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File 127327669878.png - (107.19KB , 1038x750 , map9.png )
3653 No. 3653 ID: dd0a5e

Alright, After leaving for a little while I've been working on a project that might be a bit..huge. It's a game unlike much before it. We have an entire site dedicated to play and a wiki as well.


Follow the link and look around. If you want to join please do. Its a bit like questing though on a larger scale.
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No. 3656 ID: f95872

Tell us what the fuck it is first.
No. 3658 ID: dd0a5e

Its a roleplaying game, we're not quite sure where it falls on the list of things. Its like a MUD but its not quite one.

Its a take off of the ten minute meme, this time around its not a chain of islands its...well a planet. A detailed planet being made by a devoted team for people to pretty much do what they feel they would do in this situation.
No. 3660 ID: f95872

Oh I see. Sounds awesome,or like ridiculous faggotry, or both. Either way, my kind of deal. I'll swing 'round.
No. 3661 ID: 5a2e05

Ridiculously awesome faggotry? I'll give it a whirl.
No. 3663 ID: 44a94c
File 12733417767.jpg - (571.79KB , 772x900 , 1271997458120.jpg )

It might end up being a bit of both. But I've gotta say They've already got a wiki up and running.
No. 3664 ID: b1e72b

Castaways has returned?!?! Charles Bronson lives!!!!!
No. 3665 ID: 44a94c
File 127336233618.jpg - (41.58KB , 500x334 , 125752903778.jpg )

Holy fuck I'm shocked anyone remembered that thread it hardly got off the ground.
No. 3666 ID: b1e72b

Well, I was Charles and I liked that quest. Too bad it died. But now it lives again!!!
No. 3667 ID: 44a94c

true, though I don't think it will be on tgchan sadly this project has almost my fulltime attention

IF you enjoyed that quest however I highly recommend joining us.
No. 3668 ID: f95872

/tg/'s board is DEAAAD!

No posts since the 6th, before I went and responded to some stuff.
No. 3669 ID: d8fe4d

ya tg board moves slow most of the time it's irc chat if you want to know something
No. 3670 ID: 44a94c

Yeah things have been a bit slow we are working on drumming up activity but the trouble is everything is still very much in flux.
No. 3675 ID: 242660
File 127342303137.jpg - (123.35KB , 600x853 , 1252311655626.jpg )

The wiki is also a nice feature I mean I can see this is a young project but even then good lord its got a TON of info.
No. 3679 ID: 1f4a0c

Any thoughts on the WITS system? It feels pretty rough personally also I saw that Cruxador made a comment on the crafting rules.
No. 3680 ID: 2e4a3d

So anyone care to give a good an overview on what this is all about?
No. 3681 ID: f95872

You know the 4chan Islands threads? It's basically that.

Else: A bunch of people, yourself included, are suddenly uprooted from your lives. You have ten minutes to grab shit. You are then deposited, with the shit you grabbed, on a primeval alien world. Your job is to survive.
No. 3682 ID: 79e3e7

We are currently hammering out a fresh system to play this as well, have a steadily growing and more in depth roster of things that might eat you, steadily growing pockets of users who are ready to start a living and oh yeah. /tg/'s city has been dubbed boatmurdered.
No. 3683 ID: 1ac39d

has the 'fuck the world' lever been built?
No. 3684 ID: f95872

Nope, the game's just started. I suppose it'd be relatively simple to build something that can tip the tower over at people, though.
No. 3685 ID: 620bfb

Is the tower full of magma? Because if not, it's not a proper 'fuck the world' lever.
No. 3686 ID: 1ac39d

not necessarily, it ether needs that or cause EVERY person not in the fort to go 'FUCK!' when it is pulled.
No. 3688 ID: 1ac39d

who invited the bot?
No. 3689 ID: ca875e

No idea on the bot but, no they literally just hit Groundside and have had to deal with some rather large native animals
No. 3694 ID: f3531d

oh hey theres a new map up and wow is it busy looking also sounds like we are getting moved around some more thanks to cruxy following the heightmap
No. 3709 ID: 08f944
File 127385656410.png - (1.09MB , 1038x750 , apfjv4 - Copy - Copy.png )

so many trees!
No. 3710 ID: 620bfb

Are those mountains? Can we build dorf forts?
No. 3711 ID: e55477

yeah actually /tg/ is offcially sitting at the base of a mountain.
No. 3713 ID: f95872

Well, that's basically what happens when there's not humans around. The only other thing that gets rid of trees is elephants. I guess there's some sort of elephant analogue up in the plains.
No. 3715 ID: 1ac39d

well we have plenty of wood for the furnaces and forges. make SO MUCH metal.
No. 3716 ID: f95872
File 127407770372.jpg - (1.44MB , 1600x1156 , map_big&new.jpg )

Bigger image
No. 3721 ID: ce66a1

Hey, we are all on the same continent now, what gives?
No. 3722 ID: 1ac39d

it was decided that having an ocean between half the people was a bad idea.
No. 3723 ID: 026975

ah alright that makes sense, so what sort of HFS is there here? I mean the wiki helps but it sorta leaves a lot of stuff to interpretation
No. 3743 ID: ce66a1

i the creator just make a perfectly cyclic calender....at random?
No. 3748 ID: f95872
File 127442401487.png - (167.21KB , 1500x750 , scout_ranks.png )

No. 3749 ID: f95872

I believe that was rommel. But yeah.
No. 3777 ID: ce66a1

Those ranks are looking pretty nice and yeah I think you are right.
No. 3795 ID: ea67b8


I asked "how many days are in the year" and he goes "uhhh... 427?" turned out to be perfectly cyclical. of course he changed it later but I asked him to keep it cyclical still for my pretty Dwarven Calender...

also I have now found you crux. The forum ruse was a distaction. I HAVE the tgchan
No. 3796 ID: 8dc333

No. 3888 ID: 1a279d

The map looks like a ripoff of Azeroth.
No. 3889 ID: 006690

>Implying it's easy to create appealing, original maps.
No. 3891 ID: ed11ae
File 127560066163.jpg - (38.86KB , 604x453 , n1464974626_30132599_8857.jpg )

Good news! It might get revised....Again! And I'm sure you say that about every two continent map kitten.
No. 3947 ID: a18134
File 127669555238.jpg - (85.11KB , 1280x720 , 1273445136412.jpg )

No. 3950 ID: 5c49ed


That is all.
No. 4029 ID: d2f365

No. 4427 ID: ea0b12
File 128493284774.jpg - (942.27KB , 2048x2048 , 4chisland.jpg )

eherm. We are currently bogged down due to college...my apologies folks.
No. 5714 ID: 754124

Oh hey, people are playing this again.
No. 6187 ID: 6fc6a4

Still moving, also looking into FATE system
No. 7380 ID: 649f7c

aaaand after a crash of the old one new site

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