play plenty and I like the quests, so references to them would be cool. But going with a more 4chan /tg/ flavor is probably a better bet all around. Areas based on dwarf fortress and unified setting would be the best for including fantasy elements that are still sorely lacking. Having a fantasy area based on the those would work better than one based on, say, Shoujen. But a pair gender-swapping enslaving effects called Shoujen and Shenjou would still be cool.

Races should be drawn from both, if only because we have a load of quest races already. We already have Dwarves Cutebolds Burmecians and Sergals, so add Fey Corgis and Dragonborn (No Duran will not suffice) and there's your Unified Setting and Dwarf Fortress. Renaming dwarves as dorfs would be overkill though.

Quest-wise, Nedynvor would be a good addition. Gnolls are a staple fantasy race anyway, and Doobies... would be funny. Maybe. Not sure about animal people though, even though Nan is already in the MUD. Too many sorts of them. Maybe if you called them all "kinfolk" or something and they could be fluffed however.
No. 4013 ID: 8e18cd


> Dragonborn (No Duran will not suffice)

Since when Durans are Reptile/Dragon-related, my good sir.

They have mammary glands for fuck sake.
No. 4014 ID: 5d28c7

>Implying they ain't generic lizard furries with a new paint-job.
No. 4022 ID: 40cb26

>Implying dragonborn aren't already as mammaried as all get out.

Anyways I don't think they fill that role not because I don't like them, but rather this:

>Race Name : Duran (Humanoid)
>Stat Mods.: Intelligence+1, dexterity+2, constitution-2, save vs disease-10, max intelligence adj.+1, max dexterity adj.+2, max constitution adj.-2

It's a far cry from the +2Str/+2Cha Dragonborn thematically or mechanically. It's as different as elves and dwarves.
No. 4089 ID: 7a28df

No fighting, you two.
No. 4093 ID: 81343b
File 128022017277.png - (5.61KB , 435x122 , GOD VS SQUEEGY.png )

I can't stop laughing.
No. 4121 ID: 7a28df
File 128069745759.jpg - (114.93KB , 500x495 , 4849550924_fcc1bf8d22.jpg )

Let's dump some fanart, keep this thread at the top.
No. 4125 ID: 7a28df
File 128077520574.jpg - (68.77KB , 717x835 , ADDivU.jpg )

No. 4128 ID: 7a28df
File 128079143127.jpg - (65.83KB , 500x398 , 4851759219_9eb999c319.jpg )

No. 4129 ID: 8bdb6a

Oh, sweet. That's friggin' awesome.

(Nitpick: Tozols have two forward-facing and one rearward toe per foot. Kind of like a madcat mech.)
No. 4131 ID: 7a28df
File 128081217711.jpg - (60.06KB , 318x500 , 4833615130_c0826c3698.jpg )

More Tozols, then!
No. 4133 ID: 7a28df
File 128082829874.jpg - (112.91KB , 372x500 , 4852061058_ee94fc0cc7.jpg )

Also engineers.
No. 4134 ID: 7a28df
File 128082831245.jpg - (63.03KB , 500x409 , 4855541057_1f955e3778.jpg )

No. 4136 ID: 7a28df
File 12808978608.jpg - (70.94KB , 384x500 , 4843376554_c80415c250.jpg )

Power armor for the power armor god.
No. 4137 ID: 10c20a

hell yeah. You already know my opinions on these

and this right here looks incredibly bad ass
No. 4140 ID: 7a28df
File 128105499427.jpg - (48.30KB , 502x718 , pyy1zq.jpg )

Hi #vilous.
No. 4142 ID: 7a28df
File 128107093555.jpg - (50.22KB , 335x500 , 4848895473_809bab0787.jpg )

No. 4144 ID: 7a28df
File 128111602771.jpg - (54.72KB , 847x699 , 7qQEDa.jpg )

Fazo draws the sexy pictures, mm yes?
No. 4156 ID: 0fef2e
File 128124303790.jpg - (284.35KB , 956x1000 , 4868903651_32667b8e14_b.jpg )

No. 4175 ID: f16b80

All the pictures are fanarts of the MUD?
No. 4184 ID: 81f3b5

Every one.
No. 4186 ID: 81f3b5

Also a reminder that the MUD is still taking archons, the grinder is still really easy to use and the only requirement is still having a quest.
No. 4187 ID: 8e18cd

Even though TGMUD has nothing to do with quest no more?
No. 4190 ID: e63755

Yes. The quest requirement was only there in the first place because having a quest implied having some imagination with which to create areas with.
No. 4197 ID: e63755
File 128216806040.jpg - (197.91KB , 595x1000 , 128211414228.jpg )

Dogmeat again
No. 4198 ID: e63755
File 128216808813.jpg - (255.68KB , 737x1000 , 128211579966.jpg )

Showin' that paranoid survivor who's boss
No. 4842 ID: 80bb9a


Added Gnolls as a playable race and split Sergals into Northern and Southern. Also added a few new areas, such as the Elemental Plane of Fire for level 25+. A few new classes:

*Soldier its own main class.
*Spec Ops
*Filled Engineer's crafting skills up.
No. 4843 ID: 1854db

Don't forget we also added Kenku, Nevreans, Lazuhrek are properly blind now with sonar that WORKS... Plus there's a big ol' mountain zone where you can gather resources and kill a few drakes flying around. It will eventually have some mining tunnels under it. Also in the works is a Lazuhrek-themed jungle and a city that actually has a law system!

Clockworks are kinda broken at the moment. Should be fixed soon, I hope! (hint hint squeegy)
No. 4844 ID: 36019b

Is there a handy dandy info Webpage like the last one had? With all the class, player, and race information listed?

White page, got the big coffee logo in the upper left. Seem to remember it being something like that.
No. 4845 ID: 40cb26

No. 5115 ID: d24479



Y'know, if we're going to have a bird race, why not make it Tezakians? Then it'd be sup/tg/ related!
No. 5118 ID: 1854db

TzQ isn't on sup/tg/. This site is pretty separate from that one actually! Besides, the mud is more of a general tg thing nowadays, not just /quest/ stuff.
No. 5134 ID: 80bb9a

Kenku were requested in a /tg/ ad thread. No one plays one, though.
No. 5514 ID: 1854db

Slimes are a new race. They can't use much armor, and can't wield weapons at all, but have an effective unarmed attack and innate damage resistance. Sex with them is forbidden, so don't even RP it.

Slimes still in the testing phase really. All classes are open, even those that really should be wielding weapons like fighters and thieves. Thieves will likely be disabled once we're done checking balance, since, well... backstab is kindof important.
No. 5518 ID: 679e7a


I'm... having trouble parsing this. Sex with slimes is forbidden? But it's totally okay to bump uglies with sergals or cutebolds or whatever else? I'd understand if it was like 'slimes will melt your dick off if you try to fuck them', but the way it's stated sounds like you just don't want pseudopod porn.

Not that it affects me either way, as I don't plan to join the MUD any time soon, but I am curious.
No. 5519 ID: 1854db

Yeah that's basically it.

Though I personally would PREFER it if people didn't cyber all the goddamn time regardless of what race they pick.
No. 5520 ID: 2563d4


No. 5523 ID: 0e5efb

>Sex with them is forbidden

No. 5524 ID: 1854db

Okay you can fuck slimes now, since people whined like little babies about it for like a full half-hour.

And apparently the issue of snooping was brought up. Yes, Archons can use the Snoop command to see what someone is doing without them knowing they're watching. However we are mindful of our players' wishes and as far as I know nobody's complained about being snooped on. Don't be afraid to tell us when we're doing something you don't like. We may be in power but it's our responsibility to make sure the players are happy.

I would hope nobody's doing anything they wouldn't want other people in the mud to know about anyway.
No. 5525 ID: 1854db

Before someone responds with "But how would they complain if they didn't know they were getting snooped on" I'd like to point out that we talk about snooping in-mud and in-chat occasionally, so I expect everyone to know that it's going on.
No. 5526 ID: abb30a
File 129013143034.jpg - (13.32KB , 458x321 , Robotnik.jpg )

Snooping as usual, I see!
No. 5527 ID: 96aedd

You... You double nigger!

tgMUD is much better now that Squeegy is gone.
No. 5528 ID: 2563d4

Thank god for that. I'd hate to think you were watching people's intimate cyber-yiff sessions without sharing them for everyone else to laugh at.
No. 5547 ID: 8d7dd2

Clockworks and Lohrkes and Tozols and Durans sure are /tg/ races, right.
No. 5548 ID: 1854db


We don't even have Durans in the mud anymore. Plus that's 4 races out of... 18 not counting southern and northern sergals as separate.

Check it out: there's a sortof mini-wiki.

Yeah that shit can get pretty embarrassing(ly funny) sometimes but I'm sure if anyone shared pastebins of that stuff we'd start losing players. Losing players is bad, mkay?
No. 5549 ID: 2563d4


>Losing players is bad, mkay?
Not when they're erotic furfags.
No. 5550 ID: 6d4402

Anyone who says people don't complain about snooping is a horrible liar. There was so much bitching.
No. 5554 ID: 2563d4

Wait, you mean cybering on a multiplayer server might not be entirely private? HOLY SHIT HOW COULD ANYBODY HAVE KNOWN?!
No. 5555 ID: 1854db

That's news to me. Or maybe you're just talking about the argument in #rubyquest? That doesn't really count if you ask me since all the people complaining don't play the mud.
No. 5565 ID: 1854db

Oh I forgot to mention that it wouldn't just be the ones in the log that would be leaving. It would be everyone who liked them. I'll spell it out for you: posting logs of stuff is a DICK MOVE. People will be pissed at you just on matter of principle. It doesn't even matter if it's sex rp. Anything that people would rather remain private will provoke this reaction.
No. 5597 ID: 80bb9a

Nope, not just #RubyQuest. People on the MUD mostly, in fact.
No. 5598 ID: 2563d4

There is no such thing as privacy on the internet.
No. 5599 ID: bf1e7e


>Anything that people would rather remain private will provoke this reaction.

Perhaps, and this might shock you, so I'm going to build up to it with a trio of ellipses


Perhaps if people want something to remain private they should not do it in a location where others can see it?
No. 5600 ID: 2563d4

That's crazy talk.
No. 5601 ID: e43bfe

Perhaps they had once thought it private?
No. 5602 ID: 1854db

People must've been complaining via PMs with eachother then, because there was no bitching about snooping in the irc channel.
No. 5603 ID: f123de

The solution is obviously to snoop them to see if that's what's happening.
No. 5604 ID: 1854db

That doesn't even really work because you can only see outgoing tells while snooping on someone. It's weird sometimes getting only half of the conversation.
No. 5746 ID: 6d4402

Well you can also evesdrop [sic] to get the other half. Also even Mantuga is getting up on the craze now, sheesh.
No. 5754 ID: 1854db

Mantuga creeps me out more than Dasaki. Though in a completely different way.
No. 5756 ID: 0d0a03

You have no idea.
No. 5781 ID: 9a82f9

Good thing they are both there! You can get creeped out on EVERY level.
No. 5819 ID: 8a991b

What did he do?
No. 5820 ID: 90ea1f

Good to know Squeegy wasn't requisite for drama.
No. 5822 ID: 8e18cd


Back to snooping on players?
No. 5823 ID: 2563d4

Aww, whatever this was, 818 deleted themselves before I could see the drama. :<
No. 5825 ID: b971a3

even the players can snoop if they suck archon dick pay shittons of gold to get a crystal ball
No. 5826 ID: 2563d4

Well, gee, perhaps people shouldn't yiffyaff there, then! I mean it's not like there are a shortage of places on the Internet to be retarded horny teenagers.

/quest/, for example.
No. 5827 ID: d93f68


Crystal balls were event items that granted a skill that is already available to basically every mage in existance: Scry.

People have it legitimately.

You might be misunderstanding that a public social environment is anything resembling private, but snoopers gonna snoop.
No. 5828 ID: 1854db

I would like for everyone to clearly state why they are against other players watching you roleplay.
No. 6204 ID: 72d523

Maybe they like some sort of privacy? I don't know why they'd use a MUD for that, but some people need it. I guess they could have some IC reason to be alone, but whatevs.

Then again there's always people cybering, but again I ask "why in a MUD?" I you want to cyber with your MUD characters log your characters in the desired location and do the deed on some chat service. Again, I guess some people get off on the fact they could be watched.

Godamn it.
No. 7772 ID: 8fe206

Does this MUD exist anymore or am I just loggin in on inactive times?
No. 7776 ID: 1854db

Sure. And we've come a long way, code-wise.

Not many new players stick around though. I guess we're still lacking in content...
No. 7777 ID: 4b1c10

so uh... i'm a retard when it comes to actually doing this stuff... sooo, whut is it and how do i do stuff that won't kill my computer?
No. 7779 ID: 1854db

The usual way is to get MushClient- http://goo.gl/VC52X and tell it to connect to www5.tgchan.org on port number 5555.

Though, uh, you should know that trolling isn't going to be ignored. Please behave yourself.
No. 7780 ID: 597dc4

>Though, uh, you should know that trolling isn't going to be ignored. Please behave yourself

is that directed towards me... that kinda hurts
No. 7781 ID: 1854db

...maybe you shouldn't try the mud at all. That would probably save time.
No. 7783 ID: 597dc4


welp too bad, bird soldier
No. 7785 ID: 8fe206

Peak hours are still around 9PM EST right? Or did that shift, because hardly anyone's on that time of night when I check in.
No. 7787 ID: 1854db

There were some people on around that time just today. It's not as active as it was half a year ago, but it's not dead or anything.
No. 7788 ID: 8fe206

What's the usual number of players? I was on today and there were only 4 people, as opposed to like August when there were usually 18 people on at a time. Is that just because lawlsummer or something?
No. 7789 ID: 1854db

Probably! We've lost some players though, for various reasons.

The max now would be more like... I dunno, 12-15, assuming nobody's playing more than one char at the same time.
No. 8065 ID: 1854db

Okay, we've got a slew of races available from Curelian to Scellor, a variety of leveling areas up to like 60 at which point things become a bit more restricted... Right now we could use more players and builders!

We have security settings for people to build without being full admins. Feel free to apply for that position!
No. 8158 ID: 551d90


Well, I can help on the new players front. And possibly the builder front too once I get how this sucker ticks. The variety of skills is on the Intimidating side and the tutorial seems long outdated.
No. 8162 ID: 12c19f

I'm finding this game grueling. I play Aviski the Nedynvor thief and have been sorta struggling my way through the leveling. There's no real FAQs to consider or character build guides to reference.

I'm sorta having a love/hate relationship. On one hand... It's a mmo based on friggin' /tg/ quests... On the other hand, dear christ everything is going to kill my feathery ass.
No. 8168 ID: 1854db

I looked at your build... you just need more dex, I think. Dex has a large effect on your damage in combat, and as it's the primary stat for Thieves you'll gain more accuracy by raising it. But hey, you have Back Stab now. That'll help a lot too.

Uh, as for guides... in the beginning pretty much every character class can just kill things in melee. Don't be afraid to kill things that give less than 100 exp per kill- that can often result in more xp/hour than fighting things your level or above your level. Also, killing things for money is a good idea, so you can buy gear from shops. The weapon shop in Suburbia sells decent weapons, and if you're a class that wears metal armor, the armor shop is good too (though quite expensive). Two-handed weapons are very strong, and are essentially the best choice unless you have abilities that focus on one-handed weapons or shields.

Some of the vanilla coffeemud areas (accessed through The Plains by entering the grassy plains portal) have good loot, or at least loot that sells for a lot, and better gold drops than in our custom areas. The level range varies WILDLY out in vanilla though, so be sure to use Consider on everything before you attack.

The Where command can give you a good indication of where to go, but there are some areas it leaves out. The Grindery is an area good for levels 1-90, but only shows up in Where if you're near level 50. The Ofcol Swamp is good for levels 10-75 but again, only shows up in Where around level 50.
No. 8170 ID: 12c19f
File 133165309465.png - (1.83KB , 159x143 , nedynvor go derp.png )

I didn't consider grinding on weaker mobs. Hurr.
No. 8202 ID: eab6a5

So which is better, this or HellMOO?
No. 8205 ID: eab6a5

are there plans to implement psionics?
No. 8222 ID: 1854db

HellMOO is probably better mechanically and has more content, but it's a different kind of mud anyway.
We've got Scellor, do those count? Psionics as a class like Mage would be different and quite possible but we don't have plans to do so.
No. 8352 ID: 049dfa

I love that picture
No. 8366 ID: 12c19f

Thanks. I off-handedly doodled it on paint when I was actively playing tgmud. I was a thief Nedynvor named Aviski but unfortunately don't have as much time to attend.
No. 8677 ID: d6a5fd

Huh, this is more active than I thought.
No. 8680 ID: 02944e

This game totally needs a lizard race, just sayin'.
No. 8681 ID: b85f8c

Curelians are lizardy, sortof.
No. 8682 ID: d6a5fd

We also have the Lizard Man monster race on request, but yeah, Curelians are sort of the lizardy race for the MUD. We don't want to just add Dragonborn cause that'd be lame (and nobody would be able to stop thinking of Skyrim).
No. 8683 ID: 02944e

What about some sort of fish like race? Something with scales and claws and such? I notice thongs missing!
No. 8684 ID: 9b3c3b

There are plenty of thongs, jerk! >:O

Lumera are the fishiest race we have. I suppose it's possible we could add Indahls at some point. If somebody actually wanted to play them.
No. 8701 ID: d6a5fd

[Race Class Level ] Character name
[Kobold Artisan 58 ] Taykis
[Gnoll Archon ] Blackjack
[Lamia Artisan 92/100 ] Asuraus (OOC) (idle: 35m)
[Gnoll Veteran 6/9 ] Elithor
[Gnoll Beastmaster 34/35 ] Ria
[Gnoll Soldier 11 ] Jekyl
[Clockwork Artisan 28/100 ] Walter
[Human Soldier 22 ] Azizeron
[Nevrean-Gnol Apprentice 1 ] Maysa
[Lian Apprentice 1 ] Remazi
[Ezilot Monk 4/5 ] Tyarith
[Slime Cleric 17 ] Panacea
[Gnoll Doomsayer 28/64 ] Durga
[Human Fighter 88/89 ] Hibited
[Demon Conjurer 16/17 ] Synn the Demon
[Tabaxi Enchanter 5/6 ] Minta
[Lamia Beastmaster 41/67 ] Ilya the Witch
[Minotaur Fighter 20 ] Adyali
[Lamia Ranger 19/20 ] Artyem
[Gnoll Monk 10 ] Glas

Huzzah for people!
No. 8810 ID: 02944e

How active have things been recently? I keep checking the MUD's homepage and there's never more than like 1 or 2 people online.
No. 9897 ID: 061a93

It dropped off and started picking back up recently. Still mainly active later at night. Could definitely use some more players.
No. 10038 ID: 5d98c3

Do I need to memorize all the prefixes? I loathe memorizing prefixes. I'm a programming student, I don't enjoy it in my off time.
No. 10063 ID: 65449b

I am not sure what you mean so, no, probably not.
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